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  1. Mudz

    Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Would this campaign have been successful if there was no gag rule in place (I.e. Would GD have been able to bite his tounge had it not been?)
  2. Mudz

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    What I find really fascinating is that both teams always claim to be on a steep part of the learning curve both in terms of sailing and in the development of the boat. I'd like to know at what part of the learning curve did they get to before finishing the last race. Did they ever get to 100% of the boats full potential. I tend to think not. But maybe the first gybe of the last race they were pretty close to it. This just goes to show that the AC is all about timing. Time is the one thing money can't buy and the one thing you can never get back.
  3. Mudz

    Win, Defend, Lose

    They only jumped ship because there was no money left to defend again. I don't think this would have been the case this time with OR but I'm sure their budget would have been a fraction of what they have spent in the past.
  4. This has been the pattern since TNZ first won in 1995. Is it no longer possibly to hold the cup and defend it forever? Or does it just cost too much to defend it these days?
  5. Mudz

    Loser Vuitton ?

    They world have been better auctioning the bags off to help pay the wages for the next few days instead of asking for government funding..........
  6. Mudz

    Loser Vuitton ?

    heard that one also Pieman.
  7. Mudz

    Loser Vuitton ?

    I thought the whole presentation was low rent. Only half the team got medals and getting a sailing bag as a prize is like getting a shackle key and some sailing gloves at you local club prize giving. The boys had just won the AC do you think they give 2 shits about getting a new gear bag?
  8. I would be interested in ordering one

  9. Mudz

    Team NZ

    Nice - where do we get the merch?
  10. Good video. The country loved Peter Blake and every thing he did. I'm not sure the same is true for Grant Dalton, but I will say this. Dalts has had to battle for everything and never had it as easy as Blake. I think because of this he has been portrayed as being a lot more abrasive. If ETNZ finish the job tomorrow Dalts deserves alot of credit for whats been achieved. I have a lot of admiration for him. He may not get the ticka-tape parade that Blake got but he should at least get our respect.
  11. Mudz

    Live Racing Thread

    I think you will find that it was Richard Pearse that lead the way in flying machines. Another kiwi innovator
  12. just posted it in the ETNZ thread. Not sure it's worthy of it's own thread. Lets just say that we all know who the real home team is in Bermuda.....
  13. Mudz

    Team NZ Hmmmmmm. Was going to make some kind of marginal and offensive comment to go with this..... Don't think I will need to.
  14. Jimmy will fight hard as he always does. This is what I admire about him. This is a classic show down between brash Aussie vs Modest understated kiwi. We see this is many sports. Cricket, Rugby, Netball the list goes on. It is sporting theatre at its best. I would just love to see Jimmy as skipper of an Aussie boat for the next AC. Long may the rivalry continue.
  15. Mudz

    Team NZ

    Oooh Jaysper - you won't be able to one this page either now. Shame that. Really though why don't you just turn off images?