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  1. BboySlug Drop an email to the club via the Contact tab, Suellen or someone else will put it in a newsletter and perhaps on the webpage. At least two of the boats have Facebook pages Ran Tan and Notorious. Put something up on www.crew.org.nz. Suggest you start a thread on the race in the crew wanted forum. It will be helpful for you if you have, or are prepared to get, a Sea Survival Course ticket and a Medic Course cert. It's early days but good to get your name in there early as most of the Akl boats sail various passage races during the season and you might be able to get a ride as an interview.. I am on the organising committee as are a couple of the skippers so will make sure we have a way to publicise potential crew. As a suggestion, offering to do the return delivery may help as these are sometimes hard to get people for. Cheers
  2. Team NZ

    https://www.sailingillustrated.com/single-post/2017/06/20/AC35-Match-The-latest-scoop-from-Bermuda-–-and-the-AC36-rumor-mill Hmmm. Plenty of speculation here including of a possible measurement protest by OR against ETNZ...
  3. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    The final line shown in the log presumably responds to the second NZL Yankee flag, PB did say he pressed the button a second time but it was for the same incident....
  4. The racing has been great so far. Aside from OR heading on to the Match, a couple of boats are seemingly assured of progressing to the semi finals now. As I understand it a task for the top qualifier from the current Qualifying Rounds is to choose who they will race against in the next round. The simplest approach will be to choose the perceived weakest boat in the other 3, with an eye on the weather forecast. A more courageous but risky call would be to choose a stronger competitor to ensure more competitive racing. Seems an unlikely approach as a short and possibly one-sided series probably has more benefits to the winner - e.g. minimising wear and tear and freeing up development time. Another variation of the second option, which may be seriously considered by BAR, AR or ETNZ (if the top qualifier is one of them) is to make a choice that sets SoftBank up against the perceived weakest other qualifier. If SB then progressed to the Challenger Final, there would be a real benefit to the eventual Challenger in the Match (regardless of who it is) from keeping SB in the competition as long as possible - reducng the time that OR can work up against SB by a few precious days. Anyone have any thoughts about this last option or other suggestions?
  5. The main frustration with the crowd shots (aside from how many there are) is that the coverage often seems to cut away to them just as a boat is nearing a boundary or cross and so is about to tack or gybe - so we miss them - and they are proving to be key moments due to the losses from a bad one.
  6. Nexus Triducer to NX2 Server connections

    Thanks, someone else also sent me a PM with the settings from his notes and working set-up which are below - seems very odd to transpose the red and green but this is what works: The Depth connections are as follows: Screen to Screen 1 Blue to Blue 2 Black to Black 3 The Log connections are as follows: Brown to Screen 5 White to White 6 Green to Yellow 7 Red to Green 8 I appreciate the assistance.
  7. I recently swapped out my NX2 server and now boatspeed doesn't work from the Triducer (but depth does). The paddlewheel looks and turns okay but the led light on the server is not indicating any signal so either I have wired it wrong or there is a problem with either the server or the triducer. I can't find any wiring information for thje triducer in any of my manuals - does anyone have the wiring diagram or manual that shows the Triducer wiring connections at the server? I haven't been able to find a manual for the Triducer anywhere online. I have checked that C95 SOG is set to OFF Note, it was working previously. Thanks
  8. Samurai (former Mari Cha IV)

    I didn't know they made a second Elliot Marine/Primo. This is Primo I think...been in Japan for many years...
  9. Team NZ

    Lets be quite clear on this: To totally change the boat design parameters at this stage by majority rule is way out of order. Sure Bert agreed to majority vote when he wouldn't step up to the plate after the Aussies pulled out. But to propose a completely different boat and set of rules? The Italians and Kiwis have spent millions on a boat design that will now longer by used. I am sure that both teams would be agreeable if they had been reimbursed for expenses to date. Minor changes okay, but the boat??? I cannot respect a man that instigates a proposal as such. It's also obvious that all the other challengers are going to support a different design and set of rules. Totally self serving. Then to put down the Kiwis publicly? If anyone wants a very clear and precise understanding of the expression "cunty" there it is. Staring you right in the face. The Kiwis and Italians have been right royally fucked. But let's put the bastards down publicy. Let's be cunty. All part of the game but pretty below the belt stuff. Coutts also knows that the Kiwis are struggling financially. "AAaaaaaw fuck it. Let's kick them really hard in the nuts eh????? Waste all their design fees and a big chunk of commitment that both ETNZ and Bert have given to team members and their associated focused contracts within each organisation to date." And you say that it's okay??? Give me a bloody break mate. Give me a bloody break. Can't let this post go without some applause. 👏 Very well put. And can I add that if ETNZ don't go ahead (although I do think they'll stay in) then they are gone forever. And I think our sport would be the poorer for that.
  10. Elliot 5.9

    Just a quick update for the thread from NZ as we head into our Traveler Series for 2014. Quite a lot of activity with the new boat programme put together by the NZ Class Association delivering it's 4th new hull last week. All are sold - the first went to Mike Sanderson and is racing already. Boat Four (shown here) went to 'Bart' Bearda from NZ Rigging. And a lot of the older boats are being refurbished, here are a couple of before and after shots of Rip On Bye in Wellington followed by the new colour for one of the first boats launched in 1983, Blurr (Auckland). RiponBye - before RiponBye - after Blurr: For what is now a 30 year old design, we are having a lot of fun and the current problem is lack of boats in NZ (hence the build programme). Also quite a bit of activity in Australia. You can follow our fleet by liking us in Facebook - www.fb.com/elliott5.9 - drop us a note to subscribe to our newsletters. Cheers
  11. Elliot 5.9

    Not much has changed with the need for crew weight in the heavy. North Island Champs at Sandspit last weekend, Moose and Retro 2nd behind Voodoo with Ewok (ex Red Rag) 3rd and Brzo 4th. Hobo wasn't there but Zoots was. I am sure you will know many of the sailors. 13 boats raced which is on the low side - we think we should get 20 boats to an event somewhere soon. The new build programme is coming along - 5 boats confirmed so far. We don't have records of Lunch Cutter so presumably it has had a name change or went to Noumea or Australia. We have some updates on www.fb.com/elliott5.9 Cheers
  12. Elliot 5.9

  13. Elliot 5.9

    First new boat "Retro" launched in NZ and raced in the Auckland Champs at the weekend - for Mike and Emma Sanderson. More to come. Photo by Rob Gill
  14. Elliot 5.9

    Meanwhile today.........
  15. Elliot 5.9

    Sounds like a good project and I am sure it will be a fun ride. Waterline length tends to cap the speed somewhat! The NZ class bulb/fin weight is around 300kg. There are lots of gear and layout photos on the class facebook site, in the photo albums - you need to view all albums to see the gear shots. www.facebook.om/elliott5.9. The NZ Association has moulds for the hulls, foils and bulb. Lots of people have a soft spot for the boats as many did various training schemes in their youth.