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  1. Launceston to Hobart 2016

    Nope... same direction.
  2. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Cuckoo's Nest was sold mid 90s and renamed Rapscallion. It sailed in the 98 Sydney Hobart (I was on it). Then sold to Tasmania and renamed Interum it sailed another couple of Sydney Hobarts I believe, last I heard it had been renamed Bombora and was perhaps in Victoria. Lovely boat, wicked offwind. Just so-so uphill, Would do well with a carbon rig and a tweaked keel IMHO. Now called Nexedge, was for sale on Gumtree a little while ago and in Tassie. Not sure if still in Tassie now though. https://www.facebook.com/NexedgeR22/
  3. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Ultimate Challenge in Hobart Black Magic in Hobart Nadia IV also in Hobart Intrigue still kicking arse - lost the rig last year and now has a Sydney 38 rig I believe
  4. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Assuming that they were allowed and raced down... Where would you berth them?
  5. Hobart Scene

    Pipe Opener time again. I think the event is better with the massed starts on the Saturday instead of the pursuit race format. Was always hard to figure out if you go when your number dropped or came up... So.. Who's entered? Any new boats doing it? Have they dredged the marina entrance again? In other news, the KYC has picked up a new clubhouse and should be revamping the Channel Challenge.
  6. Hobart Scene

    Pipe Opener next week. Who's going? Is it just me or has the event died? I keep hearing stories about what used to go on and from what I can see, it's dead.
  7. Hobart Scene

    I heard someone say that it was E11even, Farr 40 mod. Could be wrong.