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  1. what size boat? have it Soda blasted, fill any dings and prime does not get any easier or faster. 33 ' boat, $1200 done in 5 hours topsides and bottom. saved 2 weeks of yard expense and sanding. primed and painted in 4 days. If you are going to sand consider silent's method it is faster and cheaper. then call insurance co. tell them you were sanding with a Metabo and the paint was coming off so fast it burst into flames.
  2. I have had boats with aluminum chainplates and never seen any corrosion on them. seems to work if engineered correctly. after all the other end of the standing rigging is connected to an aluminum mast in most cases. 2024 can not be hard coat anodized. 7075 can not be welded. so those are out and both don't like salt water. 6061 is the best for anodizing and welding if you heat treat after welding. 5056 is a good alloy to weld and does retain a lot of strength after welding but can not be heat treated. I would use 6061 or 6063 and re-heat treat after welding. aluminum makes good chain plates. 316L could be used but then it is a re-design and they are susceptible to corrosion pitting / stress cracking sooner then hard coat anodized aluminum.
  3. Zinc cromate and zinc phosphate are available thru aircraft parts suppliers check with Aircraftspruce.com . They don't care what you paint with it.
  4. Boat builder are lucky to get it to the nearest mark on a tape measure with a number, That is if they use one. The guy that built your boat is still talking about the boat that he built that was only 5 mm off.
  5. Custom Cushions will cost as much as the P 26 is worth if it had cushions and every thing else working as it should
  6. Sailing lessons first, before you buy anything, except maybe the sunfish. it will be money you will get back on your first boat purchase in knowing what you are buying and why.
  7. 12' 6 ' of boat height is about the limit on the east coast because most trucks will use up about 12" under the boat. 13' 6" is the limit. not sure about in Mexico. you can go higher in the US but it takes special permits and of course fees go up, special routes and times and days that you can travel. it cost about 10k to go coast to coast for average 30 to 40 sailboat if under the height and width limits
  8. Think hard before you do. That is best way I have seen to spend the price of an almost new boat and get a 1980 model.
  9. I used 2.5mm Samson As-78. easy to splice using a locked brummel. holds good without stitching.
  10. Coated the end grain of a toe rail that we modified with west and it lasted a year before it started to turn dark and peel
  11. You learn how to find a voltage drop of each component in a given circuit to find the problem. checking from the source to ground tells you nothing about where the voltage drop is in the circuit. you need to check with the meter in parallel to each component to find which component is causing a high voltage drop. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/07/11/measuring-voltage-drop
  12. Ya, it is a beach boat with a straight tube for a mast. he folded the first one and then up sized the wall thickness but there is no guaranty that will fix the problem. use it bare. anodizing is just a controlled surface oxidation sometimes with dye added for color that will fade in the sun.
  13. I have two idea that might seem crazy but might work. use a long piece of wood or steel to leverage the tank forward or aft. it might shear the foam. Place a piece of steel angle or flat bar under either end of the tank Attach a line to the angle and pull up with block and tackle attached to the cabin roof or an A frame. Maybe you can get a rope around under the tank near one end and pull up. Moved an engine once by putting a steel pipe across the boat through the port holes and lifted with a block and tackle
  14. Leave cutouts in the bottom of the sail pack for the sail slugs . slide both on at the same time. you need holes or mesh on the bottom to let water out.
  15. On that boat. lose the paddle wheel and use the Airmar CS4500 or the new DX900+. I have had a CS4500 for 5 years and it is always dead on. never have to remove for cleaning.