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  1. Few years ago there were three at one time available. Great boat if you can find one of the 16 boats made.
  2. Put down the beer and step away from the tiller. go to the marine hardware store and get a can of varnish. apply another coat of varnish on the tiller and when it is dry and looking all pretty go sailing. making a new rudder for a 1968 full keel 4ktSB is a way more ridiculous Idea then then any of my crazy ideas. what do you expect to prove? the boat already turns left and right.
  3. They keep telling me that you should not put polyester gelcoat over epoxy but I have don it professionally with never a problem for 30 years. its all in the prep and the epoxy needs to be fully cured. never sand the epoxy surface finer then 80 grit and never sand it wet. there is only a mechanical bond to epoxy so it needs a tooth to hold on to the surface. in the last few years we have been using Duratec polyester primer before the gelcoat and it is easy to sand and sticks even better then straight gelcoat. http://cdn.fibreglast.com/downloads/00063-C.pdf
  4. On the Soverel pulpit I drilled through the two tubes at the same time and threaded the tubing and used a round head 6mm screw so it would not catch on the sails. I have a Harken Reflex furler. the drum with the furling line and the 2 to 1 tack line are set up to stay set up on the bow and I store it in the anchor locker. the furler is designed with the removable torque rope so the sail is removed and stowed without the drum. I use the same drum for the code 0 and the spinnakers. so far the Reflex torque rope has worked perfect. no wind up to start the furl and no sails twisted up around the rope.
  5. One 8mm bolt through the sprit just ahead of the forestay tang is not going to make it any weaker than the big slot for the tang. all the structure is in the edge and there is a Bobstay so most of the load on the sprit s in compression. The Vee boom is Vacuum bagged Carbon fiber, polyether foam core with mostly crossed unidirectional fibers running at 15 degrees across the vee. weights just under 7 kg
  6. The pulpit is bolted on top of the stem fitting and not the forestay tang . the tubes are slipped into the center section tube and have a bolt threaded in from the aft side to hold the pulpit sides in the tube. that is how we adjusted the pulpit width to fit the boat and can be removed if needed. The Soverel has a wider bow then the Mumm. If I did that mod to the F30 I would attach to the sprit just in front of the forestay. Reefing whats that? For most days Reefing here is not needed, its wind that we need. I do have a cruising main with three reefs. and a racing main with one. Did discuss with my sailmaker a pin head main for the boat. He says it would be easier to depower when it does blow and will sail better to windward. Have you seen the boat on Yacht World with the wheel steering and the shorter boom. some of the euro boats have a smaller rig to maximize the rating for IRC. the forestay is mounted 20cm back from the bow and the boom is shorter. I believe the F30R is built that way. For me the ultimate answer to reefing would be a Southern spars Boom furl but we opted to build a V boom. It does make storing and reefing the sail easier when doing it solo and it can store race sail
  7. Picture of modifyied Mumm 30 Pulpit on my last boat. thats what i would do If I was going to change it. add the loop from the existing froward elbows down to just in front of the forestay
  8. Hi CK, Have not had a problem with the pulpit catching lines . What lines are getting wrapped on it? spinnaker sheets when you jibe? Did have line get caught on the anchor roller but that is off the boat now so no more problem there. The problem I do see is the jib getting outside and in front of the pulpit and it always needs to be skirted to the inside of the pulpit and lifelines as you come up on the wind. A bar on the top around in front of the forestay would keep the jib from getting in front of the pulpit but we decided that the sail would still need to be skirted to get over the lifelines so no real gain. Don't really want a bar as it might make setting up the code furler a bit more difficult. Maybe you could try running some bungy cord from the front of the pulpit down under the bow sprit and back to the pulpit on the other side to see if it keeps the lines from getting caught.
  9. First time water front home flippers added a master to increase the footage for higher resale? adding window Air unit would increase the resale even more. or is it hanging out on the left side there is a slight list
  10. Yes that is an elegant solution to the powered windless seen on todays yachts and the safety factor over the inclosed models is a true work of art. I would rather get my foot run over by the dumpster where he got the material then caught in that fine piece of engineering and design. and the lack of corroded parts it is amazing how the parts still look as good as they did the day he found them in the dumpster
  11. I am sure the designer made sure they did not leave the dock without plenty of duct tape on board. How may rolls would be the standard amount carried on a 70' cat
  12. High school students get what they were looking for and then they Rat her out. I guess they missed a lesson
  13. Wish I had saved all my old dirty ones, i'd have a warehouse full of $450 a pair jeans. I have about $5k worth right now. can I ask even more for the ones with the expensive bottom paint all over them
  14. 20 hours . don't make me laugh you will have 20 man hours in the project just in getting the boat positioned so the lightweight lead keel is hanging so you can do the work. and that is one of my favorite things to do, laying on the ground under a 1000 lbs of lead filling and sanding to a perfect shape. The lead under the filler is no way fair and this is why the bulb was molded to a fair shape around the lead. no one that has ever done the fairing on a bulb is going to recommend starting over if it is not necessary.
  15. molded with liquid resin and no glass reinforcement. repair and go sailing. could even re bond the old pieces on and fair and go sailing. if you want a bigger project, prep and glass over bulb and fair. I you want a stupid lot of work then hammer it all off only to see that you have a lead bulb under the filler and you should have never done that and that you just lost a whole sailing season.