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  1. Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    Why not the pros have furlers run by coffee grinders and they get paid to turn them not pay to do it
  2. Sail Track

    Something to consider with the bearing cars like Harken is stack height of the cars. if you increase the stack height will the cover fit? I have the Tides system which is a one size fits all so the slides are large and heavy for 30' boat. I machined 1/8" off each end of the tides sail slugs and replaced the clevis pin with a 1/4" shorter ones. Added up to 6" less stack height so the cover will be easier for the shorter crew members to get the cover on/off and connect the halyard, saved almost 2 lbs. of weigh. Tides came with the boat or I might have just used the sail slide in the mast track.
  3. Rotary cutters

    They work but they are very dependent on the surface you use them on. I have tried several different materials to cut on but all get slight cuts in the surface and the cutter will leave uncut fibers where it rolls over the cuts. they like light weight single ply uni the best. we gave up on them because they are to fiddly and I can cut with shears in half the time. Good pair of shears keep them sharp is still the best
  4. Adhesive Recommendations

    the stick on loops are only good to 500 KG max working load Ropeye recommends sikaflex or spadbond. For use for tie downs and inside cabin not for rigging loads
  5. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    Nice work SY, I had started to do a similar project last year. using the stainless steel braided /teflon hydraulic hose. then I found that Harken was making the same thing and it was less money. They have Plastic covered 8mm or 10mm ss braid over a rope core on their Reflex furler. I have been using it for a year and no back wraps ever
  6. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    Yammer SD 20 and 25 are dog clutch. nothing to slip. would work with or without oil. has to be shift linkage is out of adjustment or a lot of bends in the cable making a lot of play. thick lube in the cable delays the full movement of the shifter until it warms up? could it be a new SD 25? did Yanmar add a warm up sensor on the new models?
  7. Asym's on boats designed for symetrical kites

    We use the Harken top down on the 2' sprit, had a sock, gave it away. jibing with the sock always got messy and had to go forward. can hoist the top down at the dock and sail all day with it ready to use. roll up to jibe
  8. Remove 1 pack to paint w/ 2 pack polymer?

    what size boat? have it Soda blasted, fill any dings and prime does not get any easier or faster. 33 ' boat, $1200 done in 5 hours topsides and bottom. saved 2 weeks of yard expense and sanding. primed and painted in 4 days. If you are going to sand consider silent's method it is faster and cheaper. then call insurance co. tell them you were sanding with a Metabo and the paint was coming off so fast it burst into flames.
  9. Aluminum chainplates, alloy?

    I have had boats with aluminum chainplates and never seen any corrosion on them. seems to work if engineered correctly. after all the other end of the standing rigging is connected to an aluminum mast in most cases. 2024 can not be hard coat anodized. 7075 can not be welded. so those are out and both don't like salt water. 6061 is the best for anodizing and welding if you heat treat after welding. 5056 is a good alloy to weld and does retain a lot of strength after welding but can not be heat treated. I would use 6061 or 6063 and re-heat treat after welding. aluminum makes good chain plates. 316L could be used but then it is a re-design and they are susceptible to corrosion pitting / stress cracking sooner then hard coat anodized aluminum.
  10. Refinishing a very ugly aluminum mast

    Zinc cromate and zinc phosphate are available thru aircraft parts suppliers check with Aircraftspruce.com . They don't care what you paint with it.
  11. 5 mm

    Boat builder are lucky to get it to the nearest mark on a tape measure with a number, That is if they use one. The guy that built your boat is still talking about the boat that he built that was only 5 mm off.
  12. New Single Handed Sailor

    Custom Cushions will cost as much as the P 26 is worth if it had cushions and every thing else working as it should
  13. New Single Handed Sailor

    Sailing lessons first, before you buy anything, except maybe the sunfish. it will be money you will get back on your first boat purchase in knowing what you are buying and why.
  14. Shipping Your Boat

    12' 6 ' of boat height is about the limit on the east coast because most trucks will use up about 12" under the boat. 13' 6" is the limit. not sure about in Mexico. you can go higher in the US but it takes special permits and of course fees go up, special routes and times and days that you can travel. it cost about 10k to go coast to coast for average 30 to 40 sailboat if under the height and width limits
  15. San Diego Yard Recommendation

    Think hard before you do. That is best way I have seen to spend the price of an almost new boat and get a 1980 model.