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  1. Overbored

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    maybe you should let them know
  2. Overbored

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    Samson Trophy Braid. use it on continuous line furlers and can't find the splice again after one use. lots of grip and cheap
  3. Overbored

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    why can't you turn it over and use a punch to tap the piece out of the hole. if it is threaded hole then grind the piece of cobalt out by using a small abrasive slitting wheel. a carbide burr will be destroyed by the cobalt bit if you grind a slot in it you can use a screw driver to remove it. with stainless corroded in aluminum heat is your friend. heat expands the aluminum why more then the stainless
  4. Overbored

    Tin Man meets Hot Rod?

    how could you pass that up it comes with a place to sit and think up more better good ideas
  5. Overbored

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    cut sideways thru the bump stop and replace. customer gave me a set of cobalt bits when we finished a job.once he said the sale guy said they where the best. so I gave them to Neptune as soon as he left to keep me from ever using one of them. they are not needed for soft stainless
  6. Overbored

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    Now you know why it is not a good idea to use cobalt drill bits in a hand drill. cobalt is very brittle so try a small punch and break up the end of the drill bit and to get it out and then finish the job with a good high speed steel drill bit. cut sideways thru the the bump stop and cut off the head of the bolt then replace the with a new one
  7. Overbored

    Switch to Aluminum Anode?

    Switched to Aluminum about 8 years ago and they work better and last longer . when you say aluminum people don't realize that they are not just any aluminum but a special metal alloy that contains aluminum and other special metals to make a better anode than zinc for brackish and salt water. Most outdrive, outboard and sail drive manufacturers are recommending them. they are also less toxic to the environment
  8. https://zephyrwerks.com/mastheadsheaves.html
  9. Overbored

    j105 sparcraft mast issues

    are you sure it was riveted correctly in the first place. larger rivets on that fitting can be a problem to install because the rivet gun head is to large in diameter to get the gun on straight causing a the rivet to be set at an angle and then they come loose. takes a modified gun head to set on that fitting. I installed the same on my spinnaker halyard and had to make a special gun head to rivet it. milled flat on one side. The Spacraft fitting is made for flat head screws with a 90 degree head ( metric ) in there catalog they have picture of the 6 screw fitting installed with very poor craftsmanship using button head screws instead of flatheads and not even centered in the hole on the fitting.. must be proud of the shitty work to use that pic in the brochure. http://www.sparcraft.com/uk/products/hardware/fichiers/mast_accessories.pdf Best would be to use screws with a threaded backing plate inside the mast. I know that is not easy but how much is it worth to keep the spinnaker flying.
  10. Overbored

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    Went to Ronstan constrictors on the halyards had brand new slipping spinlocks and we never have slipping halyard now and they don't eat the line
  11. Galvanized steel chain is steel chain that is covered a layer of zinc either hot dipped or plated with the zinc. the zinc helps protect the steel chain from corrosion. store the chain in a water proof container and it will not rust. but why do you need chain. you can anchor without chain if you use a bit more line. we solved the rusting chain problem by using stainless steel chain and keep it in a plastic bag all hooked up to the anchor and rode ready for the emergency anchoring if we need it.
  12. plastic resin between the two will isolate. besides if you don't leave it up end store it in dry place. if there is not water there is no corrosion. carbon fiber has to be in contact with the alloy and have water between the two to corrode even if it corrodes it will still last 20 years. build and go sailing and see if it works. that is the way most boats are designed..
  13. Overbored

    Minneys Closed

    Just thought I would post a picture of the real Erie's Kelpie. not as pretty as the other Kelpie's pictured but still a good old boat. As she was when I sailed on her.
  14. Overbored

    Jib Furler Suggestions

    good choice. I have one and it is quality unit. very low drum. adjust the luff tension with the halyard
  15. I have the Airmar CS4500 ultra sonic speed sensor which they have made for the last ten years. had one in my previous boat and in the current my boat for 5 years and they both work perfect. calibration has been checked often and always dead on. never remove for cleaning just gets wiped buy the diver once a month. this model has speed and temp but no depth, don't really need depth here but have in hull type which also works perfect. don't miss the paddle wheel type