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  1. Feel your pain and it might get more painful before it gets better . tried that many years ago and the two tubes are still hanging on the shop wall to remind us what not to do. now I always use a paper sleeve as the middle layer of the release so you can dissolve it with water. we also use PVA on the original part which protects and adds another layer that will dissolve. I have also used wax paper instead of box tape with success. would try some heat but you may have to cut it off and try again
  2. They aren't using the Frictionless rings that you seek but the old fashion Low Friction rings
  3. Overbored

    MIG Welding

    if that is 2" square with 16 gauge wall then 1.5" round pipe ( 1.875 OD ) will fit inside if 14 or 11 gauge wall then get some 1.75" square tube for a sleeve
  4. Overbored

    bonding to a powder coated surface

    Yes Dow 795
  5. Overbored

    Soda blasting a hull

    Soda blasting is the easiest blasting I have ever done. very mild blast effect, does get on everything but the advantage is it dissolves in water so it very easy to get rid of it Boats are big so it does take awhile to do the whole boat if you don't have a high volume blaster. The best for a bottom blast is to drape the tarps from the water line down to the ground and work under the tarp. almost no soda gets on the upper part of the boat that way
  6. Overbored

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    I am going to try BW on my rudders first. I have outboard rudders that get afternoon sun. they grow the most stuff and will be my worst case for the test. they get scrubbed every month by the diver but need to be cleaned every week in the summer. the 1088 only lasts about a year on the rudders but has lasted 3 years on the hull. can't use the 1088 again here in California so I am hoping the BW is a good replacement.
  7. Overbored

    Synthetic Teak for Cabin Sole

    I used Lonwood on two boats and the stuff is the best and very easy to work with. the crew thought we did it with real teak. we used the teak and holy with the top seal coating. after testing several samples we found it to be the best anti slip of the Lonwood products both dry and wet https://lonseal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Marine-Brochure-web.pdf
  8. Overbored

    Carbon lifeline covers/roller

    I believe it says uncoated wire not uncovered wire
  9. Overbored

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    I have a 14' by 3" end for end Carbon pole, lightly used I let go for $600
  10. Overbored

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Can I watch? need a good laugh
  11. Overbored

    Asymetric or Code Zero for my Jeanneau 39i

    Something to consider is the code 0 will require a bobstay and the A3 will not. the code zero is a lot easier to handle if it is on a furler. they furl easily. without a furler they are a hand full. much heaver then an A3. would not have one without a furler unless you have a full crew.
  12. Overbored

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Ullman Sails Detroit
  13. Overbored

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    If was my boat I would go bow sprit and big asymmetric and go sailing
  14. Overbored

    Broken boom end on 1984 Mark 25

    looks like Isomat boom http://www.rigrite.com/Spars/Isomat_Spars/Isomat_Booms/isomat_Booms.php http://www.ebspars.com