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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    We have a rating of 36 in San Francisco, with a down wind number of 21. We sailed the Cabo race against the new Farr design of the Beneteau First 40 which rates 24 most places (faster than the 122 in part because it has a large overlapping headsail). After 800 nm we finished a few boat lengths ahead. We owed them time under the ORR measurement system and corrected to second in class as this race is supposed to be a down wind affair (it was not this year). Upwind they had water line on us, but down wind we were visibly walking away from them. Once the J/111 turns the corner, displacement boats can't lay a finger on it. Whats interesting is the J124 that sailed KWRW was helmed by Rod Johnstone. The J111 beat them boat for boat in most races. The J124 rates 30.
  2. Phos Rock

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    As far as east coast sailing goes, two J111's at two major(PHRF) events(KWRW and CRW), finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. Both boats, out of the box with crews first time sailing the boat. Looks like the initial rating of 42 is very kind. Does anyone know if the CRW crew were pros or amatuers? I was told on the light air day the 111 was beating some of the 122's boat for boat.