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  1. MDRMark

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    Hi Vince, yes that's mine. Just moved it up from EBM over the weekend. All that time on the waiting list at Shilshole paid off. Sorry I missed y'all at the NWMA meeting tonight, had a work dinner meeting.
  2. MDRMark

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Thanks for the update. I'm curious what you are doing for vibration isolation on the fisher pandas. As more and more folks move toward electric backed by gennies, I think we need much better vibration isolation. Should be much easier with constant rpm generators that don't require a mechanical coupling to a drivetrain. Theoretically, there is no reason the generators shouldn't be near silent other than a slight output of acoustic noise from the exhaust with negligable vibration transmitted to the hull.