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  1. Never get tired of watching this movie....
  2. I spent a stint backpacking through Flanders in the early 90’s, whilst following The Tour. I had a local take me on a tour of the WW1 battlefields. He was married to a Kiwi chick, so he appreciated the story of the ANZACS. We went underground in a recently discovered timber & tin bunker pretty much in no man’s land, that had been covered up soon after the war ended. Local historians were arguing over whether it was occupied by Australian or German troops. My guide stated of course is was occupied by the fucking Germans. If it was an Australian bunker then every surface would have been covered in graffiti. My other very memorable moment was visiting the memorial to the men of the 1st Tunnelling company that helped mine Hill 60. The bronze cast of the AIF symbol of the rising sun was pleasantly familiar. It was scarred by several bullet holes. I was disgusted to think that some drunken Aussie yobbo tourist had shot the sign, as is popular with hunting road signs back in Australia. Mentioning this to my guide, he assured me Oh no, no drunken Aussie yobbos here. Those bullets holes are from when the fucking Germans rolled through here again in 1940…….
  3. nice work hobot ;-)
  4. Had my right shoulder reconstructed last week. No boat or bike for a few months :-( I've had to learn to wipe my arse with my left hand!!! Catching up on lots of tv time :-)
  5. im a bit puzzle as to skys tactics last night? good stage, great racing none the less. What was landa's team brief i wonder? up the road as a policeman, but he was working, keepimg the break around 2 min. trying to tease a chase out of Aru? not going to happen, aru knows he can wait for someone else to chase. maybe sky see froome is vulnerable, and want a plan B. that will open a host of team issues. or looking for a big 1-2 move later in the race, but still can test the same team loyalty issues. good to see some shit happening! :-) Poods ...and fuck im sick of typimg with left hand.
  6. Hey AG, hows things? Kittel has rocket boosters. Watch the finish of stage 6. He comes from 10 wheels back - No suckie-jumpie the lead out riders - Goes around everyone & wins it by a mile. And he does it to fucking windward!!!! Fuck he's got a finish. Poods ;-)
  7. Perth Airport c1995 ;-)
  8. Max Walker, Australian cricketing legend, died today. Big sad :-(