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  1. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    The front floated off!
  2. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    True dat!
  3. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    I could just google this, but its much more fun posting here. So we have this picture from the French revolution. I guess thats Liberty rallying the troops. But why is she getting her gear off? Inspiring - say yes. But a rather unusual context!
  4. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

  5. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Well spotted. I was going to guess Harbord, but I reckon the yellow sand is the give away!
  6. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Ooohhhh.... Must be Sydney, early 60s no? Id guess somewhere out in the SE suburbs - Maybe along Anzac Parade?
  7. Poodle56

    walked into a foredeck union meeting the other day

  8. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Id say rolled down the hill. Tilt your head (trees vertical) to get the right perspective
  9. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Circular Quay, Id say mid 60's. That blue & red taxi down to the right looks to be an HK model. Bronte Beach would have been spectacular that day!
  10. Poodle56

    the mouse that roared

    So Mr (or Ms) Mouse would have been fried, then frozen, then oxygen starved before being vacuum exploded. Best kudos since that last poor f*cker hid in the aircraft undercarriage.
  11. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Bloody funny movie! :-)
  12. Poodle56

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Always looks so cool when the viewer is looking down into a valley, and the aircraft flies in below them.
  13. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Ah you beat me to it!
  14. Poodle56

    Random PicThread

    Sydney - near central station? Early / mid 60s, still go trams. The old Tooheys Brewery off to the right. And to the left is that a truck loaded with kegs!! :-)
  15. Poodle56

    Random PicThread