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  1. @Anssi Congratulations on your Pogo! Im also a scandinavian (Norway to be exact). Are you planning to sail the boat home from Benodet or are you going to put it on a trailer? We just put put down a deposit for our own Pogo 30, so now the long waiting game begins! @Dreamcatcher7444 Nice little video! It seems like you have a Code 0/1 on there. Is that correct? If so, do you get enough tension in the luff without any backstay/runners?
  2. Hi again. Sorry for the lack of updates from my visit to Structures, but i've been busy with work and lastly our bianual race week (witch we won btw ) But here comes my impressions of Structures and the Pogo 30: First of all I am really happy with the treatment and hospitality I got from the good folks at Structures. They treated us well and also was my personal taxi some of the time. We started with a tour of their facility and the production line. There were 2-3 Pogo 30, a Pogo 50, a Pogo 10,50, a Pogo 12.50 and the new class 40 (a sexy best!) in various stages of completeness if I recall correctly, and the production seems to be well organized and of great quality ( as you should expect form a semi-speicality boat yard). The attention to details is great (like using transparent gelcoat to uncover possible production errors, molded and flush trough hull fittings ++). After visiting the boat yard we were ready for the sea trial. First impressions is that this is a BIG 30-footer, well thought out deck layout with some clever solutions. The layout with halyard- and sheet-winches (and also the main sheet) on the coach roof is something to get used too. It free's up lots of space in the cockpit so it's great for cruising and probably also for shorthanded sailing, but will probably be a bit crowded with a full crew. I may also want the main sheet in the cockpit and not on the coach roof (option in the pricelist). Mostly for singlehanded downwind/reaching in breeze as the boat may round up (happened a couple of times to me in the puffs, but with better helming you just get more speed ) and with the sheet on the roof it's a long way to go to blow the sheet. At first the helm seems a bit heavy, but when I got used to it the boat was really responsive and small corrections goes a long way. It's feels more like a dingy than a big boat in my opinion. As mentioned above I lost the rudder and rounded up a couple of times (we went out in about 25 knots of breeze, with 1 reef and solent), so the boat needs an active helmsman. When you feel the puff coming just go down a bit and you plane away instead of rounding up. After some fun reaching around the bay (we hit 11 knots without hassle on the 2 sail reach), we switched to the staysail on a removable babysay, and went on the beat. The boat was perfectly balanced and we had about 20 deg. heel with a tack angle of about 35. Better feeling on the beat than I expected (it was flat water so it's probably not so enjoyable with some bigger chop). You probably would get 4-5 deg more with a backstay or runners. Since the wind was increasing the owner did not want to risk popping the spinnaker, so we did not get to try the boats best feature That's something for the next time. One thing i noticed was that you need to watch the where you put the tillers in a gybe. If the leeward tiller is in the "up" position it may snag the main sheet in a gybe. This is REALY not good when the breeze is on.. All in all a great visit and a great boat! My guess is a new "boat of the year" for Structures, and if nothing weird and unexpected happens, it's my new boat too. The fun part now it planning the boat setup. ^^^Philen: I have not anything new to add regarding the furler, and I too is wondering about this. I really wish to try the STG3 in a breeze before I make up my mind. Because it seems like a perfect solution on paper. Is the Seascape set up without a furler? An expensive alternative Structures suggested was a flat deck with carbo foils.
  3. Hi Koncora, Im going next wednesday actually. Really looking forward to it now! My time in France does not allow me much time to check out a lot of boats, but im going to test sail the Pogo 30 (of course), Pogo 10.50 and the Akilaria 950. If I got time Im going to meet up with someone from Incidences Brest to discuss sails.
  4. Mylar, $200K for a 3200?! Well that boat is not going anywhere.. And yeah, it's a big fat one, but it rates good and is a good platform for double-/single-handling if you don't mind coming in last but win on time every time. Seems to be the same way with the new 3600. It's not the boat for me, anyway. I saw the JPK1010 on Yatchworld and that may be a great deal for the right person, but maby not me as I need to take it back across the pond. But, then again - A season racing in the West Indies is not a bad thing either! Kincora, I'll PM you my email.
  5. Kincora, I'll give you some feedback as soon as posible. I have also been looking at the Akilara 950 and the JPK's. Also been dreaming about a Class 40, but as you mention the running cost is just to big. The 950 is better in that area but not much of a class yet, and it will rate even worse than the pogo. Here in Norway we just got a new rating system for the entry level racing based on ORC (so no more experience rating, like PHRF). This might be a good thing for the Pogo style boats as they were punished HARD in the old rule. If I was to buy just to get a good rating the JPK's are a good choice, so are the Sunfast 3200 (probably the 3600 too). There is certainly money to be saved going for a Sunfast or Figaro.
  6. @chopie : if im bying im goinig for carbo rig. not so shure about the no back stay buisnesss, and if i deside tht my racing needs a code 0 i may demand runners. @Slim we are not forgeting B&G, but i am no GP racer and the price is just too steep (if you don't have any super special price? . @Rail Meat : thanks for the advise. I am guessing you got the NKE race computer in your system? an does it make a big difference? does it make the interface with expedition simpler many?
  7. @Mr. Bill : Thanks for the article. Interesting reading. We will probably do the boat prep. (a good way to get to know your new boat, I think) and undercoating our self, so not having to lay down 4-6 layers of epoxy before the antifouling is certainly a benefit. @cms : Thank you for the advise regarding Charly. Thats sales people for ya. Im still not shure about the autopilot choice yet, but I want a step up from Raymarine tough. I need to do some more research on that subject. We will be flying in trough Brest so I may set of some time to talk to the people from Incidences-Brest too.
  8. @mcsailor0303: Thank you! Im really looking forward to it myself. @LeoV: The yard says it will be a stiffer hull when using vinylester and is more resistant to osmosis. I also looked trough the spec again and the std. build is poly not epoxy. Sorry for the confusion. (Sanwitch PVC foam, multiaxial glass fabrics and polyester resin is standard) But in general terms you will rank epoxy as best, then vinylester and poly last? @jackdaw: Thank you for some insight. Regarding sails on a new design, using the loft that is close with the builder seems to be a good choice. We'we bought a newly developed boat once before and then the sail maker missed in a big way. I don't want to do that again. This all points to using Incidences, I guess. Regarding the STG 4T wire furler, if it sucks when blowing then that's a no go. Maby the flat deck furler with carbon foils will be the way to go.
  9. Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. In late May im going down to to St.Marine to visit Pogo Structures and test sail the new Pogo 30. If all goes well and the boat preforms as advertised, I need to sort out the options of what gear to get. First off: Autopilot. We are looking at primarily doing doublehaned costal and light offshore races (100-400 nm) so a good autopilot is essential. We are now using the Raymarine sox-10 and it performs ok within its limitations. Is the benefit of going to eg. NKE worth the added price (as I can see, about double the price)? What are the real benefits of a NKE system? The pilot should be able to handle downwind in big waves & wind. 2. Vinylester hull. Is it worth going with Vinylester over a epoxy hull (about 3500€ price hop)? 3. Sails and sail loft We have got a quote from Incidences on a complete sail wardrobe in either D4 Kevlar, hydranet or a mylar/tafetta DCX sandwich and the price looks good. My biggest worry is having a sail loft so far away from home port. Anybody got any experience with this loft? I will also be shopping around the local lofts (North, Elvstrom, US and maby Doyle), to see what they can offer. The main focuses on the sail choice is shape and durability. Any advices about sail choices are appreciated. 4. Furling system. Im looking into different solutions for this, and the std. option from pogo is the Facnor Flat Deck Furler. Im leaning a bit in the direction of a structural furler like the Facnor STG 4T wire furler, as we will not use the furler to reef the headsail anyway (in/out only). Will the STG 4T be a problem if the wind picks up? Is it strong enough for the boat? Are there other options on a light structural furling system I might not be aware of? I also like the flexibility of the Karver KSF Top Down Furler for genaker/code/stay/spinnaker. Will a spinnaker furler work as intended in heavy breeze? Thats it for now, any insights are greatly appreciated.