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  1. I don't debate you know them very well. If you want to say your daughters feel emotions more then men - you do that. I won't argue. Your family is one of the rare subjects no-one will question your claimed expertise on. Given the twaddle you are trying to pass off as fact here, that's highly debatable. Still not looking for one. Just pointing out the transparency of your trolling and your continued projection of that onto anyone that dare disagrre with you.
  2. Sure. I was pouring disdain onto his cheap attempt to appeal to emotion here: Paternal instinct doesn't make one a better observer of how the machine of the female mind works. It just makes you see it through rose-tinted glasses.
  3. I got your point. It's just invalid because of what I said. Whoosh is the sound of the wind blowing between your ears.
  4. I don't agree with you. I don't love the shit-fights, though that is exactly what I'm proposing you were seeking. I don't disagree that men and women perceive things differently. I do disagree that women feel emotions of the truth more whilst men feel the facts more. You rebutted your own claims when you said that I couldn't possibly understand the facts of how women think until I experienced the emotional kick of nostalgia and cheap whiskey. You're a man, telling me your paternal-instinct tinted feelings about a woman you raised trump observations of someone free from such emotional baggage. Think about it for a bit and you'll see where you fucked up.
  5. Once again proving you know nothing about my life. You have no idea of my experiences with bringing up young girls and watching them develop into young women. I'm the eldest of eight and the youngest in my family was born the year before I left home. My father worked away from home for months at a time and my mother was a full-time, shift-working nurse. You work it out. Then when you reach the inevitable conclusion you fucked up, make something else up about my life you can pretend to know more about than I do. I don't question that you understand, from a personal perspective, what it feels like to have your paternal instincts kick in with regards to a young woman. That has no bearing on whether or not you understand women better or worse than I do. You merely know first-hand that your hormones affected your emotional understanding of the facts regarding how think women feel; tinted through the lenses of how you felt about your progeny. Which, if you think about it, undermines your point. That's great. Never said otherwise. Your post is still obvious trolling. The comments above and my observation you're talking out your ass about how women view the world are not mutually exclusive.
  6. Uh huh. That's why I think you're trolling. Because you guess my twenty one years with my wife, growing up with four sisters, living with a twenty-three year old woman, not to mention personal social circle of around two women for every man have nothing, nothing in the face of mike-make-shit-up-as-I-go-along-wofsey waving his hands and just telling us he knows all. Again. But hey, you're wrong about everything else, why not my relationships with women? Your self-proclaimed expertise in just about every subject under the sun is just as grounded in fantasy as your knowledge of my personal life, so not surprising you know sweet fuck all about it. Do please carry on. It's informative just how much you project of your insecurities onto the rest of us.
  7. They are getting all the legal protections and rights afforded them that they'd get in a deposition or court of law. No-one is going to be convicted and sent to jail based on the evidence presented to the committee. Their presumption of innocence under the law is preserved. There is no right to the presumption of innocence & assumption of good character in a job interview. It might aggravate your butt-hurt to see the standard applied to Kavanaugh, but none of his legal rights are abridged by these proceedings. It isn't a court trial. There is no judicial verdict or sentence. As such, there is no standard of "beyond reasonable doubt" that needs to be applied. You might think it sucks, but that is how the system works.
  8. Bent Sailor


    And how will anyone demonstrate it to be false. By the standard you've already set, Kavanaugh can't be deemed a liar by a woman stating she had sex with him - there needs to be witnesses and/or photographic/physical evidence of the copulation. By that standard of proof, I didn't have sex until a month or so after marriage; and only then because I got my wife pregnant.
  9. No, women aren't automatically more truthful or more believable. However, by sheer logical necessity, when someone comes forward claiming to be the victim of a crime - we have to give them at least a sliver more credibility than the accused's denial of the same in order to investigate the accusation. Doesn't matter what the gender is, to justify the investigation into a crime - we have to take the accusation at face value and the denial with a shadow of doubt. Otherwise we just ignore all any accusation on the basis a denial has just as much credibility. The issue you're mixing up here is that, when it comes to sexual assault, women are more often the victim and so the logical necessity of investigating the claimed crime has more women given the extra benefit of the doubt than the accused men get. It's not that women are more believable - it's that more women are the victims and the ones perpetrating the crime are more often men. Outside the arena of sexual crimes & sexual behaviour - women aren't really given that extra benefit you claim they are. A woman applying for a mortgage isn't more credible in what they say on the form than a guy is for example. Perhaps your focus on rape and sexual assault warps your perspective somewhat.
  10. Bent Sailor

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    But enough about Queensland
  11. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Whilst Queensland has enough crazy fuckers to get the likes of Katter into the House and Hanson in the Senate... I think we're a long, long way from Trump winning territory nationally. Polls seem to agree. Labor keeps election-winning lead over Coalition in Guardian Essential poll
  12. Bent Sailor

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    This should be repeated to all the conservatives (still) trying to find a silver lining to Trump's selection & election by their party. They've been complaining for decades about the race-baiting, over-the-top accusations of misogyny, and complaints that Republicans will sink to any level as long as it pisses of "elitist liberals"... and they give the world a reason to believe everything they're accused of being.
  13. Hopefully malarkey will post his cruise itinerary so we can track his lonely sojourn. Complete with pictures of his diet coke and a note saying he's not thinking of us at all. If he's clever, he'll photoshop out the dish of crow with preprocessing sauce
  14. Bent Sailor


    Well, that's something I didn't expect but can appreciate. FWIW, from what I've heard of Feinstein's treatment of the letter, the Repubs couldn't have known Ford specifically was going to come forward, so this case having been told to the Republicans explains the preprepared lineup of women ready to testify to Kavanaugh's good standing and respect for women. They prepared for something like this to come out of his past and decided to go through with trying to push him through anyway. Yeah, that stinks and I'm glad at least one conservative is stepping off the party line to say so.