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  1. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Yup. As expected. Truly epic.
  2. Uh huh. And I have a bridge made of unicorn horns and pixie dust to sell you. No-one goes about adding and removing people from ignore as often as you and Jack pretend to. Imagine everything I said was about you. Just imagine if I was as obsessed with you are you are with yourself. I said "Those supporting Trump's hissy fit are that special kind of idiot". I didn't say "Snore" or "you" or even fucking quote your post; but if you really want to self-identify as a special kind of idiot - you do that.
  3. Takes a special kind of idiot to say "No problem, just go get yourself into debt". Those supporting Trump's hissy fit are that special kind of idiot.
  4. Bent Sailor

    Battle of Britain

    That may be so, but they can get into Ireland with the same lack of paperwork and visa that the Brits couldn't accept before the Brexit. Leaving the border open at Ireland will mean they can still just "walk in". Unlike the yankee hysteria about border control, they won't even need to cross miles of uninhabited desert to do that either. Just sayin'
  5. Bent Sailor

    Battle of Britain

    But it is the UK's issue. They sold the Brexit, at least partially, with regards to immigration control. The bogan brits were scared of all those Muslim refugees coming over their border. Leave Ireland open and they're going to just walk in from Europe. Not to mention the import/export of goods that the UK wants to control as well.
  6. Bent Sailor

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Oh goodie. Can't wait to see what Trump gives up this time in exchange for absolutely nothing from North Korea.
  7. Bent Sailor

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    No he didn't. From your link: “He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up, and said, 'Well we’ve got nothing to discuss,'" Schumer said. You're saying that Trump offered to negotiate in exchange for reopening government. Schumer did not back that up. No need. It's your characterisation of Trump's offer that's a lie. He didn't offer opening the government in exchange for negotiating on the wall. He asked if he'd get the wall in exchange. You were wrong.
  8. Actually, yeah it did. It stated that "specific statements" were inaccurate. Specific means it was not all statements that were inaccurate, and therefore some of them were & some were not. Which "specific" statements was not specified. Well, I don't pay much attention to what Mismoyled says. Though I can understand why he might feel that way about Australia if he'd only visited Queensland. We tend to corral the sheep-fuckers up north where the heat leaves them less energy to bother their poor wooly victims. Other than their penchant for partaking of fluffy forbidden fruit, Queenslanders are pretty irrelevant in general. Easy to see how he might get confused from limited interaction with the northern Aussies.
  9. Mueller hasn't stated what is incorrect. It is odd that he would amke the rare public statement that some of the story is inaccurate but not state which parts are.
  10. Bent Sailor

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    Not going to work. You said that Pelosi rejected Trump opening the government in exchange for Democrats negotiating on the wall. The article, and statements by all the parties you point to, state that Trump only offered to open the government if the Democrats gave him the wall. When they rejected that, he walked out. You could honestly admit that you overstepped what was said, but you & honesty haven't been on speaking terms for years.
  11. He has a point you know. Can't cheer on the bitch burning but complain about it needing fuel. That's how the disasters you're happy to promote are supposed to work (in theory). People get burnt so badly they want to change things... ...bur in practice, as long as there is a scapegoat, nothing does. People don't want to blame themselves or their team, so expect Trump to get blamed for everything and the GOP to stay exactly the same as it's been for decades.
  12. Yes. That is exactly what is happening. There is even a website set up by the guy behind the Cambie case where people state that's what they did and why they did it. It's even been conceded outright by the government that is what the Cambie centres allowed people to do. Go read up on the case, read what the judge is allowing the centres to continue doing at least until the case is over and appeals decided, then come back and talk about the subject with some education on the matter outside your personal circumstances. That you have not heard of it only means you're not paying attention to one of the biggest cases your nation's healthcare system will probably ever face.
  13. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Oh no, you out-Googled Mikey... His flailing about looking to change the subject is going to be epic. Hang on, I'll go get some popcorn.
  14. Bent Sailor

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    Then he already has his funding. There is already 1.3 billion for fences and border security just as the a Republicans agreed was reasonable when they were the House majority. Trump is demanding more from Democrats than he could get from his own party. That's not compromise, that's escalation.
  15. Bent Sailor

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    I await Trump's compromise then. Given there is a single issue, The Wall, and he's stated he will not sign anything without The Wall, what exactly is he planning to give up again? Incorrect. They funded fences at the level being offered to Trump. He won't accept what they supported under Obama. He won't accept what Republicans supported under Trump. He was happy with the amount of funding and its targets until Ms Coulter called him a wimp... Then he shut down the government in a childish tantrum.