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  1. Its been a long time since you've posted. Everything OK?

  2. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

  3. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    I didn't say "exonerated from findings". You are making shit up, Dog. Stop doing that or I'm going to have to smack you with the newspaper again.
  4. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Barr is not the DOJ, did not set the policies governing the DOJ, nor set the bounds of DOJ employees when it comes to the sitting president. I think you're wrong and, unlike you, have actually read the report.
  5. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    And yet that disagreement means nothing. If you'd read the report, you'd know why he didn't do that and why you are wrong about the inconsequentialism of his lack of conclusion given it explicitly states Trump is not exonerated by the findings.
  6. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    The DOJ doesn't dispute it. Neither does Mueller. That others do doesn't matter when analysing the report given Mueller has explicitly stated that is a policy he understands to be in force.
  7. Bent Sailor

    US-Australia "refugee" swap

    No. Yesterday. Which you'd know if you read the thread instead of just adding what you want to it and ignoring conversation already going on in there.
  8. Bent Sailor

    US-Australia "refugee" swap

    Little late to the party, Meli. We talked about that in the Call Australia Home thread already.
  9. Bent Sailor

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    Apologies. My intent was not to malign your point of view, merely coming from the understanding that a lot of people come at this angle from a perspective unrelated to science (see Chesapeake's clumsy attempt to make BJ's love for his daughter "proof" of something against abortion for instance). When I say "science based", I am referring to the fact that the biological necessities of consciousness are not present before twenty-four weeks and can show up as late as twenty-eight weeks for babies without brain-damage (obviously it can be a lot later, to never, for them). I too have the papers to back that up and a mother qualified and working in neonatal care to lean on when I need to find more details. If you have papers that evidence consciousness (noting that requires more than "pain response reflex") before 24 weeks, I'd honestly be interested in reading them as evidence of that would shift where my problems start. Well, that's just it, it IS entirely the female's rights. That's kind of the point. If the father can do anything to take away her right make the decision against what he desires, it's not longer her right - it's a privilege being extended to her as long as the father agrees. Having grown up in a family belonging to a male-centric religion, where the attitude is that women are equal and can speak their mind so long as they obey the husband when he puts his foot down, I'm quite sensitive to the difference between extending a privilege to speak on the matter and having the final say on it. If the woman has the final say, it is entirely her right. If she does not have that final say, she has no right (entirely or otherwise). As I said, thin edge of the wedge and I'm very hesitant in taking away a woman's right because of a male's desire to keep the child. Goes both ways, but there is very little chance for a woman to prevent a man aborting a child when he gets pregnant. As long as the explanation isn't justification, sure. As you conceded, Chesapeake's also tried to justify his actions and that's not indicative of remorse. He even came back the next day to take another shot at the guy he is supposedly sorry about insulting. It can be hard to swallow one's pride and back off when you fuck up, but that's what one does when they're sorry. Actions speaking louder than words one doesn't really mean and all that.
  10. Bent Sailor

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    And therein lies his problem. If you're sorry, you don't keep trying to justify the actions. If you're sorry, you apologise and move on. Chesapeake acted like someone that found the blowback inconvenient to his argument, not like someone that realised he overstepped the line, felt some remorse for "going there", and wouldn't do that again. He may feel differently, that I cannot say, but his repeated attempts to add "just one more thing" after saying he apologised doesn't indicate that. He could have just left it when he revisited the thread this morning, but instead hd to take one more shot at Porter. That doesn't indicate being sorry. My line is science based, but only a little further along than yours (24-28 weeks), And, for what it's worth, I don't actually see how the father is unable to express his opinion for consideration. Unless you have a restraining order out against you (in which case, you quite literally lost that right to talk to the woman) - you are free to tell her your feelings on pretty much anything. That said, she shouldn't be forced to listen to anyone, and I disagree with forcing them to do so. Thin end of the wedge there.
  11. Bent Sailor

    Tariffs on Chinese goods.

    I see you got nothing to refute the source. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    It doesn't matter that it's disputed. It matters that it is current policy, that Mueller believed that policy to mean he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime, and that the report was based on that understanding.
  13. Bent Sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    It doesn't matter who disagrees with his interpretation. What matters is Mueller was the person in charge of the investigation, in charge of what was concluded in the document, and in charge of which policies would be followed and how. He stated that he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime because of the DOJ policy against indicting said president regardless of what he found. The report was written by him and therefore, regardless of how much you disagree with it, his lack of concluding Trump committed crimes means nothing at all.
  14. Bent Sailor

    Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Huge Losses

    Or he is impeached constitutionally. Why do you dislike the Constitution, Dog?
  15. Bent Sailor

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    You're reading what you want Porter - but that's not at all surprising. I *did* apologize for the way I went about asking the question. It was inappropriate of me to even suggest anything w/r/t how or when you felt what about anyone in your family. With all due respect, Chesapeake, your apologies were all mixed up in your justifications. Which is not conciliatory or apologetic. It demonstrates you regret the action, but not that you have remorse for it. Hell, you're still stubbornly trying to make out it wasn't "quite that bad" and that Porter shouldn't be so offended. You want to get out of the hole? You stop digging. You're still stubbornly trying to be the victim here. You're not, you won't be, and the longer you keep trying to make BJ out to be worse than yourself in the matter - the worse you look. Stubborn pride doesn't make you a better man, it just makes you a bigger fool. You fucked up and, if you have any sense of decency, you'll just drop it and move on. Save your outrage for if/when Porter tries to make it an issue elsewhere.