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  1. So, in other words, when you say the law "has been moving in the opposite direction from the one you and Bent favor" - you don't actually know what that direction is. Figures.
  2. You don't say! A stupid patronising question from Tom Ray? It must be a day ending in "y".
  3. And what exactly do you believe "Bent favours" in regards to rivers getting rights?
  4. Are rivers people - practically? No. Just like ships and companies are not people. Are rivers people - legally? In my view "No", but then again, I don't think we should consider ships or companies legal persons either.
  5. Frenchie answered your question. Black bloc still is not the same as Antifa. Admitting you ignorance and/or dishonesty on the matter clearly requires more integrity than you can muster. That surprises no-one.
  6. Antifa != Black Block Antifa != Anti-capitalist demonstrators Do let us know when you can admit to your ignorance or dishonesty trying to present them as such.
  7. You hear macho man and think "choad load". NTTAWWT, but I hear it and think someone's listening to Village People vinyls. I think you're indulging in a little princess projection Jeffie. I personally don't find any insult in the attempted gay slur, but given how often you like trying it on for size, I don't think it's just your new frock that needs to be brought out of the closet. Just sayin'
  8. I'll defer to your personal expertise on such matters, Princess.
  9. To play the Doggy-dance on that, we don't know that he was lying. It is possible that instead of deliberately pushing bullshit, Dog was mislead not once but twice into believing those pictures were of Antifa protestors and not Brazilian Black Bloc and German anti-capitalist protestors. It is possible that Dog is so stupid, so ignorant, that he was fooled into believing those pictures really proved his case that Antifa have a "uniform" of sorts. It doesn't have to be that he is a liar who knew he was peddling falsehoods. Possible, perhaps even probable given the evidence, but not the only reason he could have fucked up twice in quick succession. I'm not saying that he's either a dishonest liar or a gullible moron... but it is an interesting question.
  10. That is a scary thought... the idea of what would come from fusing those two together is going to haunt me worse than that chick from The Grudge (Korean version - Michelle Geller might have been easy on the eyes but that US adaption was shit).
  11. As much as I tend to disagree with Princess Jeffie, the man has a point. You guys have Tom, we have jocal.
  12. Well, that's a new development. Wasn't that long ago you were taking a vacation cos it was a problem with "the left". Glad to see you're finally realising just how fucking retarded that sounded complaining about the forum that kept warbird, No 6, jzerk, RockDog, and so on around for the Obama years. As I see it, you continue to post (& complain about) only one side of the problem. You should try working on that
  13. And yet they're not necessarily Antifa. That was simply a picture of the crowd at an anti-G8 demonstration. A peaceful one at that involving anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-globalists, and general troublemakers amongst everything else. At best, you can claim it the dress code of demonstrators not wanting to be identified from pictures of them at a rally. That's it and that's all you got. I would like evidence it signals an allegiance to Antifa specifically. Try not to fuck it up this time cos your "evidence" has been pretty easy to refute spending thirty seconds on Google lately. Or perhaps, you can just man up and admit you were wrong. Don't reckon you got it in you though. It's a common symptom around these parts once you declare yourself "conservative", you can't admit to making mistakes (or deliberately lying). Kind of a cross-species "libertarian loiasis"
  14. You posted this seven hours ago... only another five hours more before he flips out.