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  1. Bent Sailor


    The US is flailing a bit given China isn't blinking and backing down in the face of Trump's tariffs. They're also finding out that, despite diplomatically phrased expressions of support, the rest of the world isn't following them in their attempt to impose restrictions on China's economy. So, with that in mind, the fact the US had a little tantrum is not a surprise, nor is China's firm response to them. The US wanted the joint communique to throw shade at China. China is both one of the parties needing to agree on said joint communique AND they have the economically bigger stick to shake at the area in question. The US used to be better at picking it's battles to maintain the illusion it's bigger and stronger in this economic region than it actually is. Sadly, this latest administration is doing their best to fuck up even a layman's impression of their "strength".
  2. Bent Sailor


    Christ, VOA, do you have any chill? You don't need to leap out at Meli every time she posts. If you're that desperate she pay attention to you, try personal hygiene and changing out of your pajamas once in a while. Not saying it'll work, but it's a darn shot better than your current attempts to woo the lass.
  3. Bent Sailor

    Migrant Caravan

    Have you noticed how only the most desperate of loyalists are still making noise about the caravan now the election is over? I mean, if it were such a desperate situation the military needed to be deployed, you'd think the issue would be getting more & more important the closer to the border it came. Instead, crickets.
  4. Bent Sailor

    Jim Acosta...out

  5. Bent Sailor

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    Small mind.
  6. Bent Sailor

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    Because your language was not clear. A record being set last month does not necessarily mean that record is a monthly one. It could be quarterly, it could be yearly. It could be a record over any time period which just happened to end last month. Has you stated, as you later implied, that "the government set a new record in revenue collections in October"; you would have been clear. You didn't, so you weren't. Because you have now clarified the record period you were speaking about. That was a monthly spike in revenues that does not match the yearly trend. You are pushing it as something that negates you being a sucker. In other words, "spin". Any other questions that an eight year old could answer having read my post or do you think you look stupid enough with what you've got?
  7. Bent Sailor

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    Actually what you said was: You said it set "a new record in revenue collections" without being clear over what period that record was set. Now that it's clear, and we have further details to look at, it's also clear you're trying to spin a monthly spike as somehow more indicative of economic success than the trend set over a year.
  8. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Did you even bother to read my post Meli, or did you skip straight to the outrage? When I'm talking about "those types", I'm specifically and explicitly talking about those that are bitter. I also specifically and explicitly pointed out there are men that fit the same mould. But hey, why bother dealing with my actual statement when you can make up shit to whine about? And for the record, whilst you might choose (or have chosen for you) only women to talk to about it; I talk to both sides.
  9. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    I've met a number of women who are bitter about their divorce, still think they were in the 'right' and deeply resent the fact that their ex has found happiness living with a foreign woman from a different culture. Doesn't need the woman to be foreign, merely that the new couple be happy together. Those types (and I've seen bitter ex-husbands like it too) need for the new partner to be a gold-digger, or a whore, or a home-wrecker who will move on when the excitement dies because, if they are truly happy, that just might mean they need to share the blame for the old relationship breaking down. Something to note, the whole "withholding sex as punishment" tends only to work in monogamous arrangements. Polyamorous ones have other problems, but beating a man up for his sexual needs isn't common.
  10. Bent Sailor

    Jim Acosta...out

    Donald would like it just fine. The Republicans that have been willing to put up with his shit in exchange for the votes his base brings will know just how bad it looks and bitch slap the little tool.
  11. Bent Sailor

    Speaking of Kashoggi

    Yup. They won't allow overseas investigators to interview them either. Bet Trump wishes he could just kill anyone that might incriminate him too.
  12. Bent Sailor

    Twitterer in Chief

    And his reaction is telling. If I had nothing to worry about, I'd just answer the questions and let someone else leak that it was done, dusted, and not a problem. Trump is flipping his lid, despite having a team of lawyers crafting "his" response to the FBI in as much plausible deniability as possible... cos there's obviously nothing to see there. I'd love to play poker with that guy. You don't even need to be good cos you can tell when his hand is bad and he's easily provoked to go "all in".
  13. Bent Sailor

    Only the Best People

    qualification: (noun) a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity. How exactly is being born in a country, educated in another, and then making one's fortune in a third a "quality or accomplishment" that makes someone suitable for ambassadorship? Seriously, I'd like to know what special attributes are endowed in a person's birth that remain after leaving said country before they start high school. What little remains of her childhood accent is limey for crying out loud.
  14. Bent Sailor

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Supreme Court precedent and conveniently ignoring parts of the amendment. As you say, well regulated is part of the amendment but, in practice, it has no weight because at one point they decided to ignore that part. Nine & a half times out of ten, when it comes to legal matters, the weight of precedent will overrule a common sense reading of the law. It's why corporations are people, pizza is a vegetable, and well regulated means sweet fuck all.
  15. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    Say, perhaps, a referendum that includes it as part of reforming our government as a republic?