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  1. They host every year, 2020, 2022 and 2024 regardless of who wins or looses. The trophy goes to the winning club.
  2. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is proposing to use the Melges IC-37 as the next platform for the Canada's Cup. The cup will be sailed in 2020, 2022 and 2024 at the RCYC and is a match race between the USA and Canada. In the past various classes and designs have been used which were all designed to a rule and not strict one designs with the only exception being four challenges in Farr 40's. With the strict class rules already in place for this new class is this the right boat for the Canada's Cup? I like what I am seeing from the behind the scenes pictures of the building of the plug and mold and it will be a great boat for the NYYC Invitational regattas but will it be a boat that develops followers outside of these events? Thoughts? Opinions? I know you have them. http://www.melgesic37class.com/news/2017/9/19/behind-the-scenes
  3. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    George H. Cuthbertson, aged 88, passed away on October 3rd at his home in Toronto, Canada. Cuthbertson was best known as one of the original four founders of C&C Yachts, a Canadian yacht builder that dominated North American sailing in the 1970s and early ‘80s.
  4. Carbon vs Aluminum spin pole

    My 8mR is what they class a "Classic" which means we can have aluminum masts, booms, hi-tech sails, spectra/kevlar lines and carbon poles. The Neptune Class is required to be original as designed with wood spars, booms, and poles; dacron sails and polyester lines.
  5. We have been using a 2.0 unit for the past four years to get our boat in and out of our slip, and to make a one way charge out to the race course if needed. Before that we had no motor or engine. Our boat is a 20,000lbs 1929, classic 8mR and we have it mounted on the transom on a removable bracket. At three knots, in flat water no wind conditions it can go for 6-8 hours on a full charge. Enough to get home from our usual race course. We looked at the 4.0 but the batteries required were twice the size for very little increased distance. We have been on top of regular maintenance and have had to send the battery back to the distributor in the states a couple of times, but we have had very good luck with it. Makes life a lot easier to get in and out of our slip especially since we now back in.
  6. Carbon vs Aluminum spin pole

    Good day. For many years I have done fore deck on my 8mR where, due to a measurement rule, our spin pole is bigger than "J" and hence we end for end during gybes. I have now moved to the back of the bus and our new fore deck wants a carbon pole for reason that don't make sense. Since the pole is supported with a topping lift connected to a bridle, there is no weight of the pole that needs to be addressed during the gybe. A lighter pole might be easier to raise and lower but we have the topping lift on a winch if needed. In addition, the boat weights 20,000lbs so I don't see how a few pounds difference in a spin pole really makes a difference. Is there any performance or other reasons why I should spend the $3500.00 (CDN) for a carbon pole or should I stay with Aluminum?
  7. Transpac 2017

    No. Who, what, where is it about?
  8. Transpac 2017

    Weddell finally finishes. To bad they missed the parities!
  9. Transpac 2017

    Bedford is on board so I expect I will be hearing something shortly after they finish today.
  10. Transpac 2017

    South to Alaska????? Maybe you are giving them navigational assistance?
  11. Transpac 2017

    Hard to believe that an 80' boat, even if it was designed and built in the mid 90's, is DFL. Cant even catch the 4ksb's. Anyone know why Weddell is so slow?
  12. Sad news, Paul Elvstrom passed away

    I was honoured to have met him once in 2000 or 2001. I was working for his protege, Hans Fogh, another Great Dane that we lost three years ago. Paul had stopped by Toronto on his way to San Francisco for a J105 regatta to pick up Hans. After the regatta I was talking to Hans who told me that their crew at the regatta also included Lowel North. He said that the other crew were over heard saying, "Wow!, we can't loose... we have both the Pope and God on board" Sail on Paul.
  13. 2016 Canada's Cup

    No racing yesterday due to lack of wind. AP'd again today with hopes of getting things going late morning. Yquem did a whole bunch of changes to the rig yesterday in hopes of getting better light air performance. Hollandia leads series 3 races to 1 so one more win and the Canadians take the cup.
  14. 2016 Canada's Cup

    After two days of racing, Hollandia (Canadian defender) is ahead 3 races to 1 against Yquem (US challenger) Winds are light today and racing starts at 10:30 local time. Follow on twitter or on facebook. First to four wins is the Canada's cup winner.