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  1. Kevin called to offer some help and technical advice, Boris finds it very good spirit. IIRC Kevin is used to spend quite some time fixing stuff on masts with his VOR experience !
  2. Broken boom on MACSF No collateral damages, boat keeps sailing towards guallimard waypoint
  3. Yeah sure but doesn't that means that the static RM of a quanted keel, at some speed, is less than the dynamic lift of the keel fin ?
  4. During the start, the commentators said an interesting thing. With a 7 degree of keel tilt for the new boats, when sailing really fast, they play more with the keel angle than the foils to control the ride hight, so in steong winds it happens that they "unkeel" a bit
  5. I'm not saying that there's lessons to be learn with this course. Just that if without breakage or tactical choice he isn't first, it would mean that all the advantage he had to be the most proven boat would have allready vanished
  6. I think that for Charal there's a lot to lose on this race and few to win. Anything else than a win would be a bummer
  7. My pick would be a 2000nm course but imposed by race orgz.iser instead of freely like usual. But that's just a guess
  8. Structural damage juste behing the repaired patch. He can still qualified for VG even if he doesn't finish, because he took the start, if he completes a substitute course
  9. Seeing this boat perfs, I wonder if anybody still gonna build pointy class 40 anymore
  10. Is that the new norm to have the propeller that close to the back of the boat or is this something new ? If so, is there any correlation with the very different hull shape ?
  11. I mean, not even go for sea trials at more than 35knts before leaving for a Trophé Jules Verne is not a story of luck. It's just a story of stupidity. Nothing broke on the boat, it was an allready known issue. What a bunch of fucking jerks.
  12. He's triying to present it as a breakage, even if it's absolutly not.
  13. popo

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    The Golden Globe Race thread is elswere man
  14. popo

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Regarding the mast, Jeremy Beyou said that on charal, it's what is limiting the speed. The foils give such a great RM with speed, that you have to reduce sails even if the boat is still quite flat and under control, because of the loads on the mast
  15. popo

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    There is fucking videos of the upper part of the keel intact when they cut the ram. No fucking need to cut the ram il the head broke Alex is being very transparent with what happenned Some of you are just flat earther level on this one