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  1. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yeah, that's what I said Just went out for a flight. I mean, spent half an hour downloading software updates and calibrating. Of course, if you don't use the thing for a week, the battery automatically discharges "for safety" so you can't just grab and go if you want to fly for more than two minutes. Wow, look how much difference in the (hull) colors between sun and shadow. The shadow is closer, but neither is really correct. Saturating the white balance sure makes the deck look better... Some learning curve to this thing! I think it will take quite a bit of practice. Which I stopped doing when the summer winds started. See, I should have grabbed a spiral shot of "before" and "after" projects. Except I've already finished the bottom and topsides. Maybe we need a whole separate "making videos" thread. Also "boat shown not sailing." Jeez, gotta get the servants to clean up the boatyard...
  2. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Launching and landing drones on the boat presents significant challenges - even if you have a crew. Some of those guys have enough budget to lose a few drones. Although there are now probably older-model used drones on Ebay, that might be cheap enough to be expendable. Also, drones don't like wind. I bought one last spring and there have been remarkably few days since then with winds within its flight parameters. Although this month has been great so far - I've just been spending all my time working on the boat. Hmm... guess I could have been doing both at the same time. Not sure my brain can handle that...
  3. toddster

    Searching For The Right Boat

    I spent a lot of time looking at boats in that size range, PNW, and everything I looked closely at was such a project that I started examining the virtues of the small... And I'm a guy who likes projects. I've just done enough of them on my 30-footer that I have some idea of how much more that 40-footer would be. However, I've noticed that a few of those boats that have been listed forever have started coming down in price, in the last month or two. I guess it's the season. For example, this Downeast 38 in my marina is down to $21K. Freshwater boat. IDK what (if anything) is wrong with it. The design doesn't seem like my cup of tea. I might be wrong.
  4. toddster

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Looks like the format for weatherfax transmission? Maybe somebody uploaded the wrong file.
  5. toddster

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Three-stripe knee socks and short shorts used to be a pretty good stand-by
  6. toddster

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    The brochure pic for my boat shows some guy in groovy bell bottoms at the mast, preparing to reef. Can't tell what the rest of the crew is wearing.
  7. toddster

    Ugly dodger collection

    For all we know, the owner is incredibly pleased with how that came out. What is going on a couple of feet from the top of the mast?
  8. toddster

    Ugly dodger collection

    Apparently the boat is hiding the most embarrassing bit behind the dinghy.
  9. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that geese are just like bicycle racers. They trade off the lead position every few minutes. Sometimes every few seconds, when I watch them. Possibly because the winds tend to be strong here. It's a slipstream sort of deal. The one in front uses quite a lot more energy. Where I used to live was a major overwintering site. Every bush along the sidewalk in town would have a goose nest under it. The groundskeeper at the high school pretty much gave up on seeding new turf. Every car had goose splat on it somewhere. My office window looked out on some sandbar islands in the river that were just saturated with goose all winter. Spent a fair amount of time staring out there while "lost in thought." What was this thread about, again?
  10. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Wonderful. I've clicked on enough of these that the internet is now serving up Kijiji banner adds showcasing the most decrepit hulks alongside my morning news.
  11. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    True, they do keep the dirty laundry (figuratively if not literally) off their channel. I find it refreshing, compared to the majority of the YouTube and "Reality TV" universe, where the standard formula seems to be to seek out "drama." Manufacture some if need be. For the life of me, I can't figure out what people get out of watching other people loose their shit at each other. If you go back to where she took over writing the Delos blog (and consequently, when I had to stop reading it) there was some discussion of whether or not she would make the Atlantic crossing. Then there was that thing in the news a couple of days ago - 18 y/o YouTube star offed himself and some bystanders with his quarter-million dollar car because some terms of service thing wiped out his business model... well, I can't actually figure out what it was he was doing for the money or why he was famous. But all the sailing stuff seems much more relaxed and convivial, compared to the "main stream."
  12. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The Delos folks seemed to like her, while living in very close quarters, so I just assume that she has positive qualities that aren't well-illustrated by the videos and her blogging.
  13. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    A few years ago, I downloaded their "book." It was free then, except you had to sign up for their spam lists. It was... painfully pathetic. And far, far overpriced. Something like five or six clueless (but at least mercifully short) blog entries pasted together. Think "high-school football player's english term-paper scrawled on one side of of a piece of notebook paper after practice" kind of thing.
  14. toddster

    Show your boat not sailing

    Out for the winter. Hard to put the toys away when the weather is still so fine, but the lift was available and the cost couldn't be beat. It's only been... SIX? years. And this kind of not sailing is just around the corner...
  15. toddster

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Obviously built to support a mast during refit. In fact, it looks a lot like the one I just built, only more, you know, monumental. Hmm... now you’ve got me thinking about functional garden art.