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  1. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That thing has already been celebrated, far, far up-thread. Although IIRC, it was then offered in Rio Dulce, so it has gotten around since then.
  2. I noticed, when I had a project in Europe, they still had US CGA spec compressed gas tanks, valves, and regulators with imperial-sized fittings. That would actually be pretty hard to change, since each type of gas requires a specific unique thread to prevent accidental miss-connections. IIRC, all the associated tubing and compression fittings were also imperial sizes. The 85 GMC that I used to have actually had a mix of metric and imperial fasteners all over the engine. The 93 Jeep and 97 BMW seem to be converging - they require a lot of the same tools. But the BMW has required me to buy a ridiculous amount of tools that I never needed before or since. Special one-off tools, Internal torx sets, external torx, and insane numbers of different size spanners and sockets, beyond the range found in a normal tool kit. Contrast that with the little Honda motorcycle I once had that could almost be stripped and reassembled (almost) with the little tool set that came with it. The BMW had more engineering, but the Honda had better engineering.
  3. The international treaty of the meter was signed in 1875...
  4. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The opposite view isn't terrible, but yeah, that booty... almost as if there was supposed to be a lot more boat aft of the house. The middle fell off. Hah. I can see the top of my mast and radome in this picture.
  5. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ah. That makes sense, but not on the direct route to Chile, that I know of.
  6. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ruh Roh... Not a mock, really. Might actually be a pretty good deal on a PH boat. I believe this vessel was until recently in my marina, but IDK anything about it. "En route to Chile" apparently made one hop down the coast and "wife pulled the plug" on the whole enterprise. Maybe should have tried some shorter trips first? New genoa "sailed one awesome day only." Are "new 300 foot dock lines" mockable or just outside my understanding? Ugly dodger thingy seems to be new...
  7. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I sure hope the name of that boat is "Tangerine Dream." I can dig it.
  8. toddster

    Father of modern SAR

    Story makes it sound as thought the CG doesn’t have even one more guy on R&D. As it turns out, it’s usually more cost-effective for government agencies to get this sort of work done through a university grant system. IDK if the CG even has a grant program. (Of course, DOD has a massive one, but IIRC, CG is now “organized” under Homeland Stupidity.) But in order for external research programs to be effective, there need to be parallel internal programs that can use the results. It’s entirely possible that all this is in place but the author doesn’t mention it in order not to spoil the narrative effect. But we just don’t know... Great story, anyhow.
  9. I've just got something like this on the intake, with a hose-thread cap on it. A six-foot hose lives next to the through-hull. Takes a minute to unscrew the cap and screw on the hose to suck antifreeze from a bucket. Total cost about US $1. We generally have nice sailing weeks interspersed with hard freezing weeks though the winter, so this gets used several times a year.
  10. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Didn’t watch, but when I had *ahem* a grounding experience, I sobered up my personal professional salvage expert / brother enough to convince me that float bags are not much use in shallow water. In that case, we had a sandy bottom and safely kedged ourselves off. But otherwise, it seems that a crane pick from a barge is the way to go.
  11. toddster

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    So pretty much the same sort of deal as Banks Lake at the Grand Coulee - a pretty sweet spot for hobie cats and other trailer sailors! So, speaking as someone who wasted his life getting a Ph.D., (when uninformed whining is so much cheaper and more profitable) a good rule of thumb is, “Activists are always wrong.” A fairly serious amount of data is required to flip the switch the other way.
  12. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Too late. It’s October. It’s already full of water. Pretty sure that’s about 30 feet away from some other prime examples on this thread.
  13. So I have taught generations of sophomore medical students. (If I ever get hospitalized, I will have to change my more reason to die at sea...) They are not very impressive, intellectually. If I ever go to a physician, it’s to get a prescription or treatment that I already know I need. The fuckers generally go back into their office, then come back and recite word for word the citation from “physicians desk reference” or sometimes even “Wikipedia.” Then I get a bill for a thousand bucks for that. Just another reference point in which “Idiocracy” is already here. Except for luxury treatments for the ultra-rich, a fully automated Doc-In-The-Box will be infinitely better for most of us. BTW: Farm kids make the best doctors. Well... compared to suburban meta-infants, they make the best everything. One more BTW: My this reminds me that my Grandad told me a story about the time he told a lie to get a job. He said, “Yes sir, of course I know how to ride a motorcycle.” He could ride a bicycle - how much harder could it be? This was about a hundred years ago, when they were just starting to use asphalt, and most of the streets in Portland were either cobblestone or mud. And major intersections had traffic cops, with whistles, not automatic lights. Grandad got a job delivering the daily menu from the printers to fancy restaurants all over town. So, the second or third day on the job, he totally wiped out in the middle of an intersection, threw mud all over the traffic cop and narrowly missed killing him... And... the cop took him out to an empty field and taught him how to ride. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen any more. It’s like - there’s no room in the world for it.
  14. Dunno... I've had a year now with some other usable work surfaces on board (finally) and the chart table gets used much less. (It's actually available for CHARTS!) I still wouldn't get rid of it, but I can now understand the concept.
  15. No kidding. I drive a 22 y/o BMW (among other things). It’s not the processors themselves that crap out but the myriad sensors and ludicrous bundles of thin wires that run everywhere. The wiring harness going up into the trunk is notorious. (WHY do we need that many wires in the trunk lid FFS?) It fails from repeated flexing. You only get a finite number of trunk openings. “Hmmm is carrying the groceries conveniently worth using up a trunk opening today?” Common failure mode when the wires break is that it locks you inside the car. No manual override of the locks or windows is possible. You sit there until you work up the rage to kick out a window. Well... I’m hoping that the manual crank for the sunroof will still work. As long as I retain the agility to worm my way back into the trunk, retrieve the manual crank, and remember the procedure...