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  1. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    Not knowing any better, I bundled up mine with a small piece of line. Note that the Ancor five-conductor mast cable appears to have strain relief fibers built into it. One trick that some previous owner or rigger did was stuff pieces of cushion foam up inside the mast about every 8 or 10 feet.. I think it was two inches thick and bent into a U shape before stuffing it up there. I thought this was going to give me grief, but I was able to push a fish-tape through the middle without much trouble. It seems to stop any wire slapping and may provide some support. But really, I wish I had taken the time to run a conduit with proper junction boxes at top, bottom, and spreaders. I had basically run out of time and had to rewire the mast at 0200 the night before the travel-lift appointment. No time to think twice about anything, just go, go, go! Everything still seems to work after five years. Out of sight, out of mind...
  2. What are your boat projects?

    Install spreader boots Repair chafed UV cover on Genoa ... Wait... so many urgent projects have come up on the hacienda that it's physically impossible to do any boat projects. If I have time to go to the boat, Im sailing. Except, I scrubbed down half the deck last week. Guess I'll have to take time to do the other half. Or just make sure that side always faces the marina... Anyone have a good power tool that cleans down in the non-skid grooves without grinding them off?
  3. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Dunno... I tried to sell the Walker Bay 8 last week. But by the time I finished taking pictures for Craigslist, I was thinking, "I should build a sailing rig for this. It'll be fun..."
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Plus those girls can weld. And farm. And, apparently, navigate. How sexy is that?
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Dunno... watched a few of them, but just couldn’t spend any more time on it. He never reveals exactly the secret to drawing the bimbos to the boat. Clearly that Zeyang guy is the master worthy of study... and AFAIK, he doesn’t even have a GoPro. Oh wow... he actually does. Or maybe it’s just a phone.
  6. Strange... YouTube just started pushing this video on me today. WTF.
  7. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    $5 - $16 on Ebay
  8. Dunno... if I didn't have to worry about long drives against big currents, I'd consider drinking the Electric Kool-Aid when the A4 eventually dies. Though it shows no signs of doing so. Meanwhile... the main engine, the dinghy outboard, and the eventual scuba compressor all run on the same fuel. There's a certain elegance about that. Re: buying used systems. I make it a rule not to risk too much money on stuff that I don't have some idea how to fix. A lot of times, all a discarded toy needs is proper installation and maintenance. Lots of electronics are discarded simply because they don't network with the newest toys. But there's another whole category of used equipment that I've been finding lately: people bought the stuff years ago, but they got old and the dream slipped away. In some cases before it was ever installed. NIB but sat in a garage for 20 or 30 years. I don't mind benefitting from that, but it's a little sad and cautionary.
  9. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    As a general rule, a talking head should always be replaced with a written blog. Twenty minutes of talking head = 30 seconds of reading. It's a bandwidth issue. Specifically, the width of my lifespan. Same thing for TV nooz. I was involved with a fair number of "Discovery Channel" type shows, about 20 years ago. It seems like the old standbys, if they needed exposition from a subject, were to film him (or her) while driving in a scenic location, or else climbing around on rocks. At least it was doing something. The problem was to not cause a fatal accident while doing so. One time I was interviewed while driving into the sunset, down the Grand Coulee cliff-side highway, with a movie light suckered onto the windshield, shining into my face. I couldn't see a damned thing. I don't think the final product sounded as if I was terrified. But maybe that's what the director was really going for. Another time they had me chipping a hand sample out of a cliff face with a rock hammer. Talking between blows. The camera man started out far away, but kept getting closer, and closer... and ended up getting a rock chip in his eye. D'Oh! Come to think of it, all of those action interview scenes involved at least a three-person camera crew, including a dude holding a boom mic, wrapped in a big dead cat, just out of frame. I don't know how the lone GoPro warrior replicates that... Where do you pin a wireless mic on a bikini?
  10. best 2018 Handheld?

    Hmm... I guess I never have read the manual. The menu system is similar to that of the GX series though. Last week I did read the manual for the new-to-me Johnson (Suzuki) 9.9 outboard, and I noticed that one of the items on the scheduled maintenance list was to read the manual every year! Crap, with all of the junk around here, if I did that, I'd probably have to read at least one manual every day. One thing I didn't notice about the HX870 out of the box - after bouncing around in the dinghy pocket all week, the antenna is decidedly "limp." I guess it's supposed to be that way...?
  11. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    A manifestly unphotogenic voyage is no laughing matter!
  12. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Now I’m really getting confused... Which is the more essential cruising gear: Fresh standing rigging or a camera drone? Which is best to have in a storm: Jordan Series Drogue, or Panasonic Video Camera? Should the Coast Guard prevent reckless sailors from trying to leave port with only an old Kodak? I think we can all agree that the most essential bit of sailing kit is well-founded, full-keeled (avoid bolted-on keels...) bikini girl, but I don’t think my budget would stretch that far. Camera mounts are the new cup-holders.
  13. best 2018 Handheld?

    Like a lot of other companies, SH contracts with a sleazy third-party marketing company to handle their "rebate" campaign. Judging from many review and forum comments, they send out a few checks, but only if you spend a lot more than $40 of your time pestering them. Most people simply never get a check and eventually forget about it. I did not get one. The time spent cutting out pieces of the box, printing receipt copies, etc. was more than enough wasted time. The whole point of a "rebate" as opposed to simply cutting the price, is that in most cases, it will never be paid.
  14. best 2018 Handheld?

    A bit of dredging through the dark corners of Ebay will usually turn up someone willing to sell a bootleg copy of radio programming software and appropriate cables to use it. (Who knew there was a serial port hidden in the headphone jack?) Of course, it comes with no instructions or warranty.
  15. best 2018 Handheld?

    MotionX was great but they folded a few years ago when all the smartphone makers started giving away the same functionality for free. Except AFAIK you can’t switch to nautical charts in Apple maps. The SH HX870 is always on sale somewhere for around $200. Plus they’ve been offering rebates on top of that, but IDK if anyone ever actually gets their rebate. I didn’t.