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  1. That might explain the discrepancies between the drawings and "as built" measurements for many details of my boat. I try to do a little primitive CAD based on the scanned drawing and things just don't quite match up!
  2. Case in point: that photo and that drawing are not the same boat. It can get confusing...
  3. The E34 seems to be desirable for those who want the aft cabin, but there seem to be comparatively more E35's available. At least around my area. 32-34 feet also puts you in a higher strata for dock fees and availability, ground tackle, deck hardware, etc. - everything will cost more, compared to 30-feet and below. I got an E29 for my first "big" boat, and for a few months, single-handing, it was almost too big. That's because it wasn't set up for single-handing. (For example you couldn't even reach the mainsheet from the helm.) Now, it seems very comfortable for one person. And BTW, the E29 may lack a separate aft cabin, but it does have a relatively luxurious double quarter berth. Makes the cabin seem open and bigger than you'd think. Re: Handholds, I can tell you that there is a lot of variation among Ericsons, even of the same model. Mine has lots. The long top-side handrails are through-bolted to an identical set on the inside, plus there are extras around the companionway and head. Others seem to have none on the inside. It may have been a factory option. It's something you can alter to your taste. Everyone agrees that getting the old ones off is a Job From Hell. Speaking of variation, many Ericsons seem to have at least two cabin layouts, different cockpit layouts, tiller or wheel steering, etc. People may prefer one or the other as a matter of taste, but for single or short-handed sailing, they can make a big difference. Based on my experience, I'd stand at the helm and "air sail" the boat for a few minutes. Can I reach enough controls from here to sail? What will have to be changed? Yeah, I don't mind looking stupid. See: active Ericson owners group at ericsonyachts.org
  4. It's been around the thread a couple of times before.
  5. Yep. With another ten feet of boat, he could maybe get away with that.
  6. I still think my best angle would be to set up an account where, for enough money, I'll put more clothes on. For even more money, I'll stop filming. As long as the money keeps coming in...
  7. As the others suggested, I blocked up the trailer when my boat was "on the hard." Not that moving 200 lbs around on deck would probably cause much tipping movement, but also to level it and take load off the springs. Sure was handy having the boat 30 feet from the shop, instead of 90 miles.
  8. Speaking of blasts from the past... I was browsing in Powell's yesterday (worlds largest used book store) and noticed that in Chapter 1 of Beth Leonard's Voyager's Handbook there is a big sidebar about the family that circumnavigated Delos before Brian and crew. Interesting how these boats have more than one story.
  9. Every time I see one of their videos I think, "maybe I should rebuild my hatch like that?"
  10. Does the dumpster float? Will its' sails hold together for a few more months?
  11. Someone who lives on the beach near me has a boat that looks almost exactly like that, but a bit larger. It is slowly disappearing into the blackberry vines at the back of his pasture. I remember we had a short conversation about it when we were sailing Hobie 16's, but can't remember the content.
  12. Back in 2000, I got the two border collie puppies and a flame-tip siamese kitten at the same time. They all just thought that the cat was another puppy. Everyone wrestled on the rug together. Everyone would automatically load up into the 4Runner for trips to town. Sometimes the cat would even participate in herding (smaller) livestock. Unfortunately, I was boatless at the time, so nobody got acclimated to the water. Not a hiding-behind-things sort of cat. More of a leading-the-charge kind of guy. That's probably also why he didn't last as long as the dogs did. I think the only problem with a cat like that would be keeping it from roaming away at the dock. Well, that and the fact that my boat is far too small for a litter box.
  13. IIRC, there was a tiny little cockpit at the stern, with rod-holders, but no room for seating. Couple of old batteries and a few inches of water. It was moored next to me for a year. Never saw anybody on it, or any sign of activity. BTW: This pic is almost a twofer. That big steel "schooner" in the upper left pops up on CL every few years, changes hands, and enjoys a brief flurry of improvements. AFAIK, it has never been completed, or ever had a rig.
  14. Well, if you're bored enough some winter (cough cough) to go back to the beginning of Delos, Brian started out with a different wife and a cat. They just quietly disappeared from the story without airing any personal drama.
  15. The next county over has a new law prohibiting commercial bottling of water. (Wing-nut activists were passionate about blocking a bottling plant. People went along with them.) Hmm... shouldn't that also apply to beer, wine, juice, and all the other products make in that county that are mostly water? Years ago, I dove on a rock near Deception Pass that had an abandoned fishing net wrapped around it. Full of dead fish and trapping more all the time. It seemed pretty dangerous to approach it and try to do anything about it. Nobody's responsibility, apparently.