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  1. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Mine fits neatly onto a purpose-built bracket on the side of the saw, when not in use. I used all the guards meticulously for several years, until they started breaking. Not really a robust design and replacements not readily available. But then again I survived childhood on a farm where none of the equipment had any sort of safety guard, or if it did, it was immediately defeated, removed, and thrown away. So I may be a product of natural selection. BTW: I have bits and pieces of a horse-powered sawmill that I’ve planned to restore “someday” for most of my life. Great Granddad abandoned it in the woods at some point and I had to cut down trees that had grown up through the gears. I may not ever get around to it. There’s a YouTube video of one in action and it is really singing along at high speed and looks incredibly Rube-Goldberg-ish and extremely dangerous.
  2. toddster

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    This doesn't look like too bad a project for $1600. Not for me of course. I wonder if it was one of those marina repos from a couple years back?
  3. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    OK, a generator makes more sense, but isn't as fun. Looks like maybe a lifting eye on top.
  4. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    WM-branded battery on deck - not cheap. And the fuels visible on deck! Diesel, kerosene, propane, and CNG. Maybe there’s some plutonium in there somewhere too...
  5. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    Who knows? I might be able to donate my old electron microscope to them. What that boat needs is some vacuum tubes and another 2400 lbs of ballast!
  6. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Still digesting the adverb “built-house.” The name “Swish” seems self-aware; a swing and a miss! At least they followed through. But maybe shouldn’t have...
  7. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    Dafuq? Is that an old DNA sequencer lashed on the poop deck? I might want to kayak up to that with a six pack and get the story...
  8. toddster

    State of the Radar union?

    I followed that philosophy when I wired my house. By the time I could actually afford multimedia gadgets - all those extra cables were obsolete. Well, they were probably obsolete by the time I finished screwing on the drywall. Building in accessible utility chases, instead of burying things in the walls, is the way to go. The boat equivalent would be junction boxes at either end of the mast (and spreaders) with roomy conduits connecting everything.
  9. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    Yeah, I knew it was something significant - just too lazy to look it up.
  10. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    Remember that Bond film where the old wreck in Hong Kong harbor is actually the entrance to the secret spy base...?
  11. toddster

    My newest project

    Hell, I remember the 60’s and 70’s. I just don’t know what happened to the last 20 years. Unless it was all the same fucking day over and over. And something happened to my my hair when I wasn’t watching...
  12. toddster

    State of the Radar union?

    You can also get another old Furuno on EBay for a couple hundred bucks.
  13. toddster

    State of the Radar union?

    Interesting. The same is true of a lot of lab equipment. The last generation of fully-analog analytical instruments (ca. 1980) were far more sensitive and had cleaner signals than the first couple of generations of overpriced digital crap. Of course, it took up half a room and weighed a ton. And you had to actually know what you were doing to use it. And now the ROMS are fading and the power supplies are dying. For the radar, I’d like something that uses less power and plays well with other toys. Also, I mounted the old Furuno too high up on the mast (there was already a weldment for the ridiculously thick cable up there.) But most often I want it for picking my way through narrow and crowded channels in the dark and fog, so the blind spot is too large. I wonder how the vertical angle of new units compares? Also, maybe some of that function now overlaps with FLIR IR cameras? The long game is always to wait. Unless you need it right now.
  14. toddster

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I posted that one a long time ago, but it’s still rolling up on craigslist and is still entertaining. Note the DOT reflective tape “running lights” and the long-expired state registration sticker with a pathetically ficticous registration number. Since the boat itself seems relatively competently done, I’m thinking this is the second owner. And I’d like some of whatever he’s smoking.
  15. toddster

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I’ve seen them at the boat show the last couple of years. Mostly seem to specialize in flashy graphics for ski boats. At least one of the racing boats on my dock has a vinyl “wrap” job though it might be home brew. It’s more of a “tiled” application. No idea how they hold up or interact with other components. I was kind of under the impression that they’re meant to be changed out every year or two as “Art.”