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  1. toddster

    Winter is icumin in

    Dunno... last year I got out the long woolies in October and had to wear them until April. Didn't seem very "mild" around here. Although it wasn't ever sub-zero, conditions set up so that the snow and ice just lasted forever. Didn't get the top off the Jeep until July, which was like, the latest ever. Yes, this year has been mild so far, but it ain't over. 7-day forecast has snow every day atm.
  2. toddster

    Nautical Series: Alpinist magazine

    OK. I did actually try ice climbing for a while in the 80's. It was a little too expensive for me at the time, but you know, the gear could be rented. I decided that the fun/terror ratio was unfavorable for further pursuit. Here's a blog I read a while back about a young guy who sailed to ski in Patagonia without spending a million bucks.
  3. toddster

    Nautical Series: Alpinist magazine

    I don't get it... Rich people showing off how they have TWO expensive hobbies and time enough to play at them?
  4. toddster

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    IIRC, they have had to use the dinghy as a tug a few times. E.g. to get up a river. Which would seem like a decent way to add some flexibility to the electric proposition. Except it might not be practical in some situations. And some people insist on having carbon-free dinghy as well.
  5. Not mobile, but maybe of some interest: Just got email from Elon. (Filled out the "interested in beta" form months ago.) Limited availability of Starlink now in my area - I had 15 minutes to decide, then they moved on to somebody else. No time for ditherers.
  6. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I've been hearing about the feet thing all my life. I still don't get it. Although I can suppose that so many of us have gnarly twisted feet that the sight of well-formed ones might fascinate some. But from what I gather, that's not even the thing.
  7. toddster

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    Yeah, sobering. I bought some of my little horde of cruising gear from people who got sick before they could use any of it. I think I'm getting to the "go now or it's never going to happen" stage.
  8. toddster

    Order of Vaccination

    Maybe because our county is so small and the vaccine supply is so small - they still don't seem to have a "system." Per today's paper, we get 100 doses per week. At two doses per, that puts us about ten years out. Apparently you don't sign up - "they" send you an invitation to the event. How do "they" know? It's a mystery.
  9. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    There is a lot of... cargo on that little boat.
  10. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Both those and the "economy" version posted by Chester are made by Growlerwerks in Portland. Dang, now I'm tempted again. There are literally four breweries within walking distance of my marina. And there wouldn't be any empties to dispose of. It's just that sailing alone, I really don't drink that much beer.
  11. toddster

    Winter is icumin in

    I used to use the farmer john + jacket suit, so there would be two layers - like 14 mm - over the body core for diving. But you could also wear either piece alone for surface activities. I may still have one in good condition stashed away - they shrink over time you know. Or something. But you really have to try them on, so best to buy local.
  12. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yes. I have been thinking that one of these high-tech growlers might make a nice christmas present for the boat galley, but so far nobody has taken the hint. ... or is that getting too close to wine aerator territory?
  13. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Dunno... I recall hiking in Switzerland and noticing that there always seemed to be a pair of jet fighters in the air, zooming back and forth. Eventually, I hypothesized that they had to stay in Swiss airspace, so they had to, you know, keep turning around.
  14. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This happens all the time around here. Military aircraft stationed at coastal bases hop over to their practice ranges east of the mountains and play "top gun" in the canyons and valleys in between, then home for lunch. There have been a number of mid-air collisions over the years, including a couple of crop-dusters that got creamed. I see the "top view" of F-15s and KC-135s all the time. Once, an A-10 flew in between my house and barn so close that I could see the pilot's face.
  15. toddster

    Winter is icumin in

    Since the first eye-opening incident, I have been keeping my second-best wetsuit and set of snorkel gear on board. There's a wide shallow space under the back of the quarterberth that isn't much use for anything else. FWIW, I used to make a point of diving every month of the year in the Salish Sea, long before I could afford a drysuit. It's much warmer than the Columbia in winter. For similar reasons, I try to never sail without a dinghy on board, even it's just an inflatable SUP in the sail locker. Last time I had a vacation to someplace warm, I was on a "sunset dinner cruise" thing and while getting underway, they snagged a neighbors mooring. I thought "Oh shit! That's the end of this little jaunt." But the owners kid just grabbed a mask and casually hopped over the side - had it cleared in about a minute. Nobody got excited or raised an eyebrow. Just like my Dad might have told me to get out of the truck and open a gate. One of those moments that had me questioning why I even bother to live around cold water.