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  1. toddster

    Marooned on Corona Island

    That's about what my old marina looked like in the spring. There was a narrow channel at the left side that ran out through a bayou area to the main river, and just shallow swamp to the right. In the spring, you could sail right past the marina and make a tack back through the adjoining cow pasture. In late summer you had to wait for high tide to even get to the normal exit.
  2. toddster

    Catalina 22: the Seagoing Corolla

    One of the new rules in our annual contract this year was that you must use your slip. IIRC, it was at least 60 days a year, but I'd have to look that up. However, our waiting list is only a few years for boats <30 feet.
  3. toddster

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Oh Yay. We get to be first. Although this one doesn't always stop in my marina. I think it's too big, but sometimes docks on the outer jetty.
  4. toddster

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    FWIW, I had time on my hands one long snowy winter month and put eye splices in the traveler lines. Looks neat! Turns out that the tails of the splices limit the last few inches of travel though
  5. toddster

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Dunno... I find that the big wheel is hard to control with the small motor. That is, I have to keep adding more and more power at the foot-pedal to get the darned thing to start moving, then suddenly it's going 60 mph. I end up doing small details by just hand-cranking it - which isn't an issue most of the time.
  6. toddster

    Pacific Northwest cruising

    There is an app called "PNW Current Atlas" by TinyOctopus LLC that is basically the images from the printed atlas tied to today's tables. (Was going to say the current current table, but that's confusing...). The advantage is that you can step through the hours by tapping the arrows, so it's almost like an animation. And you don't have to send away for new tables every year. BTW: It looks like somewhere along the line "Washburn's Tables" have become "Waggoner's Tables." I totally missed that change... Come to think of it, my printed Current Atlas is almost 30 years old. I wonder if there have been any refinements to it since then?
  7. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    We're circling back to the oft-stated dilemma of weekly vloggers, bloggers, and their ilk. Nobody's life is interesting every day. If you must crank out something every week, it devolves into excruciating minutia. A while back I read a book for aspiring amateur videographers (which will remain nameless because I can't recommend it) that claimed to distill all of "film school" into five or six simple rules. Maybe one of them should be "keep the camera pointed outward, not inward."
  8. toddster

    Sealant Tubes

    For some things, I get away with shoving a large nail in the open end. Hopefully so that the head doesn't interfere with the cap. Pull out the nail to open a passage to free goop. Most of the marine sealants, I end up cutting off the spout to get the second use. Then cutting off a bottom corner for the third use. Then throwing the rest away.
  9. Man, this is getting far too PA. But it is true that The Cheeto In Chief has benefitted a few times from the Broken Clock Syndrome. A few of the things he’s destroyed were not working. Of course, he had no actual knowledge of that. Or anything else.
  10. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Excellent! But they left out the decimal point in the four bucks.
  11. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    There is a lot to unpack with this one - may be a relic of a short-statured mad genius, but certainly the add-on poop deck oxygen tent is mockable. And half of the pictures seem to have been taken in Australia or China, to make it even more exotic..
  12. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Hard to believe that this one has been lingering on CL for months... My brother has a similar boat that looks better than that... and a tree fell on his.
  13. toddster

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Apropos of this, I went on craigslist to see what what out there in the PDX area, and there are really (what seems like) a lot of used industrial and heavy duty machines that people are dumping. Some look like pretty good deals, if one is mechanically confident enough to do any needed maintenance. I'm pretty sure there was not such a cornucopia when I was in the market. Something to do with the economic downturn?
  14. toddster

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    It's kind of like being a Man With A Hammer. After you sew up the primary project, you start finding more and more things that (you think) can be done by sewing. I learned to sew on a Singer 301 exactly like that, which my Mom inherited but never used. I stitched up my own torn farm clothes and made some camping gear, in the 70's. Eventually, Mom decided "it was broken" because she didn't know how to lubricate and adjust it. Some con-man talked her into trading it in on a plastic machine. Which she also never used, and that is what I ended up inheriting. No matter what you end up getting - it's worth watching some of the SailRite videos - not just on projects but also on cleaning & adjusting the machine. They are rather broadly applicable. And some of the SailRite accessories work on the cheaper machines of the same design. Since I now have both, I keep Mom's machine set up for light-weight fabrics and the SailRite machine set up for heavy stuff. It's doable, but kind of a pain to stop sewing canvas and dial everything in for curtain material - or face masks... BTW: I was in Home Despot a few weeks ago and they had these mobile, adjustable-height work-benches on sale, in the front of the store. Which looked like they'd match up well with a rolling tool chest that I already had. Et voila! A manly sewing station!
  15. toddster

    Pacific Northwest cruising

    I've SCUBA dived on the wall under that bridge. At "slack" tide it's kinda like diving in a washing machine. Great wall, though. Do not attempt without a tender following in a boat at slack of a minimal tidal exchange! Not much better than that, approaching Columbia River dams from downstream, sometimes. Some years, it's just a no-go during spring. (For those far away, hence the "Deception" in Deception Pass. European explorers thought that there must be another big river, like the Columbia back behind there!)