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  1. toddster

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    Buy up a case of Goof Off while you can... they're about to ban it.
  2. toddster

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Don't worry - it all evens out when Lulubelle and Gertrude are sunning on the tramp.
  3. toddster

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I was trying to figure out whether it was a cup or the back of a compass housing. And whether the bottle was mouthwash or compass oil. Could get confusing...
  4. toddster

    Marina Laundry

    I've tried, more or less that theory for a few weeks at a time on field assignments. Packed wardrobe of lightweight drip-dry layered garments. Throw yesterday's stuff in the shower, get everything sudsy, and stomp it around while cleaning myself. Left to dry while I wore the other set of clothes to work. After a while, everything got sorta... stiff. I think the method lacked a sufficient wringer or spin cycle. Also, damp clothes seemed suspicious to the Military Police and they were confiscated once at Barajas.
  5. toddster

    Marina Laundry

    Back in the day, I tended to use the combination tavern/laundromats that seem to spring up in college towns. I don’t know why they aren’t more widespread. Later on, I did tend to leave a few loads to ferment - the apartment laundry room was locked up at 2200, though if the manager was tired, she’d lock it up at 2100. I rarely got home before 2030, and had to leave for wurk again at 0600, so I lost a few loads.
  6. toddster

    Dirty rotten scoundrels

    The whole point of "rebates" is that people won't actually claim them. If too many people do submit claims, I think they run it just like insurance companies: Arbitrarily deny half of them until the proper quota is reached.
  7. toddster

    Sterling Hayden

    That's kind of what I thought also. It helps to think of the author as a fictional character to be unwrapped.
  8. toddster

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    If we don’t do something, slime gives way to freshwater sponges, which are a bit more problematic. Haven’t seen them in lakes... dunno. So, paint tends to get scraped off the bottom of the keel (gee, I wonder how...) sponges latch on there, and the boat develops a natural bulb! Turns out it doesn’t help the hydrodynamics much, even though it looks just like one of those high-tech boats...
  9. toddster

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Sombody give that boy a box of popsicle sticks. They’d be a lot easier and achieve the same thing.
  10. toddster

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    I've about decided that ablatives in the absence of barnacles are just dumb. It seems better to go with hard paint and physically wipe the slime off every week. Either dive it, or make something like this for a few bucks:
  11. toddster

    Floating architecture

    Back in the day, floating homes served the needs of semi-nomadic timber industry workers. The modern variety never moves, so they seem a bit of an affectation in that regard. Although they do allow you to dock your boat to the back porch. That allows a sort of immersive aquatic lifestyle, although with a bit of a trailer-parkey vibe. Just this morning I was idly wondering whether lagoons full of floating homes would be a better alternative for coastal living, compared with building on allegedly "stabilized" sand dunes and swampland.
  12. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Can't somebody just write down whatever this is all about? I'm not gonna waste life watching talking heads. Whatever happened to that bunch of strange cryptocurrency kids who were trying to find a small Caribbean nation or two to take over?
  13. Well crap - I'm still trying to finish a couple of other projects, so I have a whole bay to lay out the Zodiac in the garage. Wrong parts came for the old Evinrude - maybe I can just put it up on Craigslist as "a box of parts" rather than as a motor.
  14. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Dunno... people around here list and list and list and don't sell. Then after they give up, some space alien from California knocks on their door with a cash offer larger than they were asking in the first place. Man, I haven't gotten one of those knocks in years. Maybe I should mow the lawn and get rid of some of these old boats and things...
  15. It is PVC. Now that I look closer at it, I’d guess that the internal tape, in sheer, provides most of the support for the keel and gear weight. Adding an external tape layer at right angles might not help much.