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  1. Sebyseb

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    J owner who haven't yet switched to JPK or SF3600 should be very interested. As for Americans you can always import them, taxes permitting...
  2. Sebyseb

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    As a professional a broker is liable if the boat he sells is not sound and takes around 7% commission, a private seller has no responsibility and can claim ignorance. That said, pros will always try to evade responsibility and I would definitely use a good independent surveyor, also private sellers are sometimes more expensive than brokers because their boat is always the best one...
  3. Sebyseb

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Where in Spain are you based? I can get you on a 3200 in Gibraltar if needed. I have raced both and they are hard to compare as they do not share the same philosophy The 3200 is designed for offshore short-handed racing (Transquadra), so better cockpit ergonomics for solo sailing, easier in a blow, very fast and steady above 12knots. However, I have found the build quality average, and it is not a very nice boat to helm with little to no feedback or to be inside. It's also a pig in light air (Med) quite ugly and I don't find the set-up very nice with the maintsheet at the back and the big box in the middle, in that respect a JPK960or A31 are muck less bulkier and easier to manage. The 109 is more of a yacht, it's certainly not as easy solo sailing in a blow, but is a great light air boat and a real pleasure to helm upwind (where we end-up spending most of the time), the interior is also a LOT more inviting for cruising and it is a rather beautiful boat. It rates well in ORC/IRC and the build quality is well above average. In a nutshell, the 3200 is a good offshore solo tool and the easier boat especially in a blow, but the 109 is the better allround yacht. For a sub-100K fun and easy boat with great sensation on the helm and some SF3200 comfort, I would strongly advise an A31. It's light for an IRC 30' (3100kg), has limited sail area and is fun, very reactive and nimble while easy to manage alone. The interior is not incredible but big and modern enough to bring the family for a week-end. It also is a killer in light airs (faster than both the 109 and 3200) which is important in the Med and build quality is second to none.
  4. Sebyseb

    Fast "safe" boat....

    For solo offhore sailing, look at the current Transquadra leaderboard for good, fast and safe boats. Most of them are in the 30-33' range and the current leader will be for sale in the Carribean for €100K However, a 23' trimaran would be faster (as in twice as fast) than any of those. If not racing and wanting speed offshore, get a trimaran. Corsair is nice, but this is the shit:
  5. Sebyseb

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Moitessier did write "La longue route" and gave up the rights though, so hardly begging...
  6. Sebyseb

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    It's about autopilot use, the majority of 960 and 1010 offshore are single or double-handed, and the boat goes really well on the hear. Foggy Dew races mostly fully crewed.
  7. Sebyseb

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    From what I remember or the best 1010s out there, "Foggy Dew is slab+single rudder while "Night & Day" and "Raging Bee" are slab+double rudder. They all went carbon mast, which seems worth the penalty offshore, but not the bulb.
  8. Sebyseb

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    Also, JPK and Valer are very good for shape stability and therefore don't need that much weight in the keel, unlike say, the A31. A lot of the DH French 1010 choose the IRC keel and keep on winning.
  9. Sebyseb

    J/133 or Bene First 45

    Going from X to Bene will always feel a downgrade. Also, as you will be sailing in the Med, you need to consider a couple of things. Racing in the Med is mainly under ORC (Spain, Italy, Greece but not Turkey though) where French builds suck (IRC designed) but X-Yachts, J's and a few others excel. When not blowing crazy, cruising in the Med is in little to no wind, so I would favour a boat that goes well sailing in sub 5 (J's and X again are normally good at this and Beneslow not so much.) or with a big engine.
  10. Sebyseb

    J/133 or Bene First 45

    We raced a bene 45 for a while and it is nowhere as easy as a J shorthanded. It's a decent boat but very heavy, not very good for racing (compared say, to the F40) Build quality is corrrect but not as good as J, so is resale value. Look how the J/133 performed at this year's Fastnet...
  11. Sebyseb

    Club racer electronics

    As said above, electronics don't win races before you reach a certain (read high) level. Practice, regular crew, decent sails and a clean bottom are what you need for club racing, and a speedo. Any speedo but well calibrated. We started racing in sport boats and first Class 8 with a windex as the only instrument we had and did fine. Then we moved into serious offshore racing with the A35 and had all the bells and whistles (B&G H2000) so we could concentrate on polars and speed targets. It worked well too. We eventually started shutting the electronics off to focus more on what was happening outside the boat and replace cold calculation with the "feeling" of the boat in the tiller and under our asses, with exactly the same result. After a dismasting we had absolutely zero support from B&G so I probably won't do it again ( dismasting obviously and choosing B&G). To me, the main advantage of electronics is to make sure you are within speed target, but you need to have accurate polars for your and calibrated electronics. From experience, very few boats have them.
  12. There are many fast and fun boats in your art of the world to keep the conversation going but if your current ride is a SO40, it could be useful to know that they are doing VERY well in France under IRC. 'Charrette' and Karibario have been consistently winning or making podium in their class, and the later replaces a fast Archambault A40. Of course they are optimised and well sailed, but isn't that the case for most winning boats?
  13. Sebyseb

    Race tracking

    Trackers are great, the onlyway to get them interested really. For RORC races, ontly the Fastnet has a tracker, it doesn't however need delays as AIS is mandatory so you know always know where your competition is and where they are going. Not sure delay is that important on relatively short races, it does change tactics but not really strategy (in tidal waters) as you shouldreally have yours ready rather than following the 'good' guys.
  14. funny you should say that, Transquadra winner is a wooden Bepox 990...