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  1. Sebyseb

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    If you are a beginner at DH, don't spend money yet as you will change boat when you know what's right for you. J92 is a great suggestion, Figaro One is a great option for solo without being too complicated, think First 31.7 lighter by a ton, J/105 is a great DH offshore boat
  2. Depends on the laminate, I have found polyester-based cruising laminate like DCX-CDX holding shape much better than dacron and resisting well to flaking, and the North 3DI Nordac even superior without breaking the bank (at North standard).
  3. Shame though that he sets sail after confinement, the pace would have been perfect for 2020
  4. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I am sure this is in the pipeline. Easy win for Macron but I would worry what Jean could say then. Il n'a pas sa langue dans sa poche... (he doesn't keep his tongue in his pocket)
  5. Sebyseb

    New autopilot series coming anytime soon?

    I have the same program and haven't seen much new stuff on the market so going back to the usual suspects NKE needs tweaking but we have a lot of Figaro sailors to get advice from, and they know the tricks as NKE is part of the OD thing. The newer stuff looks dope and easier to calibrate, NKE is very reactive and on't let you down. Top-end B&G will perform the same for roughly the same high price. Interestingly more B&G system in IMOCa when most sailors come from NKE dominated Figaro and Minitransat, but I personally found my H2000 set-up very unfriendly and the after-sales support totally inexistant. Raymarine Evo has mixed reviews and many good things are said of the Pelagic in this forum (unknown in Europe). Because I'm on a budget Pelagic seems to do the trick. Good ride, the 97!
  6. Sebyseb

    New autopilot series coming anytime soon?

    If price is not an issue, NKE will do exactly what you expect. A lot worse is done on a daily basis in the Figaro class. I spoke to Pascal Loison (of Fastnet fame) who won the first leg of the Transquadra on his JPK960, in 35 knots they would hoist the A5 on the pole, put the NKE and go to sleep...
  7. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Plenty of stories there, Autissier is the obvious influence for Sam, and the list includes Bernard Stamm who finished disqualified after accepting help to save his boat from going on the rocks. Raphael Dinelli even STARTED the VG hors-course, "à la pirate" as he did not qualify, on the other side of the spectrum Yves Parlier dismasted, repaired his mast on his own and finished in 126 days, eating algae in the last days as he had not been resupplied. A lot of crazy shit.
  8. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Burton is doing very well with last edition's winning boat. Much shorter foils than the new ones. Dalin also picked the less extreme foils of both sets. Seems to work for both of them
  9. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    You might like the take of Monsieur and Madame Le Cam on foilers in the VG, the englishtranslation barely makes it justice... Le Cam’s take on foilers, translated from French interview: "I've never sailed on a foiling IMOCA so it was interesting to have Kevin’s take on it. These are boats that can go very fast, but it's "on" or "off" . It doesn't look easy to deal with. For me, they are not boats made for that (VG), they're not adapted to what we're doing here. There is a casting mistake. This “Flying around the world thing”, only guys on land can talk about it." His wife Anne is a lot less diplomatic: "Jean was the first to sail on the Hydroptère (of SA fame), he knows foilers by heart. The youngsters can’t tell him he's the rearguard (as opposed to avant-garde ndrl). He was among the first to build very fast boats. He was Formula 40 champion, you had to see what it was like at the time (Formule 40 was the 80's ORMA of 40’ catamarans ndrl). He was a multihull sailor, he knows what it's about, but he also knows the sea. He knows what the Indian Ocean is like, four to five meter-waves, nasty, hard and broken seas, he knows it all. Just as he knows when he can launch himself into a low-pressure system off the Iberian coast." At the beginning of the race, he was surprised to see the young sailors going around the obstacle his wife continues: "They all went around the first low-pressure system screaming ''Mommy, help!” to themselves. Nobody went in there except the two old dudes Alex Thomson and Jean... At that moment he was surprised "wait, what are those guys gonna do in the South? » I’d love to have them around for a house party, they sound fun !
  10. Sebyseb

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    In the market for one and interested in Pelagic. I guess you have interfaced it with wind direction or is it efficient as a stand alone unit?
  11. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Kevin did mention his fitness was paramount to making it into the liferaft and Jean's boat later. I did the life raft climbing in a flat pool with no wind for the survival training, it was horrible and I knew then ì would simply die in adverse conditions.
  12. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Riou (PRB)/ Jean Le Cam Although not for long..
  13. Sebyseb

    Help me spec a new rig

    If you're going down the carbon route, I would check with Axxon, they are rigging a lot of boats at the RORC and are sensibly cheaper than the others. The only thing about carbon on an older boat is that it's stiffer and you need to have stiffer sails and reinforce rigging points as well as other bits other bits. One Aphrodite 101 picked a carbon mast and added 26 meters of reinforcement in a 33 footer as it was bending a lot more....
  14. Sebyseb

    Sail Replacement and Priorities

    Yep, rudder is a relatively easy fix and a good winter project. A new sail will literally transform your sailing experience and make it a lot more enjoyable, a new rudder won't do that...
  15. Yes, under IRC a GS rates more than an A35