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  1. Sebyseb

    Converting figaro
  2. Sebyseb

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    there´s a cheap 960 for sale in Martinique, French West indies, if you are on the East coast
  3. Sebyseb

    Converting figaro

    They had brought a well made Fig 1 at the Paris boat show, much better than a 310 or 31.7, and are well advanced on a F2. One of the guys worked on HB, and they have backing from Roland Jourdain of Vendée Globe fame. They´re a bit beyond dreaming
  4. Sebyseb

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Jassap is en excellent boat, the owner won transquadra with Pascal Loison (of Fastnet 3013 fame) and had the boat done at no expense spared. He was our neighbour in Cherbourg, the boat is spotless.
  5. Sebyseb

    Converting figaro those guys will convert any F1, F2, Class 40 or racing boat you bring them.
  6. Sebyseb

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    A well sorted JPK 1010 is the best short-handed design for that kind of money.
  7. Sebyseb

    Converting Class 40

    I think only the first gen Pogo 40 and Akilaria (RC1) are somehow cruisable without massive investment, and the stringers will eat the available space. You would be better off with a Pogo 10,50 or 12.50 or even an akilaria Class 9.50 (smaller C40, shame the class didn´t work out)
  8. Sebyseb

    Upgrade my X-362 or buy a X-37?

    X-37 is a better boat and will keep value, so better spending altogether. also, I agree with the lot: if you change the mast then you´ll need to change the sails and running rigging unless they are all carbon and dyneema and fairly new already already. A taller, lighter aluminum stick with increased sail area would be a lot cheaper , a lot more fun to work on and faster than a carbon stick of the same dimension. You can ask for black anodized aluminum if you like the color.
  9. boltrope for inshore fully crewed is safer for spinnakers
  10. Bought an Aphrodite 101 specifically for single and double handed and could not be happier: cheap to run, competitive, well behaved, small sail area and a great self tacking jib.
  11. Sebyseb

    IRC Handicap Advice

    This exactly, we did it on an A35 and cost was zero. Now you could move towards a full length bowsprit and TCC would be lower at equal SPA. Not sure why you'd put a bowsprit on a displacement boat, but its worked on a RORC 44.7 offshore. Do not use pole+full length bowsprit, it is very costly, and you'd need too many spinnakers (penalty after the 3rd spin)
  12. Sebyseb

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    J owner who haven't yet switched to JPK or SF3600 should be very interested. As for Americans you can always import them, taxes permitting...
  13. Sebyseb

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Moitessier did write "La longue route" and gave up the rights though, so hardly begging...
  14. Sebyseb

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    I'd say the JPK 1010 is by far the best IRC cruiser-racer in that size, especially for short-handed sailing, but they are pricier. Look at the competitors in this year's Transquadra and you'll have a good idea of what works. I really like the J/97 for it's cruiser/racer positioning, easy to sail fast, quick in the light and yet offering a nice interior for faminy crusing, some have done very well around buoys (Spi Ouest), coastal (Round the Island) and offshore (Fastnet) . Other boats might be fater (SF3200, A31...) but less inviting inside. Where the 97 is loosing me is the cockpit ergonomics, coming out of the 80's: long benches, mainsail track cutting the cockpit in half, when it would have been easier to open up the aft and put the rail all the way back to free some space.