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  1. 30Man

    Melges 40

    And those Melges 40 videos are almost painful to watch. If you want to know how NOT to make a sailing video this is it.
  2. 30Man

    Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    Wow, I'll say. Although it is a nice job you are doing lately.
  3. 30Man

    carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    We broke the rudder shaft on our SC37 not because there was anything wrong with the shaft but because the hole was too small and under hard load the shaft deflected enough to rub on the edge of the hull and this caused the break.
  4. 30Man

    Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    I love those boats. No drama, not a lot of work, just go like f%ck!
  5. 30Man

    never fuckin' mind

    All your base are belong to us!
  6. 30Man

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I know... It must be that the winches are undersized and he needed to get down there for some leverage...