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  1. Chicago Area III

    Big thanx to Bad Andy and Quantum for the time and coaching. Was a tough day with big wind and light crew but great experience and learning the J/88. proOC, right back at ya brother. Always great to be on the water with you. Cheers! Chaos
  2. Rail Meat Songs

    Usually sing this when in the 3rd row of a two row start... "We gotta get out of this place! If its the last thing we ever do!..." Chaos
  3. Least Exclusive Yacht Clubs

    How about the Poor Man's Yacht Club? They are self described as "We're split pretty even; half-Power, half-Sail, half-sober and half-drunk." Cheers, Chaos
  4. Cone of Silence

    Rumor has it... Wes is going to be Trump's running mate and "Make America drunk again!" Chaos
  5. Chicago Area III

    Unless you were in Charleston... then it was effing cold! Chaos
  6. Coolest spinnakers?

    We have a winner! Fucking hysterical! Cheers, Chaos
  7. March Madness SA Bracket tournament ...

    Big 10 Bball BLOWS!!!
  8. J111 Sailing on the Great Lakes--Summer 2016

    Hrothgar, Welcome aboard! Congrats on your new ride. Its a great boat and I'm sure you're going to have lots of good times on her. Looking forward to meeting up with you when you come to the Chicago shores! Cheers, Chaos
  9. Chicago Area III

    There are a shitload of empty slips at the 31st St. Marina. And you could still sail if you wanted to. Or, if you have a sweet ride, i could do some QA testing on her... Cheers, Chaos
  10. What kind of rum?

    Fixed +1
  11. Abe Vigoda, finally DTS....

    In honor of his passing, I spent 7 hours watching the Godfather Epic (think of it as a remix of The Godfather and The Godfather II but all the scenes are in chronological order). Forgot what fantastic movies they were with just amazing actors. Cheers, Chaos
  12. What kind of rum?

    Kaniche You will not be disappointed
  13. working out/Gym anarchy

    I understand not wanting to drop the cash on a personal trainer but they are (theoretically) the experts on what to do for an individual's goals. I joined a gym for the first time last year and bit the bullet on 20 sessions ( initially 2 per week for the first month or so and then 1 per week after). Based on my goals, he put together routines and educated me on how to use different machines and why. Biggest lesson was to not get into predictable routines every day. Muscle confusion is good to keep making progress. I don't use the PT anymore. At this point I'm down 20 lbs and much lower body fat and increased muscle mass. Good luck, Chaos
  14. Key west Race Week

    Can someone explain the criteria for selecting Boat of the Week? I would think contenders would be: J/111 Skeleton Key, 9 races, 11 points, 9 in fleet M24 Black Seal, 10 races w/1 toss, 16 points, 12 in fleet J/70 Calvi Network, 10 races w/1 toss, 15 points, 47 in fleet and the winner is... Maxi 72 Bella Mente, 9 races, 14 points 4 in fleet??? I've got no horse in the race but it just seemed curious to me. Thanx, Chaos
  15. Which one of you is this? http://youtu.be/btAbU1sPqIM Chaos
  16. J111's KWRW?

    Like many parts of our sport, there are rules and we are bound to respect them in the Corinthian spirit (i.e touching a mark when no one sees, you still do your turns). In this vein, most competitors will play by the rules. I know we'll be at or below the class weight limit. Cheers all and have a great regatta! Chaos
  17. North Sails Apparel

    I thought you said you had not seen them in prison... I need to get new reading glasses. Chaos
  18. J/30 Modify for PHRF racing?

    JB, Forget the mods... you can't improve on perfection!!! ;-) Chaos
  19. Christine

    I hear that a lot...
  20. Chicago Area III

    Buncha fuckin rock stars!!! Congrats! G
  21. Chicago Area III

    Only problem is... he'll get injured on the first leg of the first race and be out for the rest of the season
  22. Chicago Area III

    Since the lake is frozen over and all indications are that the lake levels will be positive this year... does that mean we don't need to have a "Fill the Lake" meeting this year? Chaos
  23. Chicago Area III

    I'm Gay..... Super gay. That's like announcing the sky is blue...
  24. Chicago Area III

    Will the boat be loaded with beer and if its nice, can we take a very indirect route? Chaos