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  1. samsonite

    Faster Turnbuckle Adjustment

    Would something like this work?
  2. samsonite

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    You nerds wrote a manual? That’s so 2015 of you. In the 2020 marine electronics game you just post renderings, tell the people what you think they want to hear and boom! you’ll be famous!
  3. samsonite

    Traveler control line

    I’m with you on docklines. But if you’re racing you want to transfer as much power to keel as possible. Traveler lines included. I like an SK78 core and I’m not that picky about the cover.
  4. samsonite

    new halyards

    Vela Sailing Supply, Mauri Pro, Landfall, West Marine, Fisheries (as mentioned above)
  5. samsonite

    Mixing small batches of gelcoat

    +1 on the 2% catalyst
  6. samsonite

    Block Costs and Value for Harken?

    Owned by Harken or distributed by Harken?
  7. samsonite


    If the battery is DoA you may have a bigger problem... What’s the return policy? What’s the warranty policy?
  8. samsonite


    High humidity killed one of these things? I’ll be sure to only use mine in a ziplock bag full of rice. ScowLover - when you sailed with it on this fatefully humid day was it salt water or fresh?
  9. samsonite


    With a 320 x 240 pixel LCD do you think they can actually create those pages?
  10. samsonite

    charlie enright

    No. He was skipper of the boat that suspended racing and stood by in case they needed to help. IIRC they relayed comms between the grounded boat and race headquarters.
  11. samsonite

    Scissors for high tech lines

    Wiss makes nice snips and shears
  12. samsonite

    North Sails "Norlam" - What is it?

    That might be a bit of an oversimplification. North’s got a cloth department and looms. I think they weave/wove Nordac. They likely buy the yarn but if you’re breaking it down that far who really makes anything? I think they're pretty good about telling you when you’re buying a 3rd party cloth (ie Airx kites).
  13. samsonite

    North Sails "Norlam" - What is it?

    I think it may have become North Panel Laminate
  14. samsonite


    All it took to get a response for a warranty claim on a $1,300 bit of kit was 2 months and one SA forum post. Nice! I’ll take one and charge me double!