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  1. i550

    If my boat is done by then I would absolutely be down
  2. i550

    I understand your frustrations and agree with some things done being wrong. BUT. Online forums is NOT a place to argue with people. I understand you care but when i come on here i want to read about ideas and better way to do things or what works and what does not. I do not want to hear about all the crap that happening. Keep that off the internet it will do nothing but hurt what you are trying to do. Also some people like to start shit just to start shit. If you don't keep going back and forth with them they will lose interest and move on to fucking with someone else. Some people like to start fights just to fight. If you dont care then they will most likely fade away. If not then you go after them legally (OFF THE INTERNET).
  3. i550

    My thoughts exactly.
  4. i550

    That's a really different boat- it's double the weight so at least double the cost, sails 4 up instead of 2, etc. It'd be just as rational to compare the VX to a Viper... The VX is really a nice boat, well made, well thought out, and fun to sail. You know, you just write a check for an amount that is not too high, and hit the water planing away. No year and a half of work before ever getting wet. No breathing fumes and clogging up the lungs and killing brain cells. Just splash it and go with a big grin. Viper's fun too, just an older design. I have raced on Vipers some and they are defiantly a super fun boat to race. So why build a boat like an i550 instead of buying a Viper? Well for one its less expensive and i really enjoy the process. I have learned allot: Boat design, Foil Design, Composites, How to work with lead. I think in the end the process of building a boat from scratch and figuring out many issues and different options i will be a better sailor for it. It defiantly wont be the best one design racing in the world when its done. But how cool will it be to race next to someone with a straight sprit vs an articulating sprit and see which is better in what conditions. or someone with a jibing keel. It will be interesting to see how a complicated hard to sail boat competes vs a simple easy to sail boat. Years in the future it will give me ideas when setting up another boat what things work and what dont so i will be able to maximize the performance of whatever boat i am racing to the extent of the rules.
  5. i550

    Just finished insulating and a big clean out of the barn. Now its time to put carbon on the keel and build the cradle for the hull. Hopefully late febuary have some sort of a hull.
  6. i550

    I think one of the things that makes this boat so much fun to be a part of is the fact that its built by the owner. The person racing the boat is also the person who built the boat. If you boat is lost "because you had a slower boat" you built the dam thing. If you decided to go with a standard Sprit over a Articulating Sprit thats a decision you made building the boat. So the person who wins OD races will be the best combination of builder and racer. You dont have that in any other standard racing.