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  1. Captain Gigi

    Why, he asked...

    Someone from SA asked offline why aft deck photos keep showing up on my Background, and how long we've been following ocean racing. A little while, I said, ever since we retired from fighting the tides. As for the wide beams...
  2. What are ya talkin' about? | 'Cleats,' by smallwhitewave
  3. "A team would need between NZ$145m–217m to be in the hunt to claim the Auld Mug." —Dennis Conner "As much as Team France would like to contest the next America's Cup, without a war chest to play with, it's unlikely they will be able to mount a challenge. The French outfit lost its naming rights sponsor Groupama earlier this year and have been unable to find a replacement ahead of the December 31 deadline of late entries for the 2021 regatta in Auckland. Skipper Franck Cammas told the Herald his team want to be competitive, and will give themselves until the beginning of December to work out if they will be able to do that or not. 'We are still in contact with prospects so we will communicate that, but for now we are not going on but we have one month to go or not to go and we want to work until the end of November for that.... 'For now I don't know at all [to be a possible team member of another Italian syndicate entering the 36th AC or not] because I'm now focused on Team France and I never try to open the door to go with another team. 'For now the problem is if we have money to go; how can we do our best with the lack of time? We have now compared with the other teams, and I think the first goal is to link with a big team to try to be on time for the first race. 'This is more my concern now, then we will see what happens next year.' —Franck Cammas, DongFeng team member, and winner of this year's Volvo Ocean Race Source: Christopher Reive, "America's Cup: Team France put timeline on possible challenge for 2021 America's Cup," New Zealand Herald, October 12, 2018,[dot]cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12141311 accessed October 21, 2018
  4. Captain Gigi

    AC34 memories...

    Skimming through my albums this past week, and of course thoughts of 34th America's Cup popped up when this magnificent yacht staircase appeared. Didn't cite the photo. Hoʻoponopono.<sigh> Howzit, Mr. Ellison?
  5. This racing beauty will be ready in 2020 sometime.
  6. and then dreaming of next year's ocean racing: Aquamarina side nice.
  7. Captain Gigi

    We're back!

    10.19.2018 Update: after a grand summer of sailing, but we're not done with sailing yet.
  8. Captain Gigi

    Damage Done ...................

    If all this seems familiar, it's because Clarke warned us and warned us this would happen. Dictators use EOs to push their agendas through, because they can. “...Elimination of [net neutrality, e.g.] allows the government to scrutinize and censor media a rogue gov't would create direct appointments to the judiciary. That's for starters. Most worrying are Executive Orders which do not require a Congressional vote." “It's one thing to destroy democracy, it's much, much harder to get rid of the monster you replace it with.” —'How Democracy Is Destroyed,' MI5
  9. Captain Gigi

    Time for war?

    Well, when Mr. Obama was in the Oval Office, there was Stuxnet and Iran. Now you have Mr. Trump in the chair and his re-named U.S. Space Command (now called "U.S. Space Force"). He's just playing...a game..again...for ratings, you know. He needs cred, somewhere...anywhere.
  10. Captain Gigi

    On Sailing 2018

    July 29, 2018 Update: "What? You didn't see the signs?" —Captain Gigi On Sailing 2018 • © D.L. Benson Poetry + Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante Haiku & Design You found your way to me without a chart, and ran hard aground on my words. —Captain Gigi the allure of teak / early morning skies, good winds / Captain's at the helm —Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante haiku Here’s to us and those like us. Damn few. —Dave, USN SEAL Team 7, SOC
  11. (summer silliness in the heat) “Smooth sailing” —Captain Gigi, former skipper, Sweet Okole • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi“ Grante Design
  12. The entire Thai soccer team and their coach were successfully rescued July 10, 2018, Thailand local time. "Here's to us and those like us. Damn few." —Dave, U.S. Navy SEALs Team 7, SOC
  13. Captain Gigi

    On Anarchy...

    Anarchists are scared of women. Truly.
  14. My experience on Sailing Anarchy is not isolated or unique. Scot Tempesta has been plagued with nefarious activity, it seems, for a long, long time. (See my attached blog post, dated November 17, 2017, re: the *********** suit back in ca. 2010.) His apology to *********** would have been part of that particular defamation suit. As for the Sailing Anarchy Community Reputation Points (CR[a]Ps), they are still being arbitrarily changed (see my post last week to Zapata about my own numbers not adding up). They mean nada to anyone except those who have astronomically high plus-CR[a]P scores. A quick glance will show that profanity, e.g., one-word swear words, counts as anarchic wisdom.* For example, a few posts shortly after I posted on the site today, Gouvernail made dismissive remarks about someone, who has minus-1300 CR[a]Ps, saying outright that the user ought not to be believed, consequently, for anything he posts. I would have thought you’d know better, G, what with your supposed senior status in SA, as exemplified by your plus-CR[a]P score. In my case, someone has attached and continues to attach live reply fields to previous user’s posts (see my “Open Letter to the Owner of Sailing Anarchy,” dated August 13, 2017), with my name and avatar pic on them. Anyone can then say anything in the field, and the comments are attributed to myself as a result. The posts made by the hacks are then DownVoted, then Deleted, leaving no record of them except what can be seen by the Administrator, Zapata(?) But the DownVote numbers remain added to my minus-CR[a]P score. It would explain why my CR[a]P score keeps going up even though I’ve not posted anything in the Forums for weeks, months. Earlier this year, someone slapped up four posts of 30 DownVotes each to my account. Back on October 31, I was given Leadership Status for my day’s posts, when I wasn’t even online that day. Someone has recently added the DownVote icon to some of my blog posts, which are Locked, and have always been Locked. Mid and Donald Trump’s Cat’s Ass had a hey day some time ago, DownVoting anything I posted in my Locked blog. Did the Administrator do anything about it, when I reported the hack? No, he did not. To this day. But who are the people doing this? Is the hacking being done by those who are SA anarchists/users, or are they outside hackers? My guess is the former. I would think someone long familiar with the mechanics of this website would know exactly how to mess it up, particularly since this seems to have been going on for years. Regardless of who the dastardly doers are, the site is hacked. No doubt about it. And, no, B.J. Porter, I do not want to hear from you any more, saying anything to the contrary. I continue to remain vigilant, like any experienced ocean racer does, when faced with rogue waves whether on the high seas or from offshore. –Captain Gigi, May 27, 2018 *This is not a quality of anarchy. It is an example of vulgarity. Period. N.B. Whenever the name of the plaintiff appears in any post in SA, a string of ******* appear. Interesting, huh?
  15. Strange… My "Open Letter to the Owner of Sailing Anarchy," dated August 13, 2017, keeps disappearing from my blog. And it appears as a 404 Error in my Status Updates. Here it is again. Like the cat that keeps coming back… Why is that, Scot Tempesta? Don’t want SA Users to know why I have a personal interest in your website, huh?