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  1. © Gloria Rhea Grante Text (09.28.2019) + Maria Nguyen Illustration (The Walrus 10.2019) + @CaptainGigi + Captain Gigi's Sailing Anarchy Blog
  2. (Updated, 09.28.2019): "Get back on the ocean, Greta." —@CaptainGigi | 'Not since 2014 has there been a @SailingAnarchy Top Tweet. That means something, but what?' —@CaptainGigi • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante + Captain Gigi's Sailing Anarchy Blog (09.28.2019) My two Twitter star birds talk to each other about the grandstanding the TransAt sailor gal engaged in at the U.N. today. #UNClimateSummit #howdareyou #howdareyouindeed • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante (09.23.2019)
  3. Captain Gigi

    I'm Back!

    After a stupendous summer of sailing/cruising, we're back to find there's a HUGE security breach in Google Android, affecting Samsung S9, Huawei P10, LG G6 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium phones (one of which I own). Read more here: https://www.independent(dot)co(dot)uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/android-security-flaw-hack-samsung-huawei-phone-text-message-sms-a9093111.html Sometimes we wonder why we bother making land, with all this junk going on. But we persevere. Today's mini-happy was getting a Top Tweet rating on my @AussiGigi feed. More than I ever get here, huh, @Zapata?
  4. Captain Gigi

    On Go-to Kits...

    ...the end of the Dog Days of Summer, and the beginning of Cat Nights... • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante (08.14.2019)
  5. Captain Gigi

    Sailing Summer 2019

    Smooth sailing, Summer 2019... — Captain Gigi, former skipper, Sweet Okole • © Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante Design (08.08.2019)
  6. Captain Gigi sails on... • © Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante (07.31.2017)
  7. Captain Gigi

    Transpac 2019

    Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay tried to catch up to first place finisher Argo, but came in 30 min. behind in second place. C'était tout à fait la course. | © 2019 Ronnie Simpson + Ultimate Sailing "Powerplay" MOD 70 in the Transpac 2019: Good to see legendary experience onboard along with the young blood. On a un des tueurs sur une caméra.
  8. Social Media platforms continue to come down sporadically as cyberwar rages. Even here on Sailing Anarchy, the warring 'bytes' continue... • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante (07.04.2019)
  9. Captain Gigi

    On Deck Musings

    Hoops for some, boats for others (06.17.2019) | © On Deck Musings + Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante+ Captain Gigi's Sailing Anarchy Blog (06.17.2019) Tuesday musings on flash crashes, IPAs, and baseball (06.11.2019) | © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante (06.11.2019) + Captain Gigi's Sailing Anarchy Blog (06.14&17.2019)
  10. Captain Gigi

    More surveillance

    Someone stabbed the Baby Trump blimp in London June 4 (local time). Probably time to deploy more surveillance here in SA. —Captain Gigi (06.04.2019) | SEAL Death Stare © Gloria Rhea "Captain Gigi" Grante Design (01.27.2016) Need any help, SEAL, pal o' mine? • © "Crawl" (2019) + Paramount
  11. she's gone out to sea / steering easy on the wheel / we hold down the fort —@SheWhiteBear • © Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante Haiku (04.18.2019)
  12. Captain Gigi

    Why, he asked...

    Someone from SA asked offline why aft deck photos keep showing up on my Background, and how long we've been following ocean racing. A little while, I said, ever since we retired from fighting the tides. As for the wide beams...
  13. What are ya talkin' about? | 'Cleats,' by smallwhitewave
  14. "A team would need between NZ$145m–217m to be in the hunt to claim the Auld Mug." —Dennis Conner "As much as Team France would like to contest the next America's Cup, without a war chest to play with, it's unlikely they will be able to mount a challenge. The French outfit lost its naming rights sponsor Groupama earlier this year and have been unable to find a replacement ahead of the December 31 deadline of late entries for the 2021 regatta in Auckland. Skipper Franck Cammas told the Herald his team want to be competitive, and will give themselves until the beginning of December to work out if they will be able to do that or not. 'We are still in contact with prospects so we will communicate that, but for now we are not going on but we have one month to go or not to go and we want to work until the end of November for that.... 'For now I don't know at all [to be a possible team member of another Italian syndicate entering the 36th AC or not] because I'm now focused on Team France and I never try to open the door to go with another team. 'For now the problem is if we have money to go; how can we do our best with the lack of time? We have now compared with the other teams, and I think the first goal is to link with a big team to try to be on time for the first race. 'This is more my concern now, then we will see what happens next year.' —Franck Cammas, DongFeng team member, and winner of this year's Volvo Ocean Race Source: Christopher Reive, "America's Cup: Team France put timeline on possible challenge for 2021 America's Cup," New Zealand Herald, October 12, 2018,[dot]cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12141311 accessed October 21, 2018
  15. Captain Gigi

    AC34 memories...

    Skimming through my albums this past week, and of course thoughts of 34th America's Cup popped up when this magnificent yacht staircase appeared. Didn't cite the photo. Hoʻoponopono.<sigh> Howzit, Mr. Ellison?