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  1. By consensus, we're agreed Trump's recent rants are symptomatic of someone being squeezed as impeachment becomes more than a probability. Here's Buzzfeed's un-redacted, January 10, 2017 PDF on how "Trump allegedly struck a deal with Putin, agreeing to adopt pro-Russian policies in return for Russian assistance in winning the election" (Lichtman, The Case for Impeachment, 275n33): https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html
  2. One of the sidebars that came up at our weekly on-deck, after-supper discussions was how online forums reflected the cultural influences of the day. I, of course, talked abut the Political Anarchy Forum on the “Sailing Anarchy” website: how hateful comments are made under anonymity, how political parties’ identities are expressed, “hyper attention” vs. “deep attention” in digital communications, and so on. Somewhere, some akamai graduate student or assistant professor is using this same window into American e-culture to formulate a thesis or course outline. My partially academic interest lies in how Mein Kampf started a war, and how @realDonaldTrump will fuel the next American Revolution, barring an early impeachment of the 44th POTUS. Yes, Trump is the 44th president, since only 43 men have held the Office of the Presidency. Grover Cleveland was elected to two nonconsecutive terms (Lichtman, The Case for Impeachment, 2017, 239n4; Late Summer 2017 Book Discussion List).
  3. Trump tweeted, "Professor...Congrats...good call!" after Lichtman predicted in October 2016 that DJT would be elected the next POTUS. What he didn't know was the same prof—a forecaster, who has called the last eight elections—also said Trump would be impeached.
  4. It goes on and on. | © Gloria Rhea 'Captain Gigi' Grante Haiku & Design
  5. And from north of the 49th, Canadians are getting their beavers all in a row, ready for anything the phat phriend across the way has in store for them.
  6. Updated my Emergency Go-Bag (by "Committee to Protect Journalists, adapted). Feel free to adapt further for your neck of the woods, so to speak.
  7. We thought we heard Trumper’s firebrand rhetoric before about what to do in the Middle East, and we did: November 2016 and March 2017. It’s not easy reading, especially for the dwindling Trump base, but here ’tis nevertheless: Kathleen Weinberger, "ISW—Putin Sets the Stage for the Incoming U.S. Administration," ISW, November 30, 2016, http://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/putin-sets-stage-incoming-us-administration See more links here: Gloria Rhea "Captain Gigi" Grante, Middle East & N. Africa Forum, Defense, Security & Development, Google+, August 24, 2017 Canada has done its part and told America this week: “No! We are not sending any more troops into Afghanistan.”
  8. When sailing gets too-too, we paddle.
  9. You got it, IStream, and DDW nails it, too. Alex W: We know where the good sailing is, but we keep it under wraps being the ocean racers that we are. We absolutely lust for wind. And sam_crocker tells it like we tell all wannabe PNWers: It’s always rainy, always too windy. Keeps ‘em south of the 49th. Thanks for the check mark for Whistler, Rainy Day Sailor. Vail Resorts knew it was a great steal from the Canadians for $1.4billion this year < https://www.bcbusiness.ca/Whistlers-new-owners >. Shh, cje, don’t spill the beans. Depends on how old you are, SloopJonB. As you age, it becomes a real chore to haul sail all the time. We’ve bought into a power cruising lifestyle, too, but we stay clear of the San Juans now that the Trumper spouts scariness. The BC coastline and the Southern Gulf Islands are just fine for us.
  10. So much for our determination that only light summer reads would be chosen for our on-deck contemplations. Unavoidably, perspectives on militarism and fascism in America have unanimously been selected as the BIG themes for our after-supper discussions. <sigh> The Case for Impeachment (Allan J. Lichtman, 2017) is the first selection.
  11. No, most Canadians don't worry 'bout much, especially in the summertime, but our current PM is no slouch either. As for invasion, well, we have the water resources that the U.S. needs. We've been selling it at a premium for decades; NAFTA is/will be DJT's bargaining chip in the months to come. "We need water, baby!" will be the unspoken battle cry. We're watching the build-up of border patrol guards already hired for the length of the northern border. Everything's being done on the qt right now. We're watching nevertheless.
  12. We're watching how the lawyering-up is shaping up on removing DJT from the Office of the Presidency. Note that the new WH lawyer, Ty Cobb, can be subpoenaed for grand jury testimony, since he's not bound to client-counsel privilege. He has daily conversations with the CiC, and also collaborates with the 16-lawyer Mueller team. Insider privileged information, I'd say. We're laying odds on when the legal 'squeeze' will actually take Himself out of office, not to mention when he'll beg 'health reasons' for stepping down. He has Alzheimer's, you know "What would happen if Trump did not have access to Twitter?" —Anonymous
  13. Quite right. The NG would probably be used to 'contain' any 'insurgents' at the states whose borders are adjacent to those bordering the southern border. Still following? As for countries "contiguous" to the U.S. that would include not only Mexico, but also Canada, in case you were wondering why Canadians are paying very close attention to what DJT is doing/plans to do. Any draft memo is usually already on its way to becoming an Executive Order. We do not forget the United States has long wanted Canada as its 14th colony.