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  1. mxm

    Are topmast backstays obsolete?

    Mods did a power of good, ZT is a bit of a rocket and handles breeze well. Would be Farr 30 pace which I gather is a bit quicker than the originals
  2. mxm

    New Raceboat Builds

    Agreed not too many boats in the last 10 years, but possible additions to the list (NZL) : Equilibrium - Botin 55 Learning Curve - Shaw 950 Hijinx - Z 39, though a slow build so really a 2000s boat Hupane - Class 40, though not sure if built here and may be pre 2010 Tongue Twister - Beau 28, though technically a complete rebuild of (I think) Liquor De Split Spank - Beau 770 and adding in sports / trailer boats : Deep Purple - Shaw 750 Forty Four Forty - Shaw 750 (TY assoc compliant) Angry Dragon, Daisy Duke - Shaw 7 Ghost Rider - Bieker 650 though may not have been built here Sailing Gallery, Slick Willy - Leech 650 Just Cruisin, Hetties Gift - Leech 8 Red Hot Pawn - Thompson 7500 Magic Box, Magic Trick, Money Shot - Shaw 650s Though the Leeches in both cases may be same boat with new names and sail numbers and of course the Shaw 650 is really pre 2010 in terms of design. Vague memory there may be a Shaw 11 or 12 in build in South Island and the Crusader folk were doing something in the forty size ??
  3. mxm

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    IIRC, No boats have a current IRC certificate. IRC all but dead in NZ
  4. mxm

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Katana (SF3600) is way seriously kitted out, Booboos previous ride. Had IRC up around 1.117 vs avg for those boats more like 1.05. Krakatoa a traditional early Pogo though i believe she has acquired a temporary frac zero for the race. Motorboat, most of her upgrading was done eight or so years ago. Again nothing like an original 10.5, very quick if you're good enough but I don't think easy to get the best out of her. Roleur, RNZ is occasional, if you're serious the one to look at is Round North Island, shorter with four legs and a total closer to 1,000 but one that brings a lot of serious locals out to play. Every three years, next one 2020, limited to I think 30 boats and there will be a waiting list.
  5. mxm

    Flying Tiger

    2 in NZ now, Tigga in Auckland and one sailing with Waikawa BC