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  1. Annapolis 105er

    Team NYYC

    My earlier comment was based on a short clip from the talk and I still wish TH had done a better job with the answer. But I’ve now watched the entire talk and in the end the real story is a consummate leader and competitor taking time out from an all-consuming undertaking to fly across the country and talk to a relatively small group of fellow sailors over lunch. I wish the AM team was doing a couple of things differently, but I have mad respect for the team they have built, the discipline behind it and the single-minded focus on winning 22 months from now. Something to admire and emulate.
  2. Annapolis 105er

    Team NYYC

    Not today at StFYC. Apparently there aren't enough good sailors in the USA to fill their boat? Or not enough American sailors who share their values? WTF? If you just want to go sailing with your mates, say so. Don't say you were forced to go with non-USA sailors because there aren't any left in America who are good enough to go sailing with you. Love the guy but I can't believe that's what his club, sponsors or patrons want him to be spreading as a message.
  3. Annapolis 105er


    I am sure the entered teams don’t mind the lack of competition, but by any other measure this has to be viewed as a failure for the Cup and the sport.
  4. Annapolis 105er

    NYYC One Design

    NYYC didn't buy the 20 boats for members to sail. The club bought the 20 boats to make them available for members of other yacht clubs to race, every year, in the Resolute Cup, which is an NYYC-hosted competition among yacht clubs sailed by amateur sailors. NYYC members can otherwise charter the first 20 on a seasonal basis to race NYYC regattas in Newport. Let me know when you can think of another club that spends upwards of $5 million to buy boats for members of other clubs to race on, and that doesn't count the yearly expenses of hosting the regatta. Or another club that jump-starts a class focused on amateur sailors that now has at least 39 firm orders according to Melges. Pretty easy to see this going to 100+ boats and becoming the standard for big-boat racing in North America.
  5. Annapolis 105er

    Second US Team

    If sailboat racing was only comprised of teams that were confident they had the financial resources to win, it would be a much smaller and very boring sport at every level. Pretty much everyone who wasn't already in the know on this project who watched ConCup had the same thought: hmm, these guys are good and young and gelled together quickly as a team, hope they have some future plans. And now, it appears, they do. Maybe there is a model here that could be followed by many others: be young and scrappy, under-promise and over-perform, perhaps take a chance on a design or designer, minimize infrastructure and overhead, crowdsource everything, speak to the younger generations in the sport and be in it for the long run (at least two cycles). Couldn't be more excited for them and will look for ways to support. If this isn't a team that SAers can get behind, with money and otherwise, I don't know what is.
  6. Annapolis 105er

    NYYC One Design

    This is completely false. NYYC as a club ordered the first 20, for member charters and the 2019 Resolute Cup (essentially replacing the Swan 42). NYYC members got first crack at individual orders. But anyone can buy one, which is why Melges was retained to market the boat. A number of clubs are buying one for their members so they have a full-time boat to train on for the Resolute Cup. Bitch about NYYC all you want but the club is doing extraordinary things for the sport in the US these days, all in a very inclusive way.
  7. Annapolis 105er


    Watched it for that reason among others but details were scarce. Sounds pretty definite. TFE said he spent an hour on the phone with a lead person this morning confirming details. The person apparently gave TFE permission to use his name but TFE did not disclose and said to contact him directly for details. Made the point that it was an all American team, including all designers and crew. Did not mention yacht club but confirmed that the new team is different from the one TFE had been mentioning before, a West Coast syndicate that pulled back once the AC75 design was made public. Will be interesting to see who it really is. My guess is West Coast tech money (Siebel?) with North backing, no idea on boat designer. TFE made the odd comment that yacht clubs should be reaching out to him if they wanted to be the partner club for the team, kind of surprised that hasn't already happened. I suppose could also be Don Wilson and Chicago YC given past interest in hosting the Bermuda cup.
  8. Annapolis 105er

    Team NYYC

    Mr. Fauth and Terry spoke at the NYYC annual meeting last night, reported lots of progress, still lots more to do but very encouraging. Overall concept is “win and defend,” meaning create a multi-generational team that both wins the current edition and seamlessly rolls in to defending the next. Some very exciting announcements coming up that will broaden the team and its base of support. Club is all-in and I think the team will soon start attracting support from the broader US sailing community.
  9. Annapolis 105er

    strict class

    I think the bigger news here is Melges, not North. Interesting that Melges is reinventing as a service organization, repping a non-pro boat they did not design and are not building, but are still branding as their own. Huge change of business model for them. Interesting that NYYC made a point of going with designers, builders and class organizers that don't start with "J/" even though J has a much more successful track record designing, (contracting for the) building and growing Corinthian fleets. Is NYYC trying to support a diverse sailing industry, much like the military tries to spread contracts around? Other than North/Southern, and perhaps Mills, would anyone have predicted the companies chosen to run with this program? I love the idea but fear the inevitable change or addition of builders (with resulting differences between boats), Melges-ization of the rules (I give it one year before pros are allowed) and battle royal between NYYC and everyone else for control of the class NYYC should have kept complete control until after the 2019 Resolute Cup.
  10. Annapolis 105er

    J70, cheating and pros

    I am at the event (although not racing) and saw the photos and talked with some of the poobahs last night. It's definitely not a question of production tolerances, the mods (if not done by the same shop) all have the same design philosophy. And the list is not the full list of boats that were caught, it's just the list of those who chose to fight the measurers. Other boats just packed up and left quietly. The national and international class organizations, administrators and measurers are working really hard to do the right thing, it's great to see them getting some credit for doing so.
  11. Annapolis 105er

    AC Youth Cup

    Really disappointing lack of women on these teams. This is how the AC organization and Red Bull want to represent the best young people involved in sailing? Lousy way to attract female athletes to the sport.