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  1. AVID

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Just wait 2 years and you will get it for 1/3 it's build price including huge sail inventory....
  2. AVID

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Does scallywag have the balls to cut the Cnr and take the passage?????
  3. AVID

    would you sack mark richards ?

    We have had two port starboard incidents within a week in two of the world biggest sailing events.... The worlds best in the Melb start of the Volvo politely did their turns and got on with business. The self proclaimed Aus elite on WO chose to ignore.
  4. AVID

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Has there ever been a year that the 50's haven't been tipped? look at results from 2 years ago (in another 50 footer year) a certain JPK 1080 got second overall..
  5. AVID

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    The JPK 1080 will be the one to watch.....
  6. Was just watching the WoW AC36 computer generated village and noticed a lineup of monohulls for the youth series.... Any information on what these will be? A 35-40 foot version of the AC75 would be awesome
  7. AVID

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    New Scallywag..... why continue to invest in a 100 that really hasn't meat expectations when you can buy Comanche and have the currently fastest 100 on the planet
  8. AVID

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Just to add to the rumour mill.... Comanche = Scallywag
  9. AVID

    Melges 40

    Bump wirh all the Facebook promo, now front page and still nothing in this forum. So is hype = reality? TP52 speeds (really?) build quality? Fast 40 v melges 40? come on we have had our first 4 boat international regatta. Some promo slow sailing in light wind.
  10. AVID

    Superfoiler test (video)

    Will these be available for normal people to buy and play? And If so how much? Would be a pitty to lock these boats to this event only.
  11. AVID

    Are Orifice Sandbagging?

    FFS Orific put in the wrong boards for the day... bullshit they have one set of foils that go from 6-9 knots and the other 8-25 knots..... their heavy air foils will be smaller and as such harder in marginal conditions to manuver and it's also likely you would get more side slip which is what we all though was better NZ veg up wind. And to stay on small foils down wind you need to sail hotter. So no sand bagging, simply a wrong foil choice on second day.... they won't make that mistake again
  12. The fastest power boats are not foilers (way to slow) and are a hybrid mono. One more round of cats and we will be at terminal velocity, which is where they were 15 years ago (just much faster)
  13. Actually I disagree.... AC boats have a finite top speed based on foil design. They simply can't break this barrier. Monohulls have plenty of scope... we have IMOCA 60's achieving over 30knots single handed in the middle of an ocean... 40 knots if unconstraind would be realustic
  14. 70 foot mono box rule.... enable full foiling. Think IMOCA 60 but with no restrictions on foils. Would love to know if they could get a mono upto similar speeds as these AC cats. Much better and more likely trickle down tech. return to proper windward works off the start line.
  15. Why do I have to go to other online publication to get any information about the AC? outside of what you all are putting up... There is bugger all on the front page. Come on Clean!!!! No daily updates, no inside information or gossip, no skipper with owners wife stories nothing.... Not even beach bunnies in Bermuda playing on bodacious boats.... No special on water stuff... very very disappointed overall with SA coverage on what is turning out to be a little interesting sailing event.