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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    New Scallywag..... why continue to invest in a 100 that really hasn't meat expectations when you can buy Comanche and have the currently fastest 100 on the planet
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Just to add to the rumour mill.... Comanche = Scallywag
  3. Melges 40

    Bump wirh all the Facebook promo, now front page and still nothing in this forum. So is hype = reality? TP52 speeds (really?) build quality? Fast 40 v melges 40? come on we have had our first 4 boat international regatta. Some promo slow sailing in light wind.
  4. Superfoiler test (video)

    Will these be available for normal people to buy and play? And If so how much? Would be a pitty to lock these boats to this event only.
  5. Are Orifice Sandbagging?

    FFS Orific put in the wrong boards for the day... bullshit they have one set of foils that go from 6-9 knots and the other 8-25 knots..... their heavy air foils will be smaller and as such harder in marginal conditions to manuver and it's also likely you would get more side slip which is what we all though was better NZ veg up wind. And to stay on small foils down wind you need to sail hotter. So no sand bagging, simply a wrong foil choice on second day.... they won't make that mistake again
  6. The fastest power boats are not foilers (way to slow) and are a hybrid mono. One more round of cats and we will be at terminal velocity, which is where they were 15 years ago (just much faster)
  7. Actually I disagree.... AC boats have a finite top speed based on foil design. They simply can't break this barrier. Monohulls have plenty of scope... we have IMOCA 60's achieving over 30knots single handed in the middle of an ocean... 40 knots if unconstraind would be realustic
  8. 70 foot mono box rule.... enable full foiling. Think IMOCA 60 but with no restrictions on foils. Would love to know if they could get a mono upto similar speeds as these AC cats. Much better and more likely trickle down tech. return to proper windward works off the start line.
  9. Why do I have to go to other online publication to get any information about the AC? outside of what you all are putting up... There is bugger all on the front page. Come on Clean!!!! No daily updates, no inside information or gossip, no skipper with owners wife stories nothing.... Not even beach bunnies in Bermuda playing on bodacious boats.... No special on water stuff... very very disappointed overall with SA coverage on what is turning out to be a little interesting sailing event.
  10. Corsair 760

    860 please.... My 6foot isn't going to fit in this one.....
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Current maxi going around the world has averaged 36 knots. Wild oats in the Kepple race were patting themselves on the back for averaging 22knots over only 400 miles..... Mono's still have a long way to go
  12. VOR Next gen boat

    Last race proved that the use of AIS and real time weather info availability means that the actual design of the boats is less important than many sailing types might imagine. Few fliers were taken, it was an endurance boat speed race. However: Foiling boats have proven distinctly prone to unlucky strikes from marine life and floating objects, introducing a bigger lottery factor to any race they compete in. Spectators watching over the interwebs get little sense of the real pace of the boats, it's irrelevant whether a boat is doing 20 knots or 30 if the whole fleet moves at about the same speed. We only just saw our first ever video of an IMOCA 60 at full stretch in the Southern Ocean, after 30 years of racing Open 60s. One design limits budgets and promotes entries. One design means that construction weaknesses leading to mechanical failures for one or some competitors are unlikely, "all boats or none" is the most likely failure mode. High development costs in open and box rule fleets are often mitigated these days by sharing moulds, components and designs across programs. Many IMOCA 60s currently share even non-rule mandated common components like hulls and decks. Quite a few of the current TP52 fleet share hulls, keels, masts etc. even when they don't have to. It's important to ask the "why" question when thinking about features. For example, Why does it makes sense to use foils? "bBecause foiling boats are cool" isn't an acceptable answer when the target audience is non-sailors who can't tell the difference. Why is the current V065 a bad idea? The racing was tght and compelling last edition. Plenty of boats won a leg. That's exciting. Why is absolute boat performance a prime criterion? The enjoyment of a development box rule, if you don't think foils are fast, be innovative and win. The last VOR and the next had little trickle down development. No sail development (unless you buy Norths), no keel/bulb or canting tech, no structural inovation. Some teams will combine resources but there will always be a team that thinks outside the box and becomes a winner. As for speed, well it speeds up the boring bits that general public hate about sailing. We are in the similar to car racing, only watch for the crashes. Fast, scarey, innovative and prone to failure are is the recipe. Just one southern ocean resuce will appeal to the general public. Have the worlds most efficient powerboat trail the fleet and pick up the carnage. I love the idea of zero emmision boat race....
  13. What's your vote for the next generation of VOR boat? Mine would be go to a box rule 65 foot MONO. Allow for full foiling. A new type of boat that can achieve new world records (every generation of VOR boat has set some sort of record except for the last OD) Let SA decide the next evolution of VOR boat
  14. Vendee Globe 2016?

    With the leaders completing 45% in just 29 days.... Is it to early to predict if they will beat the overall record (78 days) and by how much??? Will we see a sub 70day???