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  1. Heeee! Thanks yall. I prob meant to say O-ring instead of gasket but I'm glad everyone figured it out.
  2. I've looked around online but haven't been able to find just the gasket by itself. You can get it with a new cap of course but I'd rather just get the gasket if I can.
  3. Heatah

    Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    Sorry it's been a while since I could get back. Lots of great information. No clean out hole in our tank so we're only able to access spraying it out through the fill orifice which is fairly restrictive. I'm sure we can get all the fuel replaced in the vinyl fuel lines up to the engine and the engine fuel filter, but after that I'm not sure what we still need to do to address the solid fuel lines that make their way around the engine. If we don't drain these solid fuel lines would the dirty fuel/ water mix still in them push through relatively quickly or do we need to drain the fuel from those as well. Long story short the fuel is really dirty. And then on air purging. I believe there's a purge screw on top of the engine fuel filter housing, closest screw to the mount. And then after that are there any more air bleed screws? Priming steps might be helpful.
  4. Heatah

    Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    Just had someone suggest I use a more effective solvent other than diesel to wash and dissolve the residue in the tank. Not sure what a good solvent would be though. Any suggestions?
  5. Had just a terrible problem with sediment in our fuel clogging up our fuel line filters, so we're in the middle of getting all that crud out of the tank now and getting new filters in place. Anybody know how we should go about getting our diesel engine started again after completely draining and refilling the tank and fuel lines?
  6. Heatah

    Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    Hey thanks for all the advice everybody. Considering all the dark sediment crud that came with the last gallon of diesel that came out of the tank our plan for phase II of the cleanup is to angle a pump up bug sprayer nozzle 90 deg and spray the sides of the tank down a few times with more diesel, then suck it out. Hopefully that'll get everything out of there.
  7. Hi everybody I've had a bad time this summer (in the ol '90 Hunter 27 w/ Yanmar 9hp diesel) with my engine cutting out due to water and sediment in the tank. So I've just siphoned everything out of the tank and am about to back flush the lines in an effort to put all this behind me. Couple questions... There are 2 lines that come out of the top of the fuel tank that lead toward the engine. One goes through the fuel filter/ separator (under the rear birth) and the other bypasses it and goes straight to the port side of the engine. It routes to the side of the engine next to the bathroom wall and I can't see where it goes to. What is this second line for and how necessary is it that I get to it to be able to back flush it into the fuel tank? And second...the label on my fuel separator/filter is broken and missing information. Anybody know based on the pictures what sort of filter I need to order? Tag that came off the filter says Model 110.