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  1. Moths at Wangi

  2. Artemis?

    A week ago today I logged onto sailing anarchy ( as I do most days ) to "catch up " with the worlds sailing news etc I was horrified to read the now deleted front page story of artemis Ac 72 "failure " As I have 2 good mates on this boat you could imagine the feeling I had until I found out they were ok ! The words and description that was in that initial story were disgusting to say the least and I can only think its a way of this particular web site gaining the "upper hand " on its competitors so they can say that they "broke the story first " Just for a moment I would like whoever posted the original story to think about the families of those on board ! Imagine finding out about the incident in that way , What I think the sites administrators have failed to comprehend during this whole terrible story is that they like the rest of the world will just have to wait until all parties involved have finished all the internal and external investigations of this unfortunate event . Ranting and raving about there right to know is a load of rubbish ,the only right anyone has is the right to respect the greeting family of Bart ,and also the ongoing support to the other people who were involved as these people have to live with this incident daily . If you really do care put some good news story's on your front page and try and bring a bit of happiness back to the best sport in the world . It's easy to be nasty but let's try and be humble .
  3. Artemis?

    I have mates who are in this team and I can tell you that the boat will be green and goldsnd have a boxing kangaroo on the hulls and wings
  4. Artemis?

    stay tuned for a new skipper annoucement fo the 45s !!!!!! who could it be ?????????? find out on saturday
  5. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Hcw I have been thinking about this race and here r a few ideas 1 course start of fishing /coal pt pulbah isl south side down to shingle splinters pulbah isl north side into wangi into rathmines around coal pt down to warners bay into bemont back to pulbah Do this for 24 hrs and you should get a kite/ work/reach no matter what direction the breeze is. It would suit all types ie assys-s/b-big boats-moldy holes. If you have a bouy at wangi pt you could have red /green lights on it to tell you witch side you have to pass.The only problem is keeping the bouy from spining around? As for a handicap system what about the boat who has the most consistent times per lap is the winner that way the dudes that what to bludge dont get rewarded ,and the ones that try for the whole race are rewarded?You could set up a rco station at say wangi sailing club and as you pass the mark at night you have to shine a torch on you sail numbers to show the shore crew who u r. What does ya all think?
  6. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    I looked at the map of gods country and the southern side of pulbah is on listed as 10 mtrs deep!It is the same as the southern side of wangi were all the big bad bull sharks live! If you go to the east of the "channel"up to pulbah you will find shollow water but that is marked by the "Gas" marker HCW are you serious about the expected boat numbers for this race? That would be a sensational weekend of racing/partying all in the name of charity BRING IT ON
  7. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    nope, its 1 of the shallowest Hey gorn frantic sorry to rain on your parade dude but the sothern end of wangi pt to pulbar island is actually the deepest part of the lake at 10mtrs deep! The actuall depths across to pulbar from wangi pt (south) to east end of pulbah are ;10mtrs at wangi then 8 mtrs then back to 10 mtrs deep, if this is one of the shallowest parts of the lake can u plz tell me where the deepest is?
  8. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    the same with the bit of water between the southern end of wangi point and the eastern tip of pulbah, fuck all water and lots of wind through there makes it very lumpy and you could imagine how fun that wouldnt b at midnite in a T8 at midnight WTF Hey gorn frantic isn't that the deppest part of lake mac?????
  9. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    can u please explain btw im only a dumb c..t
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Its interesting that sail-worlds office is only 20 klms south of toronto, I would have thought that they would run more stories about local events on the lake? Do they need some stories or news to try and premote the lake as one of the best spots on east coast to sail?
  11. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!