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  1. dave202

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    Haha Overlay you really are a douche bag. Going back as far as you could find to down vote my posts because I down voted this......You need to get a life dude
  2. dave202

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Are you their leader?
  3. dave202

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    So are they being forced to sail there? Pretty sure they don't have to sail in the Super Foiler series if they don't want to...... Since you're the expert, where else on the Gold Coast would you hold the regatta?
  4. dave202

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    So where else on the Gold Coast would you all have the regatta? I personally loved that I could sail all morning , stop on a random beach and watch some crazy sailing antics. Apparently so did the hundreds and hundreds of other boats that ventured out. Sure the tide can be less than ideal and the nav marks add another aspect but those of us that race cats in the deep hole generally enjoy the challenge. Atleast the Super Foilers didn't have to deal with the hundreds of private and charter boats that are usually using the channel too.....and if World Champs and Americas Cup skippers cant take tide into account there is a problem somewhere.
  5. dave202

    Queensland Hobie State Titles 2018

    PM me your email address and I can pass the word around the QLD Association guys if you want
  6. dave202

    Foiling injuries

    I sail a humble Hobie 16 and in the last month one of my crew has had 8 stitches and the other one broke their foot....both in particularly violent pitchpoles. Beach cats can be an extreme sport and injuries are going to happen, foils or not. If your scared of hurting yourself you should stay on the beach......
  7. dave202

    Nacra 5.0 easily smokes an Astus 16.5 Sport.

    Not surprising really....Any 16 ft beach cat should smoke the Astus (Unless the beach cat is being sailed by a Muppet......) But any 16 ft beach cat should smoke this Nacra 5.0 aswell......do you even have trapeze's setup?
  8. Racing Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Recovering Monday.
  9. Regatta's I'll be attending on my Hobie 16 (sorry already have a permanent crew....) Southport Yacht Clubs Cat Weekend 3-4-5 February (Open regatta, usually some F18, Nacra 5.8 and 4.5s, A Class, Hobie 16s) Big River Sailing Club Annual Regatta 10-11 March (about 3 hours south of Brissy. Mixed bag of cats. Landy sails his A Class here) Queensland Hobie State Titles Easter Long Weekend (Held at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron this year. H14, H16 and Tiger/Wildcats) Cleveland Yacht Clubs Peel Island Marathon 22 April (One day Marathon race around Moreton Bay) Not sure what else is on. South East Queensland Hobie Sailing sails most weekends on Moreton Bay, Im sure we can get you a ride on a nice 16 or 18 (wont be racing "officially" but its a lot of fun regardless)
  10. dave202


    I think you may find that only the first paragraph in the red is from Gabart. Don't know who made up the second bit but Im sure it wasn't Gabart. Original quote can be seen here https://www.macifcourseaularge.com/actus/se-faire-bien-malgre/ in French or use Google Translate to get the English quote above.
  11. Agreed they look like a fun boat when the wind is up, but the simple fact is they are slower than a basic beach cat (H14, Maricat, H16 etc) and most of us sail to go fast so.......
  12. Weta's are great, they're like a Laser with training wheels, and nearly as fast as a Laser too My reputation precedes me ........
  13. Brisbane/SE QLD is a good start. There is a quality H16 fleet sailing out of RQYS and a great social group as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthEastQueenslandHobieSailing/ Plenty of quality regattas in the area as well for mixed fleet racing (Lake Cootharaba SC, Humpybong YC, Cleveland YC, Hervey Bay SC, Southport YC all hold great regattas) plus Ballina and Harwood a couple of hours south hold quality river regattas. Great weather all year round. Hard to beat SE QLD
  14. dave202

    scored a 50$ hobie cat

    They are sandwich construction. Not much glass either side of the foam. Generally the inner layer delaminates from the foam from people stepping down onto the hull (if anyone steps or sits on my hulls they get a mouth full......) The common fix is to drill small holes through the top layer of glass and the foam but not the inner layer of glass and then inject epoxy in to fill glue the inner glass back onto the foam. Works a treat. Its a very common Hobie repair and Im sure there is better instruction somewhere out there on the internet. The aluminium can shims seems popular in the US but here in Australia if you want to be competitive you simply have to have a glued boat.
  15. dave202

    scored a 50$ hobie cat

    I love my H16. Its not the fastest, lightest or best handling beach cat around but it ticks all my boxes. Excellent One Design racing fleets pretty much everywhere, great fun to go out for a blast with a mate or a cruise with a lady, and solidly built making it perfect for beach camping. The main issues that you will find are soft spots in the hulls and decks which can cause catastrophic hull failure. Small soft spots are pretty easily fixed with the epoxy injection method. I would be very cautious about adding inspection hatches in the deck in front of the forward pylon as that is a pretty highly loaded area. The rudder lock down system can be a bit of a pain on older boats, but if you spend a few hours tuning it and maybe a few $ on parts should have them working sweetly. Old rigging can leave you red faced when your mast is lying horizontal...... A boat with a glued frame is always better than an non glued boat. Glued boats are much stiffer and handle substantially better. As far as sailing goes, its a pretty simple boat to sail with no modern high tech systems to worry about. If your not racing you can pretty much live by the "pull everything tight upwind, let it all loose downwind" technique. Get used to doing this......