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  1. Good stuff. Im doing a similar thing with my 13 year old racing crew. Design and build project through school as his "mentor". So far we have designed a stitch and glue surf kayak. Construction starts soon. Its actually quite a bit of fun!
  2. Cool boat and looks like fun, but I will remain sceptical until I have one beat me (on my H16) Shorter, (much) heavier, less sail area (upwind) yet faster? Dunno about the good ol' US of A but we Aussies cat sailors would be unbelievably embarrassed if a Weta was anywhere near us (upwind or downwind) I agree they tack nicely but I still sail on a narrow river and have never had any of our 3 Wetas come near me (or the other cats) Maybe US Weta sailors are much better than their Aussie counterparts? And yet the US Americas cup team are all Aussies? hahaha
  3. I struggle to accept this thing will walk away from a H16, let alone a H18 (maybe in a 30 year old boat sailed by muppets)
  4. My local club (in Australia) started offering juniors crew spots/rides on 16ft 3 person Corsair dinghys with an experienced skipper to teach the basics then offered a 3 day training course in the school holidays in smaller dinghys (Sabot's and X3s) to give the kids a chance to get out on their own. Was successfull enough that we now have so many junior sailors and not enough boats for them all.
  5. Not really fair comparing a 45+ year old Hobie 14 to a modern Weta, generally the Weta will beat the H14 (depending on the sailor, I've seen an exceptional sailor on a H14 smoke Weta on numerous occasions, but that was because of better sailing) If we compare the Weta to a modern Nacra 4.5 its a totally different story, the Nacra destroys the Weta convincingly on all points of sail. P.S. I love Weta's, would certainly consider one when Im too old to trapeze my Hobie 16 And thats "fair"? 60 sq.ft. more upwind SA?! 7" longer.... The fact is that a 15' tri designed for speed would beat any cat its own length...... Nacra 4.5: http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=4952 Ok so you seem to think it is a better comparison to compare a 45 year old design to a modern one? Look at the prices, Nacra 4.5 and Weta are very similar in price, I guess that means you can get more performance for your dollar with a cat. Why don't you go ahead and build this mythical 15 foot tri that costs the same as a Nacra 4.5 or Hobie 16 and we will see how it goes on the water. Oh yeah, that's right, we are talking about Doug "never accomplished anything in his life" Lord here!
  6. Ive beaten a Tornado a few times in club races, does that mean the Hobie 16 is a faster boat than a Tornado?
  7. Not really fair comparing a 45+ year old Hobie 14 to a modern Weta, generally the Weta will beat the H14 (depending on the sailor, I've seen an exceptional sailor on a H14 smoke Weta on numerous occasions, but that was because of better sailing) If we compare the Weta to a modern Nacra 4.5 its a totally different story, the Nacra destroys the Weta convincingly on all points of sail. P.S. I love Weta's, would certainly consider one when Im too old to trapeze my Hobie 16
  8. Cheers, would be awesome up there in an F28. We shared Whitehaven Beach with a small family in an F24, little more luxurious than a Hobie 16. p.s. Remember you owe me a ride on Boom!
  9. Great report. We had the time of our lives. Will definately be going back next year if your keen!
  10. 2 nights at Dugong Beach, 2 nights at Crayfish Beach and 3 nights at Whitehaven Beach. Whitehaven is the prettiest but Crayfish was the favourite because there are no day tourists like at Whitehaven. Next time we will be ignoring the "official" campsites and beach camping, making it up as we go along. We ate really well considering no ice/refridgeration, various cereals for breakfast, mainly dried fruits and nuts/muesli bars throughout the day, and freeze dried hiking style meals for dinner which are awesome after a solid day on the water. Once you add all that to the camping gear and 40 lites of water that we set out with and my crew and I (134 kg total) the Hobie 16 was well over loaded. No beer, except for the few we bought from the day charter boats at Whitehaven. Ignore my lazy crew having a snooze. All our camping gear, clothes and food was in the red and black bags. Water was seperate in 4 x 10 litre bladders Our campsite at Dugong Beach Sledder and her crew
  11. Crayfish Beach was one of our favourite's, only spent two nights there, could easily have stayed more. Taipan would have been perfect out there. I love my H16 but I reckon a Tornado or Nacra 5.8 would carry the gear better. We will definately be returning next year
  12. Yep, all gear/food/water is stored in dry bags on the tramp. We pack very light!
  13. Here's a short clip of my recent 8 day camp around the Whitsunday Islands on my Hobie 16, accompanied by a couple of Calypso 16's. Perfect place for a beach cat.
  14. Hahaha Doug Lord accusing someone else of being nuts. Get back on your meds mate.....
  15. Pretty dumb statement to be honest. What you are saying is that she is the SECOND full size trimaran to 100% fly. Nobody remembers second.... Your wrong anyway. What about Willawaw, Rave, Trifoiler, Scat, Osprey etc. Would you not consider those to all be "full size" (eg can carry humans, unlike your hoppity hop hop failure model) trimarans? So maybe at best Gitana MOD 70 is # 7. What an asinine, stupid comment!! Maybe so, but you seem to be forgetting your original stupid comment. Would you agree that the above mentioned foiler tris are full size? Or does that not fit with your Doug Lord agenda? I would love to be proved wrong about your failure model, but until we see some decent footage I will stick to my original statement and refer to it as a failure. And that doesn't mean you should re post your current videos, which to unbiased people show a failure, or re post one of your many screen shots, but do some real testing and prove us all wrong.