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    New Corsair 880

    The guy that doesn't have a "name" is named Francois Perus
  2. dave202

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    Awwww, you think I'm cool
  3. dave202

    Where Has Your Boat Taken You?

    500km along the North Queensland coast. Seen here at Scawfell Island approx 30 NM offshore. Among other places
  4. dave202

    Hobie 16 mast huge failure

    Don't know about the good ol' US of A but here in Australia stock Hobie rigging all has two swages per end and has done for a long time.
  5. The Master becomes the Apprentice I told him he needs to man up and start foiling haha.
  6. dave202

    Well....I'm no longer a virgin

    Worked out well enough for you
  7. dave202

    Well....I'm no longer a virgin

    I think it's the Jib sheet you are seeing that makes the main traveller look like it is all the way out. On those downwind runs I had the spinnaker flying (the big white sail at the front) and when that's up I have the main traveller just eased off centre slightly so it's hidden from view behind the mast. When you're pushing hard sometimes there is nothing you can do to keep the bows out. Pitchpoling (or avoiding) is part of the challenge and a fun part of a Hobie 16 sailing in my opinion. The fleet I race in has a number of National Champions and even a World Champion so over the years I've picked up numerous boat setup tips so my boat is pretty well setup. Mast rake is a large factor while still maintaining good sheet tension and having well tuned Rudders is a must! Some more fun footage just for the hell of it
  8. dave202

    Well....I'm no longer a virgin

    I've never seen an 8:1 on a Hobie 16. Some of the local juniors convert their 6:1 to 7:1 but only for small kids. 6:1 is all that is needed. Definitely need the ratchet! Solo on the H16 is a blast in light winds. I weigh 70kg so anything over 10 knots and she is overpowered. But their is nothing better than 15-20 knots double trapped and sending it! Depending on how old it is sometimes it's cheaper to just buy a newer boat! I started with a mid 70's boat, then a 1998 and now a 2011. I'm still spending money on them haha.
  9. dave202

    Searail vs Pulse your opinion matters

    You're not the only one to have troubles in the light stuff. We find anything under 10 knots and she's an absolute pig. The big ama's just drag their slow arses through the water. In the light stuff we get our crew weight down to leeward and forward to try and get the windward ama out of the water. We run a nice big screecher to windward in the light stuff, sheeted in nice and close on the aft beam and kept very flat, it really powers the Pulse up beautifully. We only sail 2 up at about 160kg even in stronger winds. We have never felt the need to reef yet even in decent winds. That being said we come from a Hobie cat background so are used to pushing multi's hard. We have buried the Pulse up to the cabin many times and she just pops up and keeps going. Very impressed with the strong wind ability. We only have the standard kite but the plan is to upgrade to a larger deeper downwind kite for light downwind conditions. The Bay to Bay was great even with the light winds. Day 1 we misjudged the downwind start and were second last boat over the line but we fought our way back through the fleet to take line honours in our division and 7th over the line out of 19 multihulls. We had a great upwind screecher run holding onto an F22 before one of our ratchet blocks went bang and exploded into many pieces which took us a few minutes to get under control. I'd like to think we could have got the F22 (wishful thinking haha) but Im sure WetnWild wasn't going to let us past without a fight haha. We beat the other Pulse by a lot and were happy to beat a new Sting 600 over the line and on handicap. Day 2 wasn't our day as it was light and seemed to be deep downwind everywhere we went. The flat-ish Pulse asy was simply shit at this. Hence the likely order for a bigger deeper running kite. We still did enough to finish the regatta as fastest Div 2 boat over the line and took home the handicap honours too. Kept with the F22 for a while after the start but they ended up leaving us in their wake as did the bigger F82s and F9s. We enjoyed the racing a lot and the partying even more. We learnt a lot about the Pulse and have a decent list of things to modify to try and improve light wind performance. Hopefully we can get out for more racing in open waters, but that's up to the owner, Im just the hired help, sometimes known as the nut on the tiller haha
  10. dave202

    Searail vs Pulse your opinion matters

    I was a bit disappointed to be in the "slow multis" division but it ended up OK as we can't match you guys on the 22's and larger in the light stuff. The Pulse's big ama's are awesome in 12+ but she really is a pig in the light stuff. We were right behind you on Day 1 with our nice screecher but our smallish kite really let us down on Day 2. We'll be better prepared next year and hopefully we get 15+ and can duke it out with you big boys in Div 1. Will be nice to have a crack at you all on Moreton Bay. St Helena Cup for sure. Anything else before that?
  11. dave202

    Searail vs Pulse your opinion matters

    Actually only three Pulse's were entered and one of them decided not to race so only 2 of us raced in the 7 boat Division 2 fleet. We were happy to beat the other Pulse and win our division on Elapsed and PBH rating. It was a light wind regatta which is definitely not the Pulse's strong point so we were extremely happy with our results. Lets hope for 15 knots next year so we can really get the Pulse in her sweet spot!
  12. dave202

    new trimaran under 20

    Looks great! What is the design of the main hull? Never heard of the F18 Alado? Looks like a Hobie Tiger? Keep us updated with more pics!
  13. dave202

    When is old, too old? P16

    My guess is the H16's were being sailed by muppets?
  14. Im a good Hobie 16 sailor and would love to have a drive
  15. dave202

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Doug, please stop posting the same photos over and over. You really look like a twat when you delete and edit posts only to post the same shit 14 hours later. Please get back on your meds
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    F-22 Update

    Look who I found living the hard life in Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island. I would have stopped for a chat, but I was tacking my way through a crowded anchorage in 3 knots breeze on my Hobie 16. Awesome looking boat, unfortunately Pete wasn't to keen on my offer of swapping my Hobie for his F22.....