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  1. Bruce Beveridge

    Navtec Model 91 Loadcell Amplifier

    Seabell and Moonduster - Symptom is a -0.2 lbs -0.4 lbs reading regardless of load. The troubleshooting method supplied for the bridge is what I was looking for. According to Seabell's work method, evidence shows pin is shot. It reads open. Colors are identical to what Seabell lists. I'm interfacing with a well outfitted B&G H2000. Old but works well. BB
  2. Bruce Beveridge

    Navtec Model 91 Loadcell Amplifier

    Moonduster, Thanks for the lead on 'Diverse'. I will get in touch! Their website ( looks great. Yes, I've got all correct input voltages to the amplifier, correct excitation voltages, and correct sentences going out to my display of choice. Display reads -0.2lbs and can change resolution by manipulating dip switches as per the very informative label. I'm leaning towards blown load pin - I understand that the bridge resistance should be 350 ohms a side? Mine read pretty much open in the Mohm range. Once my rig is down on Monday I'll pull the pin and have closer inspection. I have to pull the pulpit to remove my pin (crap setup). Perhaps I'll send my pin to Diverse to have them have look. Still would like a pdf manual - I like to keep the ship's documentation in order - that way the next guy doesn't have to re-invent the wheel (or the polars). Regards, BB
  3. Bruce Beveridge

    Navtec Model 91 Loadcell Amplifier

    Hello all, I'm looking for some documentation for troubleshooting a Navtec Model 91 Loadcell. Does anybody have a manual for this old setup?
  4. Bruce Beveridge

    Alternatives to Expedition for B&G Comms

    I've got an old (circa 2004) B&G H2000/Hercules instrument setup that I like quite a bit. I do have a B&G RS232 connection for laptop but no software to communicate to the B&G processors. I have been on a boat that used Expedition for tweaking the B&G performance and calibration tables. I would like to do the same from a laptop from the nav table and avoid trying to do it via the displays on deck (difficult on the fly!!!). Its also nice to be able to ping marks from down below and work out some tactical details. I am also interested in some entry level plotting software to run on board lap top using RS232 or 0183 NMEA wifi bridge. Are there any options besides Deckman or Expedtion for the RS232 connection that can do both B&G cals and plotting? Thanks, BB