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  1. cbulger

    Aerodyne 38

    Quest 33 - Better built Martin design - little smaller - better racer https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1998/holby-quest-33-3586547/
  2. Pretty frequent reader and occasional poster (sp?) on this site. We have the best sailors in the world racing in the Nacra 17/49er/49erfx Worlds right now - these classes represent the ultimate in Athletic Sailing - and I guess the Olympics have some relevance - AND unless the search function is broken, there is zero chatter on this site. Have we (Americans) lost all interest in the athletic side of sailing?
  3. cbulger

    DNA vs. eXploder - buying new A Cat

    thanks - good advice - I've been sailing a 2015 DNA for the last 3 years mostly solo sailing to learn catamarans-101 and then how to foil with some stability - getting ready to do a regatta or 2 and maybe if not too dangerous to those around me, do the Worlds next year. Unfortunately, not much A Cat activity on Narraganset Bay - they love keels around here......
  4. cbulger

    DNA vs. eXploder - buying new A Cat

    Good stuff - thanks - for clarity, I'm buying a new boat - my 2016/17 reference was to the design vintage of current boats on offer.
  5. eXploder and DNA are selling pretty stable platforms - 2016/17 designs that have been refined . which is better?
  6. We had passed the spot of there accident on the course 5 mins or so ahead of Sandra and Alex - so ARE NOT EYE WITNESSES to the collision - my knowledge comes form sailing the course and then packing Sandra's F18 for the police - the collision took place near the end of a long leg down Narragansett Bay - it was a Starboard tack 2-sail reach to the center span of the Newport Bridge before cracking off to finish off Goat Island - as reported before, Sandra's boat was damaged on the cross beam and the inside of the Starboard hull. The scenario that is consistent with those observation is that motor boat came from leeward and behind, ran over the windward stern of Sandras boat cleaning her off the back and running her over, while pushing and spinning the boat so that Alex (on the wire) was knocked feet 1st not the hull with his back to the collision. Going thru the center span on a Sunday does call for vigilance - Sandra was headed South - so going thru the bridge like 99% of the traffic - and I'm sure she was aware of anyone ahead or coming up from directly behind. But going 7-9 knots, you never expect to be run over from behind and leeward - even if you saw someone coming at you from that direction, not clear what you cool do to avoid at the speed the powerboat mush have been going.......... However, it appears there were going to be no criminal charges unless the PB driver was drunk or a witness saw intentional recklessness....
  7. diagram looks fairly accurate - except Medeiros course - what is the source? - given the impact damage to Sandra's boat was on crossbeam and inside of starboard hull (and we were all straight line reaching on Starboard at this point in the course) - I had assumed that the powerboat was headed towards the Southwest at time of impact and came up from behind and leeward - that is not a quadrant that you expect to be hit from and one that the crew on the wire is blind to.....
  8. Having sailed that part of the course 5 minutes earlier, starboard beam reach with wind cycling 7-14ish, and based on the fact that Sandra was not on the wire at the time - I'd estimate the she was going 7-9 knots - based on the damage I saw on the inside of her starboard hull and the dent in the cross beam - I'd SWAG that the PB was going at least 2x the F18
  9. Ed - anyway to change the title of this thread to “World Class catamaran sailor killed while racing on Narragansett Bay when hit from behind by power boat”
  10. cbulger


    Have posted critical comments a couple times while waiting for the unit and waiting for clear communication from Atlas. I did receive a unit. I bought it as a gift for my brother-in-law - who I sail 2 events with every year. 1st event was in June and we didn't have the Vakaros, next event is in 2 weeks... so I have not seen it action yet. He reports that display is good, but damping is way too sensitive. Tha's all i know so far. It was not a scam - just bad communicators.
  11. cbulger

    Tokyo 2020

    Fair enough - the real point isn't the pinnacle (18's) - its adults staying athletic and sailing without lead
  12. Serious investigation - so good that they are taking there time. We were 5 mins ahead of Sandra and Alex. We didn't see the accident or even know about it until we were on shore. But we had just sailed that leg and it was Starboard tack close reach with very manageable breeze - no reason to be tacking or gybing on that part of the course. I believe I heard that they were not double trapping. I saw that the powerboat hit the F18 on the inside of the stern of the windward hull. I'm not a witness and don't know what happened, but with the facts I saw I would be very hesitant to speculate about shared culpability.
  13. cbulger

    Tokyo 2020

    You can't expect to win medals in a sport that is unpopular in our country and adult dinghy sailing is unpopular in the US.. For the most part - American adults have given up athletic dinghy sailing in favor of sailing in a seated position on boats with lead fins. We call them "sport boats" - but what percentage of J/70 sailors could manage to get an 18 foot skiff across the harbor right side up? Kids want to do what the cool adults are doing - so in the US that means that kids who want to keep sailing are aspiring to sit on the rail of a "sport" or keel boat - if they are athletically inclined they find another sport. Look at the countries that dominate the olympics and you will see adults sailing athletic dinghies in large numbers. In Australia, opti kids want to sail an 18 foot skiff. That keeps young athletes in the sport and pushing hard thru their teen years. The pool of potential Olympians is huge and they sharpen their skills against each other. No lonely 2 boat training program - for young adults who spent their college years sailing slow boats - can compete. We will start dominating the dinghy world about the time that New Zealand starts dominating basketball.
  14. cbulger

    Sandra Tartaglino RIP

    It set up as a perfect weekend for the New England 100. Plenty of breeze - plenty of 2 sail reaching with gusts in the mid 20's, skippers in back foot strap and boats breaking 20 knots regularly. 2 days of this type of racing puts the most fit among us on our asses and deep in Advil. The accident that took Sandra occurred less than 1/4 mile from the finish on the final day in moderate conditions. Despite 2 long days of conditions that were breaking, bending and flipping boats, this 60-year-old competitor had shown no quit. She was as tenacious as any sailor afloat. She also chaired the event, helped her parents cook us all dinner after the 1st night that ended with brownies that Sandra had found time to make. She was as kind and generous as any sailor afloat. Totally tenacious, kind and generous. We lost a star.