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  1. 6th annual Spike Sail in

    Not this year then. Next year, we'll see.
  2. 6th annual Spike Sail in

    Hey, I'm thinking it's time to talk about a date for the 6th annual Spike Memorial Sail in. I'm thinking June 24th. How does that sound? Great rendezvous last year. T
  3. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    It was a great time! We better do it again next year!
  4. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    Save a mooring for me Bob. Boomer and I, and Mrs. Boomer are coming by boat. Mrs T will be in California visiting her mother.
  5. Bob Perry custom boats

    This is a great thread. Yours is a brilliant career, Bob. A whole lot of us wish we could have done it.
  6. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    How to play Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks (Guitar Lesson SB-401) - YouTube I think this song should be on the official Sail in playlist! Note the references to yachts and sailing. Practice the descending baseline. The rest is simple. I can bring hard copies per WHL's suggestion. The knife might be mine!
  7. The argument clinic

    Especially if the boat is very prone to knockdowns. This allows anyone still in the cockpit to stand inside of the coaming and effortlessly receive buckets from bailers in the cabin. Very cool feature, that. Double companionways then. You never know which way you'll get knocked down.
  8. The argument clinic

    Dammit. I came here for a good argument and all I get is this? Which door is Abuse?
  9. Anybody here speak Swedish?

    Who needs to understand Swedish? Now that's funny! Especially when the kid pops out of the companionway at the end.
  10. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    Regards, Bob. Just got back from a trip or I might have noticed this sooner. Looking forward to the Sail in. T
  11. "El Jefe", continues to amaze. Not so sure I'd sail with Rimas, though.
  12. And he turns 70 on the trip! That's inspiring.
  13. This is great stuff, Bob! Thanks for posting it. Really enjoyed the read. T
  14. 5th Annual Spike Memorial Sail In

    Sounding great! All the old gang from near and far! Some from really far! I'll be practicing up on the guitar as well.