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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Moving on....!
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Matt Allen's new TP52 showing signs of being very fast. Beat Celestial by around 2 hours over the line in a 200nm race and took overall IRC honours as well. Using an existing rig and with some minor things to do according to MA, could be one of the boats to beat this year
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Grant Wharington set the standard. Perhaps others have followed. Time to move on.
  4. VOR 2017-18

    Anyone care to pick the order of results for the in port race a few hours away?
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Ludde staying away from the Hobart this year.! Shipping schedule issues or didn't want to get smacked? http://www.sail-world.com/australia/Ludde-Ingvalls-CQS-to-cross-the-Atlantic/157921
  6. Why have a foiling monohull when it looks like a farking multihull? They look absolutely stupid. The foiling cats looked right and will always be faster. Really don't see these things as serving a purpose. They would be better off sailing Mini Maxi 72's
  7. VOR 2017-18

    Scallywag dead last now. Humm. They started in front for a while? Whose navigating?
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I'm sure Croaky will have some Comanche brains on board. Especially if Jack's cartoon is correct.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Croaky may have asked them but weren't available? Would have thought Croaky would have to have someone like Casey at least. How do we know if he hasn't as crews aren't announced as far as I know?
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Will start favourites off course. Oats has lost some of their light air speed and Comanche have improved in this area. Oats needs to finish this race.
  11. Team NYYC

    Just like old times with the NYYC back. Perhaps they could hire Dennis Connor in some capacity to upset the Kiwi faithfuls.
  12. VOR 2019-2020

    I'd happily recommend you for the job Jack.! Worthy cause......
  13. VOR 2019-2020

    In an ideal world Jack .!
  14. VOR 2019-2020

    More to the point CLEAN would be the reported issues Mark Turner had with trying to run the show whilst hamstrung by the board for want of a better word. Clearly a good CEO will not want to work in that environment if he is being micro managed or being over ruled. Begs the question why have a CEO? Answer: Because the board don't want to do the work.
  15. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    So it's finally been confirmed. SA n00b Graceful Lady caught sight of the old Comanche while cruising up the Brisbane River in Queensland this past weekend, and while forum posters in the ever-popular annual Sydney Hobart thread would have known more than two weeks ago that Jim and Kristy Clark’s Hobart winner has been chartered out to Neville ‘Croaky’ Crichton of Alfa Romeo fame, few will know that Nic Douglass reported today that Brindabellaowner Jim Cooney is the new owner of the fastest offshore monohull on the planet! Occasional shitposter Lonely Boy 15 has his own snarky take on the harbor gossip for the 2017 Sydney Hobart. None of the opinions in the following are accurate, true, or ours: