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  1. Won't be far away if they are sign writing the bottoms like Charal..!
  2. That explains why some of the finished boats are heading out again. That's a bummer when you've been at sea for that amount of time and wan't a nice hot meal, see your family etc. On the positive side at least they got to sail and race so a small price to pay. Great race and for me some badly needed entertainment. Good thread. Cheers to all..
  3. A good view of his watch seat in the video. A singlehanded delivery home gave Thomas the time to imagine life aboard during the Vendée Globe and the winter refit will incorporate many of these improvements. Returned from Brazil singlehanded, the skipper then entrusted his boat to his shore team prior to a minor refit managed by Laurent Bourguès: like a lot of sailors, new adaptations for a singlehanded round the world were made, including an inverted watch seat and improved visibility regarding the cockpit cuddy… A mark two version of the foils is underway with testing due in late summer.
  4. With 164 miles to go we have a new leader. Thomas has rolled Jeremy and leads by 100 meters and with slightly better boat speed. If Apivia has problems and Samantha is 13 miles behind could we have a girl on the podium?
  5. Jeremy dropping down to try and cover Linkedout. Would love to be out on the water watching these boats drag racing each other. Samantha has pulled away from PRB. Wow that's pretty special IMO.
  6. Yep Charal slowed a bit already
  7. Linkedout closed to within 5 miles of Jeremy now. Still fastest boat in fleet. Thomas is fast and he is running down Charal. Samantha 3 miles ahead of PRB holding her own.
  8. Linkedout smoking.! Has rolled Apivia and is fastest boat in fleet last 4 hours by around 8NM. 7 Miles behind Jeremy. This is a real drag race now.!
  9. Looking at the next 9 hours they will have plenty of breeze to foil to the finish. So far Charal has shown her legs in these conditions and has a 7.4 mile lead over Apivia and 8.4 over Linkedout. The podium positions are not decided yet but these 3 will make up the Podium IMO.
  10. Charal has done 10 miles more than Apivia in the last 4 hours and is now leading according to the Tracker. She has a little more breeze or heat in the sails. Linkedout in hot pursuit and I'm sure Apivia will not go down without a fight. The Northern boats have all closed on any of the boats South.
  11. Is Charal setting up for a final 100 mile blast to the finish? Looks like Charal wants a bit more heat in the Angle to get home over the top of Apivia.
  12. Nice video of Charal in the light conditions with good clear footage of the leeward foil cutting through the water. Apivia ahead of him and Linkedout behind. Nice flat seas
  13. The North didn't last long.! It's rhumb line for now.
  14. Yeah Apivia and Charal have done just that.