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  1. Yeah Wharro bought it but hasn't paid for it..! He said he'd pay later.....
  2. Yes aware of that . Perhaps my misconception? I thought PAC52's were all offshore designed 52's compared to the inshore TP52's? Therefore I thought it was interesting to see them all racing inshore together. And the results ended up obviously in favour of the inshore designs.
  3. Its sure flowing thick and fast in this forum.! Perfect lead up to the Hobart I would have thought,
  4. Farrrk, sounds like a circus to me...!
  5. If that's the case Comanche won't be in best hands IMO. Croaky runs a better campaign than the Scallywag team. I would love to have seen the Oats boys campaign the Dovell 100 and race against the Scallywag team on Oats and see what a difference it makes
  6. Surprised that Beau Geste could race an IRC boat against the PAC52's which are more aimed at Blue Water sailing?
  7. Whatever that is supposed to mean?
  8. This all sounds logical to me. Would also be good to see Croaky running a campaign on Comanche. He runs a good maxi show.
  9. I thought this thread was about the next boat?
  10. Is that for this years race?
  11. They are murdering everyone. No surprise really they always dominate TP52 racing in IRC events too. Makes you wonder why they don't enter the TP52 Super Series? Given their TP52 experience jumping on the PAC52 would have been a natural progression. Gavin Brady runs a serious campaign for Karl Kwok.
  12. Lets hope Australia get a team together. If Oracle are out then there's a ready made team ready to go.!
  13. We may see exactly that in the up and coming Volvo if a team with girls can finish well in front of Scallywag?
  14. Amateur hour letting the Italians leak the news. I don't mind the idea of a foiling mono if they can sail in plenty of breeze Can't imagine Oracle entering as they have never won the cup via a proper LV Series. VPLP I expect will be onboard with the Kiwis.Will be hard to beat
  15. I must admit I like the idea of a foiling monohull if it ticks off the following: 1. They will sail in more breeze or any breeze up to 30 Knots 2. It drives mono development so one day I can buy a cruising mono that actually goes fast 3. It brings a new level of expectation as we are starting all over again 4. It drives ocean races to another level with the technology that comes with development 5. The list goes on