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  1. terrafirma

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I think it's mini crisis time for Luna Rossa. When your in front why not cover? They are not making decisions consistent with winning this event let alone the cup. I know deep down Jimmy doesn't agree with their strategies to date. Jimmy is pissed with the umpires mean time Ineos sail away. The Italians once again are off on a tangent that isn't conducive with winning on the big stage.
  2. terrafirma

    Team NYYC

    Great to hear they are ahead of schedule..! We need all boats firing in this regatta IMO...!
  3. terrafirma

    The Choke continues...

    Yes and they sacked him at the end. So many dumb fucks on the AC FB Page that think he defected from ETNZ to AM.! Pretty much sums up what your dealing with. I think Dean carries a bit of a curse that he needs to break. Choke or Curse but I'd like to see him do well
  4. terrafirma

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They simply don't need a bigger navy. Who is going to attack them? Nowadays the Navy is simply used to patrol waters and keep Larry Ellison at bay from trying to steal the cup with force. On the subject of Larry and the F50's can't wait to see the Kiwis line up against the others when this is over. Ben and Pete will be hard to beat especially with their involvement in this regatta.
  5. terrafirma

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Anyone found out what the real motive was to head out without a mast? I would have thought foil testing would be better in normal config unless they are doing other mods to the mast and or boom etc and due to time limitations can do the foil testing without these? P.S. It was said they would be fitting slightly smaller foils so this makes the most sense
  6. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    The damage to AM has left the Prada Cup a shimozzle. It has also potentially weakened the challengers improvements as 3 different design thoughts are now reduced to 2 until AM gets racing again and presumably as she was before the incident. The pressure on Ineos and Luna Rossa has somewhat been reduced. One can only imagine what would be left if either Ineos or Luna Rossa suffered the same sort of capsize? I know there has been a lot of focus on what caused or who was responsible for the AM capsize but history shows that it can happen at anytime because these boats are so extreme especially when the wind is up. I tend to think the incident was more a case of bad luck unless someone at AM puts their hand up and takes responsibility but nobody at this point is agreeing on the cause so I doubt that will ever happen? Fortunately nobody was seriously injured.
  7. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    Yes it was a race of wind shifts nothing between the boats and IMO it begs the question going forward, if boats are equal we have Ineos & Giles Scott vs Luna Rossa and the 2 x Helmsman Jimmy & Fran. Giles seemed to be clear and precise and on Luna Rossa hard to tell who was calling the shots, Jimmy more than anyone? Giles so far is the pick and that gives them an advantage at the moment IMO.
  8. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    I Don't think they ever planned to be able to survive a space to earth landing..!
  9. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    Whilst we all know they will re-build the boat I don't believe they can come back and win the Prada Cup now although it's fair to say they were faster than Luna Rossa in the breeze before the crash. They were not as competitive in the light and so conditions will have a say if the boat is re-built successfully and reliably and I say "IF". I believe they will need one step down from a "Miracle" to win the Prada Cup and a complete Miracle to win the AC. They were my favorites so I hope I'm wrong? Also does Dean Barker have the resolve to achieve this? Time will tell...... P.S. It's almost like Dean Barker is cursed....
  10. terrafirma

    Team NYYC

    Sadly the odds are stacked against them even if they get the boat re-built. I think their dream to win the cup is over. They were fast in the breeze but no good in the light and from what I have seen ETNZ can do both. Now ETNZ can focus on being faster than Ineos and Luna Rossa. The after guard has been aweful in the Prada cup and that doesn't make their chances any better. Sad after so much work to go out in these circumstances. The resumes of Dean and Terry are on the line too.
  11. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    Sad for AM have had shit luck and maybe some poor decisions but their boat was very fast today. You don't want to see a team lose this thing because of a spate of events. Some may argue it was partly their fault but these machines are bleeding edge IMO
  12. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    Dean Barker choking again?
  13. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    WOW..! That was a wind shift race so hard to tell who was faster but Ineos didn't look slow. Well done Giles ..! Well done grinders..!
  14. terrafirma

    Prada Cup

    The Italians are smoking..!
  15. terrafirma

    Prada Cup