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  1. Guvacine

    3di north sails

    So, do I take it from reading this thread that 3Di would be as robust and long lasting as good quality Dacron cross cut sails for extended cruising?
  2. Guvacine

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    As is the case with all of the "how fast have you gone" threads - instantaneous GPS speed readouts (doppler) are meaningless. You can often get a spectacular speed readout by moving your gps gadget from one side of the cockpit to the other. To get a reliable speed estimate you need to process the data after the fact to delete erroneous readings (see above) and identify an average speed between two points, even if it is only a hundred yards. This process invariably leads to a much more modest speed estimate than the one on the "max speed" readout of your gadget.
  3. Guvacine

    American Dumbass

    If you are an Italian in Genoa, I am a Koala typing in a Eucalyptus tree.
  4. Guvacine

    whats up with West Marine?

    Like everyone, I have had issues with WM. However - having the local store here at Sausalito has saved my day on the bay many times over the years. I try and buy the things I really need for the best price online, but am always going to WM for the stuff i need right away. I find the staff at WM in Sausalito to be pretty good - usually stressed, but doing their best under the circumstances. Some of them are quite knowledgeable about the stock (others not). If WM were to go away, it would be a major pain in the butt for all of us, and I think we (consumers) should keep that in mind.
  5. Guvacine

    What’s next for J?

    This^^. The future is small and shorthanded.
  6. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    If the defenders were confident in their new technology, an F50 / AC75 exhibition would have happened long ago. Imagine the excitement that such an event would generate. The fact that it has not happened, and that the Kiwi trolls on this thread are so defensive about such comparisons, shows that their is more anxiety than real confidence about the dubious AC75 design.
  7. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yeah. Definitely can't see an AC50, F50 or AC72 staying with those numbers. Now I see why the spastic geckos were such a good idea and were worth the tremendous design and build investment.
  8. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Ouch. Are all of the Kiwis (and Boink) on these threads attending an elementary school somewhere?
  9. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    So pleased that you have it all figured out Boink. If you say that the designers say that their boat is faster before its even been "around a course" - well I guess that's it then. I love how the Kiwis on these threads up vote each other, and down vote anyone who says anything bad about their spastic gecko.
  10. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Until these boats have been in a real race, all of the claims about performance are meaningless. I am being down voted so fast that I will soon be in negative territory. There are clearly a lot of folks on this thread that are super touchy about the AC75 concept.
  11. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Not trolling - just pointing out what is going to be really obvious to most people. Or use the AC72 as another multihull comparison - it has more sail area than the AC75, but weighs substantially less. The inescapable physics are that the AC72 would blitz the AC75.
  12. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You are still ignoring the physics. Give the AC50 powered winches and controls too. It just gets worse for the spastic gecko in comparison. The AC50 is faster to foil, is more maneuverable, is more stable and has better power to weight.
  13. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The AC75 is 3X the weight of an AC50, but only has 2X the sail area. Therefore the AC50 will be faster all round - you can't beat physics.
  14. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Stingray. That is a really bad example of false equivalence. Instead, take two F18s with the same engine power. One of the F18s is lighter - which one will be the fastest and most maneuverable?
  15. Guvacine

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Can't beat physics. Mass is mass. If weight wasn't important you would not have performance car, boat, plane designers spending fortunes to develop materials to reduce weight. Making something HEAVIER to go faster is arcane.