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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    You can't beat physics. The refrain that the new design with be faster than the 50 cats is ridiculous. They are much heavier, with more air and water drag foiling, and vastly more drag non-foiling. It is literally physically impossible that they can be faster.
  2. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    You don't get it mate. Its not about me wanting an expensive thing. It is how the experience and perception of "sailing" has been distorted by a few people spending big bucks. The FP is still at it; look at the recent Maxi advert "Wide Load". Compare the bankrupt notion that the "Wide Load" maxis reflect sailing for most people with this link from the Morbihan week in France where sailors meet to celebrate homebuilt work boats. Vivier boat meet (France). In this video you see a large number of ENTHUSIASTIC sailors who have built there own boats to a Vivier design. The distortions caused by big money spent by a few means that all we read about is an unending parade of carbon bits, 3D sails, etc. etc. that are increasingly expensive and that put a barrier between the majority and sailing, and yet that are completely unnecessary. The Sail and Oar movement personified by Vivier must terrify the big bucks establishment because it is sending a LOUD message that big-bucks sailing is a sham that is increasingly irrelevant.
  3. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Its not PA, it IS SA, and it reflects the entire sailing industry at the moment. The industry has been distorted by designers and manufacturers chasing after the uber rich as if that is the only pay check in town. And most of the media has followed. Sailing Anarchy has been one of the worst in terms of boosting a succession of expensive one design racing boats made of unobtanium that only the super wealthy can afford to campaign (note: I said "campaign" not "buy"). My initial point in the first post, was that the distortions caused by the dollars of the uber rich are uninteresting. The J Class boats are interesting for a minute, but it quickly gets boring because it is UNAUTHENTIC. When you are looking at the J Class you KNOW that its not REAL in any meaningful way to average sailors. It is a distortion, a freak show, a momentary bubble, that is more of an economic phenomenon than anything to do with sailing per se. BUT, there was another resurgence in sailing after the economic downturn of 07/08. A group of people turned off by money in sailing, became part of a new movement to build their own small boats, mainly out of wood, and to enjoy sailing for sailings sake. The ED got this wrong in response to my post on the FP. He claimed that SA supports dinghy sailing. But this movement is not about the racing dinghy classes on SA, most of which also are made of unobtanium and cost many Boat Dollars to buy and campaign. This movement rejects carbon masts, foils, hi tech sails, and spending many Boat Dollars to go 1/4 of a knot faster. This movement has turned for inspiration AWAY from the industry entirely and has embraced a rediscovery of the working boats and rigs of the last century. It started with the legacy of Bolger, but moved past the awkward aesthetic to a new generation of really beautiful boats that retain the simplicity and practicality of the working boats of past generations. Think John Welsford, Ian Oughtred, Frances Vivier, Duckworks, (and to some extent) Off Center Harbor, and businesses like Jamestown Distributors. Unlike the false, stale, desperation of the industry hype around hi tech unobtanium, this new movement is dynamic, full of excitement, and PLEASURE, and, unlike like any other sailing community, is GROWING fast. The J Class is the death of sailing for sailing sake. There IS more that one way, and we don't all have to hobble after The Industry with our blinders on.
  4. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Some folks here need to get out of their Randian trickle-down bubble and get out more.
  5. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Hey Done, I'm not talking about the merely rich (well done to the merely rich!), I'm talking about the multi-billionaire uber rich, and how they are distorting the economy and democratic values in my country. Not about sailing - the J Class boosting was on the front page? How is it that it is "anarchy" to say, "shit" and "fuck", and talk boldly about tits and young girls, but if I talk about grown up issues then I'm a troll. The issue of the effect of the uber rich and their wealth on "sailing"is legitimate and effects everyone who sails. If that puts your panties in a twist, then sorry to hurt your sensitive feelings. It has been stated again and again here that sailing is a wealthy sport. I reject that premise. Up until one hundred years ago, sailing was the domain of working people. If you look at old pictures of SF Bay and other maritime harbors, there are small boats everywhere, because that was the main mode of transport for EVERYONE. Most of those small boats were very simple designs, and many were built by their user/owners. It is only in the last half century that boating has been skewed by wealth (although there was always the yoting classes), and it is only in the last decades that boating, and sailing in particular, has been completely turned upside down by money spent by the VERY rich. Instead of bashing the "troll", why don't you come up with something more intelligent than "sailing is a rich man's sport"?
  6. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Not envious of the rich at all. I'm just worried about my country. The Merikan democracy is in a dangerous place, and many people prefer to keep their faces firmly in the sand. If you insist on taking the world and everything in it at face value, that's on you.
  7. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    I guess that you are right. What was I thinking? What would we do without the uber rich showing us the way? Even though it is a fact that the majority of wealth transfer between generations is by inheritance, if your friends are rich then we should learn from then and be grateful for the crumbs that they allow to trickle down to the rest of us. And if we are not nice and grateful to the rich, maybe they will become angry with us, and withhold there patronage and business smarts - then where would we be? There is a famous book about that, and I think that you must have read it.
  8. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    My former wife was a former model too. I kid you not. Lucky in love AND sailing I guess.
  9. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Actually my spouse was a model.
  10. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    Just back from a sail in the SB. Nice breeze - 10-15 knots. Pulled up the old wrinkled sails, smelled the seaweed and had a great time. Really a lot of bile here in response to some pretty obvious observations about the uber rich and their boats. Either there are a bunch of J Class and TP52 team owners on SA, or there are a lot of people on SA people close to the boat industry. I guess those old feminists back in the day were right after all about the personal being political.
  11. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    For the thinking sailor, putting the J Class on FP is putting PA into SA.
  12. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    It is so sweet that there are so many people here sensitive about the feelings of the ridiculously wealthy. A successful capitalist society (for which I'm all in) has many moderately wealthy people and a large middle class. An unhealthy capitalist society has a tiny clique of uber rich and a small struggling middle class. The "J Class resurgence" is one of the many signs that our society has moved from a healthy, to an unhealthy state of capitalism. We've been here before. Folk in the late 19th Century finally became aware that concentrating wealth among the few was dangerous - hence the term "robber baron". What followed was a new set of laws - antitrust, taxation etc - that steered Merika back towards the middle ground. We seem to be stuck in a cycle where the lessons of the past have been forgotten. Or maybe your right, and its all really just plain sailing.