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  1. Guvacine

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    The S&S Tartan 37 indeed looks sweet. Love the low freeboard with the centerboard. Unfortunately it looks to be an East Coast creature. It brings home that the left coast/right coast thing is real and that some boats are kind of out of the question by location. Many boats here that I would never have thought of - if you don't know, you don't know. Such as the Islander 28, both local and a Perry design. Thanks.
  2. Guvacine

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    I loved this video when it came out! I assumed it was a bigger boat. Indeed looks like a pretty sweet sailor.
  3. Guvacine

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Are you referring to the 34 MK 1 (and 2)? It looks like the Mk 3 was a redesign.
  4. Guvacine

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I'm not geriatric yet, so sweet sailing does not have to mean easy sailing, but they often go together, right. I have been a Folkboat fan for a long time, but might want to do some long distance offshore work too, so is not so well suited for that. The Ericson 32, Rangers and Cals (I've always thought the 29 was a sweet looking boat) give me lots to think about.
  5. For my long term retirement plans. What is the sweetest sailing old plastic for a windy place like The Bay? I don't mean fast or any of the usual yardsticks, but what boats give you that difficult-to-describe feeling of being a sweet and pleasurable sailor on all points. For my use it will be an oldish plastic boat 27 to 37 feet long, but I am curious about any "sweet sailing" design that I have been missing. It is important that it is "sweet" on all points - there are many boats that can point or run well, but not so many that do it all.
  6. Guvacine

    Broken Becket Harken

    At 10:1 there is not going to be much load on the becket. Maybe it was something else - got hit against something hard when shaking around unloaded?
  7. But isn't this true for a brummel too - that the brummel will load up and break? It would be interesting to see tests comparing brummels and buries with lock stitches. I have also given up on brummels and use buries because they are so much easier to get right lengthwise.
  8. Guvacine

    NMEA 0183 Gateway for Pelagic tiller autopilot Or possibly this depending on direction No connection with company (no pun intended), but have some of their products that have worked well.
  9. Guvacine

    Online sails?

    What planet are you on?
  10. Guvacine

    Online sails?

    A big factor is how much disposable income you have. For the majority of casual sailors, paying 5k for a new mainsail is out of the question. That means that "supporting" local sail makers who charge big bucks is also out of the question. Thus, I have bought a number of sails from overseas lofts and have received well made sails with adequate shape. There is no other option apart from second hand sails (that I also regularly buy).
  11. Guvacine

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    This... Sailboat racing for some reason attracts Type A assholes who confuse competition with life and death. May be it is just in the USA, but I have raced in several classes multi and mono and have left each behind because of the toxic rude "competitive" individuals who make racing unbearable. Given the other obstacles to new sailors described in this thread, the last straw is going to be meeting Type A Tom on your first trip around the cans.
  12. Guvacine

    Ranger 23 Calif to Hawaii

    Some of the comments here are mean spirited beyond belief. Great story, great videos, well done.
  13. Guvacine

    truth to power?

    I see what you did there. It is a yes/no thing. Did the organizers know about the fuel cell powering the keel yes/no?
  14. Guvacine

    truth to power?

    Whether you did gravity drops "most" of the time is NOT the point. The point is, did you tell the organizers that you had a powered canting keel, and did they approve it? You can clear that up for us right now, and that will be the end of the story (at least for me).
  15. Guvacine

    truth to power?

    One minute Google Search. Scuttlebutt Sailing News for June 6th ... "Angry Beavers: Forward hatch leaked and watered the interior of their boat. Potentially related, they also lost their fuel cell for generating electricity for their canting keel."