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  1. blastfurnace

    control line update on young rocket

    the two forward holes were for a loveday loop system.. kind of like end boom sheeting but works from the mid boom... we are planning on utilising them for gimballed beer holders!! yes!! a richie is richie cunningham!! my mainsheet hand calls it "smart-pig"... get it? yeah nah, we just frown at him.. and refuse to adjust until he calls it richie...
  2. blastfurnace

    Kids on a 16 foot skiff

  3. hi guys, we recently did an update on our control systems, we originally had everything leading onto the cabin top to sets of halyard locks.. but found when we blasting down hill, the forward hand had both hands on kite sheet and couldnt adjust anything like vang or the richie. so we installed a console into the cockpit floor. its out of an australian lightweight sharpie ( 19ft 3 man dinghy) the console is basically identical to an etchells console. weve actually found it really great! 5 control lines and swivelling main cleat . from pointy end to blunt end we have tack line, bowsprit pole, richie, vang and backstay. pics attached
  4. blastfurnace

    Please explain...

    hopefully this helps RACKS WINGS FLAIR
  5. blastfurnace

    Best Sportboats single handed

    he needs the entire happy days series!! ..... not just a little cunningham
  6. blastfurnace

    A Class new YSA Yardsticks

    im happy about the seperation, i sail a boyer mk4, so ive only got to compete against same vintage, no way i can compete against DNA/Xploder