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  1. have had both options on my parents yacht. the only time that the double mainsheet worked was in a drifter and there was a lot of sloppy side chop happening. you could hold the boom in a set position. any other time 1-30 knots.. the track and single mainsheet was better. just don't .
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    yellow fever

    wild oats certainly didn't....
  3. No. as there is no race committee on duty. all and each participant takes the responsibility to be able to self rescue or help out as needed,
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    Boats for Big Chaps

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    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    yeah, the loads with using a retrieval line on anything bigger than a dinghy go much much bigger, it can be done, obviously as the TP52s do it very well... but the kites dont last very long. youll be replacing the kite every 12 months if you do it. if you can afford to, great. we do windward drops/ mexicans. ive also seen guys the "letterbox" where you pull kite in leeward side, but it comes in over the top of the boom. obvously only works with loose footed boom setups.
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    2:1 Jib sheets?

    as everyones eluding too.. works fine on the sporties/ trailerables that dont run overlapping jibs. we have young rocket 780, we run a 2:1/6:1 on jib sheets. 2:1 coarse tune. but at what would normally be the "dead end" we have a 3:1 purchase which is lead back to mainsheet hand position, so sheet hand or skipper can adfjust the jib at 6:1 fine tune, much like the etchells do. works a treat. i wouldnt try it on anything over 28-30 foot. direct sheeting onto a winch would be quicker
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    Does your dinghy have a name?

    i have a finn, named FINNGERBANG.
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    Alum mast broken , suggested repair

    if it doesnt need to be a tapered section ( sorry im unfamiliar with the lone star ) a straight section for a 13 foot dinghy wont be expensive. and probably not too critical on size of section ( if youre not racing and dont need to conform to class rules) id suggest a couple of hundred bucks? for the section anyway.
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    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    F&B is now in melbourne as part of the martini racing fleet, replacing their Thompson7 that was written off.
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    That's a Sport Boat?

    ok no problem, whats your definition of a sportsboat?
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    That's a Sport Boat?

    sorry mate, no assy, no bowsprit pole... no sportsboat.
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    Cableless code 0 design

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    Young Rocket 780

    hi Mick22, yeah a bit of singlehanded, not with kite tho... could be interesting!! mine does have an assy setup. the previous previous owner Big Andy Sommerville fitted the retractable pole. its a tapered alloy tube, retracts offset on the left. as not to upset the adjustable forestay system. we have MH and 3/4 assy, both quantum from dave eickmeyer. we are one of the last built, but built to mk2 spec, short mast( 9.7 luff), short keel ( 1.8m). which works great for milang to goolwa races in SA. in the 2nd photo, it shows the pole launch and tack line rope cleats on the centrecase, that is no longer the case ( no pun intended) we have run both those lines to the cabin top, on swivelling cleats
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    Young Rocket 780

    hey Mick22!! hows the rocket going? any updates youve done on rig, layout etc?