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  1. akeeley4834

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    Actually, by doing a JOB, you are contributing more than just the boat. You are part of the deal. That goes a long way with crew.
  2. akeeley4834

    Front Page - Plastic

    I agree that Trump is not the instigator of the PLASTIC problem facing the entire planet, and certainly all of the U.S.. Trump does, however, have control over the Governmental Agencies that are supposed to protect the U.S. with the EPA being the most important. Here is where Trump has failed the citizens of the U.S. big time. He appointed Satan to oversee that Agency. One must ask oneself. WHY? Only Trump can answer that question. But he won't receive my vote because of his support for Satan, and neither will the other politicians that support that same Satan.
  3. akeeley4834

    what is it?

    I think we are looking at a stroke of genius. This makes too much sense.
  4. akeeley4834

    Go or No Go

    Our club has the same problem and we solve it by going to the local bar and having a few drinks. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer since cancelling races for the reasons cited can't be planned. My boat is a trailer-sailer and it is a pain-in-the-neck when the race is cancelled after we have launched. So, back on the trailer and off to the local bar. Doesn't matter. Can't wait for the next race.
  5. akeeley4834

    what kind of boat is that?

    Is there a boat in this picture? I don't see a boat. She looks like a HOTTIE 23.
  6. Macgregor 25. Not the early Venture 25 but the later Mac 25. Has an enclosed head and plenty of room for 4. This boat was designed for and sold to a zillion families like yours. They do sail pretty good. Not a sport boat, but a pretty good sailboat. Will do pretty good in any PHRF fleet. It's in the sailboat HALL OF FAME. Easy to set up and break down. Mast raising is a snap if you set it up right. Put it away in your backyard when done and pay no slip fees.
  7. akeeley4834

    laugh or cry?

    If the fishing boat hit them, or otherwise got in their say, then Redress. Otherwise, they are at fault.
  8. akeeley4834

    Drip Drip Drip

    New slogan that should go on the $100 bill. IN MUELLER WE TRUST.
  9. akeeley4834

    Trumps Parade!!

    Armed Teachers will be the Security Force used to protect the parade from Terrorists. They will be armed with AR-15 rifles with bump stock modifications and large capacity clips. After the Parade it is rumored that they will invade Congress and kill all Democratic Representatives. Trump will blame Fake News for the coverage.
  10. akeeley4834

    Trump & Kim to meet by May 2018

    I've been giving this development some serious thought and here are my conclusions: 1. Kim is no loony tune as many have suggested. 2. Trump is a loony tune as many have suggested. 3. I am afraid that Kim will put Trump into a position whereby it appears that he is bullying Kim. That could and probably will sway international opinion, given that Trump is waging war on everyone but Putin/Russia. 4. If International Opinion IS swayed, then the possibility of sanctions not working is a very real possibility. Especially with Russia and China. 5. If that happens then Kim will go back to work on the nukes / missiles and then things will go from bad to worse. And Trump better not send in Kushner. That would be a serious mistake given that Kushner doesn't have the required security clearance to step into such a position. Not to mention that he has zero experience and/or knowledge about North Korea. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. akeeley4834

    Our racers don't drink enough

    I have always appreciated the way the Rudder Club in Jacksonville, Florida runs the Mug Race. I can't wait to finish the Race and get a plate of their famous spaghetti and meat balls. Costs for the Race always seem reasonable, to include the beer and drinks. I've been doing the Race each year for about 15 + years. Never had a bad time. Might be a good idea to stop by and find out what they are doing right.
  12. Thank you for lead on creekmore 23.  Afraid I will pass.  More interested in creekmore 22 style.  Please keep me in mind though.  Will hold on for details on Evelyn when becomes available.

  13. Incredible roster of boats, you've listed many of my dream boats growing up sailing in the 70's until now.  if any of the creekmore board boats don't find love, I'd be a buyer.  Really any of the MORC boats, like you said.  Was on a quest to find an old whiting 1/4 tonner "afternoon delight" but was told Hurricane Andrew ate it.  That was from my early days in Los Angeles.


    Always looking if you have any leads you pass on, please think of me.



    (409) 789-8734

    1. akeeley4834


      Please send me you4 info to jameskeeley69@yahoo.com.  That way I can save your contact info.  Going to sell the Evelyn 26 later on this year.  I'll send the info when ready.

      Jim Keeley

      561-444-2787  (Home)


    2. akeeley4834


      Forgot to mention.  I am giving the Creekmore 23 away for free.  Boat is basically gutted ready for interior rehab.  Boat is otherwise structurally sound (I've added some stringers, etc. to the interior, but needs bulkheads, etc..  Needs rudder, mast, sails.  I suggest J24 mast and sails.  Fits nicely.  No trailer included but the trailer it's on can be used to transport to your location.  Need it for another boat.  If you have an interest I will send pictures to you.  This is my second Creekmore 23.  Really a good sailing boat.  Loves light air and does really well in heavy air.  Good to weather and reaching in all conditions, a PHRF killer in light air.

  14. akeeley4834

    rolling VC Offshore

    And this is why I have a trailerable sailboat. Tired of dealing with the bottom on at least an annual basis. With trailerable, I put on several coats of Mopoxy (Mobile Paints), sand to 200 grit, wet sand to 600 grit. Done for 10 years. Sparkling white bottom. Mopoxy is like steel. Wash the bottom occasionally with a car brush and liquid soap. Rinse, let dry, go sailing, repeat rinse, let dry.
  15. akeeley4834

    what was it?

    The boat is MACE. Someone wanted to know what the two boats in the background are. The boat on the right is a Creekmore 22 Daggerboard. Got this boat and trailer with a swap of a Johnson outboard that I had not ever used or started. Motor may have been okay, but I don't know for sure. Made a full disclosure to the guy I did the swap with. I have given this boat to a friend of mine who intends to rehab the boat. The boat on the left is a 1969 Venture. I intend to keep and rehab this boat. I will turbo it in the same manner as Bill Brennan did to his boat in Oregon with the exception of the spinnaker. I intend to put a sprit on the boat and go Assym versus Sym. Killer PHRF boat. My sons and I are nut cases and like the older boats. If I can find a boat that interests us and I can get it for almost nothing, then we go for it. By the way, we just bought a completely rehabbed Creekmore 22 from the Dabney's in Alabama. We are going in a different direction concerning boat types. No fixed keel again. No balsa, ever. Max 24 feet. Time to get the grandkids into the race scene and size makes a difference. We also have a completely rehabbed Kiwi mini-tonner. Now here's the real winning attribute of our follies in boating. We get to meet some of the most interesting people. For example, bought a J22 for $500.00. Put about $2,000 into the boat and she was perfect. Bought the boat from a guy from Florida named Bob Dudinsky. What a genius. He now makes RC boats, and they are beautiful. He was the tool maker for KIWI yachts (think Kialoa) and unknown to us, the KIWI mini-tonner that we have was originally his boat. Now we sell the Hobie to Steve Shaw, who is a Fox News guy. And he is as crazy as we are. What a genuinely nice man. By the way, this Hobie is a really good boat. We've had it in the 15 knot range and solid as can be. Then we buy a Creekmore from the Dabney's in Alabama. Well as it turns out (David, the father) built the Creekmores in Alabama. He and his son Chris are now our best friends. I'm a Creekmore junkie, and they know Lee Creekmore. We are going to do a Race up there and they are going to introduce me to Lee. Small world isn't it. So, sorry to go rambling on, but there are hobbies and then there are crazy hobbies. I guess you could label our hobby as crazy. So, if anyone out there has an older MORC type boat (not fixed keel) and they want to get rid of it. Call me a 561-444-2787 and test just how crazy I am. Love Sailing Anarchy. Best Sailing site on the net. Here is our inventory. Creekmore 23 (fixed keel), Evelyn 26 flush deck, Creekmore 22 (daggerboard), KIWI mini-tonner (lift keel), Sunfish, Venture 21, San Juan 21.