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  1. After Trump declared his last bankruptcy, U.S. lenders vowed not to do business with him again. And they mostly have followed that declaration. Now, where did Trump get the money for his rather rapid business expansion from say 2008 on. He didn't get it from Asia. He didn't get it from Europe. He didn't get it from China. He didn't get it from Central or South America. You know North Korea didn't lend. The Italian Mafia wouldn't touch him either. Mexico is out. Canada is out. Iceland doesn't have it. The U.K. didn't lend to him. So where oh where did he get his money? Here is my guess. Russia, i.e. Putin and other rich Russians, and/or the Russian mob. But you can bet your sweet ass that the money is laundered. Probably came through Deutsche Bank, because they have been fined for such behavior. But Russia is the only place he could get money. He sold a property in Florida for about $91 million that he paid $41 million. More than double the profit in 5 years. It was sold to a billionaire Russian. It had been on the market for 5 years, without even a sniff from a buyer. So here comes a Russian and pays more than two times the purchase price, and it was a cash deal. But then Trump is the great negotiator so let's give him this one, that he outsmarted, out negotiated, out everything the Russian billionaire. The Russian billionaire has never been to the property since the sale. Nah, that's not fishy at all. So, back to the original question. Where in the hell did Trump come up with all the money required for him to go on his business expansion spree from 2008 through 2016? Where? So, Trump made his deal with the devil, but I still can't figure out what the payoff is for the Russians. They couldn't have guessed he would become POTUS. But there is definitely a payoff that Trump is facing. But, and this is the good one. Now that Trump is POTUS, the Russians have upped the payoff. They want sanctions lifted also, but I think they want much more. I think they want the rest of the Ukraine. I think they want back all the countries that made up the Soviet Union. I think they want NATO destroyed and Europe on their knees. And right now it appears that Trump is preparing to deliver. Hope Congress gets him out of there ASAP.
  2. Can I bring more women than men? Just wondering.
  3. Is it me, or am I the only one seeing the Euro's out designing their U.S. counterparts? And as an aside. There seems to be more Euro builders than U.S. builders. Am I correct?
  4. Evelyn 26, without a doubt a light air killer. Lots of volume and bang for the buck.
  5. I think three issues have hurt sailing. #1. Slip fees are high. People only have so much disposable income for pleasure and the rise in slip fees is moving people to other forms of recreation. #2. Availability of slip. Developers have been buying the marinas and turning them into Condo Projects further promoting Problem #1.. #3. Our population is aging, and many people are getting out of sailing because of age. And, they are not being replaced by the younger set due to #1 and #2 above. That's the way I see it in Florida.
  6. Macgregor 25. Has a head. Sails pretty good. You can go crazy and turbo it if you are into that. Easy to set up, launch, sail, and retrieve. And it has a head. Under $5,000 will buy a pretty good one, on a trailer, ready to go.
  7. You might try THIN-OPTICS. They make glasses that are unbreakable.
  8. The members of the Association need to have a SERIOUS TALK with the Officers.
  9. I think this is an excellent choice of boats and an even better reason. There are a lot of readers out there trying to decide what to buy and why buy it. Perhaps your project will give them some insight into their decision making. Good luck with your project.
  10. I like the Hobie 33 method, with one alteration. 1. Use the Spin Pole as the Gin Pole. Attach the spin pole to the base of the mast on a spin pole ring. 2. Use a mast slide and attach the main sheet to the top of the slide. Put the mast slide into the mast. Attach two lines to the bottom of the mast slide. Each line goes to a stanchion base about middle of the boat and in line with the mast. I use simple snap shackles on the two lines. There is not a lot of load on this device, so you don't need to go crazy. 3. Run a line from a winch to a bow lead and to the spin pole. Attach a halyard (spin or genoa) to the spin pole and secure the halyard so that it can't run loose. Raise the spin pole to where it is vertical and about 90 degrees to the mast. 4. Start winching the mast up. As the mast raises, pull on the main sheet to raise mast slide, which will engage the two lines that are run to the stanchions. This will keep the mast in-line and prevent swinging right/left and out of column. 5. I am assuming that the outers/inners are already set and shouldn't need any adjustment. I raise the mast about 2 feet and check everything to make sure there are no snags, which are impossible to prevent. Mast will be locked into place while you do this, so don't fret. I keep doing this until the mast is up about 3/4 of the way. At that point the outers/inners should start to engage the mast. 6. I am 75 years old and I can raise the mast on my Hobie 33 by myself with this set up. You owe me a beer.
  11. I am an East Coast sailor and I don't think it wise for East Coaster's to tell West Coaster's how to run their events, or what events to have. They know their Ocean and a hell of a lot better that we know their Ocean, and vice versa. As for boats, I have a Hobie 33 and think that the West Coaster's leading the charge for planing sailboats is a result of them KNOWING THEIR OCEAN. And sailing is better off for their contributions.
  12. I am very concerned over the following: 1. Allowing the dumping of wasted into streams, etc. by mining and other industries. I am concerning about the well being of two waterways. The Chesepeke Bay and the St. Johns River in Florida. It has taken over 30 years of effort to get the Bay back to some sort of sanity and allowing dumping to continue (especially in Pennsylvania) could again put the Bay in jeopardy. As for the St. Johns River. There has been efforts over the past 10 to 15 years to reduce pollution into the River. The effects have been modest, at best, but at least improvements have been gained. Now industries like GP (owned by the Koch Brothers) in Palatka, will again start dumping pollutants into the River. Clean up efforts to these two great waterways are in jeopardy due to Trumps actions. 2. Health Care in the U.S.. The bill proposed by the GOP (which failed) was a disaster. I think the Democrats should have voted for the bill just to let the GOP own the disaster. Now, the GOP will go for the kill concerning the ACA. They'll make changes that don't require Congressional approvals, i.e. defunding specific programs, etc. and further erode the ACA. And when they kill the ACA we'll end up with the same disaster that was just killed for no support.
  13. We have several rather large bases in Germany, i.e. Ramstein. Germany does not collect any RENT for the land upon which these bases are constructed. In fact, Germany pays for some of the costs to maintain these bases. I don't know how we could ever replace the strategic importance of the bases in Germany. Therefore, Trump needs to be careful here. Germany could pass legislation requiring the U.S. to pay a rent. We payed rent to the Phillipines (hope I spelled this correctly) and they jacked up the rent. We left due to that increase. Now we have an Asian country ready to cozy up to China and China is very willing to fill that vacuum. Yeah, Germany was defeated in WWII and the U.S. constructed most of the bases in that country just after WWII. So there was no resistance to those bases. That was a long time ago and the world has changed dramatically. So Trump going around handing out BILLS isn't such a good idea. I think most world leaders are coming to the conclusion that Trump is a blow-hard and his demands will be put in the trash can with most of his ideas. Michael Moore predicted that Trump would win the election. Everyone thought he was crazy, but he was right. Michael Moore also predicted that those that voted for Trump would feel good about it. Everyone thought he was crazy, but he was right. Michael Moore predicted that those who voted for Trump would come to regret that vote within 6 months of him taking office. Everyone thought he was crazy. Well, we are under four months to go on that prediction. I for one am betting on him being right again.
  14. Wiki needs to be charged with espionage against the United States. They are nothing more than thieves. The Clown Show Goes On.
  15. 1. Buy car ramps. 2. Back trailer onto ramps. 3. Support back of boat with stout saw horses, or a like construction. 4. Lift front of boat with a motor lift. 5. Support front of boat with stout saw horses, or a like construction. 6. Make sure the saw horses are outside the trailer tires. 7. Remove trailer. 8. Reverse sequence to put boat back on trailer. I have also bought 4 fence posts, and set them in the ground outside the trailer tires. Then support the boat with boards like 2" x 6". You can then add braces to the boards for side to side support.