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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Blue Jacket (American Designed and Built) makes some good cruising boats with very good performance numbers. Not sure of the sizes they offer.
  2. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    Don't forget the Venture 21 (Pre-1970). 1200 lbs., 5.5 draft. And they plane rather easily at around 12 mph wind. Just ask Dennis Connor. He got beat by Venture 21 rather handily in an Ocean Race in the late 60's. Roger MacGregor was driving. Dennis was in a 60 footer.
  3. Santana 20

    Slip fees.
  4. California Boating Card

    Please do not allow this article to come into the possession of anyone in Florida Government.
  5. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    Don't know why Macgregors are considered SHIT BOXES. Actually, Roger Macgregor was a bit of a pioneer when it came to boat building. He developed the "production line" for sailboat construction and even made his own masts and booms. Every boat was the same. Every hole in a boat, every hole in a mast, and on and on and on. They were all consistent. And the construction, by the way, was really good. I have a 1969 Venture 21, and while not a Swan, it's built pretty good. As far as sailing characteristics, they are not true offshore boats, but for rivers and bays, they are very good. They satisfied a need and sold quite a few boats. I think the Mac 25 is in the sailing hall of fame. As for the Venture 21. Turbo one and you end up with a weapon that beats everything in the 20 to 26 foot range. The Mac 26, while considered a floating camper, does quite well. By turboing the Venture 21 I am referring to a fractional 95% jib, a main with a generous (PHRF legal) roach, no backstay, and the standard spinnaker (masthead) with standard pole. All of the turboing fits within PHRF guidelines. For under $5,000, you end up with a rather swift little boat. Off the wind in about 12 MPH wind, the boat will plane rather easily. The boat needs to be 1970 or earlier. Opening for the keel changed with the 1971 model and later. More drag. So I guess the best way to put this is. Want to Race?
  6. I'm rehabbing an older Creekmore 23 and would like to covert it to a lift keel.  Do you have any plans for the keel?  I am in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Jim Keeley

    561-625-4691  (Home)

    1. Christian




      Sorry, I don't even know what a creekmore 23 is.



  7. New old sailer

    Good little boat. Raced one in South Florida for years. Did quite well. Sailed her to the Bahamas and back with no problems. Going to weather and on a reach the SJ24 is good. Dead down wind and it's a bit squirrely. Fly a blooper and it will stabilize the boat dead down wind. Beats the hell out of sitting on the beach and telling people how bad a boat the SJ24 is. Don't over power the boat and it will do just fine. I also found that every beer cooler ever made will fit the SJ24.
  8. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    The J24 is a good sailing boat, but the sail requirement is the problem as I see it. Here is my idea of what should be done to (for) the J24. 1. Install a sprit. Doesn't have to be 6 feet, but 3 feet should do it. It can be fixed, removable, and/or adjustable. 2. Have a 100% (can be on a furler), a main (can be flat top) and an A sail or two, which can be on furlers. Flickers are allowed. I look at the Melges 24 and one of the great aspects of the boat is that everything happens in the cockpit. Going to the bow for sail changes, etc. doesn't happen often. So, this J24 set up can be raced one design (all boats have the same set up) or PHRF. There are a lot of J24's out there and going in this direction could be an alternative for having a pretty good boat at a reasonable cost. Just Thinin'
  9. Shipping Containers

    I have a Macgregor Venture 21. Want to race? You bring your boat, and I'll bring mine. $1,000. Put up or shut up. Anywhere East of the Mississippi.
  10. A chance to dump on Harvard

    I know quite a few Harvard Grads, and everyone of them are losing their minds over this one. What were they thinking?
  11. Eight bells for Harry Dean Stanton

    He was also a pretty good singer. RIP
  12. USS Indianapolis discovered

    They should post the coordinates. Maybe Pacific sailors would like to throw a wreath when they pass the area.
  13. Mr. Mueller is Following the Money

    After Trump declared his last bankruptcy, U.S. lenders vowed not to do business with him again. And they mostly have followed that declaration. Now, where did Trump get the money for his rather rapid business expansion from say 2008 on. He didn't get it from Asia. He didn't get it from Europe. He didn't get it from China. He didn't get it from Central or South America. You know North Korea didn't lend. The Italian Mafia wouldn't touch him either. Mexico is out. Canada is out. Iceland doesn't have it. The U.K. didn't lend to him. So where oh where did he get his money? Here is my guess. Russia, i.e. Putin and other rich Russians, and/or the Russian mob. But you can bet your sweet ass that the money is laundered. Probably came through Deutsche Bank, because they have been fined for such behavior. But Russia is the only place he could get money. He sold a property in Florida for about $91 million that he paid $41 million. More than double the profit in 5 years. It was sold to a billionaire Russian. It had been on the market for 5 years, without even a sniff from a buyer. So here comes a Russian and pays more than two times the purchase price, and it was a cash deal. But then Trump is the great negotiator so let's give him this one, that he outsmarted, out negotiated, out everything the Russian billionaire. The Russian billionaire has never been to the property since the sale. Nah, that's not fishy at all. So, back to the original question. Where in the hell did Trump come up with all the money required for him to go on his business expansion spree from 2008 through 2016? Where? So, Trump made his deal with the devil, but I still can't figure out what the payoff is for the Russians. They couldn't have guessed he would become POTUS. But there is definitely a payoff that Trump is facing. But, and this is the good one. Now that Trump is POTUS, the Russians have upped the payoff. They want sanctions lifted also, but I think they want much more. I think they want the rest of the Ukraine. I think they want back all the countries that made up the Soviet Union. I think they want NATO destroyed and Europe on their knees. And right now it appears that Trump is preparing to deliver. Hope Congress gets him out of there ASAP.
  14. Buzzard Bay Regatta crew limits

    Can I bring more women than men? Just wondering.
  15. Cool 30-footer

    Is it me, or am I the only one seeing the Euro's out designing their U.S. counterparts? And as an aside. There seems to be more Euro builders than U.S. builders. Am I correct?