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  1. akeeley4834

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Where's the best place to launch a fixed keel Hobie 33 for this race? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim Keeley 561-444-2787
  2. akeeley4834

    First boat at age 50

    Had a SJ 24 in the 80's. Took her everywhere. Crossed the Gulf Stream several times. Generally, a good sailing boat, EXCEPT, off the wind. She'll go into wild right/left gyrations and it will be hard to sail her under the spinnaker. A blooper definitely helps when going off the wind. She'll go to weather and reach quite nicely. Won quite a bit of silver with her, so learn her quirks and you will be rewarded. Good Luck and fair winds.
  3. akeeley4834

    Hire an illegal and pay the price

    The Agriculture Lobby just won't allow any meaningful legislation to occur, at least while Congress is Republican controlled. Not even sure meaningful Legislation could occur with Democrats in charge. However, I feel that there is a better chance that the Democrats would do something to correct this mess. So, I will vote mostly Democrat in November. But my usual method of voting is that I never vote for an incumbent or an incumbent party. If we ever get term limits, then maybe I will change my voting method. I do feel, however, that if an illegal immigrant can't get a job, then that illegal will either turn to crime or leave. If crime, then the jails will be waiting. Either way, problem starts to get solved.
  4. akeeley4834

    Trump to impose 200B in tariffs on China

    I don't mind taking China to task over their trade actions. I do, however, mind the U.S. going to economic war with Canada, Mexico and the EU at the same time. Trump is trying very hard to isolate the U.S. from everyone but Russia. Think about that. Everyone BUT Russia. The number of people attached to Trump in some way or another are attached to Russia in some way or another. There have been various people that have hit the news but there is one person that recently hit the news. Maria Betina, who is under house arrest. She is going to be a problem for Trump. She may seem insignificant right now, but she is an important part of a larger puzzle.
  5. akeeley4834

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    We don't need those stinking regulations. We need the stinking pollution. This is nothing compared to the algae problem in the Indian River Estuary in the Stuart, Florida area. You should see that one. Toxic Algae is forcing businesses to close. MAGA. Make America Gross Again.
  6. akeeley4834

    what is it?

    I think we are looking at a stroke of genius. This makes too much sense.
  7. akeeley4834

    Drip Drip Drip

    New slogan that should go on the $100 bill. IN MUELLER WE TRUST.
  8. akeeley4834

    Trumps Parade!!

    Armed Teachers will be the Security Force used to protect the parade from Terrorists. They will be armed with AR-15 rifles with bump stock modifications and large capacity clips. After the Parade it is rumored that they will invade Congress and kill all Democratic Representatives. Trump will blame Fake News for the coverage.
  9. Thank you for lead on creekmore 23.  Afraid I will pass.  More interested in creekmore 22 style.  Please keep me in mind though.  Will hold on for details on Evelyn when becomes available.

  10. Incredible roster of boats, you've listed many of my dream boats growing up sailing in the 70's until now.  if any of the creekmore board boats don't find love, I'd be a buyer.  Really any of the MORC boats, like you said.  Was on a quest to find an old whiting 1/4 tonner "afternoon delight" but was told Hurricane Andrew ate it.  That was from my early days in Los Angeles.


    Always looking if you have any leads you pass on, please think of me.



    (409) 789-8734

    1. akeeley4834


      Please send me you4 info to jameskeeley69@yahoo.com.  That way I can save your contact info.  Going to sell the Evelyn 26 later on this year.  I'll send the info when ready.

      Jim Keeley

      561-444-2787  (Home)


    2. akeeley4834


      Forgot to mention.  I am giving the Creekmore 23 away for free.  Boat is basically gutted ready for interior rehab.  Boat is otherwise structurally sound (I've added some stringers, etc. to the interior, but needs bulkheads, etc..  Needs rudder, mast, sails.  I suggest J24 mast and sails.  Fits nicely.  No trailer included but the trailer it's on can be used to transport to your location.  Need it for another boat.  If you have an interest I will send pictures to you.  This is my second Creekmore 23.  Really a good sailing boat.  Loves light air and does really well in heavy air.  Good to weather and reaching in all conditions, a PHRF killer in light air.

  11. akeeley4834

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Haven't figured it out yet, but, WHY DOES PHRF HATE GOOD SAILORS? One thing I would do is look at the Portsmouth Rating and compare it to the PHRF rating. I think Portsmouth considers different wind conditions, so that may help. I do the Mug Race in Florida each year and they have gone to Portsmouth as the Base Rating and convert it to PHRF. Everyone pissed and moaned the first year or two, but in the long run it has worked out pretty good.
  12. akeeley4834

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    My first reaction is this. Looks like you have two KEEPERS now.
  13. akeeley4834

    Santana 20

    Slip fees.
  14. I'm rehabbing an older Creekmore 23 and would like to covert it to a lift keel.  Do you have any plans for the keel?  I am in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Jim Keeley

    561-625-4691  (Home)

    1. Christian




      Sorry, I don't even know what a creekmore 23 is.



  15. akeeley4834

    Declining fleets and memories of the boom years...

    I think three issues have hurt sailing. #1. Slip fees are high. People only have so much disposable income for pleasure and the rise in slip fees is moving people to other forms of recreation. #2. Availability of slip. Developers have been buying the marinas and turning them into Condo Projects further promoting Problem #1.. #3. Our population is aging, and many people are getting out of sailing because of age. And, they are not being replaced by the younger set due to #1 and #2 above. That's the way I see it in Florida.