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  1. Removing hard scale on gelcoat

    "The Works" Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Spray it off with water after wiping it on. Use gloves, eye protection etc. Dilute hydrochloric acid (aka muriatic acid) is main ingredient. About $1.78 at Home Depot
  2. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Don't know what this guy's issue was. What they do know is that he bought a $400,000 house on a golf course in a retirement community. Several news agencies are reporting that he is a multi millionaire. We do know he had an AR-15 illegally modified to fire full automatic. We also know that he had multiple weapons to keep that volume of firepower up. Having fired the military version of AR-15 on full auto when I was in the military I can assure you that you melt the barrel if you somehow fired a 100 round magazine on full auto. At best the gun would jam before the 100th round came out. Typically the largest magazines used with this weapon are 30 rounds. If you had multiple weapons you could keep switching weapons. It only takes a second or two to eject and load a new magazine. I'm not a gun nut or own a gun. I have seen first hand what this weapon can do. They should go after those who modified these AR-15s and prosecute them for murder. It is illegal to own a fully auto weapon or to modify a weapon to full auto. There are exceptions but only for those with federal licenses. Good luck getting one of those legally. I choose to wait for further information before coming to any concrete conclusions. BTW- returning fire to a hotel 200 yards away is not such a bright idea. How many innocents in the hotel are you willing to kill to get at the shooter? Not an easy decision.
  3. Mac Race multihulls

    Arete and Earth Voyager dropped out of BYC Mac today. Not sure why as conditions weren't too bad. Farrier 82A maybe next, odd course and speed on tracker
  4. Mac Race multihulls

    Tricertops, not my point. In years past the Mac committee ha taken a dim view of non finishers. With a 70% dropout rate, the multis had a hard time in the upwind slog and then later in the light air. Not a comment on the ultimate safety of the multis in the race.
  5. Mac Race multihulls

    The bigger question is why the high dropout rate? One capsize and 6 withdrawals out of 10 boats begs a few questions. The issue of multihulls doing the race might be an issue in the future.
  6. Earth voyager at Manistee. Infinite Diversion approaching Mac Bridge
  7. Looks like Earth Voyager and Windquest are out. Their tracks show them heading south for a while
  8. Harken MK2/3 Unit 0 foils

    Need a couple of Unit 0, 7' foils and connectors for a Harken MK3 roller furling unit. Mine are damaged and I need to replace.Foils work from a Mark 2- Unit 0, foils from a MK 4 are incompatible.
  9. Uh, you guys are forgetting the tax angle. Buy or long term rent a place, prove you are there 6 mos/yr and you can become a Florida resident. No state income tax. High income tax states like Ohio, New York. For instance if you live in NY, you pay 6.6% on a family income of $150,000. As a Florida resident you would save $9900/yr in taxes or $825/mo.
  10. Gravity Stroms

    2008 Mills race at night on my old Sabre 28. Lightning way off in the distance. Full main and the number 2 up. Crew gets on their foulies because lights on shore disappear. They sensed that it was going to rain. Wrong! It was the approaching microburst picking off the tops of waves. Apparent went from 18knots to 70knots in an instant. Boat heeling about 45 degrees into the wind. Huge bang, center of mast blows out and over the side without hitting the deck. Top 2/3 of mast over the side with sails. Garhauer boom vang twisted like a pretzel and hung up on lifelines still attached to part of the boom. Vang had ripped out at base of mast. Harken aluminum head foil still attached to head of the mast over the side but mangled into several crazy angles. As soon as the mast exploded, boat went from 45 degrees heel to negative heel. The 4 crew on rail got their feet wet and then got lifted a bit off the deck when the boat popped back. After mast was gone, boat goes abeam to wind and waves pitching pretty violently. Bad things- 1. Sails over side full of water were too much to bring full of water and tangles with rig. 2. The head stay was hard to get undone with 2 locknuts holding threaded pin. Wife had to lay flat on violently pitching bow with a wrench on the nuts while crew wedged himself in the bow pulpit above her and loosened the nuts. It didn't help that she got dunked a couple of times by waves. 3. The sickening noise of the rig bashing into the hull in the waves was a bit scary. It sounded like the rig was coming through the hull. Thankfully it was a Sabre. Good things. 1. I had just installed wrap pins on turnbuckles. It was easy to pull the velcro straps and pins in the dark and unscrew the turnbuckles. 2. Losing the rig, standing rigging, running rigging, vang, furler, and sails made the insurance claim easier to file. Claims adjuster " can we send someone out to look at your rig?" Me- " All of it is in the mud about 35 ft down in the vicinity of coordinates ....." Adjuster " OK- that's all right". 3. On the motor in to Put in Bay, my wife said- well at least we don't have to fold any wet sails and it will be dry in the boat tonight. Fortunately I had good crew. One fireman/paramedic in his first race, one physician, one county sheriff, one Methodist minister for moral support and my wife who was energized probably because she was pissed off because I got her into this mess.
  11. ORR-EZ

    I think ORR-EZ is probably a good idea for the Shore course in the BYC Mac. It addresses some issues like the multitude of credits that DRYA PHRF issues for various sail configurations and equipment along with some local bias that has crept into their ratings. The cost at $100 for the first year is not onerous. That being said, here is where it runs off the rails for 2017. 1. Let's say you have a Tupperware 34 from Cleveland and you want to do the race. In the planning stages you obviously are concerned how you stack up rating wise and whether you meet the minimum stability index. So where do you find that information? ORR stability index list used to be published on the USSA website. No longer there and not on the ORA website. No list of ratings anywhere on the web. Anybody have a link? 2. BYC is having a seminar on 3-3, which is a Thursday night to explain ORR-EZ. Jim Teeters, the architect of the rule and developer of the VPP used will be there. That's great, but the 300 mile round car trip on a work night is a bit of a stretch. Couldn't they have done the seminar on a Saturday? 3. Without a list of ratings for known boats in the race how do you know ahead of time whether your rating is even mildly competitive? Like other rating systems there are always outliers. Is your boat one of them? Who knows. Does your boat meet the rating limit for the Shore course? I guess you will have to pay the $100 to find out. It would be nice to know before you plop down $450 for the race, $100 for a certificate, $1,200 for transportation, supplies, and incidentals. Add in the cost to comply with the safety regs and you can easily spend $2,500 on this race for a fairly small boat. If I didn't know any better I'd say that this is being run like a glorified BYC club race. To attain the critical mass of the Chicago Mac, the BYC committee needs look further than Lake St. Clair in appealing to prospective racers. Part of the problem is the limited information and administration of ORR-EZ. Is it ready for prime time? Right now ORR-EZ should be renamed ORECK (http://www.oreck.com/) because it sucks so bad on a strictly informational level. Hopefully it will improve.
  12. Mainsheet line recommendation 6:1

    Meltemi mix from Nautos USA . Made by Lanex. I have a 3:1, 6:1 main sheet. This stuff has a great hand and does not kink. Not as high tech as some of the others mentioned but more than enough for job. On sale now and super cheap at about .60/ft for 10mm. Used it for season and crew was happy with it because it ran great and the 85 ft of main sheet didn't kink or hockle.
  13. ORR-EZ

    New rating rule that is subset of ORR. Purportedly, the BYC Mac is using this for all boats instead of PHRF including shore course and cruising classes. Rumor has it that special one time cost of $125 for BYC Mac participants normally around $300, Annual dues to be ??? https://offshoreracingassociation.org/orr-ez Anybody else heard anything?
  14. Grand Daughter got out this morning from New Smyrna Beach. Their house is right on South Atlantic in Bethune Beach. Extremely narrow part of island with Beach across the street and lowland backwaters 30 feet from their back deck. Property is 12 feet above sea level. Looks bad with hiigh winds, surge and flooding all distinct possibilities. The house might survive since it is steel frame construction, poured walls,hurricane shutters and first level with garages and other non essential rooms. Living area on 2nd and 3rd floors are 22 feet above sea level, Fingers crossed, worst case is that whole section of the island gets washed away
  15. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Snow Flurries, not many. 7 boats at dock that came over from the Fall Bay which had 40 boats. We are not going due to weather, crew apathy, lack of time to deliver boat. Crew not up for rain on Saturday with 4 knots of wind. Sad because this used to be a great regatta. My guess is it is down to 20 boats this year.