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  1. Buying a 1988 Beneteau First 285

    The wing keel on the 285 is not that good of a design. Boat is a little under powered and under ballasted compared to other boats of its time. Upside is a more modern interior although a bit cramped (probably o'k if you are a skinny short French guy). Tartan 28, C&C 29-2, Sabre 30, Express 30, CS 30 are all better choices although a bit more expensive.
  2. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Crash -J-27,1530 ballast/3800lbs displacement. J-80 1400lbs - 2990lbs displacement. 48% ballast/displacement vs 40% ballast/displacement plus J-80 carries its weight lower. Pretty significant difference.
  3. Best Race Committee Boats

    We have 3 Steel Clippers. Hardy and nobody in their right mind hits one at the start.
  4. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    There is a reason why J/80s have a bulb on the bottom to keep ballast low. The question is whether the J/27 has the righting moment to handle a big A Sail. I can imagine the 27 would go sideways a bit on a reach with this configuration. Then again I could be wrong.
  5. C&C 29-2?

    Run from the 29 you are looking at. Too many issues. I like the J-30. Most have rotted transom core and some deck delay. Keep looking for a 29-2. Decently maintained ones don’t have the problems you talked about. Mine surveyeyed with a completely dry deck. I mold etc. Then again I took care of any issues. You can find a good boat in the neighborhood of 10-15k
  6. C&C 29-2?

    Port lights are not that easy to fix because they have a slight curve which causes corners to leak. Replace with proper adhesive (Dow 795?). Over drill oversize screw holes (about 6) and caulk holes. A heat gun applied judiciously might help bend the plexiglass a little. Cockpit soles are cored with plywood under pedestal area and where rudder post penetrates sole. Very common for core to be wet there. Lean heavily against the pedestal and if deck flexes you have a problem. $2500 fix if done professionally. Rudders are susceptible to absorbing water. If in a cold climate, they can delaminate and distort. $1800 fix to recore, glass, and refair. The 83 had the old style stanchions. Check for spider cracks and delamination where they penetrate the deck. The only real deal killer is the sump. Check for any cracks around mast step and in stringers in forward section of the bilge. Repair is costly because the port bulk head needs to be removed, some stringers cut out, reglassed, and and everything put back. Big dollars for labor on that one. Fortunately that only happens after a hard grounding at the perfect angle. Good luck, they are great boats. I have a 85 for sale with no problems in Ohio. I also have an almost new set of teak and holly floor boards for an 83. Bought them to find out they had different cutout than my 85
  7. C&C 27MkV

    I have a 29-II. Similar rating, more competitive with 7.9s in the light stuff. Roomier inside with standing head room. 29-II is also for sale since I picked up a J/92 this fall.
  8. C&C 29-2?

    O’k. Boat is completely stock.
  9. C&C 29-2?

    Yes USA 236, why is it a cheater boat?
  10. C&C 29-2?

    Irish member if anyone wants a 29-II at Genesse I've got 1985 model for sale. Ready to race with full race inventory including spinnakers. Freshwater only on Lake Erie.
  11. Removing hard scale on gelcoat

    "The Works" Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Spray it off with water after wiping it on. Use gloves, eye protection etc. Dilute hydrochloric acid (aka muriatic acid) is main ingredient. About $1.78 at Home Depot
  12. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Don't know what this guy's issue was. What they do know is that he bought a $400,000 house on a golf course in a retirement community. Several news agencies are reporting that he is a multi millionaire. We do know he had an AR-15 illegally modified to fire full automatic. We also know that he had multiple weapons to keep that volume of firepower up. Having fired the military version of AR-15 on full auto when I was in the military I can assure you that you melt the barrel if you somehow fired a 100 round magazine on full auto. At best the gun would jam before the 100th round came out. Typically the largest magazines used with this weapon are 30 rounds. If you had multiple weapons you could keep switching weapons. It only takes a second or two to eject and load a new magazine. I'm not a gun nut or own a gun. I have seen first hand what this weapon can do. They should go after those who modified these AR-15s and prosecute them for murder. It is illegal to own a fully auto weapon or to modify a weapon to full auto. There are exceptions but only for those with federal licenses. Good luck getting one of those legally. I choose to wait for further information before coming to any concrete conclusions. BTW- returning fire to a hotel 200 yards away is not such a bright idea. How many innocents in the hotel are you willing to kill to get at the shooter? Not an easy decision.
  13. Mac Race multihulls

    Arete and Earth Voyager dropped out of BYC Mac today. Not sure why as conditions weren't too bad. Farrier 82A maybe next, odd course and speed on tracker
  14. Mac Race multihulls

    Tricertops, not my point. In years past the Mac committee ha taken a dim view of non finishers. With a 70% dropout rate, the multis had a hard time in the upwind slog and then later in the light air. Not a comment on the ultimate safety of the multis in the race.
  15. Mac Race multihulls

    The bigger question is why the high dropout rate? One capsize and 6 withdrawals out of 10 boats begs a few questions. The issue of multihulls doing the race might be an issue in the future.