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  1. Dex Sawash

    I am not a Crook

  2. Dex Sawash

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Battle for Whitehouse 2020 chess set. $10 at Ollie's Warehouse
  3. Dex Sawash

    Voter Intimidation, 2020 Edition

    The right hates low intimidation voters
  4. Dex Sawash

    Trump "threatens" to leave the country if he loses

    Updated that for you
  5. Dex Sawash

    An impending crisis for PA

    There will be a tweak to health care that big insurance/pharma helps write. Bullshitters will howl. Corporate welfare will look a little different. Bullshitters will howl. Corona continues to infect people. Bullshitters will blame Obiden.
  6. Dex Sawash

    Gary Johnson

    Who are the Gary Johnson voters voting for this year? Trump again, I reckon.
  7. Ocean Riding sounds like a design concept. Ocean Rider at least sounds like a brand (not that I like much either).
  8. Dex Sawash

    Dog's people

    I would have bet money the Trump account was a parody run by by Gouv (if it had more typos). I got curious when BJ mentioned moderate outing himself a while back. Took me about 10 minutes to find it.
  9. Dex Sawash

    Hurricane Delta

    Has storm data been obfuscated somewhat over the last few seasons? Have had trouble finding data about the size of the various wind strength fields, especially. Am also finding live wind strengths on (functioning ones, obvs) stations to often be well below the warnings/predictions. I don't have a boat/property at the coast anymore so am more concerned with supply prepping for Hugo/Andrew style massive area damage and follow-on supply problems. Secondary concern about public reaction to repeated storms that don't deliver promised impacts. @DryArmour
  10. Dex Sawash

    Looking for a Laser II main sail

    Would be worth sending an email to Intensity to check, address is on website. They are very responsive.
  11. Dex Sawash

    VP Debate

    Harris should have nailed Pence on job performance. "You're the corona tsar and you let your fucking boss get the virus. You're fired."