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  1. Dex Sawash

    Craigslist Finds

    Pretty sure that Force5 is one of the boats from the Western Carolina Sailing Club fleet and should have had all the normal issues repaired and be a quality boat. Might even be the one I borrowed a few years ago when the Portsmouth fleet didn't show up and I couldn't race my Int Canoe at the Hospice Regatta.
  2. Are the die plates for the swage tools meant to touch face to face when target clamped diameter is reached, or is it absolutely a tool pressure measurement and over-crimp is possible? If it is a semi-foolproof crush, the hydraulic press in any capable auto repair garage should do it.
  3. Dex Sawash

    Vibration isolation ...

    FTFY It is the @
  4. Dex Sawash

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    There's a free Capri 30 in MD in the DA craigslist thread
  5. Dex Sawash

    Craigslist Finds

    If you'll cover the slip rent too, I'll take it and call it Grift Horse
  6. Dex Sawash

    The search continues!

    that ad is marked SOLD
  7. Dex Sawash

    Free FD project

    Salvageable hull. Spars look fantastic. Rigging look mostly 80s/90s updatewith bullet blocks so no shitty bakelite gear. Will do new thread with pics and debate if I fix it.
  8. Dex Sawash

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    I was definitely on the wrong boat. Menu system not idiot-proof enough.
  9. Dex Sawash

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    I am seeing $16.8k PLUS more for options listed
  10. Dex Sawash

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    Today is the day, website not updated yet. Wonder if they will announce a price or if like the rest of the boats you must email for a quote.
  11. Dex Sawash

    Flying Dutchman - GE 9 - Restoration Project

    Any updates
  12. Dex Sawash

    Free FD project

    The FD is at my house now. Will inventory the issues and figure out if I fix it myself or pass it along.
  13. Dex Sawash

    Free FD project

    I'm close and am going to pick it up Sunday to buy this boat some extra time to find a new home.
  14. Dex Sawash

    Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Turns out my Bad Ebola was just too much beetroot