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  1. I stopped buying supermarket pork, it smells of pig shit. Even when cooked.
  2. Ask in reproductive system anarchy
  3. Haven't seen times and scores, packed up and fucked off home asap after finish. Course was a 12 mile out and back that was sort of WW/LW. The boat floated right way up and sailed pretty well. Was even with FJ and the slower part of a group of Comets. Did much better upwind than I expected. Needs more strings to pull.
  4. If Bucc had an optional race cockpit it should be like that. I think they got the bow shape too full but IANANA
  5. You may find an Ultimate 20 for high teens, check if it is PHRF eligible in your area first.
  6. Not joking, I wear XL shirts and the 4XL compression is perfect (also works as loose shirt) Bought them at a closeout store like Ollie's or Rugged Wearhouse @ $5 each
  7. I use a XXXXL compression shirt.
  8. 2.5" OD on lower section i think. Force 5 is the same.
  9. Thanks, free boat and never sailed it. Going to Hampton Roads Challenge with it Saturday If I finish the farmer bodge on the busted mast. Should be a good mix of mid to high-90s boats in fleet to see how it compares.
  10. Eileen Dover -- that is the funniest thing I've seen all day! Thanks!


  11. FTFY
  12. Scrap aluminum changes daily but has been well under $1/pound lately, about sixty cents recently. Extrusions bring more than castings.
  13. How did the extra volume/freeboard aft work out?
  14. That's 5+ weeks dead then, I reckon