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  1. S2 7.9

    Maybe just the inboard boats have the pushpit? Looks like there is an engine panel on that image. RE number of fixed keel boats.... There was a mix of equip. I think 8 OB MH with only 2 pipe berths below. Not sure about the remaining 9, if some had regular interior from the DB boat (which may have retained the trunk as a head divider)
  2. Repair of Used, New To Me, Inexpensive Force 5

    My gut says keep the fan running even if it is below freezing. Sublimation or something. Maybe there is a sciency type around to shoot that idea down.
  3. S2 7.9

    I owned one from 1986, #455 masthead rig, fixed keel, outboard. IIRC, there were 8 built.
  4. I assume he has already castrated all the truck nuts in his county.
  5. Repair of Used, New To Me, Inexpensive Force 5

    Here's my thread from F5 forum where I worked through some of the same things. http://force5.us/main/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=455&Itemid=105
  6. weird sinus issue

  7. Geniuses on The Right

    Getting k-cup banner ads on PA now.
  8. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Having that one for my excuses bag
  9. Drip Drip Drip

  10. Geniuses on The Right

    Dirty little K-cup secret; if it is sweetened or has "milk" in it the cup just has instant granules of stuff in it. You are paying 70 cents a cup for a spoon full of instant latte mix. The biggest piss take by kcuppers is the lemonade and hot chocolate.
  11. Repair of Used, New To Me, Inexpensive Force 5

    The F5 has a lot of sail area for a beginner, get the small sail from Intensity for $100 while you learn to sail. http://www.intensitysails.com/insafo5jusa.html If someone capsized with the cunningham loose, the rig may have not been fully down in the tube when they righted the boat, that could also make that crack. I bet it was frozen, but just be sure the Cunningham is always tensioned at least a little. You want the front trailer support directly under the mast tube, there is no strength anywhere else up front. Use a broom handle to tap inside the mast tube while you feel underneath the hull to locate the spot. Then position your new cross bunk there. Put a sharpie mark there so you get the right spot each time you load the boat. How good are your FG skilz? I would wrap a lot of glass around that mast tube so you essentially have a new tube surrounding the old cracked tube. As you said, extra glass between tube and deck and tube and hull too. Quick and dirty and heavy. Take the eyes near the mast off the deck before so you dont glass over the hardware (and also add some strength there too) Not the right way to fix the tube crack but the right way would take some skill.
  12. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Not digging back to find it but, the promises of ongoing $$$$ from LP and The MCBuggy company to support racing/class set off my BS detector. Put the $$$$ in escrow or gtfo.
  13. Geniuses on The Right

    Keurig does get licencing fees from k-cup producers. I would guess Keurig makes more off the cups than the machines. I would also guess none of those keurig-smashers thought anything about that at all.
  14. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Where'd the thread go?