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  1. Irma

    Then you can put the concrete on top
  2. Irma

    Pour 6" of concrete inside of it?
  3. Discoverer Annapolis 18

  4. Crossbow fl 2017

    Dean Kamen might have actually changed the world with the Segway if he'd given it a 3rd wheel and a $800 price tag instead of throwing tech at a non-existent problem.
  5. New to me V15

    Follow-up question for general info.... Those new short stays could spectra/whatever and just snug enough to limit major movement and not actively interfere with mast tuning?
  6. Beach Camping Advice?

    Gold bond powder or the dollar store knock-off will get you through some rough times overnight. Do not get hooked on the green bottle extra strength GB powder. Once that monkey is on your back it is really hard to get off and go back to the yellow bottle.
  7. Craigslist Finds

    Zuma stern must be near top of list of ugliest dinghy sterns.
  8. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Where'd the thread go?
  9. Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    The handbook with tables downloads as a pdf now. http://www.ussailing.org/racing/offshore-big-boats/portsmouth-yardstick-handbook/ It does not include the inactive classes table, not sure if that is available
  10. Crossbow fl 2017

    *just (missed the edit time window)
  11. Crossbow fl 2017

    Judge keep re-running the looking-for-backers ad here on SA as long as it's free.
  12. Single-handed cruising options

    You want to do multi-day sleep ashore camp-cruising? The Wayfarer is regularly used for these sorts of things. You are probably a bit light to single-hand a big two-handed race dinghy like the Buccaneer in brisk conditions (esp recovery). Flying Scot isn't self-rescuing if swamped, takes a power boat and people who know how to save one when they do go over . A $1500 Scot will have a soft floor (no idea if that makes them unsafe but it does make them slower). You should read all you can about Everglades Challenge, Race To Alaska, Texas 300 and other adventure races to see how people solve the various challenges. Maybe you can work a deal for shared use of the neighbor's Albacore and get some more dinghy experience so you have a better baseline of dinghy knowledge. The Albacore will quickly ramp your skill up way beyond the what the big Pearson will. No idea about self-recue on the Albacore.
  13. boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    Seems like a dangerous assumption that you may not need to row in the shit. You didn't say you would be unable to row with the cabin sealed up, so maybe you are on this already.
  14. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

  15. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Just an hour or so until I find out if my family picked up on all the hints I dropped about xmas gift for me. Subtle hints like "Get me a UFO or don't bother showing up"
  16. Key West things to do?

    Get your pic here http://www.keysso.net/ArrestReports/ArrestLog1.htm or GTFO
  17. Rig a block on a strop that you can luggage tag to a tree. Long bow line through that block running back to mainsheet swivel. Push from behind the dinghy while you tail the slack through the mainsheet jammer. You can stop and catch your breath and cleat keeps you from losing ground. I use versions of that setup to move shit around my very sloped yard when it is too wet to use truck or lawnmower to pull stuff.
  18. Drip Drip Drip

    Some guy's twitter hot-take on the GSA emails.
  19. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    The Int Canoe was my answer to the question of what to do when hiking hurts and still want to go fast. My injury pretty much rules out the trap for any length of time.
  20. Crossbow fl 2017

    True for most of SA
  21. Where do you work on your boat?

    Those temp garages usually use the same diameter tubing as chain link fence top rail which is pretty cheap and available at every DIY store for making longer legs. I had to make downhill legs longer once to level the "roof" Edit- I think King Kanopy was the brand I had.
  22. Tether to masthead?