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    Default type face change?

    Well, it looks fine on my phone so I guess it is my android tablet.
  2. Dex Sawash

    Default type face change?

    I'm not one of those people who is all precious about cap lock kind of stuff, but fuckthe current text displayed annoying* Letter spacing is terrible, esp the t and h. th th <state of that, a shambles. Can it be changed? *Well stop keying it in, Dex you asshole.
  3. Dex Sawash

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I'm too thick to follow this 100%. We need specific terms for 3 axes plus elevation now. We should never have used "height" to mean heading relative to wind direction.
  4. Dex Sawash

    VA Gov Cup - Ware River YC

    I will probably be there with my Expedition 14.5, loaned my Bucc out for the season.
  5. Dex Sawash

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    Melania has too much grace to bring up the Queen's nude pics
  6. Dex Sawash


    How far toward a new one does $7k get you? Mast and one kite?
  7. Dex Sawash

    Craigslist Finds

    Talking about this hollow in topsides, looking at pics it doesnt show up from every angle. I drew the arrow a bit low but wasn't arsed to do it over.
  8. Dex Sawash

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    The original benefits scroungers avoiding work yet again.
  9. Dex Sawash

    VA Gov Cup - Ware River YC

    WRYC does do a good regatta. Hobie left out the important part, WRYC has a kitchen cooking hot breakfast and lunch items. No donut and half a banana breakfast at this one. Portsmouth fleet too, bring your freaks and orphans.
  10. Dex Sawash

    Salvage advise appreciated

    Plant some drugs in it then buy it at auction after local drugs enforcement takes it to impound facility.
  11. If all the women would just boycott dicks, the gun violence would end in a few decades.
  12. Dex Sawash

    One Hour to Go!

    Going to start texting all my conservative friends to interrupt their wanking sessions. Might catch 1 or 2 in the vinegar strokes.
  13. Dex Sawash

    How not to move your boat this summer

    A Rocky situation
  14. Dex Sawash

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Bugger that
  15. Dex Sawash

    Boat loans

    Shit, thought I was going to maybe flush one of the fleet away for a few months.
  16. Dex Sawash


    I wear one at work most of the day and have owned dozens. Black Diamond Icon is my favorite but is over $100 with charging gear. Been buying the $25 GRDE ones from Amazon lately. Comes with A123 cells and a variety of charging thingies. They sell a few slightly different models that all seem ok. The elastic dies a little too fast. In general, features that are important to me- 3rd strap on top so you can put it on with one hand and to keep it from ending up qhanging around your neck. Battery pack on rear for balance. No shitty AAA cells, AA or A123. Great for work or camping. Dont wear on deck.
  17. Dex Sawash

    Spanky's Poisoner Pal Putin bags two more in Britain

    Warn out break pads
  18. Dex Sawash

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Probably should use Plexus instead of nails
  19. Dex Sawash

    RS Cat 14 Question

    You're definitely too heavy for the Hobie 14 even without camping gear.
  20. Dex Sawash

    UFO's Real or just Your Imagination

    Ask @Dave Clark
  21. Dex Sawash

    CL 16 Wayfarer copy water ballast boat?

    No. It implies that there is more hull volume sealed that can act as flotation than a boat that is single hulled, generally speaking.
  22. Dex Sawash

    The VX Evo

    $99/mo lease promotion?
  23. Dex Sawash

    Estimating Sailing Time? Edit- have used a trapeze cleat with 1:1 or 2:1 before. For daysailing the main thing you need is to be able to ease it under load.
  24. Dex Sawash

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    I sail a variety of single-handers and then carry the bags for my wife at the mall and buy her wood-fired pizza too often. #balance