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  1. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    I only use the Minkata, check calibrate it to the area im in, one value. Havent had any drift issues (havent noticed anyway)
  2. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    USB hasn't been a bad experience, it has worked perfectly well and setting it up in expedition and subsequently out to deckman and B&G displays is easy, giving you all the strip chart options you could ever want. With using it in a strip chart i get easy access and good viewing options via my deckscreen/tablet.
  3. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    Ive been using starpath minkata http://www.fischer-barometer.de/katalog/dokumente/meteo/e330202_02.pdf for a few years now, very good. Can interface into expedition and subsequently deckman.
  4. NYYC

    Hi Im in New York for a week, any chance someone could give me an intro, would love to visit the model room. Dear Mr. Turton, Thank you for your inquiry regarding visiting the New York Yacht Club. Our guest policies require that visitors be introduced in writing by a member of the NYYC or that they be a member of one of our reciprocal clubs. Unfortunately, we do not have a reciprocal arrangement with your organization at this time. Thank you for your understanding. I hope you enjoy your visit to New York.
  5. what is it?

    Goofly 2
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    light vmg running and reaching, order has been placed
  7. Brisbane to Kepple

    That was fun... On the Alive we managed a few videos which are unedited https://www.facebook.com/Aliveyachting/?fref=ts Only saw a few whales with one making the helmsman sweat as it went down not far from the side of yacht whilst at 20+. Never been that quick out of the bay and we have set a new benchmark for the boat been past Cape Capricorn at dawn.
  8. Cone of Silence

    aahh memories
  9. Most years they do theBig boat challenge.. S2H Brisbane to Keppel Hammo race week. Billionaire's can do what they want with their money but canters have screwed offshore racing for us little guys. The great thing about offshore racing used to be that unlike any other sport on earth you could show up at a Grand Prix in your family sedan and if everything went well you could actually win. But now the handicap results are listed top to bottom in money spent. Motor racing and yachting are now the only sports where you can buy your trophies. Unless you count marriage as a sport. Didn't Hicko win a hobart, Chris Morgan win a Keppel in recent years
  10. Sorry Malcolm, Listened to your innerview.. Your corporate line on the Sowrey sage and the Water Quality issue at RIO was nothing short of the voice of your puppet master. Bet you wouldn't go for a swim in that raw sewerage called a sailing venue.... Where is the Occ Health and safety concerns of the sailors?
  11. garmin quatix watch?

    I had one lasted a day past the warranty period. Save your money!!!!
  12. Yeh i know, buy an add, the last add i bought on here they didnt even publish it, but yes the Red Box Boat is for sale. http://www.tradeboat...t-85-od-review/ The red one in the pics in the review.
  13. So what news of Syd's new ride?

    Don't forget the water ballast, there is significant displacement control (approx 20%) when you have the ability to add that much water
  14. Beau Geste

    Sorry Incorrect, conversely BG was the only boat in the first 7 across the line not to have a measured spinnaker, the others ranged from a yes, SPA 971.81 to SPA 497.91. I watched it sailing for over a day close by, given a race where BG is at its optimum point on its performance curve, were not going to see it and dare i say nor are the others........ Its IRC displacement is well under earlier opinions.....
  15. Beau Geste

    On the IRC Race cert i looked at. No spinnakers