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  1. Interesting. I have wondered why you found your tackticks have been so poor for speed when I have had no problems over 7 years of use, checked with regular calibrations. I just figured your much greater technical know-how was detecting problems that I couldn't see But I did discover the system was flaky without the temperature wires a long time ago when fiddling around putting in a second paddlewheel so I have one in each hull of my catamaran, but I forgot about it til I saw your post!
  2. Square top main?

    I changed our pinhead main on my Chris White Atlantic 46 to a square top 3 years ago. Its a minor hassle to hoist and drop compared to the pinhead, but once we worked out a system, its no problem. I can do it singlehanded with a bit of effort, easy with 2. There are hardware and design options that make it even easier (Doyle Sails has a beauty, others have been mentioned in this thread) and I would go that way with my next sail. But it would still be a squaretop because it is a fantastic sail. You get more speed in most conditions, and much more safety and control in high winds and gusts due to the automatic depowering. It took us from being a slug in light winds to having good speed (there was an increase in area overall but the big factor seems to be the bigger area up high and the really good control of twist the shape gives). Really efficient sail upwind. Very forgiving in the gusty stuff - reacts quicker than you can, but as always in a multi you need to reef appropriately and be ready on the sheets/traveller in case you get a real big gust
  3. Simplification and rationalization would be VERY welcome!!
  4. Lopolight failures - Anyone else have problems

    Only had the tricolor at top of mast. Lasted 18 months, then stb sector stopped working. Didn't bother with the guarantee as didn't want another. Replaced with Hella LED - been going strong for 3 years ...