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  1. If Oracle has a major collision on Saturday with TNZ, then TNZ will be granted one day to repair. What happens if TNZ still not ready on Monday? The match(es) go to Oracle as I understand it.
  2. 2002 graphic with 19 meter lead.
  3. Hasn't Virtual Spectator shown the ladders et al for almost a couple of decades? Here's a link to software that could be downloaded over a 56K modem to watch the America's Cup with analytics in 2002. http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/sailing/rotd/current/vsdownload.html. I remember subscribing and being so excited to watch the races. I also remember watching VS during the television coverage. The system showed laylines, boat speeds, and projected leads continuously. I like the new races and coverage much better.
  4. I agree SHC. I see ETNZ moving the top of the wing much more than others. On a regular cat, it would be as if someone could play the cunningham through an enormous range in rapid cycles beyond what the gear we have is capable of. The articles about the team say Glenn has become an excellent hydraulic operator and may do construction if sailing stops working out. It appears much more sophisticated than the the old sheet on a winch.
  5. Another anarchist, Tabarly, just got an A-Class in Connecticut / Boston I believe. We are putting together a guide for new prospects to the class. Here is a draft. Feedback is welcome. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hywNiZyr_Hs8eLquFLwK2RGMVNrSUwvlS8vyCJxq1pw/edit?usp=sharing There are a lot of good options out there. I suspect you can get an entry level foiler in that price range now, or you can go lower and convert one. I don't recommend undertaking a conversion for a first time class member. It's better to use your time to sail and learn the boat. Some people will say it is better to buy a C board boat at first to get a feel for it, but you can also start with a foiler and just not pull the boards back if you can find one that fits in your budget. Getting a boat that already foils is simpler for sure if that is the direction you want to go. Sounds like you've got great skills and a foiler would be right up your alley. Let me know how else I can help. I talked on the phone quite a bit with Tabarly (IIRC the right user name here) to help him think through options before he got a boat. You can PM me. I am the class president in the USA. Some video of us and others sailing two weekends ago in Panama City at the end of our winter series. 50 A-Class participated in the Winter Series. https://www.ratherbe.com/video/2017-caterwaul-regatta-great-footage/CrcN_u8Zs0.vb2pR9N5ue Bailey
  6. Steve, there is DK in my back yard too, and I've been thinking about cool things to try. Would love to hear your ideas. I agree on the UFO. Seems to do a lot right, and at the right price. I wouldn't be surprised if it costs a ready-to-sail UFO just to fully convert an F16 or F18 to foiling with any current technology.
  7. For cats and T-foils, I give credit to the UFO for putting Ts in the right place on a multihull. http://www.fulcrumspeedworks.com/UFO/ Beach launch, check. Weed clearing, mostly. Safe in moving about on the beach or boat park without foils sticking outside max beam, check. Uses a T-foil the way it should be (like a moth), check. Makes foiling easier by not having to the use the trapeze, check. I do not think it is an easy retrofit option.
  8. Here are a few other data points: * The Phantom Essential chose Z boards. Looks very good and stable with people aged 65 and also youth sailors foiling along. * The new F18 Cirrus has cases designed for what look like must be Z type boards for its foiling option. * The Scorpion F18 Open design is going to offer Z boards. * The Nacra 17 MKII as noted above. * Rumors of others. For sure the learning curve has taken some time and cost, but designers and builders are doing smart things now to make development easier going forward. Things like larger board widths inside the case so the narrower underwater board doesn't scrape as it goes down the case and provides a way for the case to hold many board designs without case bearing modifications. At least in the A-Class, I believe two Zs can cost less than a moth horizontal and vertical. Zs are not perfect as noted above but they are a solid technology with less rigging and complication than other solutions. I see new T classes are going with main and rudder lifting foils outside max beam of the boat. That is also possible with Zs that go outwards first (eXploder was doing this in the A before I saw this in the AC50s) and of course with any rudder. For me personally, I want to sail with a boat with foils only inside max beam. I do not want to have a trapeze line break or just missing the trap in a hurried tack result in a Frank Cammas kind of injury or worse.
  9. That video is pretty old. Here is a more recent one: https://youtu.be/KKzVaJ1ssns?t=92
  10. PS - when I bought my first A-cat from a friend who now sails on Phaedo MOD 70, he told me he sailed by himself in Santa Cruz, an area with some of the highest winds and biggest waves in the US near a harbor. What he did was clip a carabiner between his trapeze and the mainsheet when he sailed solo to make sure he never got separated from the boat.
  11. very good info above. The US Class site is a good resource but needs a "getting started" set of resources. We have talked about making this. Lots of regattas in the Northeast as well throughout the summer season. They just aren't promoted as well but Lake Hopatcong, NJ will have 30+ boats attending several events, and people are sailing at Bristol RI, Newport, Sandy Hook NJ and other locations throughout the season. Many sailors will be happy to help you sort through what to get. Let me know your background and I'll connect you with someone similar.
  12. http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node%2F964
  13. Couldn't it also just be that Maserati came with some first gen board(s) that didn't provide enough lift all the time? or maybe they were so draggy at high lift, that sticking another lifting surface on the center daggerboard was a creative and cost effective solution? I give them credit and am positive it was the cheapest way to get more lift and reduce the criticality of the leeward board foiling well. The people who developed the pre-Maserati tri sailed it as a trial horse and I'm sure did not attain perfection with their first major effort. From what I see, the big ultime programs are not adopting the Maserati style but perhaps they will over time to deal better with wave state. It is unfortunate Doug has inclined people against the Maserati work with the over posting and analogous claims. I can see the benefit in ocean waves even if it is not a perfect solution. Doug, if you want to support their work, please stop tainting it with over promotion as you have foils on this forum that manage heave stability with leeway. The irony is that such foils loose some of their heave stability with a central daggerboard deployed that reduces the leeway important to their stability.
  14. 4 point vs 3 point foiling comparisons on pg 26 have little do with this AC. When Pete presented this data in Newport, the qualifiers he used were important to understand as well.
  15. He has several A Class catamarans in his stable. Always seems to choose great boats to sail.