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  1. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    We've got several USA classic sailors planning to come visit Australia next year for the Worlds.
  2. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Yes, the people who have the talent AND training finished 1 and 2. They also finished beside each other in Sopot but the places were reversed. Bruce was on the eXploder at that time. After the North Americans, Ben Hall said, "It ain't over yet for the F1," and I think that is a good synopsis. Conditions were totally different with flat water compared to the chop in Poland. While I had to sit this one out due to work, the video I have seen today showing the way Mischa foils and tacks upwind and the way he foils through the offset and then downwind are top notch. We'll get something published shortly. It will not be as epic as our prior work by Nick Bowers, but still good. Hoping to get Nick out again over the winter series with us. There was talk of stiffness of foils and concern that perhaps some gear is not stiff enough. Will be interesting to see how things develop and what others see over time. Some people felt the new 15 masts didn't bend quite like the older ones as well. Bruce put together a writeup we published on IACA. http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/1085. Well done, Bruce.
  3. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Re the cats being too fragile: remember when Dalts was saying how big the conditions where that they sailed in. Tornado, etc and the boat was doing average 42 knots in big waves to paraphrase the video here.
  4. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    kinda hilarious somehow Mischa was classified as classic. I let SDYC know yesterday and it is fixed: https://sdyc.org/assets/results/results17/a-cat-na-res.htm
  5. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    nice looking new sail.
  6. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    We now have a final list of boats complying with all measurement and tabulation of the types of boats entered. 10 eXploders, 10 DNAs, Struble, Hall, Morelli and Melvin, and even a Bimare and Auscat Flyer. This is double the turnout we had at our last West Coast Championship and shows the growing strength of the class nationwide. Today is the first day of racing. Ben Hall's latest update with Day 3 of warm-ups from yesterday: Yesterday was pretty much the same as Day 1. Went out with Robbie Daniels again in the rib for his clinic. Great staring drills and speed testing...kinda like herding cats for the speed testing as boats were having trouble lining up correctly. Then we ran a few 1 lap races. Matt Keenan and Larry Woods led the pack with some spectacular foiling. Everyone learning a ton from Robbie's on the water coaching and video debriefs. After sailing I got my dose of driving on "The 5"....8 lanes going 70mph....only in California....and nobody uses their turn signals to change lanes...they say that would be a sign of weakness....hmmmm. (Editor's note: 70 is slow in the South). Picked Emmanuel Cerf at the airport this morning...he was immediately impressed with the weather, regatta site and the scene in general. Carla and John have been full on in measurement mode and everything seems to be running smoothly. A few predictable measurement issues with boards and rudder winglets. Talking with a cross section of sailors, the consensus Is that the site is really nice due to moderate breeze, flat water, warm water and consistent weather. Forecast looks to be a little lighter over the next few days so that may give the Classics a chance to shine. Tonight is the opening reception at San Diego YC and we plan to have the class meeting on Thursday after sailing. Today is final prep for racing tomorrow when the rubber will seriously hit the road. Rudder tuning, sail checks and on the water practice. Many sailors are here to learn as much as they can...and with Robbie, Mischa, Bruce and Matt sharing their knowledge, most will learn more in 5 days than sailing at home for a year. Admiral out
  7. Two Nikitas came in last container of 6 A-cats from Poland, one of them going to someone who got out of the class in frustration as foiling developed and is now jumping back in with both feet. The key for classics will be to get 5 countries at each of the upcoming Worlds. That way the plans are cemented going forward for the classics. USA will be there. AUS of course. Who else? Hoping for GER, SUI, ITA, and more.
  8. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Thanks for the correction, Doug. First report is that 27 boats are were on site this morning in the lead up to racing on Thursday. I love the way this fleet gets to any regatta early. Matt Struble reported the breeze being up to 17 knots on the water on Sunday. I think if we see 8 to 14, no one will complain.
  9. The A-Class has their annual North American Championship at SDYC this week. The event is organized by Olympian and North Sails VP Vince Brun and DN, Moth, and A-Class sailor extraordinaire Matt Struble as co-chairs through prestigious SDYC who have been gracious hosts so far in preparations. More info: https://sdyc.org/calendar/event/a-cat-north-american-championship/ We are running the event in south Mission Bay where the wind is best at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center. Please come by and check it out if you are nearby. Now for the smack talking: First, Mischa Heemskerk is sailing a new F1 that was just delivered to Houston, TX for a new sailor there. He is always a factor and will be brining some new sails for himself and Bruce Mahoney. Bruce Mahoney is coming off Poland where he won his first race in Gold Fleet and finished 8th overall. He is on his F1 now after sailing a new eXploder at the Worlds in August in Poland. Bruce is already on site and training, so expect him to be a serious contender. Matt Struble is the current overall North American champion. The guy generally only gets bullets and will be sailing Emmanuel Cerf's new eXploder. This is the same eXploder that Bruce used in Poland. Will be very interesting to see where Matt takes the boat. Matt put away his moth today after getting all first places at their North American championship in the same venue. This is home sailing location and one he is developing for high performance sailing in Southern California. That is likely your top 3 but it's still a boat race. What order will them come in? Traditionally would have to say Mischa finishes 1st, but now the eXploder platform looked dominant in Poland. How quick of a study will Matt be? After that group, you have many seriously quick sailors like the Woods brothers, Matt Keenan, Bob Hodges, Brandon Wallace, Robbie Daniel, etc in foilers and people like Woody Cope on the Nikita and Ken Marshack on DNA C board going fast with classics. Robbie has Darren Bundock's eXploder from Poland on loan to him from Ken Marshack. Very nicely set up boat with differential rudder controls. The class recognizes overall and classic North American champions so the competition will be very close among a large number of sailors across the two scoring divisions. The Class is sponsoring coaching before the event with Red Gear Racing. You can get a full day of coaching with our fleet sponsorship for $75 a day. Can't be beat. The Class is also sponsoring lecture and information sharing from Mischa Heemskerk during the event as well as help on the tuning guide we are creating. Would be awesome to see The Editor there!
  10. Foiling Nacra 17 - Yet another World Sailing Disaster?

    A "not" on foiling boards being slower upwind got autocorrected out Foiling boards are NOT much slower in my experience, but that is in a class where foiling and non foiling boats are racing together. I wonder why the customer would dictate to the designer foil dimensions. Sounds like you are getting it figured out, Macca. I would love to know exactly how much load is carried by each foil at various angles.
  11. Foiling Nacra 17 - Yet another World Sailing Disaster?

    Z foils can do what Team GBR describes. Any foil can loose lift, and many A-Class sailors have experienced it over the last several years. The newest eXploder foils in the A-Class are very good in this regard and a significant step forward over the DNA Z boards that set the standard for the last two years. Foiling boards have been much slower upwind for the A-Class than C boards or straight boards, but clearly something is different with the Nacra now from what Macca describes. It is not that hard to upgrade foils if need be, though it would come at an expense for the N17 fleet. Just keep the top of the board the same and change the design below the lower bearing exit. As long as the new design is not longer in chord or thickness, it should pass through the same lower bearing. A new design could have different rake, toe-in or toe-out, less drag when immersed, etc just in the board without changing the boat. Is this the kind of thing you are thinking about Macca?
  12. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Doug also invented the first trimaran that doesn't tack and has video proof.
  13. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    The first USA D3's have 50 cm boards, not 60. One very qualified person sailed one just like those D3s at the Worlds and was going very well in the breeze and reported hanging with the new boats downwind one time when we talked there. I am not saying this to diminish the quality of the new boats and the Z22s as they are very, very good, but just to provide some accurate data, context, and perspective. Those Z22s just don't fall off the foils and feel slick and low drag. You can fly very high and just sit there without falling off the foils. It's impressive. They also feel OK downwind when sailing flat with all that foiling gear causing drag. A few people were trying differential rudders that can give downforce on the windward side upwind. Makes a ton of sense to me and something I am very keen to try. It will take some development to make something really easy to use there and is pretty exciting in concept to me. Z22: https://goo.gl/photos/E6o27x1egoTfJoRC6 https://goo.gl/photos/GoqQ5zU9cQjyJfyB6 I'm not sure why Scott Anderson had such a strange boom set up. He sailed a boomless sail with a boom on what looked to be a standard gooseneck. I didn't ask him but suspected it was like a fancy bartender who makes incredible cocktails all night only to open a budweiser when he gets home. Can't be bothered I'd guess. The Fiberfoam 15 masts are reportedly about 1.5 Kgs heavier and are beefed up since so many people are running heavy downhaul downwind from what I've heard. i doubt that is all in the gooseneck area but I don't have any specific knowledge.