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  1. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    SuperFoiler draws about 13 meters when upside down. I was nervous a mast was going to break when a boat was inverted last weekend.
  2. A-Class cats added to 2018 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Great shots! 66 yrs old and visiting from Washington state to sail in the winter. He purchased Darren Bundock's boat from the last A-Class Worlds. Needs a USA sail number now.
  3. Catamaran suggestions. Planning on living onboard.

    Pepito, have you met many of the multihull fleet members at Lake Lanier Sailing Club? First, there are F18s, A-Class, and other small boats that would give you very good experience. Would be well worth buying a starter model. Second, a few folks there have done some cruising on large cats and might be able to help. Third, while there aren't any cruising cats at the club, there are some tri's. Another nice first step would be to purchase a keelboat at Lake Lanier to start to get a feel for systems, large boat handling, etc. An older boat is not expensive, the club has Wi-Fi that you likely could reach at anchor, and you could do a very low scale simulation of what you are envisioning.
  4. Banque Populaire IX

    The boat is really impressive. The video shows a lot more than what one poster obsesses about. It is a shame about the attempts for that to dominate the conversation and understanding of such a big and expensive endeavor. Things like deck sweeper fairings on the main sail along the cabin top and video highlights of the difficulties with traditional multihull bows stuffing waves while foiling. Both remind me of the development we have gone through with the A-Class catamarans on a much smaller scale but in time frames that have occurred since the conception of Banque Populaire IX. I would not be surprised if over time these big ocean going boats put more rocker up front so the lower portions of the bows stay dry. It has made a big difference for us. I don't know what is going on the with the rudder elevator tip winglets that look much thicker than the rest of elevator. They look like wedges. Any thoughts? The boat looks like it is designed to fly flat. Otherwise why go the trouble of retracting the windward rudder and windward foil which would be well clear when sailing at trimaran traditional heel angles? But with its traditional trimaran design, the center hull often is in the water with a flat boat, even with the leeward hull fully foiling to design height. This is a very different situation to what a previous poster has worked towards with full flight. All boats are compromises, and there are likely too many good things with a traditional trimaran hull / rocker design in an around the world race to change it enough to get the center hull fully clear of the water. At least at this stage. Perhaps the drag of that lifting foil on the central daggerboard is another compromise to deal with the typically immersed surface of the fairly traditional center hull. Perhaps that item is gone in 10 years as these kinds of boats mature and foil more and more. I don't know. There is no doubt to me that a boat like this one is a major step forward but that we are nowhere near the ultimate of what these can be. How could we be? I will be curious to see how they get more shape in the mainsail down low over time and still allowing reefing. I think it will happen. Power down low is where it is at for all foilers with masts. While the AC50s adopted a bow down attitude, we might see these big boats adopt a bow up attitude while foiling to minimize the drag from punching into waves.
  5. 2017/18 Australian A Class Championships

    pics on Facebook show people popping up right at the start. Hope to see and hear more.
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Full penalty section of SI's below. So if Wild Oats XI is found to have infringed, then the boat could face a penalty between 5 minutes and 40% scoring penalty. 20. ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES (Amends RRS 44, 63.1 and 64) 20.1 BEFORE CLEARING TURNING MARKS Z/Y. (a) For an infringement of Part 2 of the RRS that occurs after the Preparatory Signal and prior to the boat clearing the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y), the Two Turns Penalty under RRS 44.2 shall apply. (b) A boat which is found after a protest hearing to have infringed a rule of Part 2 of the RRS after the Preparatory Signal and prior to the boat clearing the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y), shall receive a time penalty of not less than 5 minutes added to the boat’s elapsed time. (c) A boat that is found to be on course side at it ́s starting signal and fails to return and start shall receive a scoring penalty of 30%. (d) A boat that complies with SI 20.1(a) shall, in addition to completing the Declaration as required under SI 26, notify “JBW” when reporting its position at the first scheduled Radio Position Report (1905 hours on 26 December 2017). 20.2 AFTER CLEARING TURNING MARK Z/Y. (a) After a boat has cleared the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y), the Scoring Penalties of RRS 44.3 shall apply for an infringement of Part 2 of the RRS or these SIs. (b) A boat which is found after a protest hearing to have infringed Part 2 of the RRS after clearing the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y) shall receive as a minimum a scoring penalty of 30%. (c) A boat which fails to meet the requirements of SI 26 (Declarations) shall receive a scoring penalty of 20% applied by the Race Committee without a hearing (Amends RRS 63.1). 20.3 Where a penalty is not specified the International Jury may at their discretion impose a scoring penalty up to 40% in lieu of disqualification. 20.4 The International Jury may, at its discretion, disqualify a boat that causes serious damage or injury to another boat or its crew or for an infringement of RRS 69.1. 20.5 All penalties, unless otherwise specified, shall be computed as a percentage of the number of entries to the nearest whole number (rounding .5 upwards) in each Handicap Category or Division.
  7. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Definitely looking good, Bob. When did Randy first start doing A-Class boomless? 2000s? 1990s? I like the way he has the sail dialed in so that the sheeting angle is at the leech. He's always done that from the sails I've seen of his.
  8. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    I recently tried sheeting a big head classic sail and had forgotten about the sheet loads. Maybe there is more to it, but it sounds like a smart choice and hope you love the boat. Several people here are keen to see how they go and what they look like.
  9. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    Full credit to them pursuing this boat and continuing to improve it. That boat has righting moment and weight to go very quick. The concept seems scary to me with the 2 bows missing, and I suspect those missing bows increase the trip hazard quite a bit when the boat is not level. Seems like a normal foiling cat would have better lived through the drop off the foils for example as the leeward bow would keep the for and aft trim more level. I don't understand why I keep seeing the boat sail with the cunnigham pretty loose. Maybe that is because of what ACS is saying on the background of the sailors. I believe the boat started out with no windows cut in the sails IIRC.
  10. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    No question the DS works in the A for classics here. We've had people sailing them for at least a year and winning races. As one sailor said it, he had to buy one if he wanted to point like the foilers using them upwind. The deck sweepers for classics that Jay Glaser and Randy Smyth have made are adapted to the needs of a classic. Jay's are designed for a boom and Randy's are not as Randy was boomless as a philosophy as early as 2010 when I first started sailing the A-Class. I had pics of Randy's handy so included them here. Some older boomless rigs attached too, courtesy of a presentation Peter Block recently gave us at Lake Lanier. He has been sailing the class since 1967. Just terrific to have his experience and sharing of info. Check out the one with the large head and cut out leech.
  11. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    We've got several USA classic sailors planning to come visit Australia next year for the Worlds.
  12. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Yes, the people who have the talent AND training finished 1 and 2. They also finished beside each other in Sopot but the places were reversed. Bruce was on the eXploder at that time. After the North Americans, Ben Hall said, "It ain't over yet for the F1," and I think that is a good synopsis. Conditions were totally different with flat water compared to the chop in Poland. While I had to sit this one out due to work, the video I have seen today showing the way Mischa foils and tacks upwind and the way he foils through the offset and then downwind are top notch. We'll get something published shortly. It will not be as epic as our prior work by Nick Bowers, but still good. Hoping to get Nick out again over the winter series with us. There was talk of stiffness of foils and concern that perhaps some gear is not stiff enough. Will be interesting to see how things develop and what others see over time. Some people felt the new 15 masts didn't bend quite like the older ones as well. Bruce put together a writeup we published on IACA. http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/1085. Well done, Bruce.
  13. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Re the cats being too fragile: remember when Dalts was saying how big the conditions where that they sailed in. Tornado, etc and the boat was doing average 42 knots in big waves to paraphrase the video here.
  14. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    kinda hilarious somehow Mischa was classified as classic. I let SDYC know yesterday and it is fixed: https://sdyc.org/assets/results/results17/a-cat-na-res.htm