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  1. Lost in Translation

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Great to see Stingray and thanks to Tom Ehman. I'd love to see this. So here are the proposed teams for the F50's per Tom: France - Cammas USA - Rome Kirby NZL or China - Craig Monk Australia - Slingsby Sweden - Ian Percy Stan Honey will be involved in the TV to take it to the next level. Other details: 10 boat rehab / build and logistics led by Mark Turner. Crew of 5 with electric power, reduction of 1 person compared to the AC. $5M entry fee, boat delivered for use "concierge" style at each event. No mods allowed. Teams could make money with share of media rights. Events possible in Sydney, Europe, Bermuda, San Francisco, and elsewhere.
  2. Lost in Translation

    Chris White carbon 70ft cat w/ freestanding rig

    Team Phillips was building their boat themselves with a long term goal to become a composites company beyond the life of The Race. I would have loved to have seen how that boat performed around the world against the more conventional cats. The hulls remind me of a more radical, scaled up Gougean 32 that was dedicated to wave piercing.
  3. Lost in Translation

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    To race as classic, the sailor has to commit to keep the hulls planted: http://www.a-cat.org/sites/default/files/definition_of_classic_0.pdf
  4. Lost in Translation

    Dry-sail A Cat in San Francisco

    Ian, go to Treasure Island Sailing Club and get to know the people there. Great group and very supportive of sailing with a community focus. Also get to know Richmond Yacht Club, it's been the home base of high performance dinghies like International Canoes for many years in the bay. Richmond will be much better to sail in and out of. It is where the Skiff Sailing Foundation is based that has had As in the past. TI can be very puffy and put you in heavy air very quickly. I'd get a cut down sail for TI. Heck, maybe for the whole Bay Area. It's been a long time since I sailed there but those were the two best. UC Berkley has a community sailing club that might have a good beach launch, not sure. There are a few other A sailors around, including another recent SF arrival, Zach. Talk to Andy Kolb for the most current info. I know they are talking about getting together. Huntington Lake this summer sounds awesome too.
  5. Lost in Translation

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    I kinda think that was a boat I had in Palo Alto, CA in the mid 90s before getting a Hamlin. It had a hoop for the mainsheet at the time and was sold to someone in Washington. It also had a lever vang and magic boxes. It had Pattison sails. Thought it was Ballenger built though IIRC so maybe different? Someone spent a lot of time painting and improving that boat from your pictures.
  6. Lost in Translation

    DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    Two thinks can help the A14 that are very easy to improve foiling: 1) Pull the JZ boards up a couple of inches if you aren't already. This makes them more progressive. You will need a little more rake to foil but will have more stable flight. 2) Put larger horizontals on the rudders. Emmanuel has these I believe. I was amazed how much these help and wonder about putting some even larger ones on a boat like yours. It still will not foil like a new D3, but it will be improved with minimal effort and expense. I know Daniel converted his A15 boat from JZ to Z10 at the same case position as yours and has seen a significant improvement. He just moved the sliders inboard at the top to fit the different geometry and did a little fairing underneath.
  7. Lost in Translation

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    I'd like to see I-20s out there as well. I feel like they were the dominant distance racing class, but imagine the choices of the organizers have been carefully made after consulting with those who have done distance racing before. Nothing wrong with the F18 and there are a lot of them out there now. I think the Weta would be way too slow compared to the rest of the fleet. No organizer wants to keep the finish line open for a lot of hours each day, though they have done it for probably 8+ hours when we tore a kite and suffered on for miles without one.
  8. Lost in Translation

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    The Z's work fine upwind and down. No additional centerboard needed on the A-cat's and now Nacra 17s. Upwind foiling from a picture on Catsailing News: The thing that works well with the Zs is that as leeway develops, the leeward board gets more loaded and the windward board gets less loaded, increasing righting moment. A centerboard would hurt that cause and reduce righting moment.
  9. Lost in Translation

    Kleen Breeze

    what's the forecast for the breeze? does the southerly develop or will the northerly fill in? Pulling for Jzerro!
  10. Lost in Translation

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    No one will disagree with the lack of flexibility. We will see how the new ones wear here. So far, so good. We have quite a few new boats with composite tramps but we also have people retrofitting them here. Bruce Mahoney would be good to talk to about this. He has installed them on several Nikitas and other classic boats. They look sharp and are much tighter than a cloth tramp.
  11. Lost in Translation

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    SuperFoiler draws about 13 meters when upside down. I was nervous a mast was going to break when a boat was inverted last weekend.
  12. Lost in Translation

    A-Class cats added to 2018 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Great shots! 66 yrs old and visiting from Washington state to sail in the winter. He purchased Darren Bundock's boat from the last A-Class Worlds. Needs a USA sail number now.
  13. Lost in Translation

    Catamaran suggestions. Planning on living onboard.

    Pepito, have you met many of the multihull fleet members at Lake Lanier Sailing Club? First, there are F18s, A-Class, and other small boats that would give you very good experience. Would be well worth buying a starter model. Second, a few folks there have done some cruising on large cats and might be able to help. Third, while there aren't any cruising cats at the club, there are some tri's. Another nice first step would be to purchase a keelboat at Lake Lanier to start to get a feel for systems, large boat handling, etc. An older boat is not expensive, the club has Wi-Fi that you likely could reach at anchor, and you could do a very low scale simulation of what you are envisioning.
  14. Lost in Translation

    Banque Populaire IX

    The boat is really impressive. The video shows a lot more than what one poster obsesses about. It is a shame about the attempts for that to dominate the conversation and understanding of such a big and expensive endeavor. Things like deck sweeper fairings on the main sail along the cabin top and video highlights of the difficulties with traditional multihull bows stuffing waves while foiling. Both remind me of the development we have gone through with the A-Class catamarans on a much smaller scale but in time frames that have occurred since the conception of Banque Populaire IX. I would not be surprised if over time these big ocean going boats put more rocker up front so the lower portions of the bows stay dry. It has made a big difference for us. I don't know what is going on the with the rudder elevator tip winglets that look much thicker than the rest of elevator. They look like wedges. Any thoughts? The boat looks like it is designed to fly flat. Otherwise why go the trouble of retracting the windward rudder and windward foil which would be well clear when sailing at trimaran traditional heel angles? But with its traditional trimaran design, the center hull often is in the water with a flat boat, even with the leeward hull fully foiling to design height. This is a very different situation to what a previous poster has worked towards with full flight. All boats are compromises, and there are likely too many good things with a traditional trimaran hull / rocker design in an around the world race to change it enough to get the center hull fully clear of the water. At least at this stage. Perhaps the drag of that lifting foil on the central daggerboard is another compromise to deal with the typically immersed surface of the fairly traditional center hull. Perhaps that item is gone in 10 years as these kinds of boats mature and foil more and more. I don't know. There is no doubt to me that a boat like this one is a major step forward but that we are nowhere near the ultimate of what these can be. How could we be? I will be curious to see how they get more shape in the mainsail down low over time and still allowing reefing. I think it will happen. Power down low is where it is at for all foilers with masts. While the AC50s adopted a bow down attitude, we might see these big boats adopt a bow up attitude while foiling to minimize the drag from punching into waves.
  15. Lost in Translation

    2017/18 Australian A Class Championships

    pics on Facebook show people popping up right at the start. Hope to see and hear more.