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  1. Flying Tiger

    Rather than using a fractional what we actually did was to build a small mast top kite, about 90 sqm I believe, much smaller and flatter than the class kite. It was still very fast, but much more manageable than class kite in strong winds or when shorthanded.
  2. Flying Tiger

    The tang to which the forestay is attached to, has a second hole right above the one used by the forestay (see picture). I always thought that if you have a second external spinnaker halyard you could attach a block there, and pass the halyard through that block on his way down. WARNING: I never actually did try this solution, as I wasn't sure that tang would be appropriate to take the load of the frack spi. Do your own assessment and tests if you want to give it a try... While you are inspecting the mast take a look at the rivets that keep the tang attached to the mast. The forestay pulls quite hard there, and you may want to replace all of them, or those that might be pulling out as in the picture
  3. A cruise to Pitcairn Island....

    I was there with the Alaska Eagle back in 2004, it's a fairly unique place. Being shuttled in and out of Bounty Bay was quite a ride... https://youtu.be/heJ3tujT3VM?t=98
  4. FT-10

    The site has not been updated in a while, but there are still a lot of info here: http://www.ft10class.info/ http://www.ft10class.info/resources http://www.ft10class.info/media/pics-boats
  5. Seascape 24 in the works

    this is in german, but there's a nice video of the boat inside and outside: http://www.yacht.de/yacht_tv/test_technik/reiserakete--seascape-24/a105775.html
  6. 6 months sabbatical - How to find a boat?

    The article at page 86 on the Horangic family might be of interest (depending on your budget).
  7. Flying Tiger

    yes, the builder would typically send replacement/improvements parts (mast step, transom G10 reinforcement, ...) and in many cases did cover the cost of work at local yards. This is #15 still going strong in San Fran with the new owner... https://h2oshots.smugmug.com/2015-Sailing/2015-YRA-2nd-Half-Opener/i-czWWzgb/A Cazza
  8. fixed carbon bowsprit

    Looks good Rol, can't argue with function and cost... that boat is still a looker! Cazza
  9. fixed carbon bowsprit

    No please, don't do it... That boat is a beauty and a tube on deck would kill the look (I'm gladd the hoyt boom is gone). When you bought her, I was ready to step in if you had not closed the deal. If anything else fails, crowdfund the GC sprit as a memorial to Carl... I'll chip in 50 bucks. Seriously.
  10. Swede 55

    nice shot...
  11. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    EWS has it pretty right... looking at those same results, do you conclude that a Farr 30 is boat for boat in the same bull park (and some time faster) than a 111? Good luck with the norcal fleet, it was great to see the 4 111s going for it on saturday... just make sure you finish in front of all the other 111s, then who cares what the other boats are doing... Cazza
  12. Please send more pictures and drawings of the FT-10 4-point engine garage door system you mentioned.