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  1. AJ Oliver

    Russian S-400 can see F35s, funni as shit!

    But . . . but . . . Roosia is our friend !! So OF COURSE we want them to have our privates - F-35 and otherwise. And we have always been at war with East Asia . . since yesterday at least. And all for a mere $ 1.5 trillion And that way we won't have to learn Arabic or Turkish which would be scary Yeah, blowin' shit up has sure worked our for us.
  2. AJ Oliver

    Russian S-400 can see F35s, funni as shit!

    Just another way for the military industrial complex to scam the taxpayers - does anyone really think that Turkey is more faithless than the US ? Don't forget the US role in the creation of both Al Qaeda and ISIS. Vets For Peace
  3. AJ Oliver

    Russian S-400 can see F35s, funni as shit!

    Yeah, Turkey was a huge backer of ISIS in Iraq and Syria - so it's only logical . . that the US merchants of death would reward them with a fat F-35 deal. I heard the new ones come with automatic power assisted bone saws.
  4. AJ Oliver

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Sweetwater Seas - just got a puff from those clouds . .
  5. AJ Oliver

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Just wanted to wish Apalachicola well - especially the folks at the Maritime Museum. They were really welcoming and gracious to us a few years back - even knowing that we were wise-ass northern lefties. Here is hoping that they are back in business soon - they do a lot to make the panhandle a better community. Here is a FB post of their damage from Michael . .
  6. AJ Oliver

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Gary Younge is good on this issue . . also writes for the Guardian https://www.thenation.com/article/a-small-nation-that-thinks-its-a-world-power/ the most amazing thing about Brexit is that its backers made no plans for the consequences, and they STILL have not. So Boris gets his Brexit and then attacks May's negotiations. Amazing - almost Troumpesque in its stupidity.
  7. Yeah, well my original assertion was that the GOPPERS claim that there is "massive voting fraud" but I should have been more clear in the second comment, which did not include the word "massive" Again, there is ZERO evidence of massive voter fraud, but there IS clear evidence of GOPPER voter suppression - which of course the Reich denies . . Georgia appears to be esp egregious this year . . https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/12/politics/georgia-voter-lawsuit-brian-kemp/index.html And yes, all this is aimed at kicking away the foundations of our sorry-assed old republic - such as it is
  8. Notice that none of the Reichistas above posted a shred of evidence of voter fraud. Which is of course a hallmark of conspiracy theories And by the way gerrymandering is a form of voter suppression, as is negative campaigning and many other slimy GOPPER tricks
  9. You cannot talk to conservatives about GOP voter suppression because they think it is a reasonable response to massive voting fraud - which of course does not exist. Yes, they are nuts.
  10. As an academic one can pretty much defend any position in the classroom (but it helps a lot if one also respects and encourages student views), but get out there is public and challenge neoliberalism, or US exceptionalism, or Zionism . . . and the Reichsters will immediately come after your job. If i had not had a number of excellent deans who really respected academic freedom, and defended it, I would have been gone. (ought to mention that most of those good guy deans were Republicans) and jeebus, when the Koch Bros start buying professorships, and picking the profs, what could possibly be more corrupt?
  11. AJ Oliver

    F35 exceeding expectations. Israel .. "Intel Goldmine"

    The Veterans For Peace have a much better idea . . Say "NO" to the Forever War Good essay here by Major Danny https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/10/01/backfires-and-more-blowback-generation-american-folly I doubt his truth-telling will make for a lengthy military career. Surprised he's not gone already.
  12. While folks run around obsessing about the DNC emails . . they lose sight of the fact that the messages reveal nothing very improper - Did they favor HRC ? Was the process fair to Bernie and other candidates? Yes, and no - but Bernie never expected the DNC to be neutral. In the end, he concluded that the process was SUFFICIENTLY fair. Meanwhile, the CFPB and Dept of Ed are being looted bigly, and our environment is being trashed. And I wish the Dems would also focus on Kave-no's extreme partisanship.
  13. AJ Oliver

    Can you trim the jib sheets in cocktail dress?

    The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie . .
  14. AJ Oliver

    This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    Question about evil-assed Reichistas who fantasize about assaulting pacifists. . . easily answered http://www.ebaumsworld.com/jokes/how-to-educate-a-pacifist/80566782/