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    Retired Pol Sci Prof
  1. Thanks for the update - and keep up the fight against the Greedheads. Up have developers and stary-eyed city officials looking to grab our Sailing Club too - they show up about every ten years or so. (Sandusky Sailing Club) It really pisses me off.
  2. A big project!

    It took us five years to rebuild the Vets For Peace Golden Rule, and that was only 30 feet on deck. After that, I told my wife to shoot me if I ever bought my own wooden boat. Still . . . helping with the Golden Rule was just about the best time and money I ever spent. http://www.vfpgoldenruleproject.org/history/
  3. New old sailer

    Work on your strength, flexibility and conditioning - those are the first to go. And when they do, your sailing days are numbered.
  4. For two people the 7.9 is quite comfortable - though to be sure my spouse and I are creatures of simple comforts . . There is also one for sale in Idaho (1982 S2 7.9 Hull # 132) - see class website watch out for wet/soft core
  5. Similar to several comments above, if I lose the tiller on my S2 7.9 during a tack . . the stick will go hard over to leeward, and the boat will start to spin . . light, medium heavy air makes no difference. if it goes too far you get a crash jibe Don't ask me how I know.
  6. Game On

    Boy, I thought I was unpopular !!
  7. Hooning in the Nimitz.

    That is kind of cool, must admit. But it's also an instrument of mass death. I'd much rather pay to help send your kid to college. Signed, former spear carrier for the empire
  8. J70, cheating and pros

    Well, aren't you just the valiant one. What a punk. (Vietnam Vet)

    Where are John D. McDonald and Farley Mowat when we need them? I'm proud to report that when some greedy developers wanted to grab our non-profit sailing club about ten years ago it wound up costing, not one but, two city managers their jobs. Yep, lawyer up - and call a meeting of the Club where people can pledge $ for legal bills. Invite the media.
  10. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    Don't forget Ted Cruz and other Texas Congress-critters voted against Sandy relief.
  11. I'm not yelling

    In one notable local instance we had an entire crew go on strike in the middle of a race due to a screaming skipper - they all went below and started pounding brewskis. (BTW the term "strike" used for labor disputes is of nautical origin - to demonstrate who was in charge, crew's used to "strike the sails" (take them down) to get management's attention.)
  12. I'm not yelling

    I cannot tell you how many ex-sailors I have met who were turned off by the antics of the psycho-narcissistic screamers who are doing so much damage to our great sport - but being narcissistic the offenders don't care.
  13. I'm not yelling

    Dear Joe - For a good skipper tutorial, check out how Bill Frickers interacted with his crew in the 1970 America's Cup. Charlie Morgan is featured too, but he's not quite as smooth as Frickers. No yelling.
  14. USS Constitution Dry Docking and Restoration

    Interesting comments - thanks I would be the last to claim that mine should be the last word on anything. (I sail with a gent who's long ago ancestor was a privateer in 1812. The 200 year old sea chest is still in the family. I think it could be argued that the US privateers made more of a difference than the US Navy.)