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  1. AJ Oliver

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Blatant violations of the emoluments clause are just a "policy" issue? On the contrary, they are corrupt practices - and impeachable what an idiot
  2. AJ Oliver

    gong xi fa cái

    Here is a cool vid on cooking "pounded babas" for the Chinese New Year. And I got the joke above - I arrived in Viet just after Tet '68. Lots of surprises. JeffBo, how about if you just STFU lest you reveal too much about your ignorance.
  3. AJ Oliver

    Doomsday Clock

    The doco I posted on another thread about a Cuban sugar cane cutter . . gets at the idea that money and happiness are not necessarily related. (By the way, that whole Wocomo cook series is outstanding. AJ sez "check it out!")
  4. AJ Oliver

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    A few years ago I read up on the controversy over the Bacque book. One of the "well informed scholars" who took the lead in trashing it was Stephen Ambrose, who organized an entire conference aimed at attacking Bacque. Unfortunately for Ambrose, he was found to be guilty of plagiarism shortly thereafter. https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/1266 There are lots of very well known academic spear carriers for the empire who are ideologues in disguise. Another is John Lewis Gaddis, now at Yale. That being said, I do recommend Isaac Deutscher's work on Trotsky and Stalin. My point is to be skeptical of any and all sources . . And most of all, try to avoid the kind of knee-jerk belief in the propaganda now being used to stoke hate and fear about Iran. Vet for Peace
  5. AJ Oliver

    Hillary Back On The Deplorable Wagon

    That one hit close to home, didn't it? Yes, the GOPPERS laugh at you too.
  6. AJ Oliver

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    Come on Sloopster, try to have an open mind . . (never been to Cuba, right?) This is almost the next best thing . . a great short doco (And BTW, the wocomo folks make the world's best cooking documentaries)
  7. AJ Oliver

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    Yep, good idea to be skeptical. But I would say that a lot of the opposition to the book seemed to be thinly veiled and ideological. What if it were only a half million, or a quarter? Would that make a difference. James Michener was not a historian either, but read his Iberia and tell us what you think.
  8. AJ Oliver

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    read all those books, and also Jack Reed and Trotsky This one was a real eye opener for me . . challenges the US good guy meme post WWII https://archive.org/details/OtherLosses_201608/page/n2/mode/2up A old German gent gave a copy to me. He lives through it. Again, the lesson is to be skeptical
  9. AJ Oliver

    Trump has Iranian general assasinated - what could go wrong?

    Nationwide, there are anti Iran war demonstrations . . join one if you are able you owe it to your kids and grandkids
  10. AJ Oliver

    Doomsday Clock

    You have just described your world view. That is certainly what you do. And people like you, liars that is, generally believe that others are lying too. But how do you know that? You don't. See above where you lied (or were grossly in error) about Iran and NK. You made no correction or apology, Based on your own comments, we have to conclude that you were lying, and will continue to do so. Far outside your ken, there is an entire world of ethical people who are sometimes wrong, but do not deliberately lie. I try to be among that number. You, obviously, do not.
  11. AJ Oliver

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    So what sources are credible, and which are not? Well, for sure, Veritas is not; but aside from that a real eye opener for me was back in the 1980's during the US-Central American Wars. After going there and seeing for myself, and studying up a good deal I concluded that 98% of what the US gummint was saying about Central Am. was a pack of lies; and the MSM was almost as bad - maybe 95% lies. So when some gray eminence tells me about the horrors of this place or that . . . I'm skeptical. In recent news, note how you are expected to believe how nefarious Iran is . . . I'm not buying it. And see below - sounds like the Sloop has never been to Cuba. For a poor country they do OK - good schools, free uni (even for gringos!), good health care, and they live longer that USAeans.
  12. AJ Oliver

    Canadian political crisis

    Trudeau might be able to ride out doughnut-gate . . but he better not mess with the poutine.
  13. AJ Oliver

    Trump has Iranian general assasinated - what could go wrong?

    Frequently, concussion related TBI is associated with PTSD-like symptoms (there is VA research on this)
  14. AJ Oliver

    Doomsday Clock

    deflection alert - first deal with your lies, and then we can talk about engaging. Why does it make sense to elevate and honor the nuclear warriors, and denigrate those who developed differing perspectives ? All Saora is doing here is attacking the messenger which allows him to avoid the issue of nuclear risks, and costs. Why is Teller more credible than McNamara? Saors won't tell you, but he just knows that that former is a hero, and the latter a villain.
  15. AJ Oliver

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    As usual, the Reich is being disingenuous. It would take years for the doc & witness subpoenas to work their way through the courts. And the Reich-wing SCOTUS is fully complicit in this - they could have expedited the cases with the thoroughly meritless arguments of the Drumph gang, but chose to help him run out the clock. And I'm waiting for Ken Starr & Joker/Dog/JZK to tell us how totally righteous the Clinton impeachment was in comparison. Gag me before I puke !!