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  1. Calling/denying buoy room

    If you don't even know that the zone is THREE boat lengths, you cannot be trusted to call the overlap correctly.
  2. Wavelength 24

    A "fun little boat" (we've had four at our club recently) but not for off-shore. Build is not sufficiently sturdy.
  3. why am i here?

    Whenever our lead evaporates . .
  4. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    Nothing wrong with a chicken jibe when the wind is honkin' And preventers make me nervous. Crash jibes at night are a real danger - be wary about sailing too deep in the dark.
  5. Port-Starboard

    A while back in one of our beer cans, a certain Ranger 26 came into the windward mark on port and ripped the motor right off the back of a starboard tacker. Ranger was astonished that anyone saw a foul.
  6. Port-Starboard

    Come on now folks, lets go easy on each other. I see port tackers try to stuff it in there all the time - though of course I've never done it myself !! Some fleets are notorious for this. But of course Mad is mostly correct - it's "madness" to do it when you are directly under the stony gaze of the refs, the video is recording, and the world is watching.
  7. Port-Starboard

    On the WO reaction to the judgement - There are few things in life less sympathetic than a whiny billionaire.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    While we are on the subject of bringing the sport into disrepute . . we get this . . "Mate I know you mean well.. but the next dick head who knows nothing about the rules of sailing and trys to link the time for doing a penalty turn with a penalty..I will pay someone to track you down and sodomise you...Scan that offer excludes you so park your arse." Some Ozzie manners you have there - bringing your country into disrepute. (pretty sure Ozzie, right?) It's so easy when one is anonymous. What a punk.
  9. Marina Hemingway, CUBA

    And beware of the rocks on the way in . .
  10. I don't think I have ever seen sailing vessels stressed so much. For those newer to the sport: When boats going that fast bury a bow in a wave, the hull slows dramatically and very quickly. The problem is that the rigging wants to keep going - tremendous stress on the runners & backstays (I think they have both)
  11. Looks like Mapfre ground down DF in a gybing duel - at least 30 miles ahead (I think) when DF went stealth. Those Spaniards are tough . .
  12. Yacht Club Safety Review

    No, not at all . . it is this . . http://www.barrieyachtclub.com/shocking-truth-about-electric-current-near-boats Note that it is mostly a fresh water issue, but very real for us on the Sweetwater Seas I do not always agree with our (non-profit volunteer) basin committee, but get it that they are doing the best that they can.
  13. Yacht Club Safety Review

    We have safety ladders out the wazoo - at the end of every finger dock. And our basin committee has banned swimming in the marina due to risk of stray electric (it's fresh water). Our region has had three stray electric fatalities in the recent past, and people are nervous.
  14. Saw the winner of the last VOR, Ian Walker, interviewed yesterday on the "daily live" - He said an issue in races such as these is that there is psych pressure to hold on to too much sail area as the wind builds to get that extra edge - My question is: does the fact that the VOR is now pretty much one-design increase that pressure? (since it will be easy to tell who is backing off and who it not.) Gent also observed that jibes at night were among the greatest dangers - very hard to sense wind direction and velocity as the gusts come up from behind in the dark. Been there . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKdVMLJ0_EQ
  15. What boat to buy?

    Check out the S2 7.9 - the high coamimgs add a good deal for family sailing comfort. There are several available in the Detroit area - there is some one-design for them in ON, Sarnia for sure. Ours must look OK since this is a cover photo from Lake Boating . . (taken and published unbeknownst to us)