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  1. AJ Oliver

    Matt Golsteyn

    One factor that makes this quite awkward is that Trump campaigned (repeatedly, 36 times or so) as being in favor of torture . . And when he did, his adoring crowds went wild. Both Trump and Bolton have records of being contemptuous of the laws of war. Trump also intervened in the Bowie Bergdahl case - and not in a good way at all. And Obama intervened (a bit) in the Chelsea Manning case. Vets For Peace . .
  2. AJ Oliver


    I have a real problem with this - required loyalty oaths by Americans to Israel . . Whaaaaa ? https://theintercept.com/2018/12/17/israel-texas-anti-bds-law/\ This has also come up in Kansas and elsewhere. What better example of the power of the Israeli lobby could there be ? Our pols are totally willing to trash the First Amendment at the request of the lobby .. .
  3. AJ Oliver

    PA righties - line up

    I thought this thread was going to be about the proud Reichista support for the most corrupt admin in US history - Jeebus, the whole cabinet is going to go down - Zinke, Price, Acosta, Ross,
  4. AJ Oliver

    Launch Operators License

    Thanks for all the research and comments above . . Several years ago the USCG gave our club permission to operate keel boats used in sailing lessons in our protected waters without a Six Pack. But the CG official we contacted did that verbally, and did not put it in writing . . I have some time this winter to pursue this issue - contacting Congress-critters, USCG, US Sailing, etc. Any clarification of the issue (such as the comments above) would be helpful. It's a real shame to see those bureaucrats screw up our learn to sail programs
  5. AJ Oliver

    Launch Operators License

    Our club no longer has any US Sailing certified basic keelboat instructors - we used to have seven, but all of them dropped the cert. (Our understanding is that) because the instructors need a coastie 6-pack, and for that they need a Twic card, which is expensive and burdensome. Between the gummint and US Sailing, they have made the certification more trouble than it is worth. Please correct me if I have any of this wrong.
  6. AJ Oliver

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    Well of course not - but the narcissists do not care about honor. In fact, when you even endeavor to discuss it with them, you get the ol' 1,000 yard stare. But most racers are not of that Ilk, fortunately. Otherwise the sport could not exist.
  7. AJ Oliver

    Pelosi makes clear, politics matters, America doesn't

    As Pelosi indicated to Trump, government policies need to be "data driven" meaning that Trump needs to provide evidence that the wall is needed, and will be effective. Prediction - he will not do that because everything he does is "out the wazoo" In fact, uniquely among US presidents, Trump never provides evidence for ANYTHING - fake news, emails, lock her up, climate, immigration threats - no evidence ever for any of it. same with his supporters
  8. AJ Oliver

    GOP cry babies

    What is happening to the current GOP is that, like other authoritarian parties, they do not respect the right of the opposition to exist. This began under the speakership of Gingrich under the tutelage of Frank Luntz and oligarchs like the Koch's. This is the main reason why those former senators are sounding the alarm. And don't give me any of that "both-sidesism" crap.
  9. AJ Oliver

    By 44 Former U.S. Senators

    What the letter means is that we face a constitutional crisis that even many Reupblicans recognize (add the Fed Society to that list as well). The purpose of the letter, obviously, is to encourage GOOPERS to grow a spine - a couple of cojones would help too. The $ attacks above are nothing but the usual deflection by ad hominem. Thanks for posting Sean.
  10. AJ Oliver

    Visit beautiful Portland

    Are you saying that before ICE in 2003 there was no immigration enforcement - that is idiotic, not to mention absurd. And a major reason you have zero cred around here. Lewis Carroll . . " . . said the Queen. ". . . Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." You have caught the Trumpian disease -
  11. AJ Oliver

    Paris is Burning!

    Jeeez - we're drowning in ignorance here . . The issue for Macron is that he cut taxes big time on the rich, while sticking it to the poor and cutting social programs. He might well have gotten away with it if he had called for sacrifices by all . . That is what I meant (much) earlier when I called Macron an :austerity meister" - very much like the US GOOPERS . . .
  12. AJ Oliver

    Visit beautiful Portland

    ((I wrote that he needed to provide actual evidence of Antifa's foul deeds) Jeebus Guy - You're the same dude who claimed that AO-C wanted to end immigration enforcement - which was a flat out lie. Like many on the Reich, you have lost any ability you might have had at one time to tell fact from fairy tales. Stop watching FOX and listening to hate radio. You are evidentiary exhibit number one that they will make you crazy (I think I just stumped my spell check)
  13. AJ Oliver

    Visit beautiful Portland

    Throughout this thread the Reichistas have claimed and assumed that Antifa does those dastardly things . . Mr. "Guy" - you need to present some actual evidence - credible sources (not FAUX), few or no anecdotes In spite of the Reich's history of hysterical wild-ass claims (birther lies, in person vote fraud, emails, WMD's, and etc.) they expect us to take seriously their NEW hysterical claims ? nope; no how, no way.
  14. AJ Oliver

    Oh, Mitchka, Say It Ain't So

    It is also likely that the NRA laundered Russian money (BIG money) for Trump. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/06/the-nra-spent-dollar30-million-to-elect-trump-was-it-russian-money They could be closing in on this one too . .
  15. One of the jokes told in Europe when I lived there was that the last chance for human liberation disappeared when they stopped using cobblestones to pave city streets. But La Lucha Sigue