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  1. What you fail to realize is that state polling is sporadic often done by local firms, schools or media with small samples. If you look at the polls that you claim show Obama "holds a large majority of the votes" you will quickly see that there are very few current polls of likely voters in most of those states . Rasmussen pooled the results from their national tracking poll in 11 swing states and found Romney ahead but 2 points in aggregate. Ask any honest pundit and they will tell you a lead of 2% won't lose the electoral count. At a half point it is possible but still rare. At 2% ... never. Like I said anything is possible because we have a long way till Election Day. If you look back at when Regan ran against Mondale he only had a small margin at first but picked up steam all the way to the election. I am not saying this will happen with Romney. I also agree that the polls mean nothing if the people don’t get out to vote. This whole campaign season isn’t about changing minds very few of the voters are actually truly independent. I think I had a professor say it was somewhere around 15 percent or less. This is obviously enough to swing a tight election. But really it’s more about getting people out to vote. I think this is where Obama is in trouble. The last election a unprecedented amount of minority and youth voters. The true question is can he repeat this? Will they come out and vote again like they did last time? Honestly I have not answer for this question. But Election Day will tell. While I feel that Obama will win. I do believe that the race has tightened and Romney has energized more people after the debate. Out of 42 president only 15 have won a second term. But if we look at the last 4 elections 3 won a second term. I am inclinded to belive that trend will continue with Obama.
  2. The popular poll doesn’t mean a whole lot that’s the biggest problem. It only shows a general change in momentum for a political party. The Electoral College does and obama holds a large majority of the votes. In the political world the elections are still a far way off and anything can change at any minute. A lot more states could be solidified or come up for play depending on how the elections continue to go. I also don’t don’t believe that your vote doesn’t count just because you live in a certain state. If everyone believed that then no one would vote. Some states who are democrat states have swung in past elections and vice versa for generally republican states. So to just jump in and say a vote doesn’t count just goes to show ignorance. IMHO that this is Obama’s race to lose if he doesn’t he has no one to blame but himself.