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  1. Clean the O - rings on the latches?
  2. Talk to a proper paint rep. Some epoxy primers might be OK to over 1 part paint.But does "in tatters" about current paint mean it is peeling? If so then you should remove it
  3. The manufacturer listed in the manual is Guangzhou HY Energy Technology Co New to me. As usual with new Chinese products, customer support/spares/quality can be rather variable.
  4. The answer is Miata. Thus for 4 seats you will need 2 Miatas. Worked example: 4 seats / 2 seats per Miata = 2 Miata Easy peasey.
  5. Pick me, pick me.
  6. It's clear that the market has spoken. Dylan, you're gonna have to start a GoFundme for a boob job, and if you raise enough, a butt lift. Sorry bud.
  7. Clean (gently sand) the thermocouple contacts in the burner flame area. Worked on my Force 10
  8. It's "smaller" looking than I expected. It's hard to explain. Just appears more sleek and lower than the drawing suggested. This is a good thing. Nobody wants a boat that looks fat when launched. Nice looking boat. 24 milk crates! Wow - that's a lot of vinyl records. Hands up if you kept your records in milk crates
  9. Well fuck. Another Cat 5, almost over the same islands. At least this one is much smaller than Irma with a tight eye.
  10. When we bought our first boat, a Fortune 30 (Stan Huntingford design, local BC boat), it had several heavy lead pigs in the chain locker up forward. Like 300# worth. They were only accessible through a small (like 8"x12") locker door into the V-berth. But the pigs were a lot lower than the door... You try to lift a 60 lb pig with one hand when you can't even get your shoulder fully through the opening. It sucked. On the positive side I sold the pigs on craigslist or something for a fair bit!
  11. It depends on the quantity. For small amounts (~5 gal resin/several yards of cloth: Fibertek on Boundary Road. For large amounts (like 55 gal drums of resin, full rolls of cloth) talk to Composites One. They are a wholesaler/supplier to boatyards etc. who only deal in large quantities.
  12. Chop strand mat adds thickness (and thus stiffness) to thin fiberglass laminate. It's good for that and also sealing tanks, but structurally it sucks and it uses tons of resin. It is not very strong If you want to add strength to a plywood hull, use epoxy resin and sheathe it in woven cloth (say 9 oz) or 9-12 oz biaxial. But see what the plans say. Maybe that is already there.
  13. I agree with the comment about "engine running perfectly"... I know of people with engines that are getting older and thus harder to start (Yanmars without glow plugs for example). People will pull a perfectly good engine and replace. I bought an engine from a guy who was repowering his Island Packet 35 from a 27 HP Yanmar 3GM30F. He wanted more power (he regularly ran at 2200 RPM :). Engine had 500 hours and looked brand new.
  14. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rds/bpo/d/diesel-engine/6296060944.html Maybe snap this up for your boat. Good engine if running.
  15. Good luck with it. I wouldn't like this interior (having to go from the front part of the boat to the aft part if it's raining to go to the head). The lack of standing headroom is a pain for long term cruising. Heck so is going from port side of boat to stbd side, forward. That drop keel sure gets in the way.