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  1. E-nav on the cheap

    i used a Intel NUC corei5 with a SSD. It's a laptop processors so power consumption is reasonable. It is supposed to run on 19V but happily runs with a clean 12V power supply. It is fast enough for Autocad and Rhino, which can be a bit demanding of processors. It would use up to 2A @ 12V (when running heavily loaded like importing/processing photos in Lightroom). Much less when at idle/low load. It is also small, cheap and almost silent. I used a Samsung 21" LED backlit monitor. It is also happy running at 12V but I think the nominal voltage is 14V. About 1A@12V. Much nicer to see a chart on a 21" monitor I must say. Because our boat was a cat, the nav desk was just inside the doorway from the cockpit so it was easy to step inside and see things.
  2. Flexofold

    Why would stiffer (or softer) engine mounts affect the amount of thrust the prop delivers?
  3. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    How busy is your shop? I ask this because my mom would always complain for years about how busy she was (interior decorator) with so many clients. I finally convinced her to raise her prices 10% - and she still kept the level of business. Clearly she was on the wrong side of the supply / demand curve. A good business like your should not win every job (if you are bidding/estimating) on them. You want to keep your employees busy and productive, but having pricing that varies a bit and suits the market (i.e. keep the wolf from the door when winter projects are lean) and charging more when you are so busy you can't think. Many people are very insensitive to price on boat jobs I have found. They pay what is asked.
  4. Flexofold

    Yes, I'd check the gears for barnacles, worms and other crusty bits.
  5. Caribbean 600

    Big ass cruising cats are sailed a little more conservatively if it's your house. Also they are relatively under-rigged and much heavier. Thus much more stable are really hard to flip.
  6. Caribbean 600

    Almost - better to pull the sterns over - the bows have less buoyancy and sink easier.
  7. Caribbean 600

    Has this been shared: http://swiftsureyachts.com/update-brad-bakers-take-from-the-caribbean-600-capsize-aboard-fujin/ "o one knows the wind speed for sure, because it happened so quickly, but we were hit by a strong lifting puff likely in the 35 knot range (we had been sailing in the high teens). We did not react quickly enough to ease the mainsheet, traveler and jib and the boat went over. It happened quickly and the capsize paused when the mast hit the water. Within seconds the leeward shrouds broke and the boat quickly turned turtle."
  8. So you fill the school with armed guards or armed teachers. The school bell rings at 3:00 pm or so, and hundreds of kids pour out onto the street. The teachers are usually still in their classrooms, doing marking, cleaning up, etc. Your gun toting bad guy just has to stand on the street. Or walk into a McDonalds. Clearly we need to arm the bus drivers and crossing guards and fast food employees. What a stupid suggestion.
  9. Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

    I was going to guess sticking thermostat. Easy to test. See if it opens fully too. Also with the air lock - I'd suspect an air leak that is letting air getting sucked INTO the system as it cools from warm. Like a loose hose clamp or even the bleed valve! How long have you had the boat as well? Sounds like a while if you clean heat exchanger annually. If it has run properly for several years then you would suspect some sudden design flaw in the system. You would suspect something that wears out (like rubber sea water impeller, thermostat, slipping belt)
  10. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Hi, I only circumnavigated once, but my wife and I cruised aboard our previous boat for 3-1/2 years and lived on it for about 8 years total (30' mono). So about 16 years living aboard total, cruising long distance about 10 years of them. I think a 43' of the boat type you considered is single handable. Same size main as my 40' cat and nearly the same size foretriangle. But I've been sailing since a teenager and am 51 now. So there are a few years of experience that do help thinking things through - as well as having contingency plans in the back of my head well before things go pear shaped. I don't think you are likely to pick up too much work along the way unless you are a good diesel mechanic or a sailmaker with a decent machine. Then you will be run off your feet. Most long distance cruisers (with some exceptions like Doctors with newer boats) are pretty handy folks. They are usually on smaller budget, and are usually unafraid to tackle basic repairs or upgrades. You've been given good advice. With decent size winches and low friction blocks, roller furling headsail, and an anchor windlass you've got most of the big muscle stuff taken care of. For singlehanding on a budget I think your idea of a 32-37' boat is a good one. The 43' boat will need a 50% more costly anchor, 2x the bottom paint, 50% more costly sails etc. etc. When buying boats really concentrate on the condition of the big ticket items: the engine, rig, and the suit of sails. These are all worth in the $10K++ range to replace so they better be in good shape. The smaller stuff in the $1K range (stoves, misc electronics, windlass etc) is not as critical and if you have time, you will find the deals on craigslist, ebay, etc. I bought my 3 blade feathering prop from a guy in Oz and had it shipped to Vancouver because it was a good deal... Both of my serious boats were real strippers when I bought them. The cat didn't have lifelines or nav lights for example. If I was doing it again, I'd really look at buying a more costly boat that somebody had poured a lot of money into, gone cruising offshore (or planned to), and had plans change. Those are the boats with lots of new equipment and the old owner will be lucky to get $0.50 back for ever $1 spent on equipment. Yes, both of my boats started out with lots of new equipment which was great, but there was a lot of my free labour that I didn't get back.
  11. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    I think this is wrong. If what he wants to get out of it = what he put into it then he is asking too much. Busy at work and will reply later in more detail, but a 43' boat is doable for single handing if set up right. Not this one is it? https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/d/41-motor-sail-boat/6491836520.html
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    My favorite: double luge. Note the bottom guy is the shorter of the pair so they uh,... fit better. I just have to wonder - who was the first to think of this unique event?
  13. Deep Scratches in Mast

    I don't think so due to what I have seen of mast failures. Here's what I think: Spreaders, gooseneck, mast partners all have local transverse loads that are not compression loads. They are sideways to the mast tube. Loads that are way more likely to cause local buckling even if they are not in the middle of a panel where the deflection is greater. Mast exit slots are also local weakening spots. Here's Yachting Monthly's dismasting test where the deliberately made a shroud fail. Broke right at the lower spreaders when the upper shroud was failed. . Here's a local buckling at halyard slot And here's a mid panel mast failure, to prove your point . Hmm maybe runners/checkstays attach at failure point? Can't tell
  14. The notes were not Photoshopped. Reuters had the images on their twitter feed, a Reuter's photographer named Jonathan Ernst given credit. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns/u-s-students-protest-over-gun-laws-trump-considers-arming-teachers-idUSKCN1G51QY?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=Social Scroll down to the slideshow and click on it.
  15. I'm making a rudder

    Maybe see if there is a local facility that will electropolish them. Gives a nicer corrosion resistant finish, and is usually pretty cheap.