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  1. Zonker

    Getting Away From The Rat Race

    Or " The cat puked on the carpet again light brown". The guy who works for the paint company naming paints got fired for that name apparently. I actually painted a paint sample on our living room of a shade of yellow called " Nacho Cheese ". It was the exact colour of the stuff sold at stadiums. Wife was not impressed. Maybe put together a budget that is similar to your current lifestyle but without a car. Think things like cell phone bill, restaurants, and add boat related things like coin laundry, fuel, trips to see friends? etc etc. Then see where you are. 3k/month seems way more believable.
  2. Zonker

    Getting Away From The Rat Race

    No to 2K if you spending lots of time in marinas. $1/ft (low for US East Coast) * 35' * 20 days = $700/month. That doesn't leave much for boat insurance (~1.25+% of hull value), maintenance, costly health insurance, food, etc. I don't know how much health insurance costs for seniors in the US. If interior volume means a lot and you are doing short coastal trips where you can pick the weather, a lower quality Beneteau/Hunter etc will get the job done at vastly less cost, will sail faster, and will not be that horrible beige colour.
  3. Zonker

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    Fourth? Christ I missed #3!
  4. Zonker

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    That's very conventional and typical alum construction. Shame about the graffiti on the bulkhead. Maybe the foam/glass inner skin that jmurph described was foam insulation and a glass liner??
  5. Zonker

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    She has a "rough transcript". The call length was a lot longer than the transcribed words, if you assume that the people on the call speak at a reasonable rate, about 1/2 the call didn't make it into the transcript. It may simply because Trump speaks so poorly and the poor stenographer had to assume and edit/chop etc. to make it sound like a human was speaking.
  6. Zonker

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    Trump: "I don't even know these guys"
  7. Zonker

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    That is messed up! So not conventional stiffeners welded to the plate? How thick is the aluminum skin?
  8. So much this.... I think in job interviews when we hire a new guy/girl we MUST ask "have you ever worked on a car before?" "Have you ever build or repaired a boat?" "Do you do minor plumbing/electrical work around your house"? I'd say about 1/2 our engineering staff are the hands on people, and half are very much not.
  9. Zonker

    portable, parallel capable inverter genset

    Yup. I know some of the Honda 2 or 2.2 kW models can be paralleled. (But not all I think). Be aware that continuous rating is more like 1.8 kW If you are running a fridge/freezer and trying to conserve gasoline, run it for 3 hours, let the fridge get cold, and then shut it down for a similar amount of time. Just don't open the door. For our boat we had a 1000 W inverter and it would run anything in the power tool department (grinder or 1/2" router were the highest draw). You couldn't run a 1500 W heat gun on it or a table saw but for everything else it was a lot quieter than running a generator.
  10. Zonker

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    and when you're shipping something like those cranes you employ very good weather routers to keep the ship in as calm a seas as possible. No N.Pacific voyages in the middle of winter!
  11. The article was 2016. I think they're probably making at least double that per month now. Well Delos is at least 15 years old - so not exactly a shining example of the breed.
  12. Zonker

    Cost of America's cup foils

    No worry about motion in waves. This is for a condition when the workboat pushes up against the wind turbine pillar and has zero speed, but can still move up and down. It's the pitch/heave motions in that condition we are trying to reduce as much as possible.
  13. Zonker

    Cost of America's cup foils

    It's for a static condition (0 knots) where we are trying to minimize pitch (pushing against wind farm turbine piling) but I totally take your point about varying angles of incidence at speed. Somebody in my office reached out to me because I have a composites background and they are all metal guys. Thanks for all the suggestions
  14. I'm doing a bit of work related R&D on a non America's Cup windfarm vessel. We are considering a bow mounted anti pitch foil that would span between the two hulls of a catamaran hull form. Span is very large - 12m or so. Any idea what the AC teams have to pay for the foil package, or is it provided as part of their entry fees?
  15. Zonker

    EV-100 with Pelagic Actuator

    I used a Pelagic ram with a Raymarine ST4000 installation (predecessor to Evo units) and it worked fine. All the output from the computer is a 12v output which can vary a bit in amperage. Nothing complicated about it.