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  1. Zonker

    Carshine Anarchy

    I used whatever paint code was on the car and a local paint supplier mixed it and put it in a spray can. The results were "meh" Then I sprayed the colour with Spraymax 2K clear coat. HOLY SHIT did that make it all glossy and nice. Super easy to apply a few coats. Because it's 2K (2 part polyurethane) you push a little button on the bottom of the can and puncture the catalyst package inside the can. You then have < 24 hours to use as much of it as you want. Truly amazing stuff. Good example of how good a spray can will be:
  2. Zonker

    Baja Chart books

    Of course I should have mentioned Heather and Sean's books! They are the gold standard of how a cruising guide should be https://www.bluelatitudepress.com/
  3. Zonker

    Henri Lloyd -40% "No more middlemen"

    Hmm, not exactly 40% off https://www.henrilloyd.com/p/m-pro-zip-smock-3l-gtx-power_-orange $300 USD https://www.watersportsoutlet.com/2020-henri-lloyd-mens-pro-layer-gore-tex-sailing-smock-p201110050-orange-p-33904.html $347 USD (but that retailer is saying 20% off $435 so maybe clearing out stock as H-L transitions to direct selling?)
  4. Zonker

    Spinlock Clutch Vs. Jammer

    Spinlock tells it best: "Choose XXC for working loads/diameters that can't be held reliably with conventional clutches but where the winch release of the ZS Jammer is impractical Choose ZS for bigger diameters/high loads where winched release is positive safety feature and instant release is unnecessary" The jammer is about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of the the XXC clutch which is likely the size you need. If you are going to keep all the winches, I'd stick with jammers.
  5. Zonker

    Rudder Repair - Cascade 29

    +1 to the rolling rotary cutter (with a carbide edge). I actually wore out one disc and had to buy another but that was after cutting 100's of meters of glass Agree on the thickened epoxy as a core repair. Agree don't use regular mat with epoxy. It will wet out eventually - but poorly and slowly. The binder needs styrene to properly dissolve. I've done it but it's not good practice. The final skin thickness is hard to tell but more than 1/8" is likely overkill. So a 1/8" x 12 = 12/8 = 1.5" lap. You're fine with 3" taper in the existing glasswork.
  6. Zonker

    Baja Chart books

    Be aware that Mexican charts can be horribly off GPS coordinates. Like a mile or 2 near Puerto Vallarta. Yes, OpenCPN + Google Sat images (GE2KAP) http://gdayii.ca/index.php are awesome. Just download the sat images BEFORE you leave harbour of all possible anchorages along your route. At night we typically assumed a minimum 5 mile distance from anything hard and 2 miles during the day where we could see if we were too close
  7. Zonker

    Obtaining paper charts

    Find a engineering friend with a large format plotter. It's just a big printer. Get them to print you B&W versions late in the evening after everybody has gone home. Allegedly
  8. Zonker


    Maybe it could be considered "a joke". Sorry that you seem to have no sense of humour
  9. Zonker

    Clean way to mount new instrument displays

    New instrument bezels.com Trim cover plates cause I made an ugly hole.com Lost my car's dummy switch cover plate.com I think we're on to something here....as your agent I only want 3% - of the gross
  10. Zonker

    Tell me about the Mason 43

    0.42 is a nod to Douglas Adams
  11. Zonker

    Corrosion On Basse of Hall Alu Mast

    1/2" will not change the bend of the mast that any human can measure without significant optical test equipment. It's the smart choice.
  12. Zonker

    faint oil sheen in diesel exhaust

    Yeah, I'd go with a sticking injector that isn't closing. I found an excellent injector shop in P.V. Had all kinds of injectors on repair. Walked in with my little injectors and the guy had no English but looked at them and immediately said "Yanmar" You're in Mazatlan. They do have a big shrimping fleet and so there will be a shop near the harbour that services injectors. They are cheap to do in Mexico. Jeez. Run it hard a bit. It needs to be run at higher RPMS or you'll carbon it up and/or polish the cylinder walls.
  13. Zonker

    Tell me about the Mason 43

    Surely the offset AMOUNT should matter. Thus a slightly offset companionway is much better than one right at the deckhouse edge. For non flush deck boats, the Companionway Offset Amount aka the Hole Certain Death Factor = distance of companionway outboard edge/(1/2 beam of the deckhouse) x 0.42.
  14. Zonker

    Late 80’s 33’—- Farr vs Frers

    I've sailed on a Farr 33 of that vintage. It was where I learned about IOR death rolls.
  15. Zonker

    Rudder Repair - Cascade 29

    Ugh. Then a minimum of a week drying time. With a fan blowing at the exposed area. And a dehumidifier in the room where it is. Buy a cheap one on craigslist and then sell it when you are done with it. You want that water that has wicked in to the plywood all gone before even thinking about closing it up.