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  1. Zonker

    Keel Bolt Questions

    Washers spread out a load in a roughly 45 deg angle from the underside of the nut to the material underneath. So... a 4mm thin washer really only spreads out the load about 5.6mm further out from the edge of the round washer ... But better than not doing it! Let's eyeball the round washer at about 60mm diameter. Area under = pi x 30^2 = 2827 mm2. New 4mm plate - now compressive area goes to 60+5.6+5.6mm in diameter. Area under = pi x 35.6^2 = 3981 mm2 or about 40% more compressive area. Not as bad as I would have thought. Isn't eyeball engineering fun?
  2. Zonker

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Brent Swain has moved on to fiberglass, recognizing that not everybody wants a steel boat.
  3. spectra webbing with a few turns. Velcro to keep it together. Your local sailmaker can turn them out.
  4. Zonker

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    OK - first off sorry for the loaded language. Just meant to contrast. And I was referring to the tv show caricatures, not the real people. So sorry for the confusion and offending. The Canadian ones are pretty lenient with just about everybody except the gun smugglers and people with US DUI convictions. My wife doesn't watch the US show as much but they are a lot more intolerant / power tripping in how they are depicted. I had to get a TN (NAFTA) Visa renewed in Detroit/Windsor. The screensaver on the US agent's computer was a picture of the White House with a constant scrolling bar of text underneath that said "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom". Maybe that inspires those US custom's agents?
  5. Zonker

    Integrating carbon in glass structures

    Wasn't mine - stolen from the web.
  6. Zonker

    Integrating carbon in glass structures

    Probably way overkill. I'd taper it out over 2-3"/50-75mm and call it good. Decks see mostly compression loads due to rig loads. Think of a boat as a badly shaped beam, with the ends being pulled up by backstay (or mainsheet in your case) and forestay, and mast pushing down in the middle. These stresses run along cockpit sole or side deck. But the back edge of the cabin with companionway opening really makes the stress flow go outward because you've got a big hole there. See FEA picture below. I've seen similar stress images in other boats I've been involved in. (The big red transverse load forward of companionway opening looks like a deck beam). On a small boat like your's global bending loads are miniscule. It's all local water pressure and rig loads. For under cockpit stiffening beam depth is key to stiffness. Deep as will fit. Mr Hatter's light scantlings sounded fine to me. Bond to bulkheads if you want lots of global stiffening. Taper ends before bulkhead if you just want the sole to be less bouncy. Don't fit them at all if nothing has broken - deflection ain't failure I keep telling my wife. Um, talking about boat bits flexing, rather than stuff of a more personal nature...
  7. Zonker

    Yeah he did it

    Yes, but did you get a very slight discount for the front page post that reads like an ad?
  8. Zonker

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    My wife likes to watch the Canadian Border Patrol reality show (forget the name). It is on just before the US Homeland Security show. Hilarious contrast. Canada officials = Mr. Rogers US officials = Jackbooted Nazi thugs My absolute favorite bit so far at Toronto airport "OK you are not admissible to come to Canada because (didn't get a visa or was planning to work or whatever). You can wait here in the airport overnight OR we can let you can go see your girlfriend tonight if you PROMISE to come back here tomorrow morning for the first flight back to your country". Naturally the kid chooses door #2 and comes back the next day to be sent home. Can't quite see US officials acting the same way, can you? The Canadian officials are totally different when they find somebody bringing guns into the country illegally. Come down on people very hard and fast.
  9. Zonker

    Russian German pipeline

    Those that think a positive trade balance is very important need to go back to school and read a bit more about economics. Do you think the EU (a bunch of countries with differing goals and ideas) thinks "The US is our national rival"??" The EU average tariff is about 2% higher than the US on EU goods. It's not huge on either side except for some large ones like the US chicken tax (or Canada's dairy industry for that matter). Overall trade tariffs are quite small.
  10. Zonker

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Whoa. FNM gets 129 HP from a 1.3L turbo diesel. Yanmar gets 125 HP from a 2.0L turbo diesel. A Volks Golf 1.6L diesel is 115 HP. But car engines see much lower load conditions (how long do you drive with your engine at 85% of redline?) and have a very easy life compared to a boat diesel. I would not expect the FNM to have a long and happy life. That is one little hot rodded engine. If you're a Maxi owner and have to replace it every few years it's lost in the noise. If you're an average sailor I'd stay clear.
  11. I'd say ballpark of 1500-2000 lbs/inch, leaning toward the higher number. Nobody could tell from the air that a sailboat was loaded with a ton of drugs.
  12. Zonker

    The Graduate

    I've always found that if you ask the writer of an interesting paper, they will happily sent it to you. (Shout out to Arash Eslamdoost who published the paper below that is really helping me with a current project) 2018 Analysis of the thrust deduction in waterjet propulsion – The Froude number dependence Nobody but dive support boats use waterjets on a boat that only goes 12 knots. Very hard to predict resistance I am finding because most displacement hulls don't have immersed transoms! Back to the congratulations: Will - if you ever get to Vancouver, look me up. I'll show you around our office of about 75 persons. Lots of very clever people designing workboats. 4 guys just in the CFD department and full time cluster than is running stuff 24/7...
  13. Zonker

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    How do you get vapor lock with a diesel?!! Diesel doesn't vaporize like gasoline. Might want to shop for a new mechanic if it was a mechanic that suggested that.
  14. Zonker

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Geez, get a passport. 60% of you never leave the US. See the world a bit. It's perhaps nicer than your own backyard.
  15. Zonker

    The Graduate

    Well done Will. Seems odd that they are so worried about plagarism. So many good theses are online these days. Nice job on the rendering too. I like the extra wide cabin top.