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  1. bi-directional Proa

    Rasp, You can also check "min radius" in the curvature analysis. I try to keep it above 24" for 1/4" plywood. But I will accept small areas of higher curvature like the red hot spot in your first image.
  2. I watched the episode of the latest Delos. Title is a quote from the crew. She was seasick for several days and it was cold! Not bikini weather.
  3. Another interesting boat

    I guess I base the crappy construction on my parent's Hughes 31. Lots of chopper gun laminate!
  4. Another interesting boat

    ooh. crappy Hughes construction and the bottom 2' of the keel seems to be missing. "fast off the wind" = a pig upwind Nice inlay on the table however.
  5. Cheap/Free Raro (Cook Islands) Inavx Charts?

    I like the reef on the east, west and south side of the island. Rather vague (but typical of charts in the S. Pacific). The only area charted to any detail is the main harbour on the north shore. Because small ships go there.
  6. Tehuantepecker going off right now

    I've traveled it twice, once in each direction. Not hard to see the weather patterns and just wait for a settled patch. We did it in December last year and Dec/Jan, while the worst months for them was uneventful for us. The patient cruising sailor gets the best weather.
  7. bi-directional Proa

    The 0.00002342423 type Gaussian curvature is very developable. For the monohull I showed I was working to the min bend radius of 1/4" plywood (about 24") as my goal to get the rounded stern. Setting the Gaussian curvature to a range of 0 to -0.1 is odd to me. I think this would give you a false sense of how flat the stern in. Because I never do this, I made a simple surface. At one end it's totally flat and the other end it gets all curved and twisty. Here are screenshots using "Auto" Gaussian curvature and then forcing it to several different values. I think the Auto gives me the best picture of where the curvature is compared to the whole surface. For those not following along at home the green shade is very flat and red and blue shades are different curvatures at opposite ends of the spectrum (convex and concave) "Auto" range: Range from 0.1 to 0:
  8. Tehuantepecker going off right now

    Not really - the Tehuantepec is caused by High Pressure in the Gulf of Mexico. The pressure differential to the area of the Pacific on the other side is funneled through a gap in the mountains where you see the "wind fan". Santa Ana wins are caused by High Pressure inland (Nevada I think). Same venturi effect with mountains though.
  9. Tehuantepecker going off right now

    Or wait for a decent window... Most people sort of ignore/don't know about the Gulf of Papagayo, which while not as bad as Teuntepech, still is nasty. It is sort of visible in bottom right of the GRIB image above
  10. Hard vs soft dinghy

    1. Sometimes you want to anchor the big boat somewhere sheltered, and take the dinghy to a distant reef to fish, snorkel or dive 2. Sometimes you want to go ashore and it is blowing 25 or more. A rowboat struggles in that much wind 3. Sometimes you are anchored in a big bay and shore is 1 mile away. And it is hot and sunny and blowing a nice breeze against you. Rowing will take you 1/2 hr and you will be soaked with sweat when you arrive. 4. Sometimes the cat ran out of food and the nearest store is 6 miles away and the sun is going down in 1/2 hr. The cat is fussy and doesn't like people food. The ability to sleep at night without a cat standing on your head crying at you is valuable. On our first cruising boat I had a 11' nesting dinghy I designed (similar to Russel Brown's PT11 but not as complex). Rowed like a dream, much better than typical 7-8' little prams or pointy bowed dinghies. Super easy. But about 1-2 miles was all that I enjoyed. Longer trips made me wish for an outboard. Our ability to explore past the mother ship were much more limited. Our last boat had a 10' RIB and a 15 HP Yamaha 2 stroke. I was much happier with it.
  11. Laying a Boat Up for a Bit in Oz

    I'd pick Brisbane or southward to stay out of cyclone zone. Coomera sounds like an OK bet. Maybe check Newcastle as well.
  12. bi-directional Proa

    If you use the Loft command and force it to be a developable surface you will get odd results sometimes (like a surface not really sticking to the underlying curves). In other words it sure will make you a developable surface, but it might not be what you wanted. V6 has eliminated that option but I'm still using V4. I prefer to use longitudinal curves, loft, check Gaussian curvature, adjust curves, and repeat until I get a hull surface I like. Long skinny hulls like you are doing are very easy to make developable. The one below was trickier at the stern.
  13. Hard vs soft dinghy

    15 HP Yamaha 2-stroke for the win Now if you want to get cruisers stirred up, discuss merits of the N.American model versus the "Enduro" model
  14. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Interesting discussion about types of thinkers. When I was teaching my wife to drive stick many years ago I started (as an engineer would) with "the clutch separates the engine flywheel's power output from the gearbox...." She wanted to know "push on that pedal before you shift".
  15. I'm making a rudder

    Kurt Hughes uses that method for daggerboards and rudders. Sort of. Make a bunch of female exterior foil shapes and lay a formica sheet in it for the female mold skin. Don't worry about the leading edge because you glass that freehand when you glue port and stbd pieces together. Anyway after laminating the skins on the mold skin; glue in foam. Cut the foam off where it stands proud of the center line. Glue port and stbd pieces together/wrap glass on leading edge and fair.