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  1. Zonker

    Team NYYC

    In my world of Naval Architecture a "slam" is an external water pressure event, typically acting over a small area. I was not suggesting the 'battery got loose theory' was correct. You are right, I'm guessing about the internal structure. But it is an educated guess based on my personal design experience with IACC mono designs, Volvo RTW racing boats, etc. You can also see a ring frame through the hole! When Terry said an internal structure caused a gulliotine type failure in the panel I knew what he was talking about. It wasn't the internal structure transferring loads into a panel that caused it to fail in shear that way.
  2. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Currently in Vancouver about 1/2 the price of gas is taxes. A lot of it goes to fund public transit. This was from 2019. As the price goes up the % of tax goes down because lots are per litre, not a fixed percentage. Provincial motor fuel tax (Metro Vancouver) — 1.75 cents B.C.'s carbon tax — 8.89 cents. The B.C. Transportation Finance Authority tax — 6.75 cents. TransLink tax (If you live in Metro Vancouver) — 18.5 cents Federal excise tax — 10 cents. Finally, pay the five per cent Goods and Services Tax on top of the total price.
  3. Zonker

    Stretching my boat 7 feet

    Used windsurfer mast - $50 or so. Old piece of driftwood found on the shore - free It will have that rugged Alaska vibe. Oh, oh, oh I know - get a 3" piece of ABS or PVC pipe. Buy some cheap ass carbon wrap on ebay. Voila - fake carbon bowsprit!
  4. Zonker

    Team NYYC

    I don't think so. Explain how these forces blew out a rectangular shaped panel and not just fractured the panel at the edge of the ring frame where the loads would be highest with your theory? Carbon is very stiff. It does not transfer forces well to structures that are far away from the loaded structure itself. Blue is structure (guesstimated). Red is forces and moments. Start with your foil force pushing at the pivot pin, into the boat's structure. The peak loads are where any long'l support for the pivot pin hits the ring frame (A). They are not where the panel failed. The foil support structure is very likely symmetrical. So why didn't the panel aft of the aft ring frame at D fail? Or at C or B? A slam is a far more likely type of failure. Slamming failure of bow sections of Open 60 is well known, at lower speeds and smaller impacts than this impact. And they used to be built the same way (carbon skins/honeycomb core). Now they don't do that anymore. They use solid monolithic carbon in the slamming regions.
  5. One of our company's designs - in the Caspian Sea with a dedicated foredeck watchkeeper, trying to keep warm...
  6. Zonker

    Stretching my boat 7 feet

    It doesn't have to be a USEFUL bowsprit unless you want it to. Much cheaper to have a cheater just to get a slip. Does Length include the rudder and the overhanging bow pulpit? Get out your tape measure and see. Most marinas charge by overall length, including overhanging stuff like pulpits.
  7. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Under 40 HP or so they don't. They are still allowed mechanical injection. That is why Yanmar makes a 39 HP and a 40 HP with the same block.
  8. Zonker

    pre fair top sides?

    Why would you sand off the all topcoat if it was well adhered? (See page 16 of Alexseal application guide on doing a cross hatch test - basically draw a tic tac toe grid on the paint, apply packing tape and then yank off firmly. If the paint comes off THEN you need to remove it. I'd fill & fair any obvious deeper scratches, then sand
  9. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    When a diesel breaks down, often times it can be fixed by a skilled owner with a set of basic tools. When your electric throttle/inverter/magic black box goes, unless you're handy with an oscilloscope and micro soldering techniques you are screwed.
  10. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Lots of trade wind anchorages are in simply in the lee of an island. 90% of the time it's fine but sometimes the wind comes from the west instead of the east. Then you're on a lee shore, along with the rest of the sailing fleet.
  11. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    ok, with you there. Along with snowmobiles used for recreation in the backcountry. Mr. Bombardier has a lot to answer for.
  12. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Let's take "Uma" as a good example of that. Their current battery (at list prices) is $10K for ~30 miles of range. So ~6x the capacity to go 200 miles or $60K in batteries. That would be batteries in current brick shape. Making them into a keel shape would add extra cost. Note that current battery packs are made mostly of Lithium - a very non-dense metal. Not the best for ballast If Beneteau can sell a 36 for ~200K will they add $50K to the price to make it battery powered? I suspect the market would say no. IF I bought new cars our next car would be electric. But I don't, I buy ~8 or 10 year old Japanese cars and drive them until somebody kills them in an accident. We might be a 5-10 years away from enough used electric cars on the market to get people like me into one. We also live in an apartment building with 42 suites. About 35 cars in the garage. Last year we installed a Level 2 charger. Only 1 person in the building has a plug in hybrid and uses it for now. But in 5 years? Probably several owners will be fighting over the charger.
  13. Zonker

    But. It's a tin can. *facepalm*

    Local street festival pre=covid Ok he was an artist that was trolling, but give him A+ for branding, the bottles, everything. Many did not recognize it was parody and bought some for $39/bottle
  14. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Yes, I think day sailors are an ideal use case for electric power. Lots of smaller sail training boats are in that size and that use case. They never go anywhere for a weekend trip, sail in the local harbour and can plug in at night. Low power to push them. Here's a pontoon boat for sale in the US sometime in 2021 for $28,500. It is small as pontoon boats go (21') but it's available with electric power. . The range at 14 mph (not very fast in the world of powerboats) is 10 miles or 43 minutes. Don't know how loaded that is or if's a brochure number but it's not super encouraging for the real world yet. I think policy makers are very influenced by lots of rich folks who want to keep their yachts As I said, it's a rounding error in transport emissions. Top speed: 14mph Range at top speed: 10 miles* Range at 5 MPH: 50 miles* Charge time: half-to-full in as little as 90 minutes * based on two-battery configuration
  15. Zonker

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    IMO sulphur allowed in fuel (big ships) We are now at Tier III for engines >599 kW