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  1. Zonker

    Frigoboat Capri 35F

    I'm going to say "ounces" not pounds... Yup. Page 11 http://files.danfoss.com/TechnicalInfo/Dila/06/bd_compressors_04-2007_pk100c802.pdf 300 grams. That is just for the compressor, not the system. But the volume in the piping/evaporator plate is pretty minimal.
  2. That's why canned peaches are good if you are susceptible to seasickness. Tastes the same in both directions.
  3. Zonker

    President Donald Toadstool

    The Yeti lives in the Himalays. So his fur is white. Thus Yeti pubes = white pubes. We should seek a clarification from Ms. Daniels however.
  4. Zonker

    Best Lyrics Ever

    "There must be some way out of here" Sweet surrender on the quayside You remember we used to run and hide In the shadow of the cargoes I take you one time And we're counting all the numbers down to the waterline Near misses on the dog leap stairways French kisses in the darkened doorways A foghorn blowing out wild and cold A policeman shines a light upon my shoulder Up comes a coaster fast and silent in the night Over my shoulder all you can see are the pilot lights No money in our jackets and our jeans are torn Your hands are cold but your lips are warm
  5. Zonker

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    "Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), a member of the Judiciary Committee, said that Kavanaugh had told him that he was not present at the party in question — which prompted some to wonder how Kavanaugh could make such a claim given that Ford had never specified the exact date or location of the gathering." Odd isn't it. She came forward this summer, not at the last minute. Only when the story surfaced did she make her name public.
  6. My wife suffers - a lot. For the first 2 days of an ocean passage she would sleep most of the time. She would get up for her 3 hour watch in the middle of the night, and wasn't too bad during the day, but when she couldn't see the horizon (moonless night) she was always queasy. I'm almost impervious to seasickness, but one day, leaving the Gulf of Panama, it was ugly. Wind was blowing hard against the huge tidal currents that go in and out of there. The motion was sooo ugly. I felt queasy. My daughter was queasy. We pulled in for the night behind a little island in some tenuous anchorage. My wife commented that conditions were no big deal - she always felt that way. I'm amazed she sailed around the world with me...
  7. Zonker

    Bolt-on external ballast keels

    The reality is that very few keels have been lost due to corrosion of the keel bolts. More modern style of construction have trouble with internal grids becoming detached after groundings, or keel structures that were changed by a builder (not following designer's plans), etc. etc. Internal ballast keels are not the perfect panacea either. I know of a Cal 4something (not a 40) that the owner said he could feel the hull flex in rough seas where the keel met the hull. It would be very low on my list of worries.
  8. Zonker

    Retrofit Composite Chainplates

    Don't forget he's bonding to existing e-glass laminate that was probably built with polyester resins. So be a bit conservative with the lap shear strength. So double it 40 sq in. About 2 sides x 2" x 10" long. Still plenty small isn't it
  9. Zonker

    New Al mast budget 36' full keel cruiser

    DIY or have a rigger supply one? This is very roughly the size extrusion that might work for you (do you know the required Ixx and Iyy moments required for this rig i.e. got a sailplan?) https://www.dwyermast.com/items.asp?cat1ID=20&cat1Name=Masts&familyID=46&familyName=DM-800+Mast Just add up the tube length + masthead fitting + step + spreaders + tangs +++
  10. Zonker

    Adding running backs to Solent

    Waste of time if solent stay is so close to Masthead!
  11. Zonker

    Cool fairing tool

    Maybe he's using un-catalyzed fairing compound. Put it on all day, smooth it out, and then scrape it all off and repeat!
  12. Zonker


    Shit I'm slipping. Won't let it happen again
  13. Zonker


    No, the GRIB file does not include aircraft observations, except indirectly to initialize the model. Yes, the resolution is very much tied to computer power. The "G" in GFS stands for global. Basically think of the whole earth's atmosphere divided up into little cells. (I imagine they are also divided vertically for each 0.25 degree square). So then put in a whole world's observations of pressure/temp/wind speed/moisture from stationary sites as well as balloons, satellites, maybe ship observations. Then lots of equations that tie them all together. Then click "Solve". The weather service does use some of biggest supercomputers around. That's why the ECMWF model has been getting better than GFS for the past few years. More computing power at their disposal.
  14. Zonker


    GRIBs like GFS/ECMWF etc. do not accurately show hurricane force winds. Simple as that. The mesh isn't fine enough. It's a well known issue. Right now I think GFS is 0.25 DEGREES (and they only switched to that in 2015 I just read) 0.25 degrees = 15 nautical miles. That's the size of the individual cell the calculations are being done in. So the really strong winds of the hurricane are only in a 3x3 or 2x2 bunch of cells. Not enough to capture a hurricane.
  15. 1. If you use hoses make them oversize and double them up (small hose inside larger one) 2. Could you quickly install a 1/2" U-bolt through the stem? With some cheap ass 2x4 as a backing plate?? Zero chafe if you shackle a spliced eye to the end?