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  1. I need AC

    A/C? who the fuck needs a/c HTFU. you're on a sailboat
  2. wondering if there will even be a ACEA? maybe ETNZ will just be done with them and run it themselves like in the past? erase all traces of RC's and LE?
  3. My newest project

    I have done all my cables using those methods. used to work in old telcom CO's so know all about them i really need to take a picture of my wiring. cables all stacked nicely on top of each other. maybe a google cable lacing will show what i mean
  4. My newest project

    personal preference but i do hate zip ties. the amount of times, i've sliced my hand or arm when reaching in has turned me off them for the most part. Will try and grab picture next time when i'm down at the boat. much prefer wax string and lacing the cables.
  5. My newest project

    when i first saw this pic without reading, i thought some alien spewed some green shit on another alien exoskelton
  6. i'd like to see the red socks on the clothes line on the back any chance you're willing to share the file?
  7. The Oracle Speaks

    OMG!! thanks for the laughs. this is freaking GOLD!!
  8. Live Racing Thread

    anyone know if the COR has been signed? if so, who?
  9. in the interview from clean with NO the thing that striked me that most was JS not cutting pounds to help his grinders. think NO said he was on a diet to cut pounds off and most skippers were doing same except for JS. that speaks volumes of his ego. so lets say OTUSA does lose but comes back to for the next cycle. does DB lose his helm job at softbank and JS gets it?
  10. Team NZ

    wing is going up. hope we can see some close ups if and when they go out sailing
  11. LV on wing not AC?

    thought they were the event sponsor for the challenger series. every other AC final i can think of always had the silhouette of the cup.
  12. just wondering why they still have the LV on the wings and not AC with the cup?
  13. What's wrong with this T37?

    why do you have to be that way? really... why? can't you just leave enough alone? why must you alway need to put your 2 cents in on a subject that's been bash so many times? i read posts and i think to myself... oh here's another post BS will jump in and put his 2 cents in and sure as shit here you are. please stop.
  14. looks like larry's boat is gone too. did he pack up his money and leave?
  15. i wonder if the ACEA will post a twitter feed if Oracle does modify their foil like they did with ETNZ foil rebuild