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  1. hey terra firma- interestingly that’s the name of my real estate company here in the usa— i disagree. especially if the eventuality is that they could build a second boat later anyhow....seems like a prudent head start for hull one for this campaign, shortens the timeline a bunch and less brain damage on getting started too! gonna be really fun to watch a full-USA team honor the legacy of the Cup’s original intent: a competition between Nations.
  2. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    super exciting to see ! also I like the 100% american effort team of builders and sailors and including the Stars and Stripes name reborn!
  3. I love it. Two posts ago you said "confirmed it's a DeVos-MacInnes facility" and now you're "speculating"... How could DV be involved in two competing campaigns at the same time ? I"m the biggest DeVos fan-boy you've ever met in your lifetime for sure--- but just because you hear "Holland MI" and "sailing" dont automatically assume DV is involved, even if the builder used to run all the DV racing programs, which is no secret to anyone. With that, I will sign off right here and leave the speculating to you guys. It's more fun to read the made-up version :)
  4. actually the facility is owned by two sailing anarchy readers— but DeVos isn’t one of ‘em.... they are American Magic, not Stars & Stripes
  5. https://www.sailingworld.com/holland-in-house?src=SOC&dom=fb&fbclid=IwAR18CDE05I5-lO6kcSQGZdaP06zijuiQ2bjgfR_vQgaW_cRv815AFzdA7_k
  6. 1sailor


    Looks like a Tampa / St. Pete boat called WIRED, at one time owned by a guy named Allen Thomas--- but it's old info, could be a different owner now ? Based on the sail number I"m guessing a Farr 395 Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 R 6 R 7 R 8 R 9 R 10 R 11 Total Division C Racing PHRF Division PHRF 1 1. USA 42341 Warrior Grant Dumas 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 3.5 19.5 2. USA 12 Panic Button Todd/Ryan Howe 6 4 6 1 1 1 1 5 3.5 28.5 3. USA 46453 Madcow2 Dave German / Ed Ruark 5 5 5 2 3 3 3 2 2 30.0 4. USA 39526 No Limit Neal Burns & Robert Hobbs 3 3 4 4 6 5 4 3 1 33.0 5. USA 39511 Wired Allen Thomas 4 1 3 6 4 9/ DNF 5 4 5 41.0 6. USA 11 Tack Tick Michael Siedlecki 1 6 1 5 5 9/ DNF 9/ DNC 9/ DNC 9/ DNC 54.0 7. USA 83242 Tampa Girl William Terry 7 7 7 7 7 4 6 6 6 57.0 8. USA 41227 Intrepid Jeff Russo 8 8 8 9/ DNF 9/ DNS 9/ DNC 9/ DNC 9/ DNC 9/ DNC EDIT: The "other picture" in the link is clearly a different boat than this one
  7. 2011 carbon fiber (matte finish) Southern Spars mast and boom, starting to show some "white" oxidation. Acetone did not budge it, ran out of time pre-launch to try anything else. I called Southern Spars and their advice was "just" have the spar painted. No thanks. Gotta be some simpler way to get the chalky look outta the finish right ? The boat was bought last year, and prior to the the mast lived outdoors in a mast bag on a rack for a few years. Don't know what it looked like pre-storage. I'd imagine some form of light rubbing compound and a buffing wheel ? Advice on what to try first ?
  8. Post your requirement on NASCAR.com forum. Not kidding. Lots of rednecks with big trucks drive down to nascar events (homestead race should be about now?) I posted there a few years back, and had like 20 respondents. Some were supremely qualified, I was able to be so fussy as to select from the list an ex professional boat hauler formerly employed by Tiara yachts, who also carried a CDL, insurance, and owned a dually. He dragged my (much smaller) boat from west michigan to miami for beer and fuel money--- $500 bucks. Went AWOL for a couple days but hey she got there and cheap too. Worth a shot. Seriously.
  9. 1sailor

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    iPad mini inside a LifeProof case velcro'd over the hole, put the afro-side of the velcro on pad and the hard part on the bulkhead. Lots of good countdown timer apps with big numbers you can use, and of course any GPS app or Navionics charts with depth or course displayed for after the start Extra credit: add the Ventus app to the iPad and sync it via your NMEA network to display other data from your instruments as needed via wireless mini router
  10. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    my crystal ball says if they don't do something fast she will end up much like that J/41 'Merrimac' that ended up on Sable Island after the naviguesser used a hurricane plotting chart (missing some atolls and small islands) instead of a NOAA chart and wound up like this:
  11. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    how are they gonna deal w this? dragging it off seems impossible w the keel and rudder fully planted in sand crane on a barge, seems unlikely. there’s not a good way to get big cranes or a travel-lift to the beach. humm.
  12. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Bretwalda has (or at least originally had) a retractable sprit pole. boat in the picture has a fixed prod, so I am gonna say this is Andrew Price’s badass Soto 40 ARMA
  13. 1sailor

    Race Boat Websites

    Which teams have the best race boat websites ? (Anarchy 4 / Sailing Anarchy doesnt count) How do they use them to effectively communicate with crew about upcoming regattas, delivery coordination, who's sailing, meal planning, who's gonna bring the beer etc ? Is there an existing platform that works well for these purposes, aside from a simple facebook page ? For a typical 40 footer with a crew of 8-10, what's the best way to orchestrate these logistical challenges ? Post links to any good examples you have.
  14. In sunnier climates, many RIB operators have a 'jacket' of sort that I think simply glues-on to the existing Hypalon tubes. Boat is a 19' wide body Nautica, that I may buy from a pal who is thinking about going new-tubes, mostly just for aesthetic reasons, and he likes spending money. I cannot find any resources on where one would buy this 'skin', and Nautica is apparently in the witness protection program with no web presence and a phone that is disconnected ? Any advice on who sells these kits ?