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  1. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Looks like it, Blizzard. The two boats discussed above are Usual Suspects (Farr 400) and ARMA (Soto 40). Gonna be some fun this summer, assuming we learn how to sail this thing first and get to launch it soon
  2. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Yep, 1.063 AP and 1.071 Offwind. Looks like I"m gonna owe you some time, also my GPH number is 506.4, not that I understand what any of the above means or how to calculate 'time owed'. I'm a recovering one-design guy I guess. In other news---- my wife just called to say my PHRF cert showed up in todays mail. Finally ! We are -18 buoys, and -21 offshore. Was hoping for -15 and -18, but it's early for me to start crying about it.
  3. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    000---- keep me posted brother. I can't seem to get a reply. It's worrisome / frustrating. Good thing we're not in the water yet or I'd be bummed about this ! Glad to see you guys have ARMA going so well already !
  4. 1sailor

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    Back in the early days of SA, people would come here for information and get answers other than all the crap above. Sorry 'bout my friends here. I think a basic answer for a 40'er crew would look like this: Bow (foredeck) Mid-bow / mast Pit (cockpit area, puts sails up-down) Kite trim - jib trim "offside trim" (helper for above) mainsheet Helm running backstays sewer (goes below to take down kite, fetch beers) That's 9. Thats how we sail our 40'er. In general.
  5. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    you were -15 last year or -18 ? whats your ORR?
  6. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    of course ! enough of ‘em that I worry about a TRO and a 6 second hit
  7. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Same--- but at least you have a known rating ! I have not been able to get any replies of any kind. What to do ?
  8. 1sailor

    Eligibility to Race

    they tell me we can't discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap status etc but we are talking about a PRIVATE club sponsored event and there is no law precluding discrimination against unqualified dumb-asses who want to sail large yachts without crew at the peril of other yachts and without respect for the obvious "why can't the guy find crew" question should be asked
  9. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    They dont have me listed either. Not sure what to tell the local RC to score me at, when I start racing in a week or so. Hum. I can guess....
  10. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Nope, applied for a cert for the new boat in February or early March, it's concerning, but I guess I"m glad to know I'm not alone here.
  11. 1sailor

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    i blow them off at my 4th of July party over the lake. It's prudent to understand how these things work so that when the time comes to use them, you 'get it.'
  12. 1sailor

    How hard was it blowing?

    blowin' like stormy daniels on election night
  13. 1sailor

    Chicago Area III

    i don’t speak on behalf of anyone and not an ‘authority’ here, but the ex: Heartbreaker 52 was built as Patches, then was Ran, and then was Heartbreaker and owned by well known local yachtsman Robert Hughes, who has recently donated her to USMMA- i think she’s chartered locally and I hope so! More recently, the team has bought last years’ super series boat Alegre, and she will sail in Newport before coming to the lakes in time for local Queens cup/ Mackinac stuff etc. Really not my role to speak on this but wanted to answer the question which will come out soon enough anyhow. Stoked to see the 52 class gaining momentum locally, with more boats coming for 2019. it takes good owners to make all this happen, and it’s cool for sure. eric
  14. 1sailor

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    So the cambered bow shape creates 'upwash' effect increasing apparent flow across the jib, the forward chine not only deflects spray outboard but reduces deck volume (weight, righting moment) and the chine disappears aft so that the crew can hike normally ? Is that what all this bizarre shaping is about ? I do like the aggressively reversed bow. Those little antennae bow pulpit rails are cool. The whole kit looks expensive ! What's it weigh, compared to say, a modern Fast 40+ or GP42, or other carbon 40'ers ?