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  1. 1sailor

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    on an Assym, you’re not really ever truly ‘running’ so the rules are different than symmetrical boats most sport boat classes, it seems the deal is if you’re close to or marginal planing conditions (or more), it stays up around 10 or 12 knots is cutoff on my boat, when I sailed melges 20’s it was about the same, those plane in about 12 or 13 ....
  2. 1sailor

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    bryan p, R.I.P., had a hat as good as bubbas or better. Humm— you are MP?
  3. 1sailor

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Mount Gay poured millions of dollars into our sport, made many international regattas possible, and we owe them gratitude for that. The hats had a cult following for decades. Why is it "cool" to hate on this ? Seems from this thread many respondents think they elevate themselves to "rock star cool sailor" status by being too cool to endorse something so pedestrian as a red hat. Whatever. I dont wear hats, but I think these are cool. I too have a load of them, if anyone wishes they had a Mt Gay hat, PM me and I'll tell ya how to send me a prepaid envelope which will return with a red hat of your own... be nice people, Mt gay has been good to us.
  4. 1sailor

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Are we talking about Bryan Peterson's hat ? It had a thread irregularity and said key west raGe week, I recall him winning with that hat that year, tho I dont recall what year that was. Perhaps 97, which was my second KWRW
  5. 1sailor

    Foam deck

    What's the best way to clean this stuff ? I have the light grey Raptor deck on my current boat--- it's holding up great and I really like it. But, the light grey shows everything. Basic Rolloff boat soap doesnt work great on it. Website says "most household cleaners will work" but I'd like to know if anyone has found the magic sauce for this. Joy dish soap as a de-greaser is the best I've found so far. Soft Scrub with bleach seems OK too, but leaves chalky white stains behind on gelcoat and such. Advice ?
  6. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    You were right!! the melgi occupied top 1-3 overall it was a flat water tight reach in 13-16, freed up just enough after port sheldon to get a FR-0 outta the bag. hour and a half race, and a beautiful day. great to see many of you out there!
  7. 1sailor

    Chartering a boat for racing

    Gowrie Group (Rhode Island I think) has a special regatta insurance program for this very purpose, used it a lot when I was chartering out my melges 20 Seems like the standard in the mumm 30 and farr 40 and melges 20's etc., was roughly 10% of the value of the boat per event, with the "B" set of sails. Obviously a pretty rough guideline. Melges 20's a few years back were approx. $1,000 / day. Insurance for melges 20 regattas was around $800 / event if memory serves through Gowrie. Those were $30k boats, and like 1.0m liability I recall. If you sail on the boat with them, and they are reimbursing you for 'expenses' maybe your existing policy can still work ?
  8. 1sailor

    Initial setup of a mast with mast jack

    Pretty much every one design or other boat I've ever sailed: - measure to get the tip of the rig centered in the boat - follow sailmaker guidelines for amount of pre-bend appropriate for your boat (no idea what boat this is for, but in=line spreaders is diff than modern swept back rigs) - go sailing in 10 knots Upwind, with a full crew hiked, rig needs to be loose enough that leeward shrouds are just starting to slack and move around, with moderate and appropriate backstay on to get headstay tension where you'd have it going up hill in these circumstances
  9. 1sailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    thanks Geff and YES Gretchen took those, I failed to mention it here but look forward to redecorating the house in HS when I buy some of those from her
  10. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    000's..... any update on the fate of your soto 40 ? Insurance process going OK ?
  11. 1sailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Farr 400 project, looks - and sails- better with the new front end and fixed prod
  12. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    can’t help ya for that long, but if there’s a particular event you need to use the Usual Suspects for, we could have the conversation... trust you guys entirely.... other than marky of course..:)
  13. 1sailor

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    zero regrets on this decision, as Doghouse has put it, we had 5 sailing days in the farr 4oo is all, and an inshore mainsail not-reefable, meaning it coulda been a jib only race— in other words a delivery for harbor springs. we delivered a few days later with beer and mild conditions, much better! having done 20 macs, I can tolerate some misery but this boat woulda been awful and i’m old enough to know better than putting my kids and crew thru all this. we are overdue for a ripper SWerly next year, and i’m gonna be ready !! So sorry for the Imedi gang, I was once the MOB and this coulda been any of us. Make your crew buy an AIS device, was john santarelli wearing one I wonder ? e
  14. 1sailor

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Great offer and THANK YOU. Reality is with all our bow mods and paint and projects, we were 5 weeks late hitting the water and have sailed the boat 4 times, never in more than 12 knots of breeze--- Our boat is largely untested and I simply dont think we're ready for what I believe this race is gonna be, esp. as I sail with my kids on the boat. Boat came with one inshore main, 3Di, loft says ya cant add reef points to it and in 20 Mac races I rarely have needed to reef including the past couple years on the old farr 40 but I believe the F400 in more than 20 knots will just flog the shit out of the main, likelihood of a failure seems high, and I'd rather be able to sail the rest of the season..... That said, I wish you guys the very best on this one !