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  1. Racer sponsorship

    As a self-employed guy, I think I will start advertising my company brand on my sails. Future sails will be bought by the company, which means I'm using pre-tax money to buy the sails. It's not a "half-off" sale but it's close enough to matter. I'd never claim all sailing costs as business expense but this seems pretty defensible, if pushed. Why not.
  2. West Michigan Thread

    Registration is open for LTYC / Harbor Springs regatta. I feel a bit confused about the split PHRF and ORR section for big boats. How do you decide which to register for ? I guess I can sit and wait to see who signs up for what, but I wish they'd just put us all in the same club. Advice on which to register for ? I dont know which rule "likes" my boat better.
  3. West Michigan Thread

    I dont think its that simple. Events are either category A, B, or C (various limitations in each, on branding) and I know for sure the Mac committee has put something in the NOR about no sponsor logo's allowed that compete with any of the CYC sponsors. Guess I'll have to dig thru the NOR's for each event and figure it out for myself.. the TP52 class however is a much different set of rules than LM-PHRF or the CYC regs.
  4. West Michigan Thread

    West Michigan sailors (and in particular 000)---- does anyone have a decent handle on which set of advertising rules we can get away with for (combination) Mac / Queens / LTYC and of course local PHRF ? No, I'm not looking for sponsors or to become a billboard, but if I'm buying sails I like the idea of putting a company logo on 'em so I can use pre-tax dollars for the sail cost. I've noticed 000's insurance agency logos--- wondering what the limitations are, I know there are various 'categories' that exist.
  5. West Michigan Thread

    000, that was the team I've heard rumblings about, from a guy who apparently had indicated interest in their boat after I told him mine had been donated and was gone. Heard nothing from the horses' mouth or any of their team members directly.
  6. West Michigan Thread

    There's a Thompson 35 custom offwind rocket now in milwaukee that was discussed elsewhere on SA this fall. Holland is minus a Farr 40 and plus a Farr 400 being sailed by us (usual suspects), not sure what the Tyrant guys are doing (they're quiet but I think they have a plan), and some speculation about a different muskegon team doing an upgrade too but you'd know more about that than me.
  7. West Michigan Thread

    there’s probly a ton of history on this that I know nothing about (educate me ?) but I don’t get the ‘perceived animosity’ on this. I totally understand avoidance of long deliveries where possible but GH seems fair to us holland sailors and you myc guys too right, as a finish destination? diluting both fleets with two races on the same day seems a bummer. usual suspects is doing traditional tripp / queens don’t flame me for asking, it just seems weird, pardon my lack of background knowledge... eric
  8. Watching the Hobart in the US

    All these guys can take lessons from the Star Sailors league, S2H coverage is great for 30 minutes of 4 boats, that's it
  9. Surveyor - South Haven Michigan

    I recently donated a boat and as part of it hired Jack Morman to do the survey (Holland, MI). He was very thorough, got here pretty fast to do the work and was very educational and fairly priced. http://www.mormanmarinesurveyors.com
  10. Sheet bag design

    Outils-Oceans is a french sheet bag I found while on a chartered yacht in the grenadines. Came home and bought these for my race boat, they are bomb proof, light, and cheap, with a 'quick release' snap set mount so they're easily removed to store below or whatever, but mine live in the sun and show zero wear. They are glossy bright clean shiny white finish and have a 'hard' vinyl so they hold a semi-rigid shape and don't get all saggy and faded and soft like the crappy mesh bags typically found at West or from Harken (can't believe I'm saying something bad about Harken) or whatever. These things are like $40 bucks a throw, which I think is cheap. There's a distributor in California https://www.outils-oceans.com/en/product/bayabouts-a-sandow-ts164020-ts252010-ts302515-ts304015/
  11. tp 52 crop 2018

    ^^^^^ they should just sail the entire AC series in the TP52 class boats. Clearly a durable class long-term, not every boat needs to "fly" and for sure more trickle-down for the rest of us conventional sailors all 'round the world. This new swiss-army knife looking AC contraption is bizarre.
  12. How long to make my bowsprit?

    If you have a good carbon guy nearby, you could consider buying a used TP52 sprit (check the class website classifieds) as I did for my farr 40. Builder makes a 'splash' (female mold) of the hull and - in my case - only a couple grand and your'e ready to go kite shopping. lake michigan PHRF offers a 3 second / mile credit for "spinnakers tacked on centerline only". I spent my 3 second credit on a longer J dimension than the class standard pole, meaning I rate even-even with the original boat. There's times it isn't as fast (10+, pole-back conditions) but others when it works very well. Ditching the pole is just a better way to go through life.
  13. West Michigan Thread

    Any of you guys using cell phone boosters during the Mac race ? Or satellite phones ? I'm trying to put some time in over the winter to get set up better, looking for input on either of the above. Looks like most of the cell boosters are talking "up to 50 miles" range---- seems good enough. Looking to be able to get weather info to run expedition program, don't know much about bandwidth requirements of either system but would be grateful for advice
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Mr. Clean needs to interview these women for sure. First question: "may I please borrow that GPS you pulled outta your purse during the interview?" It would be fun to look at the track history over the past oh... say.... 5 months.
  15. Time to modernize a bit. Looking for advice on a systematic approach, hardware recommendations and ‘what to avoid’ when heading down this path. Simpler the better. Im told by someone i trust to start w a Getac B300 rugged laptop, and use iPad(s) on deck as repeaters. Once I have this sourced I would purchase the exp program, and the polars from US Sailing. I will be adding auto helm and likely AIS, with Satcom for weather info offshore / out of cell range. trying to avoid buying stuff that’s not compatible w each other, also interested in advice from others who’ve done this recently. Decent w office technology but not a marine tech nerd— I was a C student so go easy on me here.