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  1. 1sailor


    Saw it at the Lyric in Harbor Springs (MI) last week and it was really informative. As Fan said above, pretty surprising that Dawn didn't get more of a role in the film as I think she's generally viewed as a major player in that project coming together and certainly the female spokesperson for similar efforts in subsequent decades, anywhere in the sport of yacht racing. It's worth seeing for sure, if perhaps less about sailing than it may be about the challenges of overcoming a male-dominated sport and the rise of girl-power in an adverse environment. Truly enjoyed it.
  2. I stopped using APS after the 3rd or 4th time they processed my order, waited a week and sent me an automated "your item is on back order and will ship when we feel like it" kinda thing. Sail 22 is awesome if they have what you need (any rigging) as they show up at events with full support, and I like Mauri Pro Sailing for lots of other stuff. Really good service at both.
  3. 1sailor

    TP 52 Deal?

    As these 52's get older and cheaper, they find their way into local YC sailors' hands and that's all good. Budget can be whatever you need it to be for your purposes. Top 52's in the great lakes will spend over 100k / year but that doesn't mean you'd HAVE TO in your local fleet to have fun. Arguably the winningest 52 around these parts in recent years is the Natalie J program--- they dont even pay pros to sail. Seems to be the epitome of cool 'friends and family' type of project, on a gen. 1 boat, that frequently kicks the newer pro teams to the curb. Suppose it helps that son-in-law of owner is a multi world champ and olympic sailor (and he has friends) but it's pretty cool to see success at the lower end of the spending realm considering the bad-asses they are sailing against (and often beating).
  4. 1sailor

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    We found the worlds' biggest parking lot over by Ludington (yes, the wrong side of the lake) and put all our change in the meter.... nonetheless, Ella was able to put together a little video here of our boat, Usual Suspects https://vimeo.com/349332131?fbclid=IwAR0amJ0JiNeGZzxSggY5ZzGI1kO7Mp925PVuydQ-wWu-wC2RcoStO__X85Y
  5. 1sailor

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Hi Jim. I"m not mad at you. Somehow between post #102 and #106 I went from being "a good guy" to being " a pussy." Will you be in chicago for the Mac race ? Please introduce yourself, I will decide then if I think you're a good guy- or maybe a pussy- and I will either buy you a drink or shove you off the dock as appropriate at the time.
  6. 1sailor

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Well, it isn't "their" hometown-- it's mine too ! Doug is a friend, but there would be no reason to kiss his ass other than out of the massive respect I have for him individually and what their family has done for our community----- and also the SAILING community. Are you aware of what they've brought to the pro sailing community, the boat builders, the jobs and such ? Do you also think he cheats on the TP52 and that's why he and Terry are multiple world champions and such ? I'd spell these things out but don't want to hijack the thread further.. I have zero specific knowledge about any alleged 'cheating' you mention, so I cannot defend or confirm but I will tell you this: that program is full-on, high standard to a level I've never seen anywhere, ever.
  7. Say what you want about the owners at the top of the maxi boat game, but after treading cold water for a couple hours this ^^^ is a class act with zero chance of "PR stunt" under the circumstances. Very cool.
  8. 1sailor

    West Michigan Thread

    OK this Safety At Sea seminar deal just got real. Yes, I had all winter and did nothing about it. Looking around online, the Chicago YC session is sold out, and few 'other' options remain. Anyone have a good plan on this ? What about hiring / flying in the instructor to do a local YC thing, so that only ONE person travels instead of ALL of us ? Ideas or advice ? Does the on-line class suffice, or do we need to do a full weekend gig to meet the rule, or what ?
  9. sure will. I've got high hopes based on what I'm hearing from people about this new anti-UV stuff (in the picture) so we shall see. here's a re-post of the pics that didn't work above..
  10. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    2015 generation before the boat they currently use for super series, it’d been sold to a spaniard but somehow the deal never got closed or funded so they got the boat back and she’s now in holland getting prepped for the great lakes. lots of modern, big gear on the great lakes these days.
  11. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    yes. LE paid rent for 10 years for her to live there, before flying his squad here to load her up for shipping to california where she was cut apart and discarded. these rich guys makes perfect sense to me.
  12. came back to answer my own question. Most said "gotta repaint the rig, clear coat is shot." after some experimentation, the DA with 1200 did not work. chemicals did not work. Large Makita buffer with 3M finesse it, slow speed, just enough to generate some heat. Finished with a new UV protectant which saturates the finish and the end result was favorable. Check the photos. Southern Spars answer was "paint the mast". That is not a practical answer when an easy, other solution exists. Couple hours' time and see for yourself if it worked: IMG_1156.HEIC IMG_1157.HEIC IMG_1158.HEIC IMG_1159.HEIC
  13. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    indeed that’ll be fun to watch. hopefully more 52’s migrate here to the point we could have a 52 box rule class would be amazing! the KP boat you speak of — is this the Mockingbird (ex: heartbreaker) boat? and what became of Imedi which is not on your list?
  14. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    Yesterday I was told that she has been donated (I think they said mass maritime but not 100% on this part) and she will continue to live in Holland MI at Eldeans until someone raises their hand for a charter. pretty big / beamy yacht to be trailering around the US without a defined plan I guess. She sits in building #3 alongside the R/P 74 Wizard (also a donated boat with no identified plan currently, but listed for sale) and also MaxZ86 Windquest (retired maxi owned by the DeVos family, for sale, and no sailing plans going forward). All three of these yachts are immaculate, grand-prix condition ready to sail--- apparently Holland MI is where these things go to rest while they (depreciate and) wait for new ownership.
  15. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    62 tons of teak and caviar heading to the island, this looks somewhat more pleasant than the empty shells most of us sail around on: https://www.fraseryachts.com/en/yacht-for-sale/whitehawk/