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  1. GREAT job out there guys--- you finally had your conditions going both ways, cool to see you do so well with that boat. Clearly time to end on a high note and get your new boat dialed in too !
  2. she's registered for july 2017 chicago-mackinac race under dan lewis, the same guy who bought her from Alcott in 1997. very nice guy. i had thought his ex wife got the boat in the divorce and she'd moved her to cali and let her rot in the sun. possible my facts are wrong but if not, how does a guy get his boat back from an ornery ex wife ? quite a feat i'd imagine.
  3. Rudder shape is one thing, the tree-limb tiller upgrade is affordable and overlooked. Found it on the side of the road in Harbor Springs over the weekend:
  4. Brassy still spends summers in Ludington and winters in Muskegon (Torresson Marine) for quite a few years now. Yes there is vinyl condo development surrounding the cockpit, which suits the owners purposes well, they sail her in the north channel a bunch. Owner (buzz) is a fabulous wood worker, and has fully fitted out the interior; it's been a lot of years now but she was beautiful below decks last I saw.
  5. 2-3 million gets a tricked up modern 72 IRC maxi, this guy only wants a painted and cleaned IOR boat with a couple sails. Take it easy the guy has a dream let him have fun. The boat was legend here on the great lakes for many years-- hope he gets his chance too. Anyone got a good pic of Dutch driving the thing naked during a Mac race ? I recall seeing that at some point in my youth. Wait-- no I really don't wanna see that again...
  6. anyone know what's up with the D 1's in the photo here on Provezza ? Not the ordinary kite-protector kinda thing. Also, with no more dog-house whats going on below deck, is it a total hobbit farm or what ? Can you even stand up in this new generation of boat ?
  7. No, but ready for it so I can finish registering for stuff...
  8. Anybody got any good pics of the old N/M 50 Insatiable and also N/M 36 RUSH ??
  9. One more thing about pro sailors if I may: Why haven't the pro sailors organized a network for themselves or an on-line presence ? There are plenty of owners who would like to hire coaches for events if they knew who to call or who was available, what their experience level was on their type of boat, their availability, pedigree, date rape (day rate, sorry) and other expectations of said coach: travel costs, cattle bus vs. private jet.., 'need my own hotel room', Gluten-free lunch, most of which is fine just help us know what we're dealing with. As I think about improvement coaching for the upcoming season I realize there's really no "marketplace" for this. It's only who you know. Pretty nuts in this day and age with all the social media platforms..
  10. For me personally, I think of it as a team coach and a learning experience. Would you take a golf or tennis lesson to win ---or to get better ? I expect them to be timely, organized, energetic and radiating a sense of "I want to make your team better." Sadly, I see many pros on teams start out enthusiastic, and fade as the event goes by... the owner pays more than he thought was fair, the 'pro' didn't help put shit away, got to the dock on time but was helpless / hungover / on the cellphone etc. Enthusiasm seems to fade over a 3 day event for these guys. Why are pro sailors in general so bad at understanding this about themselves ? Paying one pro on a team of many will not likely get you a better result for a singular event, one guy can only do so much. The goal is education and the ability to get input from someone outside 'the family'. All the better if it happens in a positive way so that the guys who just blew off their family for a weekend have more fun because we all learned something and perhaps felt like we got a little better during the regatta --then it was a worthwhile experience. The incremental cost is worth it if the above goals were met. One great example: Last years Chicago-Mackinac race was stormy and dangerous. I had kids on board, who I was responsible for- including my own. I also had David Shriner, a full-on pro who instilled confidence in all of us. For me I know the race could have been a much different experience without the effortless, calm vibe David brought to our camp. Not that we were inexperienced offshore, but that level of skill and experience during squalls and sail changes makes a big difference in how an owner gets to 'enjoy' their experience. Pro's are not bad for the sport, in moderation. Ego-pro's and Ego-fueled owners are a deeper concern. Later, it could be fun to provide a list of pro sailor no-no's I've witnessed / participated in but feel I've taken enough of your time here.
  11. One further note: In the picture above, there are three large cabin-top winches. One of them is referred to as a 'bitch winch' -- that's the one that does all the heavy lifting. Anyone offended by that ?
  12. I dont have enough friends to sail that boat. Trust me, you buy that boat, you'll have plenty of friends. I doubt that many of those guys on board are his "friends" once they punch out at the end of the day. It's been my experience that guys like this employ crews and very definitely become friends at the end of the day. Irvine has been a respected grand-prix yacht racer for decades, just like the Bella Mente guy (Hap Fauth) and Jim Kilroy of Kialoa fame, DC, Blackaller... These guys are legends of the sport- generating income for pro sailors, creating tax base, creating jobs. Some of the pussies quoted above who are offended by the 'BN' designation need to wander over to the IBNA Facebook page and realize that many people of all colors wear that badge with honor-- it was never intended to be anything other than perhaps a self-deprecating joke and community of guys who were the grunt-workers and knew - as everyone on board did- that shit didn't happen without their leadership. May sound racist here in 2017 but that's what it was, deal with it.
  13. The older I get the more I realize this to be true. Of course the 'horses for courses' rule applies but in general an all-around race boat is fairly treated by PHRF and I've done it enough to have a qualified opinion here I hope, after many boats and lots of years. I find your posts to be informed and insightful; reminds me of the old days of SA before all the keyboard wankers showed up. 3 seconds, 9 seconds... the rating seldom adds up to "the difference" between who got to the first shift and had better boat handling. The complaints come from the back of the fleet guys with a dirty bottom, shitty sails and a red flag on their backstay who are looking for reasons to feed their ego after not having spent enough time racing boats they can learn to sail properly. I frequently race Lasers in the interest of eliminating these variables.
  14. Try posting over in Cruising Anarchy, likely more candidates there for you.
  15. In the interest of getting the Melges 40 thread back on track---- anyone know if our good friends in Zenda, WI have plans to get a Melges 40 here to the USA in time for the Chicago-Mackinac race in their factories' back yard ?