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  1. How long to make my bowsprit?

    If you have a good carbon guy nearby, you could consider buying a used TP52 sprit (check the class website classifieds) as I did for my farr 40. Builder makes a 'splash' (female mold) of the hull and - in my case - only a couple grand and your'e ready to go kite shopping. lake michigan PHRF offers a 3 second / mile credit for "spinnakers tacked on centerline only". I spent my 3 second credit on a longer J dimension than the class standard pole, meaning I rate even-even with the original boat. There's times it isn't as fast (10+, pole-back conditions) but others when it works very well. Ditching the pole is just a better way to go through life.
  2. West Michigan Thread

    Any of you guys using cell phone boosters during the Mac race ? Or satellite phones ? I'm trying to put some time in over the winter to get set up better, looking for input on either of the above. Looks like most of the cell boosters are talking "up to 50 miles" range---- seems good enough. Looking to be able to get weather info to run expedition program, don't know much about bandwidth requirements of either system but would be grateful for advice
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Mr. Clean needs to interview these women for sure. First question: "may I please borrow that GPS you pulled outta your purse during the interview?" It would be fun to look at the track history over the past oh... say.... 5 months.
  4. Time to modernize a bit. Looking for advice on a systematic approach, hardware recommendations and ‘what to avoid’ when heading down this path. Simpler the better. Im told by someone i trust to start w a Getac B300 rugged laptop, and use iPad(s) on deck as repeaters. Once I have this sourced I would purchase the exp program, and the polars from US Sailing. I will be adding auto helm and likely AIS, with Satcom for weather info offshore / out of cell range. trying to avoid buying stuff that’s not compatible w each other, also interested in advice from others who’ve done this recently. Decent w office technology but not a marine tech nerd— I was a C student so go easy on me here.
  5. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Many of us sail ice boats in the region, but I've never heard of iceboats being sailed on lake michigan. Little traverse bay (part of lake mi, but protected) YES but never on the big lake; it's never been smooth enough. But- imagine a 5-hour Chicago-Mac. That would be painful in any iceboat.
  6. Conch Charters (Road town, tortola BVI) was an organized group with older / cheaper boats for those who don't need all the pampering of a Moorings fleet. Not sure if they got blown away in the storm or if they're still going to make a go but I used them once and got what I expected: a 10 year old ex: beneteau in semi-clean, fully functional condition and with a good service experience.
  7. West Michigan Thread

    It's the same listing I think from when Bill bought the boat. OR if it is a new listing, it's the same broker who had it listed last year.
  8. In Over Our Head

    that elusive .3-.5 knots you're missing could be tired sails, crew weight, a bad driver, uncalibrated electronics or any combination thereof. Here's a good article on the (non)credibility of your system: http://www.sailingworld.com/thinking-beyond-instruments?src=SOC&dom=fb The mumm 36's were the grand prix shit for many years, getting the last ounce of speed outta them is a well documented process, start out by borrowing a mast jack if you have to and just get the rig to 'base tune' per the guide to eliminate a big variable. See if you can find any less used-up race sails over at this place: https://mastheadsailinggear.com Lastly, you can't get your rig to base tune (or any tune) without a basic LOOS RT-10 rod tuning gauge. Would you believe my current boat came with like 4 of 'em. PM me if you wanna buy one.
  9. Here in the great lakes we have IOR 50's and IMS 50's all over the place doing wednesday night club races. Those things load up way more than a TP52, harder to sail, flimsier masts... I dunno... haven't seen anyone die yet but I surely understand your point.
  10. Foam deck

    My advice is to get away from "yacht"suppliers and go straight to http://www.hydroturf.com/sheets/sheets-boating who makes this stuff for jet skis and paddleboards and such. They have 4' x 8' sheets for like $70 each. I did a melges 20 for a couple hundred buck if memory serves. Make a template using poster board, cut it out and you're good to go. I"m also told that you can buy hydro turf on Amazon, worth a look
  11. ORR in Long Island

    We use ORR here on the great lakes for Mackinac (distance) races and some regattas. I actually think it does a good job overall, and seems kinder to my Farr 40 than PHRF is, by a bunch. Farr 40's here rate -12 but are generally -3 or at worst -6 in some areas. I feel that ORR gives me a better chance against other, dis-similar boats.
  12. That thing looks like a downhill flyer for sure. Who's the new owner ? Any thoughts on where ORR will put this thing ? I'd imagine Turbo division for the Mac ? Humm. Wait your turn, you get your weather and it's over with...
  13. yeah, but somehow the plane ticket thing (spring break) making it nearly impossible from where I live..
  14. Imagine I'm not alone here----- had plans to return to the BVI this spring as we often do; wanted to go and support our friends down there by returning with our spending and support. BUT--- it looks too bleak at this point. Water and power.. who knows... refrigeration for foods at restaurants ? I cannot imagine they will have much of this operational in the next few months. What do we have... maybe 2,000 bareboat in the VI's ? What's everyone gonna do ? We are thinking Belize, seems like a good enough reason to go try someplace new. Done the Grenadines enough times, I guess Bahamas are an option, but hard to get to during our time frame. Am I missing any other obvious alternatives ?