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  1. lamorak

    How do you define bad crew?

    Sh*t, I bet I know this dude....
  2. lamorak

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    Depends on the load. Most catamarans use a split tail for the traveller termination - core as one leg, and cover as the other leg. Take a dyneema core double braid and pull the core out through the cover a couple of inches above the length of the split. Then pass the cover through the core, and the cover through the cover and whip that point. now you have a brummel splice, split tail.
  3. lamorak

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    They tried that - F18HT Never took off in the US
  4. lamorak


    That sucks. I know some good friends that work there, I hope H-L pulls through. MK
  5. lamorak

    Sailing in Kingston ONT Q's

    Thanks guys for the info. I'll be there in July racing Viper 640's at CORK. -Mike
  6. I've sailed in Quebec City, and there is a substantial amount of current that is tidal driven. Is this the case in Kingston ONT? It looks like the St Lawrence river flows out of Lake Ontario pretty close by. Any other local anomalies or rules of thumb to go by?
  7. lamorak

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Every boat I sailed in the Tybee 500 or GT 300 was a 2 year old or less boat that was sailed as Nationals/Worlds boat. I hit every beach landing as hard and fast as possible and didn't think twice about it. The ground crews always did a sweep of the finish line to make sure there weren't any rocks, shells or debris. It was in their best interest, if they didn't want to be up all night repairing boats...
  8. lamorak

    2018 Fishing Thread

    My dad is an avid large mouth bass fisherman. he just got back from a trip to mexico and here's his report. Fished past 6 days with ron speed adventures on comedero.... My partner and I caught approx 670 bass....we had 57 over 6lbs,29 over 7 lbs,6 over 8lbs and 3 over 9lbs.....great adventure in every respect.....I've fished el salto,picachos, and Guerrero in its heyday and never seen fish easier to catch or more eager to bite..... some observations about our trip... we started off each morning fishing top water buddy caught several nice fish including an 8.5 lb and several 4-5 lb fish on a Yellow magic popper...I tried Pop R's,prop baits and a whopper plopper and only had a few small fish bites....usually I'd switch to a 5 or 6 inch senko or a tenn shad fluke after 30 minutes or less and start catching numbers of 1-2 lb fish but don't recall catching any sizeable fish early... you could almost catch or miss a fish every cast if you threw a senko or fluke up on a bank in a few inches of was like we were fishing a pond where the fish were starving and had never seen an artificial lure... we would get bored at times and when a fish bit,we would just reel them up to the boat to see what size they were before we set the hook....and most times there would be another fish or two with them...same when we were fighting a fish to the boat... back in early days of Lake Guerrero,it wasn't unusual for a fish to come off when bringing it to the boat and the fish would wheel around and bite the lure again...we had this happen numerous times last week typically with 1-2lb fish but we did have one instance of a 5lb fish come off of an underspin,wheel around and nail the boat again... maybe one of the most unusual "fish catching" experiences I've ever had was when I hooked a 2lb bass on a worm,fought the fish to within 6 ft or so of the boat when the fish came off and stripped my worm off the buddy was reeling in and fixing to lift his lizard out of the water when my fish shot over there,grabbed his lizard.he jerked the bass into the boat and my worm fell out of his mouth...... majority of our 5lb and over fish came from 10-12 ft of water but we did catch a few fish over 7lbs in 5ft or less and several 20 to 30 ft deep.... we caught fish on a number of baits...maybe the most productive was a gambler senko,black with blue tail or watermelon red flake and a plum ole monster worm...we also caught a lot of fish on cane thumper swimbaits rigged texas rig or on an underspin... the accomodations were,shrimp steaks and Mexican food was outstanding...considering the remote location,ron speed and staff have done a remarkable job with the lodge and the food... ... lake is nestled in the mountains and is both remote and starkly beautiful...clear deep water with alot of steep rocky banks and bluffs,,narrow coves with steep walls plus underwater brush....I've got some pictures I'll try to down load and post next week... P.S.any questions,I'll be glad to try to answer them... (.I receive no compensation nor discounts from Ron Speed or the lodge)
  9. lamorak

    If you could..?

    Tampa/ St Pete / Gulfport Area
  10. lamorak

    Grilling 2018

    Tip for perfect asparagus- shave the stalk with a carrot/potatoe peeler. Eliminates the strings and allows the olive oil, sea salt, etc. to infuse.
  11. lamorak

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    3800 lbs and roughly 1 1/2 Times the sail area as a laser...
  12. lamorak

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Mine is carbon only. No blend.
  13. lamorak

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Stop by during Miami Race week and you can get some info on retrofitting a platform from soft tramp to carbon/Kevlar deck.
  14. lamorak

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Pretty much standard equipment for a 2017/2018 A-class with a decksweeper main. Saw several classic decksweeper conversions last weekend at the Nood’s.
  15. lamorak

    Zhik Xeflex Mid-Layer Jacket experience?

    I wore the bibs under my salopettes last month in a regatta where ice was forming on the deck. That was the only time I've ever sailed in those conditions and was perfectly comfortable.