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  1. lamorak

    How to score one class with two divisions?

    We discussed it at length with the competitors, and scored the events both ways for over a year. Rarely did it affect more than 1-2 positions, but ultimately they felt the separate fleet scoring system should be used. it's a pain in the butt for the scorekeeper - 3 sets of results have to be calculated for each race.
  2. lamorak


    Great... A-Class North Americans are Wed thru Sat in Sandy Hook. Looks like Forence may be impacting the regatta.
  3. lamorak


    That's 3Di.
  4. lamorak

    Damn !

    Buncha wusses Leave Atlanta at 1:45 pm on Friday, land in Hervey Bay at 11:05am on Sunday, and throw 3 layovers and a couple of hours commute at each end... Coming back leave Sydney at 3:00pm and land in Atlanta 4 hours later...
  5. lamorak

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    I raced mine on a lake with a -81 phrf rating. If the course was more than 8 miles, and if there was enough breeze to fly a hull consistently, we usually corrected out on handicap. My favorite races were the pursuit starts - we'd start last and have to pass everyone to win...
  6. lamorak

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    With 2 people that have done it before - 2 hours set up and 2 hours tear down are easily achievable. My record is 45 min tear down with 4 guys and lightning popping all around us. I singlehanded mine quite often. The most work was putting the main up, since it was 2:1 halyard. Stand on the beam an hoist until exhausted, and then grind the rest of the way. All of the lines are cross sheeted to the high side and easily organized. you have to be very aware of how high you can fly the hull on the 14' setup. Too high, and the weight of the mast takes over, and away you go. i never capsized mine, but I was on Randy's boat when we flipped 4-5 times while attempting to to develop a self-righting system. When the windward rudder is completely out of the water, you are approaching the point of no return...
  7. Re-drill the axle and move the cradles/tires in. having them on the outside is a pain in the a$$ when moving the boat around.
  8. I would definitely recommend starting with a non-foiling/classic platform for the A-Class. There is plenty of good competition in the classic division - multiple past NA champions. There are a lot of A-class fall/winter/spring regatta's in the Georgia and Florida areas. As far as H16, look around and see if you have any active fleets within your travel range. They are out there, but
  9. solo - A-Class 2-up = F16 or F18 depending your combined crew weight
  10. lamorak

    Someone has been naughty!

    This is more than a measurement violation. This is knowingly using a part that is not allowed with the purpose to gain a competitive advantage.
  11. lamorak

    Someone has been naughty!

    used an illegal upper daggerboard bearing that allowed a greater range of adjustment than allowed in the one design configuration.
  12. That's a deal. Wish i hadn't sold mine, but the reality was that it was too big for lake sailing. We'd roll out the big screecher, bare off to 25 knots, and i'd start screaming to furl the screecher because we were running out of water... Here's a video showing us cruising nicely along on a light air day -
  13. lamorak

    Melges 24 Keel trunk

    my guess is that it was full water and froze in the winter.
  14. lamorak

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The fastest sailboat ever...
  15. lamorak

    How do you define bad crew?

    Sh*t, I bet I know this dude....