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  1. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Best way to get code zero luff tension?

    Put a 2:1 tack line. Hoist and then tension the tack with a winch
  2. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    That’s why you pay a rigger $30 and he does it in 10 mins, or you save $30 and it takes you 2 hours and a broken D splicer...
  3. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Brisket rub - what to choose?

    Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, smoked over white oak
  4. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Boat sinks in parade wake

    We had the Great American Boat Parade on Lanier last Sunday - 9/6. DNR estimated 4,000 boats attended. We motored down the lake at 5-6 mph. It was rough, but no-one sank. M/Y Stogie
  5. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    I was looking for the Laser class site - ILCA.org is not it...
  6. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Random PicThread

    It was Hitachi Corp headquarters. I was Cobol programming director over a Digital VAX/VMS array.
  7. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Random PicThread

    I spent most of the 80’s working in a room like that. We worked 3 days on, 3 off - 7pm to 7am. At least once a month when our shift fell on Sat night , we would host a theme night, beach wear, naughty nighties , etc. All of us were in our 20-30’s, kept things interesting...
  8. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    USA One Design Sailing 2020 - Largest Regular Turnouts

    Lake Lanier Sailing Club - 10-13 Melges 24's racing every Wed night.
  9. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Savannah/Charleston/Pensacola Sailing Advice

    As you can see, I'm based out of Lanier. Powerboat traffic has been insane this year, but most of the racing is evenings in the summer, and every weekend over the Fall/Winter/Spring. Wed night racing draws 30-40 boats and runs from April till October. The biggest OD fleet is the Melges 24's. Consistently get 8-10 out racing at least once a week. Moonlight races on full moon weekends. Also lots of dinghy/laser activity, and full time junior program at Lake Lanier Sailing Club. PM me if you need more info.
  10. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Savannah/Charleston/Pensacola Sailing Advice

    I've kept boats, raced, and sailed in all three locations. Ranked by Sailing activity, both adult and jr programs - 1 Charleston, 2 Pensacola, 3 Savannah Ranked by best beach and water access - 1 Pensacola, 2 Charleston, 3 Savannah Ranked by coolest town/community - 1 Savannah, 2 Charleston, 3 Pensacola Since you are re-locating from New York, I would recommend Charleston.
  11. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    What's in your arsenal??

    If you are going the Ruger PC route, go with the PC Charger. Add a folding brace and 30rd Glock magazines.
  12. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    US Sailing National Champs 2021 in a WHAT?

    It stopped being a championship event when they changed the format to just another open regatta. Back in the day, it used to be there were 10 regions and each held their Alter Cup qualifier. if you won the regional event, you were eligible to participate in the Alter Cup Championship. There were also 10 other spots that were available to past champions, current national champions, and petition. The Alter Cup was raced with 10 factory boats in a cool round robin series. Racing in Fleet A scored points 1 thru 10, Fleet B scored points 11 thru 20. After each round, the bottom 3 boats in A got demoted to B, and the top 3 in Fleet B got promoted to A. Low points at the end of the week won the championship. There was also a matrix of boat swapping that ensured everyone sailed the same boats the same number of times. I digress...
  13. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    Ditch the rig

    I drove the R33 powercat in the swell off Huntington Beach. It had a hard deck, center console, and T-top. I think it started life as twin 40's, and then upgraded to twin 60's. it was a blast to drive. It needed more hand rails. It had the power cat behavior of leaning out of the turns instead of into them. -Mike
  14. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    How to set/pre-tension synthetic eye splices

    I find that you get a good set @ 50% braking strength held for 30 mins. Another thing to consider, is that the line will shrink somewhat when not under load for any length of time - trailering, mast down storage, etc. So I instruct anyone that uses my shrouds, after stepping the mast - tighten the lashings as tight as possible, wait 10-15 mins and tighten again.
  15. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

    How to set/pre-tension synthetic eye splices

    30 ft I-beam, 20-ton hydraulic cylinder, and a load cell. Depending on the diameter of the line, I know exactly short to splice it, and at what pounds to load it to achieve the desired length. I can work with the longer lengths than 30 ft, because I have several biga$$ highload cheek blocks also bolted to the I-beam.