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  1. BeatmongerZ

    TS5 capsize

    How does a boat like this capsize from hitting a submerged object? Does it trip going down a wave or something? Hard to understand the physics here especially given the crew report of sailing under-canvassed in 16-20.
  2. BeatmongerZ

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Nice work @rustylaru. Sweet looking ride.
  3. BeatmongerZ

    Boat 4 sale; not mine

    finally the pocket cruiser I've been looking for.
  4. BeatmongerZ


    I guess each to his own. I always felt like a 50lb carbon mast as opposed to a 150lb aluminum one would have been a lot easier to move around and setup.
  5. BeatmongerZ

    girls run aground in WA State ....

    Donated. Let's get the ladies sailing again.
  6. BeatmongerZ


    Steve is a solid guy and I can't recommend enough going through a broker to buy and sell a corsair. It makes it so easy. These boats really hold their value and you should be able to sell it more or less what you paid for it without hassle, as long as you take care of it. So you can go large, sail it for 5 years and sell it if you wanna move on to something else. I bought a C31 for $80k enjoyed the hell out of it for a few years and then sold it for $80k when I moved. Plus it's a popular brand so no problem insuring it. Something like this one with a carbon mast is a really nice mod, because raising and lowering the mast will be a lot less stressful. Warning: If you test sail you will buy it
  7. BeatmongerZ


    Is Steve Marsh still at The Finish Line in Stuart? Get him to set you up with a Corsair of your choice.
  8. think it's a newick argonauta
  9. BeatmongerZ

    what is it?

    60' daysailor I'll take 2.
  10. BeatmongerZ

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Does it have to be French? I'd throw Seawind in there. Really like the layout and accommodations on these.
  11. BeatmongerZ

    Help with boat search/recommendations

    One thing I will tell you about Corsairs and F-boats is they hold their value amazingly well. If you take care of it, you should be able to sell it around what you bought it for. This lets you spend a little more on them, because you can recoup the cost in 5-10 years if you decide on a different boat. They do sell quickly if you price them right, and they are a ton of fun.
  12. BeatmongerZ

    FP Antigua 37?

    Here's a good looking FP close to your price range, but sadly not physically close to you. Still a nice cruising area though. Unsure on the headroom in critical areas like galley. Master cabin says 6'4"
  13. BeatmongerZ

    FP Antigua 37?

    Hate to say it but $100k budget might put you in Monoland. It's kind of a sweet spot for monohulls. You can take your pick of 15 year old 50' monos for that. $100k multi is Corsair31, great boat, but doubt your family wants one.
  14. BeatmongerZ

    sails to replace outboards in the Marshall Islands

    awesome stuff. how does it shunt with that sail? any video of the full process?