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  1. We managed to talk with Jamie Morris the builder of Venom and made a little video. If your interested in seeing some more of her please follow the link R42 Venom
  2. trispirit


    Here'a short video showing Bull Frog as she is today, while also giving a few details of her past and the modifications that were made by Geoff Schionning. I'm not a surveyor and I offer no advice to her current condition. Claudia and I are avid trimaran lovers and did this to share one of Australia's most famous racing trimarans.
  3. trispirit


    Hey Tony Claudia and I are really sorry to hear about BF being set adrift, hope she faired ok!! Thanks again for allowing us to come and visit was a treat to finally step onboard. Hope to have the video up soon just arrived back to Spirit in Thailand so a few busy days ahead for us but will work on it real soon. Fair winds.
  4. trispirit

    dorking out super hard

    Spot on! Seen this happen in the whitsunday Islands Solway Passage. Breakers get pushed downstream to where the current equals them where there's normally a large amount of not very nice standing walls of water. The waves just fall over themselves and depending upon the breeze strength it can get pretty nasty.
  5. trispirit

    Dynex/ spectra in salt water

    Our 8ft prodder on Spirit uses 10mm dyneema no issues at all over the last eight years.
  6. trispirit

    Le Rouge/Pulsar 50

    many thanks for the info
  7. trispirit

    Le Rouge/Pulsar 50

    Does anyone know the location, owner or have any info on this Pulsar 50 by Le Rouge?
  8. trispirit

    Formula 40 Trimaran Spirit of England

    Thanks all for the positive comments glad a few others enjoyed the video and seeing the old girl gliding along. Sharing what we love and are passionate about is what we're all about, any members here if you're ever in the same area we're in you'd be more than welcome to come for a sail with us onboard Spirit just drop us a line ;-) fair winds to all!
  9. trispirit

    Formula 40 Trimaran Spirit of England

    Just thought we’d share our latest video to inspire you all to get out on the water as we head into the weekend. This was filmed as we sailed from Phuket up to Ko Phayam near the border of Myanmar. The west coast is a great part of Thailand with lots of little spots to explore and hideaway in and if you go in February or March you can expect the weather to be like this everyday. All the best and have a great weekend!
  10. trispirit

    MTC 40

    Yes obviously the purchase cost and condition of the boat is key to whether it’s worth taking on the project or not. I’m lucky I’ve been involved in yachts since childhood growing up onboard both monos and multihulls. This makes a massive difference as I have a fair idea of what’s involved and what I’m getting involved in. It’s doenst however mean it can’t be done by nonprofessionals it just means you need to get a lot of solid advice and you need to allocate time and to not rush into anything. One of the best things we did was sail Spirit to Australia slowly taking three years. This gave us a very good idea of what was needed to make her more comfortable and it really gave us idea of whether it would work or not. I like the MTC40 she looks a little heavy but if she’s structurally sound and has the ability to loose some weight she’d be worth looking at for sure. Best of luck, Spirit
  11. trispirit

    MTC 40

    Thanks Rasputin22 totally agree mate she’s a prettt special lady!
  12. trispirit

    MTC 40

    Hi Edmund, We purchased Spirit in 2010 from Stonington in Connecticut. When we first surveyed her we found a lot of rot in her plywood decks on both floats/amas and the bow of the mainhull. So before we departed the US we replaced the float/ama decks with carbon and replaced all the bulkheads using carbon ring frames in place of the plywood. All the work we did not only replaced what was there but it also increased the strength. We did a lot of other work to ready Spirit but these were the main structural items This first refit cost around $40,000 USD and took around seven weeks. There was myself and my nephew and we also had a shipwright that was very experienced with carbon helping us and giving directions. Photos can be seen on both our blog and YouTube channel. I’ll pop links below Then after sailing to Australia in 2012 we decided in 2014/2015 to do a major redesign and rebuild of the boats cockpit and interior. This 2nd rebuild/refit took my wife and I six months of 8-10 hour days six days a week. The total cost to us including all living expenses, such as buying an old car, food and everything else associated with the rebuild was around $90,000 AUD. We did have a shipwright helping around four days a week for most of the refit. We always used the best materials we could source and never cut corners. We refit the rigging and did a whole lot of work to the boat virtually readying her to continue sailing around the world with a touch more comfort. There are some great older multihulls around! we highly recommend doing what we’ve done, it has a cost and was hard work but it’s incredibly rewarding. We have no regrets and are happy that we’ve been able to restore and give life back to a fantastic little boat. The only advice we’d give is to know what your getting yourself into. Don’t cut corners and be real with costs as there’s so many little things that’ll pop up during the refit or repairs that you haven’t taken into account. We always advise to doubling what you think the cost will be. That way you’ll have money to spare, be able to do the work you wish and to the quality you wish without too much stress over funds. Hope this helps a little when trying to work out what’s involved in fixing up an old boat. Regards, Jason and Claudia Trimaran Spirit
  13. trispirit

    Gunboat 68

    I like it a lot. Best looking GB on paper so far. Great interior options and great daybeds and relaxation areas on the interior and exterior. Look forward to seeing one on the water performing.
  14. Since 2010 we've been using B&G. At the mast base we have an RFU (rudder feed back unit) that takes into account the mast angle then feeds this into one of the linear inputs on the processor. The processor then takes this angle into account and gives out info such as wind angle to mast, mast angle, TWD and TWA. It works incredibly well but needs a check up and sometimes calibration, which can be painful and time consuming. A few years back we looked into the tacktick but didn't find any glowing reviews however the easy install, lack of weight aloft and simplicity do sound great it's just a 20m rig seems to be pushing it at the moment when it comes to reliability. Most of the French multis are using NEXUS and B&G set ups. From my understanding tacktick, whom are now owned by raymarine were doing a wireless compass that fitted onto the mast that allowed the comparison between heading and mast angle to be applied to the wind direction but I haven't seen or heard much since they were bought out by raymarine???