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  1. trispirit

    Asia Catamarans

    A few months back Claudia and I started a new series of videos called Behind the Beams. We wanted to try and showcase some of the interesting people and things that are going on in the multihull world south of the equator. The people being interviewed have varied and interesting stories and not only that they have a wealth of experience and knowledge that needs sharing. Claudia and I are far from documentary makers or interviewers and anyone that knows us knows we’re more at home on the water than on land so these interviews are far from professional but hey we’re giving it a go. In this latest video we spent the day with Alan Carwardine from Asia Catamarans. ASIA CATAMARANS, formerly Composite Yacht Constructions, was started in 2000 by Swiss born carpenter & sailor, Roger Diggelmann. In 2012 Alan joined Roger as a business partner and they’ve now built over twenty boats. Their designs are known as being light weight and incredibly quick. They have ingenious ideas implemented into them and are focused on being smart, simple and efficient. Hope everyone enjoys this interview with Alan.
  2. trispirit

    Coppercoat Redux

    Another great topic!! Applied five coats of Copper Coat to Spirit at the start of 2017 and have been very very happy with it. Application was crucial from what we’d read prior so we made sure to follow the instructions to a T. Seem most boats that have issues don’t burnish it properly after application. It’s hard to sand off the top layer of the expensive copper coat you’ve just applied and goes against everything we know about most antifouls but that’s what makes the difference Mainly went this route as we love to have an extremely clean and smooth bottom and in the past after the ablatives wore off we’d be scrubbing the bottom every six weeks anyway. Understandably the ablatives just didn’t hold up to our speed or cleaning and we didn’t want to have to haul every one or two years for reapplication. Not having a sail drive or any protrusions also reduces our need for haulouts. The hardness of the copper coat has given us a noticeable half a knot speed increase over the soft ablative and so far after two and a half years we’re probably giving it a light scrub with a scotch pad every eight weeks on average. We can give our entire mainhull and resting float a good scrub in under an hour so it’s pretty easy work. On a performance cruising boat I’d not use anything else. It’s far more environmental than most existing antifouls being water based. Amazingly the brushes wash out in water after use! And it costs less in the long run with better performance and less haulouts it’s really been a win win for us. Couldn’t be happier with it!
  3. trispirit

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Agreed she’s a weapon and well laid out with huge spaces. First went onboard in St Barths in 2009 after she was launched then Claudia and I went to view her in France last year. Michel the owner keeps her in mint condition super impressive. And yes Speng Spirit is still for sale.
  4. We've had Hydranet onboard Spirit since 2013 and it's still like new. Never had any work done to them only removed them when the boats been stored ashore for more than a few months. The entire time we've also been tropics based with heavy UV and no degradation of cloth, stitching and no mould is present. Wouldn't go for anything else they just don't stack up. Ours have held their shape fine and as you know Spirit's a pretty high powered rig with large loads, 70sqm mainsail and 40sqm jib. If there's any complaints it's with the cut, which isn't due to the cloth. If you're wanting to cruise issue free and to have longevity, reasonable performance and price Hydranet's hard to beat. The main hurdle is finding good design and build. They don't look fancy but I'd not use anything else for my own boat and considering the environmental issues the world faces durability and longevity should be key to making choices. Here's two photos from this season. By the way really been enjoying your posts and watching your" Over the Horizon" adventure unfold. Looking forward to seeing you all on the water!
  5. trispirit

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Surprising to see very little mention of the new TS5’s. If you’re looking for a boat with plenty of room that sails incredibly well, is light and well thought out and that has a solid build it’s hard to beat a new basic boat at just over the $700K USD!
  6. Hey boardhead I see in your photo above that you have mounted your wind instrument on the rear post. I’ve often thought of doing something similar with Spirit as the RFU that inputs mast rotation is less than ideal. Would you mind passing on your experience with this setup? Sorry to go off topic.
  7. trispirit

    Over the horizon

    We’ve just spent a few days here with that family in Lombok and they’re a great couple with an inspiring story. I’ve known Alan and Roger for a few years now and they’re company Asia Catamarans based in Phuket builds some great boats. They’re fast and fun to sail and the racing versions are incredibly impressive. We raced three during the Kings Cup last year and were blown away by the performance. They are light with a rough displacement of around 3t and have some very cool ideas implemented into the designs. Well worth a look at as they’re well priced and have good interior volume. There’s one presently in the Caribbean called WOW. She’s did the race circuit there last season. She sailed there from Thailand via SA. The Swedish family cruising here have been onboard for a year now sailing from Thailand to Malaysia an onto Indonesia. They were cruising with three kids onboard and were in love with the design and boat and had been having a great time. They had nothing but positive comments about the boat and her performance. Theres a few for sale presently and at a great price. Very simple and open plan layout and perfect for cruising tropical climates. I like the designs a lot as they’re simple with removable rudders with built in storage slots, outboard options that lift from wells in the hull and other neat features for ventilation and so on.
  8. trispirit

    Over the horizon

    Sailed from Tahiti to Fiji with one it was a 55 light extended with larger rig built for racing. Lovely boat but surprisingly not as quick as Spirit even in big breeze we sailed away from her. For the size the interior was nice but a little tight for 55ft. When it came to build quality and reliability the boat was fantastic and the entire time we cruised with them ended up being over six years and during that time they had zero issues! Your wariness of balsa comes with good reason. No matter what people say the reality is that it’s a sponge and if water can get it it’ll drink up as much as it can. I wouldn’t touch it especially if I didn’t have management over the build process. Doesn’t mean it’s not a great material but my experience with it says it’s not the best material to build a reliable and easily maintained structure to sail around the world in. Whats nice about the 55’s is they’re big, have long legs can make miles and can be sailed fast easily without having to overpower them, cheap to run, simple and reliable. Just do they have the volume you need?
  9. trispirit

    Over the horizon

    Crossed the Pacific with a Dophin in 2011 and have been cruising with one here in SE Asia. Way slow and not what I would imagine you on or enjoying. It's not easy finding the right boat when you're experienced and enjoy performance sailing as you see most boats for what they are, over complex head aches that consume money and precious time! Taking your time and not being in a rush is the best thing you can do. It'll come and with time the best boat will arrive. A lot here have mentioned how you sit at anchor 99% of the time. This is true but for people like us 90% of the enjoyment is being able to actually sail! As you know we live in a cocoon but the low maintenance, next to nothing running costs and the ability to sail in 5kts kills our need for a larger boat. For sure with kids it's a different story but the balance is somewhere in there, bigger is not always better! Is that TS with the carbon rig and longeron too small for you guys? I see it's just had a major price reduction!
  10. trispirit

    Go Sailing

    Hey mate I hear you always a list to get done just make sure it’s getting shorter not longer! Don’t use SS shackles onboard anymore if we can help it. Anything being attached to the boats done via soft loops, lashings and rope shackles. The bridle is tied to padeyes on the ama bows then a rope shackle is attached to the bridle eyes and onto a quick release so as Claudia can get it on and off the chain easily. You’re right we’ve been hanging around Thailand three season now. Was having trouble with the future plans as the Meds the dream but being closer to family in Oz for a few years has won out so we’re heading back that way for some east coast and Pacific cruising. At present Spirits in Indo ready for the coming season and trip back to Oz. Happy Sailing to all!!
  11. trispirit

    Go Sailing

    Been reading a few of the comments on here and it sounds like there's a few people that need to get out of their armchairs and to go sailing. So just as a reminder get off your asses and get out there and live as everyday your sitting there watching your computer is another day you won't be able to go sailing! Life is short what are YOU waiting for?
  12. We managed to talk with Jamie Morris the builder of Venom and made a little video. If your interested in seeing some more of her please follow the link R42 Venom
  13. trispirit


    Here'a short video showing Bull Frog as she is today, while also giving a few details of her past and the modifications that were made by Geoff Schionning. I'm not a surveyor and I offer no advice to her current condition. Claudia and I are avid trimaran lovers and did this to share one of Australia's most famous racing trimarans.
  14. trispirit


    Hey Tony Claudia and I are really sorry to hear about BF being set adrift, hope she faired ok!! Thanks again for allowing us to come and visit was a treat to finally step onboard. Hope to have the video up soon just arrived back to Spirit in Thailand so a few busy days ahead for us but will work on it real soon. Fair winds.
  15. trispirit

    dorking out super hard

    Spot on! Seen this happen in the whitsunday Islands Solway Passage. Breakers get pushed downstream to where the current equals them where there's normally a large amount of not very nice standing walls of water. The waves just fall over themselves and depending upon the breeze strength it can get pretty nasty.