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  1. I'm with Alpha. Some nice brightwork does not an attractive boat make. Besides, it has TWO offset companionways.
  2. I'm very sorry they lost the boat. I wouldn't have been as philosophical about it as Rick was - I would have been distraught. The flip side of your comment is that with two out of three hulls intact, TOV is going to float quite well for a long time. In fact, maybe they hit the remains of the last boat that was abandoned but not scuttled. If it was me, I'd have made sure it didn't remain floating out there as a hazard. I know, there are other things out there you can hit, but this is a big one that didn't need to be left floating. Were there no thru-hulls with hoses to pull? Sorry, but I run on that track now and then.
  3. I bought a pair of J/111 inhauler rings from Hall Spars. They're a bit large for my boat (and pricey) but were made for the job. The black rubber edge leaves marks on the cabin side but those clean right off. (See in upper left corner of photo.)
  4. Yes, designed by Rod for his nephew, Clay Burkhalter to race in the 2007 M-T. Does anyone have any scoop on the new J designs?
  5. Search here - not all it's cracked up to be. Probably okay for a flatter sail but no-go for a runner in my (and others') experience. For your sail (A0/3) a regular bottom-up flying sail furler will work just as well and will be much easier on the sail. It's an absolute bear to get the sail off of a top-down unit once it's rolled up, so do a normal douse at the end of the day. Don't leave a good spinnaker rolled up on one.
  6. Nah, I think he's naive - no concept of seamanship whatsoever. He'll end up needing a rescue when he runs out of food/water. This thread is his reality show but he doesn't realize it. It's all kind of strange.
  7. Correct about the gybes. A bit too much extra work in the Bay but well worth it in the ocean. We talked about it more in the other thread (In Gear Anarchy). Squaring back gives you a lot wider groove to steer in the surfs without collapsing the kite behind the main. On a tri I'd be worried about sticking it in though - you have other concerns in those conditions.
  8. ...and when the time comes, solosailor can build it for you. I thought we would need a reaching strut to get the pole started aft (until there was enough angle to get leverage) but Scott E talked me out of it and he was right. It hasn't been an issue (but it's a small boat).
  9. Three feet of extension sounds like a lot to me for that boat. I'd just go with enough to get the tack clear of the pulpit (part of that is pulpit design) and to be able to do inside gybes. In our limited experience, the sprit being of equal length to the pole made it easy to transition back to the sprit from the pole tip for gybing the kite. It's also easier to attach the pole because the tack line is right where it needs to be. The Selden deal hokey? (Edit - well, kinda. I looked at the photo and in carbon it doesn't look too bad.) If you did a retractable sprit would it be on deck or below? I get weary of the v-berth area being wet all the time. It's not a lot of water but just enough to keep everything wet, especially in an ocean race. OTOH the on-deck sprits don't look that good. If it was me I'd sail it a bunch, play around with a J/80 ass'y (or something) and see what you think. That's what my friends with the Laser 28 did. They busted one temporary sprit, tried some other things and ultimately decided the convenience was worth it. But conventional spinnakers have their advantages, especially on these smaller boats.
  10. Any idea what Elise's problem was with the EFOY? I hadn't heard of issues with them before (though we don't see them out here much). I'd also be reluctant to drag a hydrogenerator behind my little boat. What we need is a return to normal weather for these Hawaii races. Stan's "slotcars to Hawaii" hasn't been my experience in three tries.
  11. Just to avoid any confusion regarding the Pacific Cup, see their 3.28: https://pacificcup.org/sites/default/files/2014peclam1.pdf SSS is also proud of the fact that you can do the SH TransPac without an engine. I hope it stays that way.
  12. I missed the memo on the quiet thing (and that's all I can write about that!) _______________________ Re motoring, see 2.6: http://norcalorc.org/sites/default/files/Norcal%20ORC%20Offshore%20Equipment%20List%202.3.pdf These rules apply to OYRA, SSS races outside the Gate and a few others. The rule used to be hull speed but I see they made it more specific (4 knots for 4 hours).
  13. Well since you feel THAT way about it . . . Yes, EFOY (etc.) is an option. If we ever get normal weather for a Hawaii race, solar is too. That smaller hydrogenerator is cool but you need to be moving > 5 knots (8.5 for the large one) - there was a lot of the race this year when we weren't. Our local ocean races require being able to motor at hull speed for longer than a Torqueedo would ever last, plus the prop wouldn't stay in the water in much chop (same for an outboard).
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yanmar-1GM10-Engine-with-only-280-hours-since-new-/131261075061?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e8fc50e75&vxp=mtr ...or this one. It has a tranny and it's right there (in Kemah): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Yanmar-1GM10-Diesel-Engine-8hp-with-Transmission-New-Cylinder-Head-/181489163233?pt=Boat_Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item2a4198dbe1&vxp=mtr Mine has been great, and you can't find a diesel that's any lighter.