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  1. The San Francisco entrance is a big river bar. The Four Fathom Bank ("Potato Patch") is on the upper left in the photo and the south bar is just out of the photo on the right. The deep water channel is narrow and runs down the middle. On the day that photo was taken, it was even breaking in the channel. Not a good day for a run out to the Farallones.
  2. Realtors run around putting the little flags on every house, with their business cards underneath. It's a marketing thing. Oh wait - I just posted for the first time in PA. I'm screwed. I really do have a sailboat - honest!
  3. BobJ

    What is it?

    FWIW, Bob Perry says it's a stern pulpit. I don't know who FixinGit is, but most of us know who Bob Perry is.
  4. BobJ

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    So WS, what happened next? Did your reaction lead to #5068?
  5. BobJ

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    Both the J/80 and SC27 weigh 3,000#. I taught on the J/80s out of Alameda. We never broke one. They had flatter mains and with a reef pulled in, they sailed fine in big Bay breeze (though the kite was a handful). They are 26' and skinny - we could put two in a slip. They rarely had the outboards installed - the students learned from day one how to sail in and out of the marina. Besides, I had to stand back there for the learn-to-sail classes. But it sounds like your mind is made up and that's cool too.
  6. BobJ

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    What's wrong with the J/80 for this? Seems to work for J World, OCSC had a couple, etc. Time to move on, not screw up the SC27's.
  7. BobJ

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    Very helpful - thanks. And yes, it's very likely I hadn't set both cruising speed and manual speed when one of them showed zero. Regarding hard-over time, one of B&G's support articles states "This is the required reaction time for your autopilot drive system to steer correctly. It has nothing to do with the tack or gybe timing but only to ensure the rudder can react fast enough to ensure it can keep the yacht on course under most circumstances." Initially I set the hard-over time based on how fast I wanted to tack. This was too fast and the autopilot would not steer a stable course. I have a coastal race this weekend and I'm looking forward to making incremental changes in settings and observing the effects.
  8. BobJ

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    Peter G ( suggested using a higher cruising speed during Autotune than B&G recommends (B&G recommends using 1/2 of normal cruising speed). Unhappy with my initial results, I tried this and did it twice - once upwind and once downwind due to wave effects - under power at 7 knots. I'm leaving "Adapt" on so it can keep learning. Gust Response, TWS Response and Heel Compensation are turned off for now. Hard-over time turned out to be a major adjustment. Slowing it down to 12 seconds really settled the pilot down. I also found out the hard way that if your speed paddlewheel is fouled, your boat will wander under autopilot like a '62 Chevy Impala with bad shocks. The Cruising Speed value is supposed to take over in this situation. I keep re-setting it to 7 knots but each time I turn on the pilot it has set itself back to zero. I know there are some of you lurking out there who have been through this process. Help a couple sailors out.
  9. BobJ

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    Some of the advanced settings are tied to True Wind readings. Will Oxley says it takes about an hour per TWS to gather that data. This assumes you have an hour of steady breeze at each wind speed and are efficient at it. Any suggestions to shorten the process, enough to get a workable TWA/TWS table input, to use those autopilot features? For example, are TW adjustment tables available for various kinds of boats, which can then just be tweaked for observed errors?
  10. BobJ

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    I'll be awaiting replies to this. I've read the basics over and over (it's all about input calibration, etc.) I'm ready for answers to the above. 11.7m (38.4') on deck, 5,450 kg (12,000# displ.) fin keel/spade rudder with little directional stability. 5000 Hydra CPU, 5000 pilot, T2 drive. fsiljelof, what's your boat? I'll post my current settings if you'll post yours but like you, I want to know what they SHOULD be.
  11. BobJ

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Different guy - no Youtube videos.
  12. BobJ

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    You're a bit thin-skinned to be posting here, but I'll help you out anyway. Here's a boat that's more in your price range, especially if your mom is willing to help:
  13. BobJ

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Welcome to internet forums. You're clearly new to this.
  14. BobJ

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Well that's kind of the point, isn't it? (Pun intended.) It's none of your goddamned business what the boat sold for.
  15. BobJ

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    I know Roleur and he's too classy to answer that question. It's up to the buyer to disclose the price, if they care to. If you know a broker with access to YW's sold listings, they might look it up for you. Or not, if you're just another hull-kicker.