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  1. You guys squeezed 100 posts out of that question? Inconceivable!
  2. Black Jack, I think you know how many years I owned a J/92 and how much I raced it, mostly singlehanded. Its stock traveler is in a perfect position and the mainsheet and traveler controls work very well without modification. My 92 had the swivel-cam for the mainsheet just forward of the traveler, which was stock. I'd prefer that to having it aft of the traveler as shown in the photo - it's already a bit tight to cross in front of the tiller on tacks, especially when racing with crew. With the mainsheet tail, traveler controls and backstay controls all coming from the cockpit floor, you have great leverage to use your whole body if necessary to trim. I would hate that cabintop arrangement and Snowden is right, the aft pulling angle of that mainsheet tackle will compromise the shape of the main. You're a good guy and I appreciate your contributions to the various forums but when it comes to this stuff, I'd stick to your day job. The 92 in the video appears to have the stock 6:1 mainsheet tackle, which creates a big pile of line in the cockpit upwind. I changed mine to a 4:1 with a fine tune. I also tried to keep the excess line aft so the cockpit stayed more organized. I know the guy in the video - he and I double-handed my 92 to Hawaii. It was my boat's third Hawaii race - I raced the first two singlehanded. The 92 is a wonderful boat for that stuff.
  3. BobJ

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    Shoes, I do know why I care about this: Alan posted the exact same rant on another local forum 2-1/2 years ago and is still flogging the horse. Ironically, Alan also rants about the loss of our local marine businesses.
  4. BobJ

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    You don't have to buy product liability insurance for that stuff you build in your driveway. If I still dry-sailed a boat I'd buy the bridle from you for what you paid for it.
  5. BobJ

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    Scott also trained many of the other guys. His shop's been dark the last few times I've driven by. I hope he chooses to reopen.
  6. BobJ

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    It's all about communication. Very few marine professionals are good at the business side: Communicating value, estimating, and controlling their employees. I trust most of them to do a good job at their trade, but I make the business side as easy for them as I can. I give them a written list of the job items, tell them what I'm hoping to spend and if in doubt, I try to reach an agreed-upon maximum cost. Some of them chafe at this but it helps to avoid sticker shock when it's time to pick up the boat. And usually we both go away happy. Help them to do good business by taking the lead on the communication.
  7. All good now BJ - thanks for the help. I didn't change the settings one at a time so I can't be sure, but I think the "Link" button in iNavX wasn't staying on because the host address wasn't the same as what the XB-8000 was using. For example, you're using in iNavX but the XB-8000 was on It is much clearer seeing the AIS targets on the iNavX chart vs. switching back and forth between iNavX and Vesper's WatchMate screen. I was an early user of GPSNavX, running it on a MacBook to race the Singlehanded TransPac in 2006. Then I got MacENC and later, iNavX. Good stuff Rich!
  8. Thanks BJ. My settings in iNavX match yours but since I'm not on the boat I can't see the host address or the Vesper side of things. Yes, I'm getting my N2K instrument data into iNavX, just not the AIS data. I'd like to use the XB-8000's WiFi - that's part of the reason I bought it and I don't have another WiFi network. How are you accessing that Vesper config tool? I'm using their WatchMate app on my iPad and it doesn't look like that. I hope to be at the boat on Friday (day job and all that!) and will get into all this. I do appreciate your help.
  9. I've never been able to get iNavX (on my iPad) to see my Vesper XB-8000's AIS data. I have the "how to" sheet from iNavX and have followed the steps multiple times without success. I'll have "user #2" aboard in a few days and I'll see if he can look at it - but what's the best way to get help with this from iNavX?
  10. BobJ

    what once was

    I've gotta stay off the mythical front page. That heading and the image of Ron staring off into space scared the crap out of me. I watched the whole video and was hugely relieved that it ended with him talking about new Moore 24 decks. Man, don't DO that again.
  11. BobJ

    Coolboats to admire

    This thread needs more photos of cool boats to admire, and fewer pissing matches.
  12. BobJ

    Formica cabinet repair

    My 92 came from the factory with just a platform for a Porta-Potty. The first owner had J Boats install the head cabinet and hanging locker later. They installed the holding tank bladder just forward of the cabinet, under the port v-berth (aft end). Small plywood blocks bonded to the hull took four short screws to hold the tank. This was much easier for monitoring how full the tank was and when the time came, replacing it and the hoses. If you use another bladder (vs. a solid tank) and keep it mostly empty, it's an imperceptible difference in trim and arguably disadvantageous, so the 105 class should be okay with it.
  13. Thanks Ed. That was extraordinary!
  14. BobJ

    Looking for boat suggestions

    The J/105 didn't make it for me for one of the same reasons - I was ready for a boat with standing headroom. Also, it's a much better double-handed boat than singlehanded, since most of them have wheels. But there are lots of them around here, good used sails can be had and there are nearly enough participating in SSS to give them a one-design division. Thus my response to Hadlock. Once we're freed up, you are welcome to join me for a sail. If you haven't bought a boat yet, it may influence your decision.
  15. BobJ

    Looking for boat suggestions

    I considered the J/105 when I sold my J/92, mostly for this reason. Being able to race both shorthanded and one-design seemed appealing. One concern, based on personal observation in recent SSS races, is that skippers who are used to racing one-design need to dial it back a bit. Even without full crew, some of them are so focused on beating their class-mates that they ignore the singlehanders who can't respond as fast. The most recent result is a prominent singlehander and former SSS Commodore with his Olson 29 on the rocks in front of the StFYC. And yes, that was exactly the cause. But your post was about boat selection and I think for double-handed racing on SF Bay, the J/105 is a great choice in that size range.